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Technical Headline News Archive - April 2013

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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CERN Re-Creating First Web Page to Revere Early Ideals

Europeans Demonstrate Unmanned Systems Inserted into Civil Space Using SatCom

Inexpensive Ways to Test Radiated Immunity

China Became Biggest PC Market in 2012

Mid-Sized Firms 'Could Return More Manufacturing to UK' (bring it home)

Google's Motorola Purchase Comes Under Pressure on the Patent Front

Samsung Spanking Apple in Earnings, Sales

Micrometeorite Punches Hole in International Space Station

TriQuint Produces First GaN-On-Diamond HEMT Results

When It Comes to Productivity, Technology Can Hurt and Help

Graphene's High-Speed Seesaw

MasterCard Blames Carriers for NFC Payments Delays

A QWERTY Keyboard for Your Wrist

Smart Meter Spec for IP Rolls Out

Boston Terrorist Family Received $100000 in Welfare (typical)


Morphing Materials Could Create Shape-Shifting Mobiles

Chat App Messaging Overtakes SMS Texts

Speed of Light May Not Be Constant

World-Record mmWave Output Power from Nanoscale CMOS

The Evolution of E-Band

Universities Join UK Skills Initiative

Court Ruling Takes a Stand on Essential High-Tech Patents

Blazing the Trail for Female Programmers

DARPA to Create App Store of Military Mobile Apps That Run on Rugged Smartphones and Tablets

Youth@HamRadio.Fun: Dayton on Radar

Man Arrested for Biggest Cyberattack in Internet History

AT&T Accuses DOJ of Favoring T-Mobile, Sprint for 600 MHz Auction

Nanometer-Scale Material That Can Speed up, Squeeze Light

FCC Stands Firm Against Mt. Rushmore (will rescind if O added next to Lincoln)

DOD's Satellite Control Networks are Fragmented

Quarterly Smartphone Shipments Exceed Feature Phones for First Time


Job Picture Looks Bleak for 2013 College Grads

Iter Project Makes Breakthrough in Quest for Nuclear Fusion

Google Glass Gets Hacked

Facebook CEO Reaped $2.3B Gain on Stock Options

Fingerprint-Recognition Flubs May Be Foiling iPhone Production


BYOD Lawsuits Loom as Work Gets Personal

North Korea Embraces 3G Service (while proletariat class will still be eating tree bark soup)

World's First Braille Smartphone in Development

Postage Stamps to Celebrate the Touchscreen Smartphone (this is cool, speaking as an erstwhile philatelist)

Bluetooth Chip Shipments Driven by Demand for Integrated Parts in Mobile Devices

Fisker Automotive, 'The Largest VC-Backed Debacle in U.S. History' ($½ billion in taxpayer money - political payola)

New Atomic Magnetometer Doesn't Need to Be Shielded from Earth's Magnetic Field

How Humble USB Turned Engineer into Tech 'Rock Star' (a bit late - see video)

T-Mobile Could Be First to Offer '5G' LTE Advanced Read

Nanowires Grown on Graphene Have Surprising Structure

Sprint's Multi-Mode Network, Smart Antennas and Wi-Fi

Piezoelectric 'Taxel' Arrays Convert Motion to Electronic Signals for Tactile Imaging

Clear Channel Promotes NFC with Prizes

Underground Cellphone Service Expands, but Some Call for Quiet

Microsoft Gets Upper Hand in First Google Patent Trial

What Happened When One Man Pinged the Whole Internet


Alexander Graham Bell's Voice Heard for First Time

USAF to Turn over 0.14-micron MMIC Technology to Industry for Advanced Radar

Zinc-Based Semiconductors Point to New Lasers and LEDs

Semiconductor Spray Paint Could Be a Game Changer for Organic Electronics

3M Cuts 2013 Outlook on Falling Electronics Demand

Antennalyzer Inventor Wendell C. Morrison, W7LLX, Passes

U.S. Army Seeks New Technology to Replace GPS

ACE Awards 2013: Celebrating the Art of Engineering

Verizon Mulls Hostile Attempt to Force $100B Vodafone Deal

Simple Way to Turn Any LCD into a Touch Screen

3-D Print Your Next Headphones

New Battery Design Could Help Solar and Wind Power the Grid

NFC Payments Are Too Complex and Offer Too Few Benefits

Apple Maintains 48% Share of Global Branded Tablet Shipments in Q1 2013

LG Ships Record 10.3M Smartphones in Q1

IRS Issued Billion$ in Improper Refunds (earned income tax cred is another form of welfare)


Fraunhofer IFF Develops Tracking Solution Using RFID, GPS and Cellular Technology

Why Amazon Supports an Online Sales-Tax Bill

Researchers Use DVD Burner to Fabricate Graphene Microcapacitors

Florida Man Cited for Causing Harmful Interference to Radio Amateurs

U.S. Employees Set to Be Forced to Give Bosses Their Facebook Passwords

Inkjet-Printed Graphene Electrodes for Possibly Foldable Devices

Mobile Privacy Fears Holding Back Growth f Mobile Apps in Latin America

CERN Scientists Find Asymmetry in Particle Decay

Judge Allows Phone Apps for Hailing Yellow Taxis

Worldwide Semiconductor Foundry Market Grew 16.2% in 2012

Discovery Yields Super Tough, Strong Nanofibers

Smartphones Under $250 to Make up 46% of Smartphone Shipments by 2018

Whatsapp Dedicated Button Built into Nokia Asha Phone

UK in Dark Mood as New Recession Looms

Boston Bomber Immigrants on Welfare (10s of millions of immigrants on welfare here while you pay thou$and$ in taxes)


Internet Sales Tax Bill Gains Ground in Senate

Nanowires Grown on Graphene Have Surprising Structure

Further Delay to Bangladesh's 3G License Auction

Young Adults with Autism Can Thrive in High-Tech Jobs

Changes to FCC Radiotelegraph Operator Certificates Coming May 20

Hands-Free Texting Apps Still Dangerous for Drivers

Loophole in Spooky Quantum Entanglement Theory Closed

Mobile Devices Lead U.S. Electronics Purchases

10 Breakthrough Technologies in 2013

U.S. Trade Panel Says Apple Did Not Violate Google Patent

Nokia Wins Ban in the Netherlands on HTC One Component

Wall Street Wants Brokers' Private Facebook Posts on Stock Trades

Nanoscale Device Precisely Manipulates Light

T-Mobile Boasts of Lead in LTE Advanced

Device Points to Graphene-Based 'Smart Windows'


Murata Sets Record Inductance Value in 0402 Package

Germanium Made Compatible for Lasers

Apple's Dimming Luster Roils Suppliers, Investors

Challenges for Indoor Positioning on a Smartphone

Big Data Market in Telecom Sector Expected to Grow

Small Operators Oppose Unlocked Devices

New Technique Can Detect Structure of Promising Semiconductor Material MoS2

Australian Phone Company Severely Criticized by Judge over Sales Tactics

Germany Fines Google over Data Collection

'Remarkable' Spray-on Coating Combines Carbon Nanotubes with Ceramic

Philly Turns Skyscraper into Video Game Screen for Tech Week

Electric Car Aims for 400 mph

NFC Store Launches in Hong Kong

Apple Reveals How Long Siri Keeps Your Data

Renewables Can't Keep up with Growth in Coal Use Worldwide (so why are we ignoring nuclear?)

Private Company Succeeds in Test Launch of Cargo Rocket


Bluetooth Chip Shipments to Nearly Double by 2017

Chinese Amateurs Assist in Earthquake Aftermath

4 Predictions for the Next 40 Years in Mobile

Mighty Microbattery Delivers Lightning-Fast Charge

LEDs to Account for Quarter of Lighting Market by 2016


FCC Again Denies ARRL's Petition in BPL Proceeding

2 Military Radios Communicate over MUOS Satellite Network for 1st Time

Impulse Radio Sets Record for Distance Measurement

ZTE Ships 500 Millionth Mobile Device

IEEE-USA Supports Green Card Provisions in Immigration Bill

U.S. Eases Export Rules on Aerospace Parts (yeah, look how well that's worked for us on other tech)

90 Million Laser Shots Bring Wind Satellite Back on Track

A New Twist for Quantum Systems

844-Page Immigration Bill Gives New Legals $3,000 Hiring Edge, Makes All Relatives Legal (we are doomed)

Battery Low? Give Your Mobile Some Water

Competition Designed to Spread Basic Technologies

Indiana Rep Urges CTIA to Support FM Chip in All Phones (idiot)

Wireless Lifts Profit at Verizon

Google Promises Motorola Phone Advancements

Windows 8 Lifts Microsoft's Profit 19%

Nokia Preps 'Hero' Lumia Handset to Reinvigorate U.S. Shipments


Driving to Work Now Costs $9,100 a Year

The War for Talent Continues for Engineers in Europe

Apple Falls Below $400 as Supplier Reports iPhone Chip Glut

Lead-Acid Could Challenge Lithium-Ion in Hybrids (talk about coming full circle!)

Samsung Explains Why Galaxy S4 Doesn't Have FM Chip

Thousands Petition Verizon to Nix Wireless Contracts

Algorithms Play Matchmaker to Fight 7.7% U.S. Unemployment (headline actually says 'Joblessness,' but that is the U6 number which is 13.8%)

Military Readiness Accounts Hit Hard in Proposed 2014 DOD O&M Budget

Former CTIA Chief Wheeler Front-Runner for Top FCC Pos

Fraunhofer Opens Photonics Center in UK

Space Harpoon Could Tackle Satellite Debris Problem

Intel's Dubious Plan to Take over TV

Researchers Use Moore's Law to Calculate That Life Began Before Earth Existed (Moore's law for semis still exists today only because intelligent designers - humans, not 'nature' - perpetuate it)

Australia's Spectrum Auctions Credit Negative for Telstra, Optus

Quantum Computing Taps Nucleus of Single Atom

U.S. Domestic Bomb Prevention Budget Had Been Cut by 45% (long before the sequester)


Radio Amateurs Provide Communication Support in Boston Marathon Bombings

Researchers Create Novel Optical Fibers

Tech Industry Cautiously Welcomes Senate Immigration Bill

Japanese Carriers Shuttering 3G as LTE Accelerate

Justice Department Backs Limits on Wireless Companies

Microsoft Signs Android Patent Deal with Foxconn

Small in Size, Big on Power: New Microbatteries the Most Powerful Yet

The Engineer Q&A: Laser Weapons

Verizon Wireless Puts in Bid for Clearwire Spectrum, Chaos Set to Ensue

Physicists Set New Record for Quantum Teleportation with Matter Qubits

Startupbootcamp Launches Accelerator Program for NFC Startups

U.S. Tech Companies Looking to Brazil, Mexico and Canada for Future Growth

Better Computer Models Needed for Mega Wind Farms

Slippery Material System Can Start, Stop Liquids

Scientists Pinpoint Brain's Area for Numeral Recognition

New NOAA Study Suggests 2012 Drought was Not an Outcome of Climatic Alterations


If You Saw Something, Say Something

Layered '2-D Nanocrystals' Promising New Semiconductor

New iPhone Reportedly Set to Begin Production

India's Semiconductor Consumption Bucks Global Trend

'Latest and Greatest' Smartphones Drive 35% of Cell Phone Purchases

Fujitsu Unveils Device That Lets Printed Paper Become Interactive

FCC Issues Two Forfeiture Notices for Cell Phone Jamming

Redesigned Material Could Lead to Lighter, Faster Electronics

India, Long the Home of Outsourcing, Now Wants to Make Its Own Chips

Nesting Falcon Hits Vodafone Customers in Southampton

NXP Joins Car-to-Car Comms Consortium

PCB Inspection System Adds Automatic X-Ray

Laser Research Lights Way to Mini Particle Accelerators

Smarter Algorithm Could Cut Energy Use in Data Centers by 35%

Smart Grid Event Plugs in at Paris

A Second Higgs Boson?


Long Commute Times Shorten Lives

Project Aims to Find Substitutes for 'Critical Raw Materials'

People Who Text Frequently Tend to Be More Racist, Shallow

Functional Germanane Could Lead to Faster Chips

Europe the Only Region with Semi Growth

Dish Network Proposes a $25 Billion Merger with Sprint Nextel

QST Announces Video Contest Winners

Apple to Shell out $53M to iPhone and iPod Owners for Water Damage

Memory Effect Now Also Found in Lithium-Ion Batteries

New Alien UHF Tags Target Challenging Retail Environments

Bitcoin Miners Generating High Energy Bills (Internet is not green)

Closing the Last Local Realistic Loophole for Systems of Entangled Photons

High-Speed Modulation in High-Power Nitride Semiconductor LEDs

Detroit Electric Unveils 'World's Fastest' Electric Sports Car

Has China's Economy Hit a 'Dead End'?

Yuan Reaches Record High Against the U.S. Dollar


Telefonica Czech CEO Slams Revised Auction Rules

Cracking the Potential of the Glass Wafer Market

Upstart Company Wants to Deliver Your Stuff to the Moon

Measure Noise Without a Calibrated Source

Japanese City Accidentally Tweets About North Korean Attack


Balloon Launch for Students' Prototype Satellite

Hacker Uses an Android to Remotely Attack and Hijack an Airplane

Military Spending for Communications and Electronics Down ¼ over 2 Years

Sun Unleashes Biggest Solar Flare of the Year

How Wireless Carriers Are Monetizing Your Movements

Tech Firms Push to Hire More Workers from Abroad

IEEE-USA Supports Senator's Effort to Know If H-1B Program Promotes Gender Bias

Serial Startup CEO Takes over at 'White-Space' Pioneer

New York City to Pilot NFC Parking Meters

Startup CEO Wields Small Antenna in TV Streaming Battle

BlackBerry to Ask Regulators to Probe Report on Returns

T-Mobile's 4G LTE Impresses in Real-World Tests

New Software Alleviates Wireless Traffic

Hands-Free Keyboard Uses Laser Beam

Is the FM Translator AM's Savior?

Building a Better Tech School


Faster Than Silicon: Redesigned Material Could Lead to Lighter, Faster Electronics

Superconducting Qualities of Topological Insulators Demonstrated

Inventions, Practical and Oddball, Showcased at Geneva Fair

Samsung Unveils Huge Galaxy Mega Smartphone

FCC Budget Allocates $500M for Broadcasters

U.S. Chips Speed Time-to-Market for Asian Manufacturers

NFC Tags Beat QR Codes in Dutch Retail Pilot

IMEC, Radio Startup Launch Impulse-RF Location Chip

Diamond as a Building Material for Optical Circuits

Why a Robot Worker May Soon Need a Visa and W-2

Guyed Tower Legislation in Idaho to Exclude Amateur Radio Towers

PayPal Hopes to Break Shoppers' Swipe Habit in Stores

'Most Energy-Efficient' LED Light Revealed by Philips

White Colored Phones Break More Often Than Black Ones

Iranian Scientist Claims to Have Invented 'Time Machine'

Tepid Reception to Windows 8 Blamed for Drop in PC Sales (put Start button back, sales will jump)


Unlicensed Spectrum: Experts Examine Use Cases from M2M to Wi-Fi

Huawei Completes World's First Advanced Active Antenna System Trial

Broadcasters Circle Wagons Against a TV Streaming Upstart

Silicon Valley Lobby Group Draws Critics

Continental Tests NFC Car Keys

A Better Single-Photon Emitter for Quantum Cryptography

Health Awareness Spurs Quadrupling in MEMS Sensor Market for Wearable Electronics

FCC Commissioners Like FM Chip Idea

JITC Gears up for Interoperable Comms Exercise in Africa

Julie Zoller, KJ4EMJ, Named to Senior State Department Telecom Post

Light Transistor Advance Demonstrated

High-Pressure Research Could Lead to New Nanomaterials

Verizon CEO: 50% of Our Wireless Traffic is Video

Thunderstorms Contain 'Dark Lightning,' Invisible Pulses of Powerful Radiation

Nanowire Ink Lifts Solar Cell Efficiency

U.S. Spy Agency Funds 8-Bit per Cell MRAM (so now we're partnering with Russia for spy tech?)


Texting While Flying Linked to Commercial Crash in First

Judge Rules Using Smartphone Maps While Driving Illegal

Broadcasters Worry About 'Zero TV' Homes

Tech Upstarts Threaten TV Broadcast Model

Keeping Tabs on Students' e-Reading (if you only knew of all the data being collected on your habits...)

Flexible Electronics Could Transform the Way We Make and Use Electronic Devices

Long-Distance 3D Laser Camera Unveiled by Edinburgh Team

New Developments for IEEE's Wireless Certification Program

Millimeter Wave Market Set to Double in 2013

Old Science Might Make Better LEDs and Solar Cells

Charge Your Mobile Device via Text Message

Survey Finds Increased Use of Mobile Devices While Watching Television

Dayton Hamvention Awards Committee Withdraws 2013 Amateur of the Year Award (is nothing free of corruption?)

Legal Experts Offer Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Why Tesla Survived and Fisker Won't (Fisker just laid off 75% of workers, got $200M from taxpayers, another piece in massive green payola scam)

Ericsson Upbeat About Network Gear Market in 2013

Equal Pay Day: Think Before You Parrot Empty Rhetoric


Ex-Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher Dies, Aged 87 (farewell to Briton's Iron Lady, she was in office during fall of Berlin Wall)

Huge Class-Action Suit Looms for Intel, Apple and Google

Broadcom, SK Unveil 5G Wi-Fi Hotspot Router

The Facebook Phone Is Finally Here, But Who Wants It?

ZTE Doubled Its Smartphone Sales in 2012

Where Have All the Big VC Deals Gone?

The Logic (or Lack of It) in Appraising Start-Ups

Companies Shipping American Jobs Offshore Seeking More H-1B Visas Than Law Allows

AT&T Buys Spectrum, 21,000 Customers from C Spire's Corr Subsidiary

HTC One Delay Costly: Profit Drops 98%

10 Electrical Engineers Everyone Should Follow on Twitter

Brits Skeptical That 4G Will Live Up to the Hype

N. Korea Recalls Its Workers at Factory Jointly Run with S. Korea

NATO Manual Offers 95 Rules for Cyber Warfare

Samsung Tops Leading-Edge Chip-Making Capacity

NASA Chief Says U.S. Will Not Be Returning to the Moon

Vermont Finds High-Tech Ways to Sap More Money From Maple Trees (I'm a UVM BSEE alum & love maple syrup)


Implementation of NexGen Device Technology to Be Discussed at ConFab 2013

India Orders Vodafone, Idea Cellular to Stop 3G Services in Some Areas

Upstart Company Wants to Deliver Your Stuff to the Moon

Building Quantum States with Individual Silicon Atoms

15% of U.S. Receives Food Stamps (plus free lunches, education, cellphones, health care, clothes, transportation, training, pay no taxes, taught by gov't agents to hate we who pay for it all, U6 unemployment at 13.8%, 62x10^6 on disability)


FCC Seeks to Reassess RF Exposure Limits

Superpower Behind Iron Oxyfluoride Battery Electrodes

Homegrown Efforts to Recruit Women in Silicon Valley (whether they want it or not)

Cisco Buying Ubiquisys for Big Move into Mobile Coverage with Femtocells, Small Cells

USA Smartphone Penetration Level Reaches 57%

Material Turns 'Schizophrenic' on Way to Superconductivity

Android ↑13%, iOS ↓7%, BlackBerry ↓81%, Windows Phone up a massive ↑↑52%

10 Things BlackBerry Z10 Does That iPhone Can't

Microsoft Threatened as Smartphones and Tablets Rise (Win 8 isn't helping - I use 3rd-party app to get Start menu back)

Harvard Medical School Develops NFC Medication Tracking System

Samsung Expects to Post 53% Jump in Quarterly Profits

Why Undersea Internet Cables Are More Vulnerable Than You Think

German Researchers Successfully Transmit a Quantum Key from Fast-Moving Object

Graphene Makes Better Supercapacitors

Radar Shows U.S. Border Security Gaps

People Not in Labor Force Soar by 663,000 to 90 Million - 1979 Levels (but hey, stock market's way up and free health care next year - no problems)

3.6% Unemployment - for Government Workers


Electronic Warfare: The Ethereal Future of Battle

Connected Car Initiative Gets Technology Suppliers

2013 World Amateur Radio Day Celebrates 100 Years of Disaster Communications

Upgrade of LHC Underway Paving Way (update: a black hole was created - international $$$ getting sucked in at astronomical rate)

Wireless Sensor Network to Help Prevent Power Cuts

Fewer Domestic Televisions Than Expected Affected by LTE Interference

Local Mobile Ad Revenues to Reach $9.1 Billion by 2017

Cobra Judy Replacement Radars Almost Ready for Strategic Deployment

Hong Kong Government Reports on NFC Payments Plans

Breaking Free of the Cellphone Carrier Conspiracy

Congress to Conduct Closed-Door Cyber Bill Debates (peon public doesn't need to know)

Intel Paid Its Ceo $19 Million in 2012

Chip Design – It's Not Rocket Science

Digital Still Cameras with Wi-Fi Capabilities Gaining Grounds in Southeast Asia

North Korea Warns Military Cleared to Wage Nuclear Attack on U.S.

Anonymous Declares War on North Korea


Mobile Phone Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Light Tsunami in a Superconductor

Millimeter Wave Market Set to Double in 2013, Fueled by LTE Backhaul

2014 Will See 500m NFC Devices in Use

Navy Eyes Tactical Vehicle-Mounted UAV-Killing Laser

Swisscom LTE Coverage Reaches 35% of the Population

Qualcomm: 40 Manufacturers Have Built 170 Phones Using Reference Design Program

World Radiosport Team Championship 2014 Organizers Solicit Volunteers for Station Test

There's Robust Growth in the Global Space Economy

Biological Transistors Switch Way for Biosensors

Designer Carbon Provides Longer Battery Life

Windows 8 Ekes out 3.2% of Desktop OS Market

Seeking a Market for Cheap 3-D Printers

Thrusters Powered by Ionic Wind May Be Efficient Alternative to Conventional Propulsion

Unemployment in Euro Zone Reaches a Record High

U.S. Sees Highest Poverty Spike Since the 1960s (far out man, this is what Change looks like)


FCC Launches Inquiry into Cell Phone Radiation Effects

Apple Apologizes to Chinese Customers for Arrogance, per Gov't-Run Media Charge

Raspberry Pi Comes to America, Sells out in Hours

Creating Magnetic Superatoms

Scientists Stipulate Requirements for NexGen Nuclear Power Generation

FCC Looks to Clarify Indecency Rules

Solar Downturn Casts a Shadow over Innovation (must need more Stimulus, aka my tax money)

First Screenshots of Facebook Software for Android Leaked

DOD IG Says Army Has Lost Control of Its Mobile Devices

Aereo Wins Court Battle, Dismaying Broadcasters

Quarks' Spins Dictate Their Location in the Proton

3-D IC Stacks Pushed Back to 2015

Globalfoundries Claims 3D Chip Breakthrough with TSVs

FCC: New 800 MHz Band Plan for U.S.-Mexico Sharing Zone (we already had it in CA, NM, TX, NC, etc. with all the Illegals using cellphones here)

Divided Federal Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Upstart TV Service

Akamai's Plan for a Wireless Data Fast Lane


Spoiler Alert! April Fool's on the Internet

Smellable Search Results and Other April Fools' Tech Pranks

IEEE-USA Opposes Expanding H-1B Visa Program

Analog Devices CEO Jerry Fishman Dies

'Petaflop' Supercomputer is Decommissioned

Russians Selectively Blocking Internet

Goodbye Apple iPhone? Wearable Tech Is Coming

Aluminum-Air Battery Capable of Fueling Electric Vehicle for 1000 Miles

IG Says Army CIO Must Improve Commercial Mobile Device Security

Panasonic Unit Draws U.S. Bribery Probe

Solid State Ultrafast Logic Gate on a Photon

Smartphone Users Check Facebook 14 Times Daily (truly pathetic)

Why You Probably Didn't Notice the 'Worst Cyberattack in History'

Brazilian Carriers Invested $12.5B in 2012

Nissan 100% Electric Car Production in UK

Apple Refused a Trademark for iPad Mini




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