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Technical Headline News Archive - January 2013

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Expert Psychologist Suggests the Era of Genius Scientists is Over (confirming why shrinks are lampooned in comedy - what a maroon!)

Physicists Create New 3D Microchip

Chip Market Ready for Steady Rebound (2 days ago reporting harmfully high IC inventories)

Smartphones Use in Australia Doubles in 2012

Ericsson's North American Sales Surge

HTC Unveils NFC Remote Control for Butterfly Smartphone

South Korea Satellite 'Communicating'

X-Rays Capture Electron 'Dance'

Asian Leaders Discuss Emerging Era of Huge Consumption

SOCOM Not Immune from Funding Cuts Hitting the Military

Pentagon Recruiting Drive Targets 5x Increase in Cyber Command

Qualcomm Quarterly Profits Jump by Over a Third

Hackers in China Attacked The NY Times for Last 4 Months (NYT only attacks China when they're being hurt)

Blackberry 10 Handset to Launch First in the UK

With BlackBerry 10, Struggling Phone Maker Eyes Comeback

DHS Has Tips for Confronting a Mass Murderer: Use Scissors (when seconds count, the police are only minutes away - get a cc permit)


Young Engineers Speak out at DesignCon

Why Gaming Developers are Embracing RIM's BlackBerry 10

Researchers Find Accelerometers May Pose Security Risk for Smartphones

CAT Telecom Launches Campaign Ahead of CDMA Shut-Down

LG Rides High in Q4 with a 23% Bump in Smartphone Sales

BlackBerry Reinvents Itself to Compete with All-Touch Smartphones

Three Flavors of Bluetooth: Which One to Choose?

In China, the Government Isn't the Only Spy Game in Town (see my new article on U.S. drones)

Freescale's Financial Losses Widen

Electrical Engineer Develops New Nanoscale Tools to Aid discoveries in Life Sciences

China Tests a Small Smart Electric Grid

Elastic Fibres Appear to Change Colour as They are Stretched

GDP Shows Surprise Drop for U.S. in Q4 GDP (huh, not what we were hearing last November)

Judge Rejects Apple's Demand for Higher Samsung Damages

Apple Releases New iPad with 128 GB of Storage

Do Nice Guys Finish Last? (exactly what I suspected all along)


U.S. Military to Test Lasers on Warplanes in 2014

Chip Inventory at Semiconductor Suppliers Reaches Worrisome High

Graphene Merged with Insulator to Create 2D Electronic Devices

The Flattest Place on Earth Is Also the Biggest Mirror on the Planet (used for satellite calibration)

RF Switching from Nitride Semiconductor Varactor Technology

Unlocking New Smartphone Becomes Harder Saturday

Scientists Trick Iron-Eating Bacteria into Breathing Electrons Instead

Military Radio That Transmits Simultaneously on Wideband and Narrowband Introduced by Thales

Agilent Introduces Industry's Highest Performance Mixed Signal Oscilloscope to 33 GHz

QQuantum Erasure Deconstructs Wave-Particle Duality

Liquid Metal Makes Silicon Crystals at Record Low Temperatures

Alion to Assist DOD with Spectrum Reallocation Analysis

Google Says Electronic Snooping by Governments Should Be More Difficult (this coming from the Street View and satellite photo folks)

Battery Material Prevents Fires, Stores 5x the Energy

China Demands U.S. Taxpayers Clean Up Its Air (our tard politicians will agree to it, people will follow)

China Factory Burned for 3 Hours Before People Realized It Was Not Just Smog


Tech Patents Reach Record High

Military Satellite Market Valued at $168B over Next Decade

Mon Dieu! A 'Hashtag' Is Now a 'Mot-Dièse' in France

In Hiring, a Friend in Need Is a Prospect, Indeed

Research Group Recommends More Efficient Material Usage (a bigger waste is packaging. which making domestically would reduce)

Apple, Android Capture 92% of Smartphone Shipments

Nokia Siemens Networks Enables World First Live TV Broadcast via TD-LTE

USAR Research Laboratory Seeks Smaller GPS Satellites

An Internet for Manufacturing

Cambridge Jumps into Graphene Research Race

Iranian State TV Says It Has Sent Monkey into Space (true PETA warriors will protest in Tehran, lose head)

Government Technology Board Chief Outlines £1B Vision

Even after 700 MHz Purchase, AT&T Still Trails All National Carriers in Spectrum

RIM to Advertise BlackBerry 10 During Super Bowl

BlackBerry World to Include Catalogue of Songs, Movies and TV Shows

Nearly Half of Workers Are Overqualified for Their Jobs


Japan Launches New Satellites to Boost Surveillance

Sony Fined in Britain for Cyber-Attack Data Breach

U.S. Complacency in Space?

Samsung Tests NFC Window Shopping in Amsterdam

French Court Orders Twitter to Name Names of Racist Tweeters (le Grand Frère de la France )

Smokers Face Thou$and$ in Penalty Beginning Next Year with Affordable Care Act


Samsung Shows off Android Phone That Works Underwater

Excess Chip Inventory Set to Hurt Q1

Moving from Wall Street to the Tech Sector Proves Tricky

Atomic Scale: Protons are Smaller Than Thought

Over Half a Billion Smartphones Sold During 2012

Microscopic LEDs Could Speed up Wireless Communication

Star Trek's 'Tractor' Beam Created in Miniature

LTE-Advanced Is Closer Than You Think

Don’t Divorce Design from Manufacturing

Liquid Metal Makes Silicon Crystals at Record Low Temperatures

New Study Reveals Contribution of Austrian Physicist, Friedrich Hasenöhrl, to Einstein Equation (this reminds me of the old Far Side® Einstein comic)

Lenovo Looks at a Deal with Research in Motion (RIM)

Underage Workers Found in Apple Supply Audit (only underage per U.S. standards, not China's)

Centre Could Boost Broadband Access for Rural Communities

DARPA Robots Learning How to Bring Satellites Back from the Dead

Swinging from 140 Characters to 6-Second Videos, Twitter Launches Vine

UK Heads for Unprecedented Triple Dip Recession (we'll be there soon)


High-Frequency InAs QW Transistors for Future System on Chip and RF

Nanosilicon Rapidly Splits Water Without Light, Heat, or Electricity

Nokia Swings Back into Net Profit for the 4th Quarter

Former Burmese Telecoms Minister Investigated in Corruption Probe

A Rotten Apple - Stock Plunges 10%

Samsung Overtakes Apple as Top Chip Buyer

Google Applies for Experimental Radio Spectrum License

Liquid Crystal's Chaotic Inner Dynamics

Molecular Memory Near Room Temperature

A Free Database of the Entire Web May Spawn the Next Google

Sony Fined £250,000 over PlayStation Network Hack

New Clock Revolves Around an Atom's Mass

Research Paves Way for Larger, Safer Lithium Ion Batteries

Motorists Overrate Ability to Talk on Cell Phones When Driving

Pylon Device Could Double Capacity of UK Power Distribution Networks (interesting)

10 Mobile Technology Trends Sure to Impact Your Work, Life in 2013


Operators' 4G Bidding War Begins as Ofcom Launches UK Auction

Apple May Face First Profit Drop in Decade as iPhone Slows

Quantum Entanglement Allows Channel Information Rate to Exceed Shannon Zero-Error Capacity

Pentagon Researches New Life for Dead Satellites

Air Force Explores Alternatives to Traditional Satellite Programs

ARRL Scholarship Deadline Is February 1

LTE Subscribers to Hit 198M in 2013, Then Skyrocket to 1B in 2016

787 Dreamliner Investigation Probes Battery-Charging Electronics (aka the Boeing 787 Volt)

Glass That Bends the Rules of Manufacturing

A Theory of Everything Won't Provide All the Answers

DARPA Envisions Munitions That Fall Upward in the Ocean to Attack on the Surface

Architect to Build Home Using 3-D Printer

Google Glass Taken for New York Subway Ride by Sergey Brin

Auto Makers Look for Power-Saving Electronics

Colleges Cutting Hours to Avoid 'Affordable' Health Care System Costs (poetic justice?)

Even If It Enrages Your Boss, Social Net Speech Is Protected


Graphene-Based Transistor Seen as Candidate for Post-CMOS Technology

Tiny Devices Could Combat Overheating in Electronics

Laser Tail Gunners: DARPA Seeks to Use Laser Weapons to Defend Aircraft from Rearward Attack

Saudi Telecom Profits Plunge by 79% on Overseas Writedowns

Mozilla Unveils Preview Smartphones in New Push (did you know a firefox is a red panda?)

7.9% Semi Growth for 2013

At La Guardia, Delta Uses iPads to Fill the Wait Time

Soft Nanoscale 'Lego' Built in the Computer

Trick of Light Makes Microwave Imaging Simple

New Clean Nuclear Fusion Reactor Designed

AT&T to Acquire Alltel's Spectrum, Remaining Customers for $780M

Company to Unveil Fleet of Asteroid-Mining Ships for Deep-Space Colonies

Men More Likely Than Women to Commit Scientific Fraud ('biologically driven' per researcher - male, likely a fraud himself per his paper)

Low-Reflectance, Durable Coatings for Infrared Lenses

Ruckus Wireless Deploying Wi-Fi Hotspots into 2,000 UK Pubs and Restaurants

Sarkozys Moving to London to Dodge 75% French Tax (touché!)


BSA to Offer Amateur Radio Operator Rating Strip

China IC Companies Grow by 30%

Stephen Hawking Gets Birthday Gift from Intel (he's 71 now!)

World's Most Complex 2-D Laser Beamsteering Array Demonstrated

Code-Breaking Competition Winners Announced

Hafnium Dioxide for Gate Insulation and Surface Passivation in Nitride HEMTs (yeah, I had to look up hafnium, too)

Samsung, Apple Seen Pulling Ahead in Smartphone Race

Who's Paying for 'Free' Wi-Fi?

Carriers Brace For a Nasty Quarter

Japan to Replace Nuclear Plant with World's Largest Wind Farm

Gamma-Ray Burst Blasted Earth in 8th Century

Bump on the Road For Driverless Cars Isn't Technology, It's You

Smartphones Still Have Room to Grow in Brazil, India and Russia

How MIT Ensnared a Hacker, Bucking a Freewheeling Culture

Bad Battery Design Responsible for Boeing Dreamliner Grounding

Revolutionary Japan Is Suddenly the Centre of World Affairs


USPTO Collaborating with Smithsonian to Open "Innovation Pavilion"

Nokia Completes Job Cuts

The Speed Bumps Slowing Down the Cars of Tomorrow

New Surfaces Repel Most Known Liquids

Kickstarter Project Team Claims Its LED Bulb World's Most Efficient


Nokia Backs 3D Printing for Mobile Phone Cases (slick idea!)

Stop Using These 16 Terms to Describe Yourself

AT&T Takes $10B Hit to its Pension Fund (yow!)

Reshoring and the Resurgence of U.S. High-Tech Manufacturing

Slideshow: Top Technologies of 2013

Nearly Perfect, Ultrathin Invisibility Cloak Could Have Wide Practical Applications

Looming Defense Cuts Already Have Contractors Shedding Jobs (but free stuff still available to non-producers)

Air Force Puts Civilian Hiring Freeze in Place

10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day

Electronics Like It Cold, and 30 K Cryocooler Delivers

NFL Dangles Apps and Wi-Fi to Boost Lagging Attendance

Using Tiny Antennas to Show the Oscars on an iPhone (a waste of cool technology, IMHO)

Scientists Develop Device for Image Compression

Multiple Steps Toward the 'Quantum Singularity'

Black Silicon Work Could Lead to Ultra-Efficient Solar Cells

Dish Urges FCC to Halt Review of Softbank/Sprint Deal


USA's AT&T Eyes Potential European Acquisitions

FAA Grounds Boeing 787 Dreamliner Fleet Due to Li-Ion Batteries (same kind as causing Chevy Volt fires)

Facebook Adds Free Calling Feature for U.S. iPhones

Researchers Create Pure Carbon Nanotube Fibres

Visa Europe Forecasts Breakout Year for NFC

eBay Tops Forecasts on Sales for Holidays (I use eBay a lot)

'Red October' Cyberspy Attack Hits Diplomats, Governments, Scientists

Lockheed Martin Awarded $100M Contract to Sustain Ground Station for GPS

Raytheon Wins DARPA Contract to Design New Military Imaging Satellites

Alpha Station: Plans for an Inflatable Space Station

Survey Shows Samsung Smartphone Momentum at an All-Time High

Nokia Announces 1,100 Redundancies in IT Staffing (redundancies is Newspeak for layoffs)

Intel Pins Hopes to Low-End Smartphones

iPhone 5 Users Are 'Hungriest' Data Consumers

FCC Tackles WiFi Congestion

Metal Replacement Gains Velocity in Automotive


LG Adds NFC to Smart Appliances (did you know LG stands for 'Lucky Goldstar?')

China Becomes Worlds Top Smartphone Exporter

Building Electronics from the Ground Up

Blackening Copper Opens New Applications

DARPA Testing of Legged Squad Support System Begins (caveman-quality Battle Droids)

RIM Diversifies with Mobile Payments Solution

AM Revitalization Looks to Take Step Forward

How Particle Physics Is Improving Recommendation Engines

Mathematical Breakthrough Sets out Rules for More Effective Teleportation (WonkaVision on the way)

U.S. Market for Enterprise Picocells to Reach Nearly 9M by 2017

The Mobile Payment Race Is On

Hottest Temperature Ever Measured Is a Negative One (never heard of -Kelvins before)

RFID Journal Releases RFID Marketer's Handbook

Researchers Confirm Intrinsic Superconductor Behavior Revealed

Worry over Sales Spurs Talk of Cheaper iPhones

U.S. Employee Outsourced His Job to China (the new-age entrepreneur)


2012 Marks All-Time High for Amateur Radio Licenses

Patent Surge Reveals Graphene Tech Race

DARPA Seeks to Develop Non-Lethal Weapons and Sensors That Pop Up from the Ocean's Depths

Novel Solar Cell Could Break Conversion Efficiency Barrier

Apple Drops to 11-Month Low on Reports of iPhone Cutbacks

Smartphone Users Gobble More Data Than Tablet Subscribers

Nobody Needs a 6" Smartphone

CES Slideshow: The Next Big (or Little) Things

The Next Evolution of the Internet

Europe Plans $1.3B Funding Bonanza for Science Projects

Mobile Chip Market Was $31B in 2012

China Telcos May Face Higher Regulatory Risks

Filling the Power Engineering Skills Gap

RPT-China's Space Activities Raising U.S. Satellite Security Concerns

Chrysler to Build Jeeps in China (unions are awfully quiet on this)

Beijing Adopts Emergency Measures for 'Hazardous' Pollution (Greenies won't touch this 'cause they'll lose their cheap stuff)


InGaN-Channel HEMT Cutoff Reaches 260 GHz

Researchers Develop Ultra-High-Strength Nanowires

After Rocky Year for Start-Ups, Investors Are Pickier

Cheap Smartphones Global Market Grows

New Qubit Control Bodes Well for Future of Quantum Computing

Apple Slices Component Orders for iPhone 5

Tablets, Smartphones Cannibalizing PC Sales

LTE is Fastest Ever Mobile Roll-out

NFC Will Allow Mobile Payments to Hit the Mainstream

Get in on the Winter Fun with the ARRL January VHF Contest

BT Offers VoIP over Wi-Fi with Costs Billed to Landline Account

Do You Really Need a Voice Plan with That Fancy Smartphone?

Quantum Dots Get Commercial Debut in More Colorful Sony TVs

China Will Be Apple's Top Market

November 2013 Comet May Be Brightest Ever Seen

Windows 8 Fails to Reignite PC Market (no surprise - I uninstalled mine)


Reddit Co-founder Commits Suicide

DHS Recommending Disabling Java JRE7 Due to Security Flaw

France Telecom Reaffirms Interest in Growing W. Africa Footprint

KVH Introduces New Business Class Service for mini-VSAT Broadband Network

U.S. Congress Regarded Below Cockroaches, Traffic Jams

Volunteers Sought for 1-Way Mars Trip (may I recommend a few expendable crewmen?)


U.S. to Build $120M Rare Earth Research Institute

The Quest to Put the Elements in Their Places

The Phones of CES 2013

Location Positioning Technology Could Compete with GPS

Ericsson Transfers Nearly 2,200 Patents to Unwired Planet in Revenue Share Deal

2013 Won't Be the Year for NFC in Latin America

Nanoparticle Alloys Allow Heat to Be Focused or Reflected Just Like Electromagnetic Waves

Made in America, Again

Graphene Oxide 'Removes Radionuclides from Water'

1800 MHz Dominating LTE Network Deployments Global

Pentagon Initiates Hiring Freeze, Contract Delays (this is sequestration that tax increases were supposed to avoid - suckers)

The Most Stressful Science Problem

Errors Mount at High-Speed Exchanges in New Year (see my article Arbitrage via Microwaves)

Nanotubes Turned into Super Fibers

Al Gore Now Richer than Romney Thanks to Oil Money (ok when it's the right kind of person)

Taxpayers Lend $1.4B to Nissan to Build Leaf in U.S.


USA to Release Additional Spectrum for Wi-Fi Users

eLoran Switched on as Backup for Failed GPS (who would have expected a resurrection of Loran?)

IBM Granted Most U.S. Patents for 20th Straight Year

Almost 50% of Data Traffic Now Goes over LTE Network

UK Still Has 13,000 B&W TVs (this Yank didn't know the Brits pay a license fee each year for every TV)

Samsung Shows Bendable Phone Screen

Molecular Machines Could Lead to More Efficient Manufacturing

GM and Ford Open up Their Vehicles to App Developers (not a bad idea - OEM software is typically ghetto quality)

Get in on the Winter Fun with the ARRL January VHF Contest

Marl Introduces 2-5 Day Production Service

On the Floor at the Consumer Electronics Show

iPad to Lose Crown, Tablets to Outsell Notebooks in 2013

Digital to Account For 1 in 5 Advertisement Dollars

Your Teen Wants a Smartphone? Here's the Fine Print

Google Invests $200M in Texas Wind Farm

Key Telescopes Threatened by Looming Budget Cuts


Sprint Nextel to Offer FM Radio Receiver Plug-in for Smartphones

Smulyan Convinces Sprint the FM Chip Is Cool

Shale Gas Will Fuel a U.S. Manufacturing Boom (long overdue, but ecoterrorists trying to stop it)

Pupil Who Refused to Wear RFID Tracker Loses Appeal

India Looking to Raise $4.4B from Radio Spectrum Surcharge

Testing Einstein's Famous Equation e=mc2 in Outer Space (here we go again)

Airline, WiFi and Testing Groups Sign Collaboration Agreements with NFC Forum

Laser/Electrical Combination Separates Particles by Size

Panasonic Considers Headcount Savings, Asset Sales in Revival Plan (LOL- 'headcount savings' new term for layoffs)

U.S. Tech Firms Facing Stronger European Data Protection Measures

No-Glasses 3-D Moves Closer to Reality

Apple Reportedly Working on Low-Cost iPhone for Developing Markets

'Yolk-Shell' Design Leads to World-Record Battery Performance (eggstra capacity)

Wired, Wireless Home Nets Branch Out at CES

Radiation Source Could lead to More Compact X-ray Scanners

Ford Builds Metal Prototypes with 3D Printing


Metal Surface Can Repel Electric Charges (didn't we know that already? but this is something different)

CES Qualcomm Keynote: Young People Today Are 'Born Mobile'

Rheinmetall Demos Laser That Can Shoot Down Drones

Hyundai Shows off NFC Car Key Concept

West vs. Asia Education Rankings are Misleading (typical rationalization of failure by 'professionals')

Plastic Makes a Better Light Bulb

France Mulls Fees for Websites Using French ISPs

Producing AC Voltages by Manipulating Magnetic Fields (didn't Heinrich Lenz discover how to do that in mid-19th century?)

Toyota Unveils an Autonomous Car

Camera Takes 3D Colour X-ray Photographs in Near Real Time

U.S. to Require Electric Cars to Make Noise (sadly, it's not a joke)

Price of Helium Soars

U.S. Cellular Picks up More 700 MHz Licenses from Verizon Wireless

Apple iOS Continues to Lead as Best-Selling U.S. Smartphone OS

China's Computing Giants Eyes Overseas Growth in 2013

Nanostructures Boost Battery Life 5x


Consumers Now Less Likely to Buy Single-Function Electronics

The Kilogram Has Gained Weight - Again (common around the holidays)

As Sales Slip, TV Makers Strain for the Next Sensation

ARRL Executive Committee Approves Resource Grants for 5 Schools

Photodetector Beats Quantum Limit by Factor of 4

Scientists Seek New Means of Studying Anti-Matter

DARPA Releases Solicitation for 100G Wireless Airborne Data Communications Program

Why Everybody Wants a Slice of Raspberry Pi

Samsung to Gain Phone Share as Apple Cuts Prices (not because of, though)

iPhone Sales to Top 173 Million in 2013

UK Think-Tank Calls for End of the Obsession with Internet Broadband Speeds (wouldn't want to drive innovation)

AT&T, Qualcomm Team up to Spur Connected Device Development

Lenovo Unveils Table-Sized Tablet

China Said to Be Planning ASAT Test

Study Reveals Rocketing Sense of Entitlement on U.S. Campuses (they voted for it, after all)

Celestial Flybys Set to Thrill


iPhone Owner Tricks Thief Using Dating App

USPTO and EPO Announce Launch of Cooperative Patent Classification System

Satellites Spot China's Mysterious New Warplane (looks like a C-17 to me)

China's Coldest Winter in Decades at New Low (ships stuck in sea ice)

Whoops—'Cash for Clunkers' Actually Hurt the Environment (who would've guessed?)


Mom's 18-Point iPhone Rules for Son

FTC Offers $50,000 in Contest to End Robocalls (how do Card Services scumbags continue to operate?)

New 2D Material for Next Generation High-Speed Electronics

BAE Wins $226M Army GPS Deal

Chip Sales Boosted by American Strength

Huawei Expects 2013 Profits to Rise by Nearly a Third

CFL Bulbs Shown to Cause Skin Problems (Edison incandescents do not)

Research Team Receives Share of Government's Graphene Pot (not for smoking)

Fujitsu Plans GaN-on-Si Production This Year

Six Gadget Trends to Look for at CES

Magnetic Shell Provides Unprecedented Control of Magnetic Fields

Toyota Sneak Previews Self-Drive Car Ahead of Tech Show

$30k Earners Hit Harder by Tax Deal Than $500k Earners (American getting what they asked for)

5 Nerds to Watch in 2013

Researchers Able to Power Levitating Magnet Using Just Light

Trains Carrying Biodiesel Fuel Earn $2.6M Energy Credits by Crossing Border Many Times w/o Unloading (stupid lawmakers leave loophole)

Astronomers Find Vast Petroleum Generation in Universe (animal, plant decay not required - uh-oh)


Woman Tries Buying iPad with Food Stamps

The iPhone Goofs Up on Telling Time, Again

Germanium Transistor Could Increase Speed of Computers

Start-Ups to Follow in 2013

UK Considers Ban on Price Rises During Life of Phone Contracts

Can Your Phone Find Your Car?

Broadcom Will Dominate Connectivity in 2013

Electric Car Batteries Suffer Unexpected Problem (no problemo, taxpayers will replace early failures)

India to Have 130 Million Mobile Internet Users by March 2014

Physicist Calculates Field Strengths in the Early Universe

Fujitsu to Target U.S. Market with Smartphone Aimed at Seniors

NASA Seeking to Lease or Sell Space-Shuttle Facilities (American space dominance is about over)

Powerful New Tool Is Quantum Analog of Phase Space Flow

Manufacturing in the Balance

ESA Project Will Change How Astronomers View Our Galaxy

Al Jazeera buys Al Gore's Current TV (cites common goals)


Apple Store in Paris Hit by Thieves in Heist (sacré bleu!)

NASA to Launch Comms 'Nanosats'

2013 Semi Trends, Issues, Hopes and Fears

Defense Authorization Bill Would Require Contractors to Report Breaches

Kenya Blocks All Unregistered SIM Cards

Marvell Semi Hit by $1B Damage Award

U.S. Libraries Seeing Increased Use of Mobile Devices

Sodium-Air Battery Offers Rechargeable Advantages Compared to Li-Air Batteries (and Na is easy/cheap to obtain)

CTIA to Merge Trade Shows into One Event in September 2014

Private Space Travel to Make Giant Leaps in 2013 (the demonized 'rich' are basically funding all this research)

'UFO' Seen from Airplane: What Is It?

¼ of Brits Gave Their Old Technology to Mum or Dad This Christmas

Earth is Closer to the Sun Today Than in Rest of 2013 (is it getting hot in here?)

Tech Giants Brace for More Scrutiny from Regulators

Consolidation is Killing the Radio Business

Apple 'iPhone 6' Seen in Testing Logs (anyone think they're stopping at 5?)


Silencing the Smartphone

Can You Program a Radio to Dominate the Spectrum?

Oops! 5 Retracted Science Studies from 2012

­ From 3-D Printers to Wired Glasses, The Tech Year Ahead

8 Short Stories About the Mobile Networks

PhoneSat: Smart, Small and Sassy

Snapchat's 'Disappearing' Videos Don't Actually Vanish (thought you were safe - fooled again)

Ban on Demanding Facebook Passwords Among New 2013 State Laws

How Your Facebook ID Can Get You More Wi-Fi Access

Chinese Consumers Have 'Insatiable Demand' for iPad Mini

Ericsson to Take $1.2B Charge in Q4 Related to ST-Ericsson Venture

PC Sales Drag on Semi Growth

Smartphones Boost Semiconductor Sales

Study Shows Space Travel is Harmful to the Brain

More Docs to Leave Medicare in 2013 (good luck seniors, you voted for it)




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