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Technical Headline News Archive - November 2013

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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'Bunny Boiler' Spy App Lets You Track Cellphone, Listen to Calls, Lock Phone

New Effect Couples Electricity and Magnetism in Materials

World's 5 Largest Intellectual Property Offices Release Annual IP5 Statistics Report

Chips Meet Tubes: World's 1st Terahertz Vacuum Amplifier

Smartphones to Cost Average of Just $265 by 2017

RFMD Antenna Control Solutions with New Impedance Tuners for Smartphones and Mobile Devices

Austrian Operators Appeal Against 'Exorbitant' LTE Spectrum Fees

Using Lasers and Sensors to Catch Film Bootleggers in Action

Dawning of the Age of Quantum Information Teleportation


Comet ISON Approaches Sun for Thanksgiving Flyby - RF CafeComet ISON Approaches Sun for Thanksgiving Flyby

Third of Mobile Phones Cut off in Niger

Making a Gem of a Tiny Crystal

The Drive for SSDs: What's Holding Back NAND Flash? (a great summary)

Flash Shortages Drive SSD Shifts

Internet Radio Fairness Act Quietly Fizzles Out

Dish Could Spend up to $10.7B on LightSquared, H Block, AWS-3 and 600 MHz Spectrum

Judge Drops SIM Cards Case Against ex-Telecom Italia Managers

Most Common Smartphone Complaints Revealed


Thanksgiving Cooking Resources for Engineers - RF CafeThanksgiving Cooking Resources for Engineers

The Importance of Mentors

Software Mines Science Papers to Make New Discoveries

60% of CE Christmas Shoppers Plan to Purchase at Least One Device on Black Friday

2/3 of U.S. Consumers Prefer Wi-Fi over Cellular

Tablets to Make up Half of 2014 PC Market

Amateur Radio Remains a Communication Mainstay in Storm-Stricken Philippines

Ex-Nokia Employees Launch Smartphone

No Tech Bubble Here

GPS III Passes Compatibility Test

Raytheon Moves Toward Full Production of Multispectral Avionics Targeting Sensor

Takeover Rumors are Back in South Africa Mobile

Best Buy Accounts for 13% of All Mobile Retail Sales, Apple Follows at 11%

Axed Wind Farm Puts Gov't Subsidy Levels in Spotlight (they're horrendously expensive per kWh)

Much Anticipated Comet May Be in Trouble

Europe Threatens to Freeze U.S. Data-Sharing Arrangements


Qualcomm Faces China Antitrust Probe

The Physics of Beer Tapping (video)

IBM Wins Gordon Bell Prize

Researchers Discover Roots of Superfluorescent Bursts from Quantum Wells

1 in 10 Say They Have an NFC Phone

X-Rays Reveal New Feature of High-Temperature Superconductivity

Wireless Recharging on the Move

NSA May Have Hit Internet Companies at a Weak Spot

U.S. Regulator Bans Firm from Using Mobile Phone Bills to Charge Consumers

Are Electric Vehicles a Fire Hazard?

'Quantum Cheshire Cats' Added to List of Quantum Paradoxes

Home Depot #1 Radio Advertiser

SpaceX Delays First Satellite Launch Due to Technical Glitch

BlackBerry Shakes up Management, Ousts Top Execs

Nanotubes Can Solder Themselves

Apple May Be Delaying New Product Launches Until Later in 2014


Manufacturing Is Officially Coming Home

Foxconn to Build Plant in Pennsylvania (will facilities include suicide nets?)

Novel X-Ray Device Developed

Night Vision Coming to Smartphones

Backlash by the Bay: Tech Riches Alter a City (morons protest 'technorati')

India Cuts Spectrum Reserve Fees Ahead of January's Auction

Tactical Bat Drone Wages Electronic Warfare

NI, University of Edinburgh Collaborate on Massive MIMO Visible Light Comms to Advance 5G

Printing LiIon Batteries

NY Troopers in Gas Guzzling SUVs Peer in on Texting Drivers

FCC's Mobile Speed Test App Has Been Installed 30,000 Times So Far

Sci-Fi Museum Coming to D.C.

Why Would You Risk Storing Your Company Docs in 'the Cloud?" (nothing is 'free')

NSA 'Infected' 50,000 Networks with Malware

China Tests Stealth Drone

Inside a Twitter Robot Factory (don't believe the 'Follower' numbers)


When Graphene Meets a Semiconductor

Samsung Ordered to Pay Apple $290 Million

Electrostatic Protection for Gallium Nitride Circuits

World's Largest Particle Detector IceCube Detects First High-Energy Neutrinos (or not)

Experimental 'Cubesats' Designed for Range of National Security, Science Missions

Price of Electricity Hit Record for October; Up 42% in Decade ("Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket")


Speaking out Against Cell Service on Planes

Finding Occam's Razor in an Era of Information Overload (new data suggests Occam used a Lady Gillette, not a Schick )

Qualcomm Wants LTE Deployed on Unlicensed Spectrum

IR Vision Can See Through - and into -Multiple Layers of Graphene

Will 2-D Tin Be the Next Super Material?

FCC, FAA Considers Allowing Cellphones Above 10,000'

Uptick in the Hiring of Women for Tech Jobs

Software Troll Patent Reform Died in U.S. House, Thanks to IBM, Microsoft

12% Semi Insustry Growth in 2014

Air Force Seeks Laser Weapons for Next Generation Fighters

LG Promises Update for 'Spying' Smart TV

AMSAT-UK FUNcube-1 Satellite in Orbit

First High School Satellite Among November Ham Satellite Bonanza

GPS III Passes Compatibility Test

Engineering Is Much More Than 'Engineering Decisions'

Qualcomm Collaborates with Samsung to Support Chinese GPS Service

Google's Billionaire Execs Vacationing on Taxpayer Dime? (do you really think they hand over your personal data for free?)


The Battle over a Smartphone Kill Switch

DOD Gradually Embracing Open Source (suggestion: call it Snowden-Source)

ARRL Files "Symbol Rate" Petition with FCC

USAF Launches Spectrum Warfare Program Covering EW, Optical, GPS, and Cyber Warfare

BlackBerry and Porsche Show off Luxury Smartphones

'Most Waterproof Material' Invented at MIT

Join NFC World For a Free Webinar on NFC in Toys and Games

Trick for Making Batteries Safer Could Also Make EVs Affordable

International Space Station Celebrates 15th Birthday

Physicists Break Theoretical Time Barrier on Bouncing Droplets

Adding Smarts and Wireless Connectivity to LED Lighting

FCC Sets Workshop Date for 3.5 GHz Band Spectrum Use

Researchers Integrate Single-Crystal BFO onto Silicon chip, Open Door to Smart Devices

Radio Needs to Become Digital Leader

Phantom Voltage Dividers on Your PCB

Australia Sites Hacked Amid Spying Row with Indonesia


1st Satellite Built by High School Students Blasts into Space

The Revenge of COTS: An Ageing Commercial Tech Base Complicates Military Supply Chain (I've always been dubious about COTS mania)

U.S. Opens Tesla Battery Fire Probe

ARRL Helps Manufacturer to Resolve Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter RFI Problems

Availability of LTE Is Key to Growth of the Connected Car in the USA

FCC Chairman Calls for Transforming the Technology Used by Phone Systems

New Glimpses of Apple's 'Spaceship' Campus

Bristol Shows off Drone to Make Radiation Mapping Safer

Google to Pay $17M to Settle Safari Privacy Case

Czech Republic Sells Radio Spectrum to Incumbent Mobile Networks

Pressure Cooker Method Helps Produce Better Batteries

IBM Broadens Access to Ask Watson Apps

Low-Band Frequency Spectrum - A Must-Have or Nice-to-Have?

Tech Toys for Aspiring Engineers

Researchers Grow Graphene on Silver

Census 'Faked' 2012 Election Jobs Report (Jack Welch [GE] was right)


Is It the End of the Line for the Landline?

Graphene: Minor Rotation of 'Chicken Wire' Has Major Consequences

Whiz-Kid, 13, Teaches Technology Class to MIT Graduates

A Superconductor-Surrogate Earns Its Stripes

Side-Effect of Larger Smartphones: More Data Usage

China Retains Lead in Supercomputers

Chaotic Physics in Ferroelectrics Hints at Brain-Like Computing

Google to Pay $17M to States in Apple Cookies Case

German Component Distribution Market Grows

FCC's Wheeler Presses CTIA on Device Unlocking

Is the Internet Domain Land Rush a Land Rush at All?

Internet Engineers Plan a Fully Encrypted Internet

Sprint, Best Buy Give Students Free Talk, Text and 1 GB of Data for a Year (actually, you are paying for it if you are their customer)

DOD Looks to Innovate Despite Budget Woes

Cheating Students More Likely to Want Government Jobs, Study Finds

Icahn Warns Stock Market Could Face 'Big Drop'


Engineers Make World's Smallest FM Radio Transmitter

Qualcomm to Start Smartwatch Sales Next Month

Lawmakers Assert Army Will Broaden Next-Gen Radio Competition

USAF Eyes Modeling Software to Understand How Wind Farms Create Radar Dead Spots

Industrial Internet Group Debuts Soon

Road Safety Group Calls for Ban on Driving While Using Mobile Phones

Gooey Cure for Crack-Prone High-Capacity Batteries

Star Trek Tech (I just watched episode #3 and it had James 'R.' Kirk instead of 'T.')

Sprint, T-Mobile, Dish and Others Urge FCC's Wheeler to Let Them Get 600 MHz Spectrum

Self-Healing NexGen Battery

Capacitive Tactile Sensors Solve Myriad Challenges

University of Cambridge Investigates Side Channel Attacks on Android Phones

Cheap Hydrogen from Sunlight and Water

Sony Responds to PS4 to Glitch Reports with Guide

NASA to Launch Robotic Explorer to Mars

USPTO Applauds Pro Bono Programs and Newly Formed Advisory Council (read it - yet another mandated hand-out)


Russian GPS Using U.S. Soil Stirs Spy Fears (yeah, only our agencies can spy on us!)

Europe Gives Green Light for In-Flight 3G, LTE

Graphene: Have Strength and Conductivity, Will Transform

IBM's Watson Coming to a Mobile App Near You

More Moon Missions for China


Lockheed Martin to Cut 4,000 Jobs (30,000 since 2008)

Electronics Researchers to Develop Iridium Alternative

FCC Smartphone App Gauges Speed of User's Network

Parents Show Positive Shift Towards Apprenticeships

Quantum Memory 'World Record' Smashed

Clean Those Connectors (ironically, I just wrote about this to someone yesterday)

Viruses Make Cathodes

New Hologram Technology Created with Tiny Nanoantennas

Samsung Working on Phone with 3-Sided Display Screen

Quantum Bits Hold Data for 39 Minutes, Smash World Record

Parents Show Positive Shift Towards Apprenticeships

Team Grows Large Graphene Crystals That Have Exceptional Electrical Properties

Facebook Is Now in the GSMA - Will Google, Amazon, Twitter and Yahoo Be Next?

TechInsights Analyzes Smartphone Display Tech

4G Rollout Raises Pressure on Chinese Telcos

CIA Collecting Data on International Money Transfers


Accidental Improves Electrical Conductivity 400x

Europe Allows Gadgets Use from Take-off to Landing

Smartphone Accelerometers Distinguish Between Different Transport Modes

Smartphones Now Account for over Half of Overall Mobile Phone Sales

Rare Earth Metals Found in Microbes

Home Wireless Network Keeps the Snoops Away

Rare, Brief 6 Meter F2 Opening Makes for Plentiful DX

Researchers Boost Lithium-Air Battery Performance with Help of Modified Viruses

Wooshping Provides 22,000 NFC Wristbands for Nokia Promotion

Fantastic Phonons: Blocking Sound, Channeling Heat with 'Unprecedented Precision'

MACOM Announce Agreement to Acquire Mindspeed Wireless

Will Google Docs Kill off Microsoft Office?

Google Now Bigger Than Both Magazine and Newspaper Industries

Cisco Warns U.S. Spying Fallout Hitting Revenue in China

Plug Pulled on Rural Broadband Projects in Favor of BT

Computers and Phones in Children's Bedrooms 'Can Cause Anxiety and Sleep Loss'


Smartphone Bills Driving More People into Debt

Europe to Relax Restrictions on Use of Personal Electronic Devices in Aircraft

How Coffee Is Driving Economic Growth

In Europe, Thousands of Requests for Facebook Data (by EU governments)

Thin, Active Invisibility Cloak Demonstrated for First Time

Google Patenting an Electronic 'Throat Tattoo'

Should Battery Fires Drive Electric Cars off the Road?

Taking a New Look at Carbon Nanotubes

Teardown: Google's Nexus 5 Deconstructed

Researchers Look to Silicon Semiconductor Alternative

Software Developers' Salaries Rise in 2013

Next Opportunity for Developers: the Internet of Things

Android Tops 80% Global Smartphone Market Share – Windows Phone up 156% YoY

Giant X-Rays Reveal Innards of Guns, Cars, Robots

Russian Proton Rocket Delivers Military Satellite

Accident at Russian Launch Pad Kills 2 Officers


"There Is No Scientist Alive Who Has Seen a Solar Cycle as Weak as This One"

Spectrum Challenge Preliminary Event Showcases Robust Radio Techniques

Era of Hot Consumer Tech IPOs is Over

Engineers Open up Satellite Superhighway for UAVs

Microsoft Pushes for TV White Space

Statistician Suggests Raising Statistical Standards to Reduce Amount of Non-Reproducible Studies (getting rid of politics-driven bias would be a good start)

FUNcube-1 Set for Launch Next Week

Stores Sniff out Smartphones to Follow Shoppers

Physicists 'Uncollapse' a Partially Collapsed Qubit

FCC Releases Order Combating Rural Call Completion Problems

Sub-Saharan Africa Mobile Industry Supported 3.3 Million Jobs in 2012

Few Places Where Government Tech Procurement Works

DARPA Announces Cyber Grand Challenge

Prescription Lenses for Google Glass Coming in January

Making Money from LTE

Gravity Maps Reveal Why the Moon's Far Side Is Covered with Craters


Inkjet-Based Circuits Created at Fraction of Time and Cost

Smartphone PIN Revealed by Camera and Microphone

The 'Ferrari of Space' Succumbs to Gravity

Hams in Philippines Support Critical Communication in Typhoon's Wake

Motorola Proposes Voice Input Patch with NFC

Facebook Joins GSMA, Will Be 'Active' Member of Wireless Trade Group

Postal Service to Make Sunday Deliveries for Amazon

Ambri Liquid Metal Battery: Prototype Deployment Set for 2014

Apple, Samsung, Foundries Key to 3D ICs

EM Simulation Tools Only Go So Far

Deutsche Telekom Boosts Landline Capabilities in Eastern Europe (don't read about this very often)

MEADS Hits Two Targets in Flight Test

UK Needs More Female Engineering Students, Says Recruiter (a PC definition of 'needs')

YouTube Faces Backlash for Google+ Integration

UK Government Offices Still Charging Higher Rates for Phone Calls

U.S. Troops Sent to Philippines for Typhoon Aid (remember they kicked us out of Subic Naval Base and Clark AFB in the 1990s, then Al Qaeda moved in)


Invention 'Harvests' Electricity from Background Radiation

Number of LTE Devices More Than Doubles in 12 Months

Advertisers Scared as Internet Giants Look to Cut Cookies

North Korea Gets Its Hands on EMP Weaponry

Photon-Plasmon Nanowire Laser Offers New Opportunities in Light Manipulation


Satellite Will Fall to Earth, but No One Is Sure Where

260 LTE Networks by Christmas (only 46 shopping days 'till Christmas, BTW)

III-V FinFET Fabed on Silicon

3-Dimensional Carbon Goes Metallic

Sound Quality Set to Soar in Smartphones

Tesla Shares Hit by 3rd Fire in 5 Weeks

'Freakish' Space Object Sighted by Hubble telescope

#WOW! Twitter Soars 73% in IPO

ARRL Frequency Measuring Test is November 13

High-Energy Physicists Predict New Family of 4-Quark Objects

Qualcomm's Revenues Jump 33%, Warns of Coming Slowdown

Wireless Receiving Coil Works with 7-V Charging Circuitry

DoE Supercomputer Does Big Data

Internet Kills the Video Store

Exploring Public Perceptions of Future Wearable Computing

FAA Releases Civil Drone Roadmap with Privacy Focus


Synaptic Transistor Adapts as It Computes

Massive Satellite "Cluster" Launch Set for November 21

Internet Archive Building Damaged by Fire

Vanguard NFC Bag Tag Texts Its Location to the Owner (pretty cool)

Inventor of the WWW Criticizes NSA over Privacy Breaches (isn't that like R. Oppenheimer criticizing for countries having nuclear bombs?)

Determining the Quantum Geometry of a Crystal

Building Circuit Boards with an Inkjet Printer

Northrop Grumman to Build SATCOM Capability for E-6B Strategic Airborne Command Post

Apple's Decision to Make Glass in Arizona Will Create Hundreds of Jobs (making clones of Steves - get it?)

Twitter's Market Valuation Suggests Wall St. Sees Huge Growth Potential

Internet Addiction: A Real Problem in America?

British Firms Eye Nuclear Manufacturing Contracts (amazing how popular nuclear has become now that the right people want it)

EE Times Community Weighs in on Toyota Case

Deutsche Telekom Profits Decline As Revenues Rose

FCC Proposes $33M in Penalties Against 3 Lifeline Providers (aka Obamaphones)

Microsoft and Facebook Offer Bounties to Hackers


NFC Jewelry to Share Contacts

September Semiconductor Sales Set New Records

Smart Headlights Focus on the Context of the Road

Microsoft Warns Users of Hacker Attacks

LG Shows Off the Bend in Its Flex

Engineers 'Must Act' to Address Skills Gap

Cheaper Fuel Cell Could Provide Affordable Power for Microgrids.

Nokia's Stephen Elop or Ford's Alan Mulally Could Be Next Microsoft CEO

A Quarter of a Billion Smart Phones Ship in Q3 2013

Find Next Silicon Valley Idol at NVidia's Annual GPU Event

'Son of Blackbird': Plan for New Spy Plane

All I Really Need to Know About Engineering, I Learned from Star Trek

Mystery Grows About Google Barges Moored off U.S. Coast

Arecibo Radio Observatory 50th Anniversary Special Event Set

Obamacare Enrollee Data Easily Downloaded onto USB Flash Drives, IG Finds (no safeguards built into software)

>34% of Americans over 16 Don't Want a Job


Woman on Phone Drives Jeep into Herd of Cows (this is what stupid looks like)

Blackberry Shares Plunge After Sell-Off Plan Abandoned

Graphene Laser to Probe Superconductivity

New Report Urges FCC to Avoid Bidding Restrictions for Broadcast Incentive Auctions

International Linear Collider Will Search for 'Unifying Theory of Everything' (need funding for anything? say you're searching for Dark Matter)

Apple Announces Solar-Powered Manufacturing Plant in Arizona

Over 4,000 Aircraft to Offer In-Flight Wi-Fi by Year-End

Electron Microscopy Gives New Insight into Metal Nanoparticle Oxidation

Britain's Secret Listening Post in Heart of Berlin (busted)

Record Semi Sales for September and Q3

North Korea Developing Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons

DOD Offers Glimpse at Its 'Black' Budget

Chinese Smartphone Consumers Reluctant to Pay for 4G Network

Utah Man Builds Largest Amateur Telescope Ever

Security Fears in China as Smog Disrupts Surveillance Cameras

New AdWords Ad Ranking Formula: What Does It Mean?


FCC Seeking to Preempt Local Wireless Regulations (wouldn't want citizens to retain contol)

Qualcomm May Join Consortium Bidding to Buy BlackBerry

First Helium-Filled Hard Disk Drive

Important Mechanism Behind Nanoparticle Reactivity Discovered

How to Program Unreliable μprocessors

Nokia Places 4th in U.S. Smartphone Market Share, Apple, Samsung Almost Even

New Zealand's 2degrees Seeks Delay in Radio Spectrum Sale

Why Warm Water Freezes Faster Than Cooler Water

USAF Approaches Industry for COTS-Based Targeting System for Forward Air Controllers

Fewer Female Engineering in UK Than Rest of Europe

E-Commerce an Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone

India Vies for Role in Space with Mars Trip

Sony & Panasonic: Out of the Woods?

UK's Role in World's Largest Radio Telescope Revealed

Google's Schmidt 'Outraged' by NSA Snooping (but not outraged by the favors they get in return)

Experts Say Nuclear Power Needed to Slow Warming


Steer Clear of Google, Yahoo, German Journalists Advised

Hands Off That iPad, Flyers, for Just a Bit Longer

U.S. Telco Has Its Eye on U.K. Operator EE

LED Applications to be Key Drivers for Bulk GaN Market

India Reaches for Mars on Prestige Space Mission


U.S. Airlines to Relax Rules Banning the Use of Consumer Electronics During Flights

DOD Seeks Agility After Spectrum Shift

Samsung Profit Rises 26% on Smartphone Boost

Google Gets Around Carriers with Host Card Emulation for NFC Payments

Huge Patent Lawsuit Filed Against Google and Android Phone Manufacturers

Freeze, Glasshole! California Polizei Bust Google Glass Driver

For the Tablet Generation, A Lesson in Digital Citizenship

Qualcomm Buys Arteris Tech & Employees

3D Gestural Interface for Smart Watches

European Operators See LTE Broadcast in Their Future

Can an Oil Bath Solve the Mysteries of the Quantum World?

How to Verify Control Loop Design

Google, Oracle Workers Enlisted for Obamacare 'Tech Surge'

RFID Antenna for Noisy Industrial Work

Volvo's Structural Battery Saves Space and Weight in Electric Car

It's Official: I Am One with "Many Unearned Advantages of Social Privilege" (my taxes pay for this shite and lots more like it - had enough yet?)



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