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Tech Headline News Archive - January 2014

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Another Super Bowl Ad Fest, This Time on the Cellphone

A New Twist to Sodium-Ion Battery Technology

Take Electronics Weekly's 2014 Engineering Salary Survey

Raytheon to Pursue Advanced Infrared Technology

Is It Time to Jump on the Graphene Bandwagon?

New Photodetector Nanotechnology Allows Photos in Near Darkness

Raytheon Back to Work on Next Generation Jammer

Curved Displays at Last

From Sensing Weapons to Measuring Jitter

Tesla Aims for Electric Car Coast-to-Coast Record

EU Group Mulls Remote Car-Stopping Device for Police

Solar System Full of 'Rogue' Asteroids

Fujitsu to Merge Its Mobile Phone and Smartphone Divisions

Thinking in Silicon

Brooklyn School Cutting Gifted Program to Boost Diversity (dumbing down to the LCD)

FAA Grounds Brewery's Beer-Delivering Drone


Google Sells Motorola Mobility Unit to Lenovo for $3B - RF CafeGoogle Sells Motorola Mobility Unit to Lenovo for $2.9B (China's back door entry into U.S. phone market)

Salaries and Confidence Rise for U.S. Tech Professionals

A 'Powerful Antenna in a Soldier's Pocket,' Thanks to Origami

NFL to Block Mobile Video Streaming at Super Bowl

Phosphorene: Graphene with a Bandgap

Physicists Create Synthetic Magnetic Monopole Predicted >80 Years Ago

Enhancing Silicon Carbide Epitaxy with High-Speed Rotation

FCC Opens Brief Window for Comments on WRC-2015 Draft Recommendations

The Move to Mobile Continues

Researchers Take Magnetic Waves for a Spin

FCC Auction 96: <20 Licenses Left Without bids

Active Power Control of Wind Turbines Can Improve Power Grid Reliability

Physicists See 27th Dimension of Photons

Facebook Revenues Surges on the Back of Mobile Advertising Growth

Keeping Track of the Q4 Wireless Earnings Season

Humans Are One-Fifth Neanderthal (more like 1/5 of humans ARE Neanderthals)


DOD Acquisition Chief Forecasts R&D Cuts (very anti-science and anti-technology)

ARRL Debuts Centennial "ARRL at 100" Video

H-Block Spectrum Auction Surpasses $456M after 12 Rounds

Low-Power Spintronics: Magnetic Switch Gets Closer to Application

Mobile Data Traffic Grew by 80% in 2013 as Download Speeds Improve

U.S. Frees Tech Companies to Give More Spying Data

Research Could Bring New Devices That Control Heat Flow

Cuba Provides Its Hams a Slice of 60 Meters

Microwires as Mobile Phone Sensors

Tactical Radio Testing Gets ULTRA Streamlined

Solar Charger for iPhones Is a Kickstarter Hit

Brits More Worried About Companies Sharing Personal Information Than Government Spying (because you can trust the government not to abuse you, right?)

Graphene-Like Material Made of Boron a Possibility

Pentagon Concerned by China's New High-Speed Missile

Cow Thief Is 1st American Arrested, Jailed with Drone's Help

Swiss Cheese Crystal, or High-Tech Sponge?


Demonstration Features Reaper's Electronic Attack Capability

A 96-Antenna System Tests the Next Generation of Wireless

New Quantum Dots Herald a New Era of Electronics Operating on a Single-Atom Level

"Ham Video" Commissioning on ISS Set for Early February

Apple Shares Slump on Weak Forecast

Global Smartphone Shipments Top 1B Milestone

New Flexible, Transparent Conductor Created

Telecoms Companies Set to Create More Jobs in the UK Than in Any Other Sector

New FCC Commissioner Hints at More Deregulation

Is Google-Samsung Licensing a Big Event?

Google Puts Prescription Lenses in Glass' Frame

FBI Arrests 5 over 'Hackers for Hire' Websites

Tech Leader Quasi-Apologizes for His Nazi Rampage Analogy

Navy Asks All MUOS SATCOM Providers to Step Forward for Evaluation Tests

Tablet Ownership Rate Reaches New High of 44% in the USA

Sales of iPhones Set Record for Quarter


3-D Graphene: Super-Capacitors from Sugar Bubbles

It's Facebook vs. Princeton in Study Smackdown

New Universal Method for Transparent Conduction on Nitride Semiconductors

Google's Motorola Aims to Make a $50 Smartphone

Staying Cool in the Nanoelectric Universe by Getting Hot

A New Wrinkle in the Control of Waves

Material Developed Could Speed up Underwater Communications by Orders of Magnitude

Iotera Develops Active RFID Tag with 4-Mile Read Range

JILA Strontium Atomic Clock Sets New Records in Precision and Stability

NFC World Free Webinar on NFC and Access Control

When Nanotechnology Meets Quantum Physics in 1-D

As Windows XP Fades Away, Will Its Users Stick with Microsoft?

NSA Puts a Furry, Smiley Face on Its Kids Website (the 'NSA Youth')

8 Ways the 'Internet of Things' Will Impact Your Everyday Life

NGA Maps the Future of Geospatial Intelligence

Tektronix Acquires Picosecond Pulse Labs


Stephen Hawking: 'There Are No Black Holes'

SEA Hackers Muck up CNN Sites

6 Months of Job Cuts Underway at Sprint

Cooling Microprocessors with Carbon Nanotubes

What Makes Superalloys Super

A Radiation Detector in Your Smartphone


Near Error-Free Wireless Detection Made Possible

65% of All Email Gets Opened First on a Mobile Device

Why a Rejection Letter from Harvard or Other Top Colleges Can Be Helpful (never mentions quotas being a big reason)

JILA Strontium Atomic Clock Sets New Records in Both Precision and Stability

'Fastest Ever' Broadband Passes Speed Test

Qualcomm Drives LTE-A to 5 GHz

0.1% of LTE Users Consume >50% of LTE Data

Smart Food Packaging Could Send E-Mail When Contents Go Bad

The Telegrapher's Galvanometer

New HVEC Format Encodes Video with Nearly 50% Smaller BW

New Radios to Improve SOCOM's Tactical Communications

World's Fastest Supercar Might Soon be Electric

Take Electronic Weekly's Salary Survey

Qualcomm Acquires Patents from HP to Bulk up Portfolio

NASA Launching Newest Communication Satellite

Adults Still Think About Numbers Like Kids


Kazakh Mathematician May Have Solved $1 Million Puzzle

Chinese Internet Traffic Redirected to Small Wyoming House (this is weird)

Electronics Manufacturing in U.S. and Canada to Resume Growth in 2014

Startup Thinks Its Battery Will Solve Renewable Energy’s Big Flaw

Texting Changes the Way We Walk

BlackBerry to Sell Most of Its Canadian Real Estate (tragic)

Canada to Get Five 60 Meter Channels

Foundries Flourishing, says McLean Report

Nighttime Smartphone Use Zaps Workers' Energy

Chrome Browser Becomes Eavesdropping Tool

China's Busap to Deploy 100,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots in Public Transit Buses

Target Hack a Tipping Point in Moving Away from Magnetic Stripes

Power Over Ethernet Group Forms

Measure a 75Ω cable with a 50Ω VNA

Antimatter Beam Could Help Solve Physics Puzzle

Actual Unemployment is 37.2%, 'Misery Index' Worst in 40 Years (20% of U.S. households get food stamps)


You Can Now Quit Your Job Via a Text

Engineering Graduates Welcome Manufacturing Opportunity

Foxconn Managers Arrested in iPhone Components Bribery Investigation

Industry Suggests New Terms to Replace COTS

Orbiting Surveillance System Protects Satellites from Space Junk

New Security Report Confirms Everyone Is Spying on Everyone (we spy on them; they spy on us)

Supreme Court to Decide If Warrant Needed to Search Cellphone

BlackBerry Boosted by U.S. Defense Order

Samsung 'Infringed' Apple's Auto-Complete Text Patent

Scientists Accidentally Capture Ball Lightning

Manage EMI from High-Speed Digital Interfaces

Hackers Delight: Worst Password of the Year Goes to '123456'

LG to Start Sales of Curved Smartphone in Europe

Stick-on Screens Open New Vista for Window Projections

Eastern VHF-UHF-Microwave Conference Set for April 11-13

85 Richest People Own as Much as Bottom Half of World's Population


FCC Implements Lower 700 MHz Interoperability Plan

12 Outdated Web Features That Need to Disappear in 2014 (lots of things to hate)

Still Texting? OMG, That's Already So Old-School

Army Strikes Deal for Inflatable SATCOM Antennas

New Guide Promotes FUNcube-1's Educational Value

Peeking into Schrodinger's Box

In China, U.S. Tech Firms Weigh 'Snowden Effect'

Millions of Passwords and Email Details Stolen in Germany

Putting Quarks on a Virtual Scale

Romania's Regulator Consults on Radio Spectrum Auction Plans

Plastic Crystals Open up Possibilities for Novel Materials

Accenture Wins Contract for Obamacare Enrollment Website (formerly Arthur Andersen, renamed due to ENRON scandal involvement - politics as usual)

Survivor's Guide to Bullies, Backstabbers and Bastards

Could Future Smartphones Be Powered by Sugar?

Rosetta Comet Chaser Phones Home

Researchers Demonstrate Proof of Creation of a Mirror by Optical Matter


Tiny Antenna Threatens the TV Networks' Airspace

Natural 3D Counterpart to Graphene Discovered

Connected TVs, Fridge Used in Global Cyberattack

ESA Hopes for Sign of Life from Comet-Chasing Rosetta Spacecraft

The Old Man: Rotten QRM, by HPM

Huge Data Theft Hits S. Korea

TSMC: Solid Growth in Q4 Backed Up by Mobile

Telepresence Machine to Watch the Kids or Visit Grandma

Rumor Mill: Sprint to Soon Launch Wi-Fi Calling

Spammers Buy Chrome Extensions and Turn Them into Adware

Yokogawa Combines Scope and Power Meter in One

FCC's Wheeler Vows to 'Fight' After Net Neutrality Rules Struck Down

Israel Plans Laser Interceptor 'Iron Beam' for Short-Range Rockets

Does Technology Restrict Creativity?

Mystery Rock Appears on Mars Surface

Army Focuses on Augmented Reality for NIE 15.1


Intel to Reduce Global Workforce by 5% in 2014

Passwords Flow Freely at Starbucks

Sprint Readies Bid for $50B T-Mobile Takeover

Boeing Space Surveillance System Reduces Risk of Satellite Loss by 66%

3DIC Market to Reach $7.52B by 2019


Superconducting Spintronics Pave Way for NextGen Computing

Apple Patent Combines NFC, Bluetooth and WiFi for Mobile Payments

Sprint MVNO Scratch Wireless Offering 'Free' Wi-Fi-Based Service

Google Unveils Smart Contact Lens to Measure Glucose Levels

5% Semi Growth Expected for 2014

GSA: LTE at 263 Networks and Going Strong

Beijing Air Pollution at Dangerously High Levels (EPA shuts down U.S. polluters yet our hypocritical gov't happily trades w/China)

China Mobile Kicks off Apple iPhone Bonanza

On-Chip Interference Between Pairs of Photon Sources Created

The Last Half Century: Wirewound Resistors Part 1

Starbucks Mobile Payments App Caught Storing Passwords in Plain Text

TSMC: Solid Growth in Q4 Backed Up by Mobile

Smaller Army Aviation Will Stress Sensors, Drones

NASA Researchers Push Space Fuel Cell Technology

3.5 Million British Kids Under Eight Now Have Tablets

New Technique for Probing Subsurface Electronic Structure


Apple to Refund $32.5M to Parents Whose Kids Made in-App Purchases (pocket change to them)

BAE Systems Announces DARPA Insight Team

Congress Offers Glimmer of Hope for Incandescent Light Bulb

Google Wants to Run Your Home with Nest

Ford Targeted in GPS Tracking Dust-up

QST Contributing Editor Jack (John) Troster, W6ISQ, SK

Chicago and Washington Transit to Get NFC Tickets

Intel's Newest Fab to Be Mothballed

Japan Scientists Test Tether to Clear up Space Junk

U.S. Defense Contractor Tried to Smuggle F-35 Blueprints to Iran (what difference, at this point, does it make?)

First 3D-Printed Metal Part Flies on UK Military Jet

E-Commerce Competition Intensifies in China

IBM, Samsung & Qualcomm Among Top Patent Recipients

UK Regulator Acts to Reduce Accidental Roaming Along National Borders

Microsoft Extends Security Fixes for Windows XP to 2015

U.S. Cyber Command Gets Big Boost in Spending Bill


NSA Devises Radio Pathway into Computers

Huawei Equipment Being Removed from UK Government Offices over Spying Concerns

China's Huawei Says Unaudited 2013 Operating Profit Rose >40%

IBM Turns to Semiconductor Packaging Post-Moore’s Law

Why Einstein Will Never Be Wrong (interesting)

U.S. Court Partially Overturns Net Neutrality Regulations

Widely Varying Forecasts for 2014 Semi Market

U.S. Out of Top 10 Most Economically Free Countries

Electricity Helps Spider Webs Snatch Prey

Air Force Lab's New 20-Tflop Computer Will Mimic Human Brain (...in embryo form?)

What Your Candles and TV Screen Have in Common

2014 Will Be Year for Voice-Controlled Mobile Apps

6 Trends the Telecom Industry Should Look out For in 2014

Peel-off NFC Tags Seek Kickstarter Funding

Nearly Half of Mobile Roaming Revenues to Come from Mobile Data by 2018

Tesla Surges on Strength of Fourth-Quarter Car Deliveries

Quantum-to-Classical Transition May Be Explained by Fuzziness of Measurement References


Intel Surfs Millimeter Waves to 5G

Global Electronic Warfare Market to Reach $15.6B by 2020

Phase Noise Analyzers Take Over from Scopes

3-D Printing Set to Break out of Niche

Fake Phone Accessories Seized in London

IARU Region 1 Monitoring System Notes New Russian OTH Radar on 20 Meters

Google Buys Nest Labs Smart Home Appliance Maker for $3.2B

FCC's Wheeler Stresses 'Values' in CES Debut (I'm from the government, and I'm here to help)

Will Parking Problems Slow the Rise of Electric Vehicles?

USAF Surveys Industry to Find Companies Able to Upgrade GPS Satellite Waveform Generators

U.S. Telescope Transfer to Boost Space Surveillance Capability

Target Hack Is Wake-up Call on Privacy

Google Strikes Back in Patent Wars

The Inaccuracy of Measuring Accuracy

Canada Outlines Plans for 2.5 GHz Spectrum Auction

More Than ½ of U.S. Adults Spend More Time with Computer Than Family or Friends


'Superlens' Extends Range of Wireless Power Transfer

GM Factory Installs Smart RFID Bolts in Engine Block, Cylinder Heads

Theory for Metamaterials That Act as an Analog Computer

Golden Path to Improved Contact Between Graphene and GaN

"Crisis? What Crisis?": New Semi Paradigm Adjustments for Capacity and Equipment Spending

Europe to Study Use of UHF Spectrum for Mobile Broadband Services

Technology Uses Micro-Windmills to Recharge Cell Phones (maybe they could also solve Holland's dam issues)

Price War in U.S. Mobile Market Raises Fear of Profit Hemorrhage

Researchers Invent 'Sideways' Approach to 2-D Hybrid Materials

Antique Radio Classified to Resume Monthly Publication

Microsoft Hit in Weekend of Hacking Attacks

Electric Buses with Wireless Charging Set for UK Runs in Milton Keynes

Organic Mega-Flow Battery Promises Breakthrough for Renewable Energy

More Well-Known U.S. Retailers Victims of Cyber Attacks

Ultra-Thin Flexible Transparent Electronics Can Wrap Around a Hair

SpaceShipTwo Performs Highest Supersonic Test Flight to Date


How iBeacons Could Change the World Forever

Internet of Things Poses New Security Risks

Christmas Delivery Finally for Space Station

Why Offices Are Ditching Their PC Computers for iPads

From BYOB to WYOD: How Wearables Will Transform Business


70% of Adults Report 'Digital Eye Strain'

Ford Exec Say They Track Customer GPS Data... Then Backtracks

MEMS Resonator Outperformed Quartz in 2013

Smartphones Accounted for 80% of NFC Devices Shipped in 2013

Keeping Electronics Cool in the Antarctic: Harder Than You Think

Smartphones Replace Keys in Smart Door Locks

The Best, the Worst and the Weirdest of CES 2014

Singapore Testing Wi-Fi at Railway Stations

TV and Radio Revenue Will Shift to Digital Thanks to Nielsen

Small Satellite Terminals Could Be Open to Cyberattacks

For PC Makers, the Good News on 2013 Is That It Is Over

Startup Gets $30M to Bring High-Energy Silicon Batteries to Market

Reality Check: Is Distance Really Dead?

Raytheon to Develop Strategic SATCOM System to Link Nuclear Forces to National Command Authorities

½ U.S. Consumers Consider Access Phone While Driving Vital

TV Makers Look to Pack More Pixels into Your Home TV with 4K


Explosion May Affect Silicon Supplies

Amateur Radio Showing Steady Growth in the U.S.

Phones Morph into 'Stun Guns' and 'Tricorders' (diagnostic devices on Star Trek)

Yahoo Malware Turned European Computers into Bitcoin Slaves

Smartphones Accounted for 80% of NFC Devices in 2013

Chips Are down for VCs, Wall Street

New Battery Material Could Help Wind Power Go Big (not according to the numbers in the article)

Shift from Device Subsidies to Financing Could Bring Disruption

Class Trumps Race When It Comes to Internet Access (old 'experts' were wrong, new experts say wealth redistribution is the answer)

MS Speculation Focuses on Internal Candidates

BMW Shows off 'Drifting' self-Drive Cars

China Mobile Tests Voice over LTE in Guangzhou ('testing voice' for phones seems backwards)

No Bids in Irish 1800 MHz Spectrum Auction

Can an Engineer Prevent the Unknown?

NASA Gets WH Approval to Extend ISS by 4 Years

DiCaprio to Leave Massive Carbon Footprint During Personal Space Launch (yet another Hollyweird hypocrite)


Agilent Spins off Electronic Test and Measurement Businesses into New Company Named Keysight Technologies - RF Cafe Agilent Spins off Electronic Test and Measurement Businesses into New Company Named Keysight Technologies (stupid name - who knows what "Keysight" means?)

New iPhone Case Makes It Look Like a Blackberry

Forget Tweeting the Polar Vortex. Phones Fail in Sub-Zero Temps

Ultra-Flexible Chip Can Be Wrapped Around a Hair

Intel Vows to Stop Using 'Conflict Minerals' in New Chips (2010 SEC law requires self-reporting, so companies worry about public perception)

Penetration of Wi-Fi in Car Systems to Reach Almost 60% in North America by 2019

2014 Predictions: Small Cells, Hetnets Set to Flourish

ARRL Reply Comments Cite "Fundamental Misunderstanding" of Symbol Rate Petition

Lenovo & Panasonics Into NFC Products at CES

Wireless Execs Make Waves at CES

Robots Invade Consumer Market for Play, Work

Tesla and Audi to Become AT&T Cars

Curved Smartphone Displays Embark on Circuitous Path to Success at CES

Clear Channel: The Only Company in America That Benefits from Traffic Jams?

SOCOM Asks Industry for Sensors, SIGINT, Biometrics

Intel Renames Its McAfee Security Brand (recall that founder is now a suspected felon)


Six Odd and Crazy Technologies at CES

Honeywell to Investigate Transient Electronic Components Able to Decompose on Demand

"Guccifer" Files Further Detail Hacking Spree

Samsung Shows off Its Bendable TV

Sound Waves Levitate Objects in 3 Dimensions

3D Printing Metals in Space

Solar Flux Record High Could Herald Better Conditions

China Suspends Ban on Video Game Consoles after More Than a Decade

RAMBO a Small But Powerful Magnet

Cleaning the Mobile Germ Warehouse

Hand-Held Devices Drive Record BBC Sport Traffic

3-Star System Could Test Einstein's Theory of General Relativity

Growth Returns to Tech, but Profits Will Not Be So Easy

Favour In-Flight Phone Access? Depends on How Old You Are

Scientists Find a Practical Test for String Theory (Occam's Razor says let it die)


Navy Eyes Next Generation of Electronic Warfare

GM Reveals First LTE-Enabled Cars with AT&T Service

U.S. Waived Laws to Keep F-35 on Track with China-Made Parts

Google to Push Android into Motor Cars

RAF Jets Fly with 3D Printed Parts

Five Trends to Watch at CES

Particle Physicists Ready to Go Beyond the 'God Particle'

CeCoIn5 Reveals New Secrets About How Superconductivity and Magnetism Can Be Related

Open Source RF Designs Can Interface with Leading FPGAs

ZTE Releases Magic Radio Spectrum Solution

U.S. Pressuring South Korean Network to Cancel Huawei Deal

Ireland Stirs Homegrown Flavor into Tech Scene

NGA Maps the Future of Geospatial Intelligence

Nanomaterials Could Enable Large, Flexible Touch Screens

60 GHz DuoTargets Small Cells

Eastern U.S. on Track for Snowiest Decade Ever


Attention, Shoppers: You're Being Watched

2013 Was an Amazing Year for Tech

New Technologies, New Paradigms

Scientists Start Reexamining All Dark Matter Candidates

AT&T Offers T-Mobile Customers $450 to Switch


DARPA Eyes Jam-Proof Communications

FUNcube-1 (AO-73) Marks 6 Weeks in Space

Poland to Auction off Radio Spectrum for LTE Services

Large-Aperture Planar Lens Antennas with Gradient Refractive Index

Using Sound to Levitate Objects, Move Them Midair

NSA 'Developing Code-Cracking Quantum Computer'

Apple Could Be Hurt in Shift Away from Subsidies

New, Faster Internet – with Optimized Protocols

Researchers Find Ways to Minimize Power Grid Disruptions from Wind Power

Samsung Expected to Have $220B Sales Revenues

Brazil's RFID Professional Certification Program Grant Accreditation to Its First Enrollees

Binary Bonbons (or 'How I Cracked the Christmas Cracker Code')

New Salt Compounds Challenge Foundation of Chemistry

Tea Time: How Kettles Whistle

Private U.S. Rockets Launch 2014 & Commercial Space Race in January


Billionaires Worth $3.7 Trillion Surge as Gates Wins 2013

ZTE Creates Mobile Devices Unit in Business Reorg

HP to Sack 30,000

W100AW is on the Air!

RIP Edison Light Bulb

Ford to Unveil Solar Hybrid Concept Car at CES

iPhone Reportedly Fully Hacked by NSA Since 2008

3D Scanners Capture Clear Images in Darkness

White LEDs from Selective Epitaxy GaN Nanopyramids

China to Upgrade Homegrown GPS to Improve Accuracy

Snapchat Hack Affects 4.6 Million Users

Rural Operators Set for LTE Expansion, Regulatory Challenges

4 Unsettling Prospects for 2014

New Use for Coal: Glowing Nanodots

Civilian Photography Now Rising to New Level with Drones

Another Rock Station Bites the Dust


EDN Readers' Choice 2013: Toyota's Killer Firmware, Epic Apple Fails...

HP Lays off 5,000 More Employees

Smart Meters Exposed as Electricity Grid's Weakest Link  (gee, who'd have thought?)

Foundation for Amateur Radio (FAR) Invites Scholarship Applications

Biggest Tech Legal Battles to Watch in 2014

U.S. Bans Russia's GLONASS for Spying Fears (I'm sensing irony here)

Millions of Snapchat User Details Leaked Online

COTS Still an Awkward Description Two Decades Later

Half of All Brits Will Soon Have a Tablet

Cash Machines Raided with Infected USB Sticks

Online Education Revolution Drifts off Course

End of TV Channels 0 and 1 Eliminates 6 Meter Restrictions in Australia, New Zealand

Apple Denies 'Back Door' NSA Access





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