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Why We Disagree with the IEEE's Patent Policy

Ericsson Launches 5G Collaborations with Universities

World Amateur Radio Day is April 18!

New Answer to "How Long Would It Take You to Fall Through the Earth?" (an example of 'settled science' being wrong)

Vodafone Combines Tokens and SIMs for NFC Payments in Europe

DARPA Picks 4 Companies to Develop Affordable Sub-Reflector-Based Imaging Radar Technologies

Cyber-Attacks Hit British Airways, GitHub and Slack

ACE Awards Will Honor the Best in Electronics Design Engineering

Bringing Internet to the Far Corners of the Earth

Safari Users Win Right to Sue Google over Secret Cookies

Scanner Surveys RF Fields Near ICs, Detects Hot Spots

Electronic Waste Has Energy Value

Army Drafts Specs for Next Round of Commercial Hardware Buys


2 New Satellites Join Europe's Fledgling Navigation Network

FBI Director: Apple, Google Acting 'Above the Law' by Locking Users' Phones

Night Vision Eye Drops Allow Sight of up to 50m in Darkness

India Spectrum Auction Ends, Raises >€15.9B

UK Government Says Huawei Poses No Security Threat

CAPTCHAs May Do More Harm Than Good

What It's Really Like to Work for a Small Engineering Firm


Air Force Launces 9th GPS IIF Satellite as Delays Continue for GPS III

BT Returns to Mobile with Low-Cost 4G Service

Samsung's Solve for Tomorrow Contest Inspires Students to Pursue STEM

Wireless Connectivity Offers Distinct Advantages for Industrial Applications

Superhighway to Connect NY and London (I like it)


Boeing Patents a Real-Life Force Field

Radio Shackto Sell Customers’ Personal Information in Bankruptcy Sale

Stealing Data from Computers Using Heat

Crashing Drones Exposing Secrets About U.S. War Operations

Samsung's Galaxy S7 Could Fold in Half

Motorola Found Guilty of Infringing on Patent from Infamous Troll

Samsung Rumored to Be Eyeing AMD Acquisition

Army Considers Electro-Optical Camouflage Fabric

Engineering Correct-by-Design PCBs

China Aims for Industry 4.0 by 2025

5 Gitmo Terrorists Traded for Known Deserter (what difference, at this point, does it make?)

Germanwings Pilot Locked out of Cockpit Before Crash (impenetrable cockpit a 9/11-inspired regulation, thanks to RadIslam)

Ford's New Car Will Force You to Obey Speed Limit


Why Wall Streeters’ Defections to Silicon Valley Are Good News for the Economy

Nanolaser Built Using Single Atomic Sheet

Quantum Experiment Verifies Einstein's 'Spooky Action at a Distance'

Are Smartphones Bad for Our Kids?

Mobile Ad Spending to Hit $29B

More Schools, More Challenging Assignments Add up to Higher IQ Scores (gee, who would have guessed?)

Physicists Solve Low-Temperature Magnetic Mystery

O2 U.K. to be Sold for $15B

Why Venture Capitalists Love Security Firms Right Now

Should Some Smart Munitions Be Called UAVs?

Paris Bans ½ of City's Traffic to Reduce Pollution

Facebook Data Row Reaches Top Euro Court


Students Accused of Using Twitter to Cheat on Test (duh, this isn't news)

FCC Inches Toward Reforming Airwave Auction Discounts

Analog This: Is an Old Way Key to Solving Complex Simulations?

Flip-Chip Packaging and GaN Power Transistors

Global Amateur Radio Emergency Conference Returns to Its Roots for 2015

Philips to Quit Lighting (wow!)

Small Powerful Systems Give Rise to Medical Semiconductor Sales

Tektronix Returns to High-Speed Oscilloscope Game

Bee Behaviour Mapped by Tiny Wireless Trackers

Sewage Could Be a Source of Valuable Metals and Critical Elements

Windows Hello Waves off Passwords

USAF Funds Sense-and-Avoid Technology Development


The EE Times 2014 Salary and Opinion Study

Raytheon to Build Missile-Spoofing EW Drones

The Military’s Proliferating Mix of Smartphones and Tablets

A Graphene Solution for Microwave Interference

NASCAR Puts Kids on STEM Fast Track

Can All Wireless Charging Standards Coexist?

Americans' Retirement Funds Increasingly Contain Tech Start-up Stocks

Now Algorithms Are Deciding Whom to Hire, Based on Voice

Mathematicians Solve 60-Year-Old Problem

Radio Remains Resilient in Streaming World

Quantum Correlation Can Imply Causation

Apple Praises New Book on Steve Jobs


Pentagon Launches Next Phase of Spectrum-Sharing Program

Older Mobile Users Spur Data Traffic Growth in the USA

Patent Filings: Who Made the Cut for Top 50?

Skynet 5 Orbital Move Will Place Military Satcom over Asia-Pacific Region

Orbital Sciences Wants to Spy from Space, Sell Satellite Imagery

Entertainment from When Radio Was King

Cable Lobby Eyes Opening to Rewrite Web Law


FCC, Regulatory Issues Dominate ARRL Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

NXP-Freescale Merger to Result in World’s 8th Largest Chip Maker

Proton Rocket Launches with Russian Telecom Satellite

China Web Freedom Group Faces Online Disruption

The Coming Ice Age: A True Scientific Detective Story


Superconductivity Breakthroughs: Cuprates Earn Their Stripes

Wheeler: No to FM Chip Activation Mandate

Bi-directional RF Doubles Cellular Capacity

Microsemi All-in for Ethernet and Communications Technologies in Acquisition of Vitesse

Tag Heuer Teams up with Google and Intel for Android Watch

New Way to Control Light Developed for Next Gen of Super Fast Computing

Direct Growth of InGaN on Silicon Substrate

Hidden Benefits of Electric Vehicles Revealed

ITU Symposium Endorses Small Satellite Regulation and Communication Systems Declaration

Companies Worried About Hackers Turn to Cyber Insurance

Synthetic ‘Chameleon Skin’ Changes Color on Demand

Tesla's Model S Will Plan Trips Along Charger Routes


Microsoft to Axe Internet Explorer

Radio Chip Harvests Energy from RFID Readers

7 Silent Project Killers

Tried and True, Old PCB Design Software Still Going Strong

SoCal's 1st 'Water Coaster' Driven by Magnets (isn't there a severe H2O shortage in CA?)

Electronics Cooling Program Moves Forward at IBM

1/3 of Americans Changed Online and Phone Behaviours Post-Snowden (BS - less than 1/3 even know about Snowden)

UK Government to Plough £600m into Freeing up Spectrum

Windows Hello Waves off Passwords

Fate of Expiring Federal Solar Tax Credit Remains Unknown

U.S. Trade Groups Seen Leading Lawsuits Against Net Neutrality

White House Wants to Encrypt Every Federal Website (why bother? just put private e-mail servers in all Fed employees' houses)


Kids' Smartphone Usage Rampant

Electric Propulsion Gives Small Satellites a Boost

Analysts Warn Airplane Communications Systems Vulnerable to Hacking

FY 2016 DOD Budget Looking Good in Congress

BBC Plugs Kids into Programming

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile Warn FCC About Interference Issues in 600 MHz Auction

How Millennials Get Their News

Sri Lanka Mobile Phone Market Touches One Million Mark in Q4 2014

Nearly 1/3 of Americans Hide Information Online

Uncovering the Secrets of Super Solar Power Perovskites

Practice of Replacing American Workers 'Widespread'

Windows 10 More Compact, Lets You Easily Kill Bloatware


New Technology May Double RF Data Capacity

Wireless Redefining the Home Audio Market

Colorado Governor Signs Amateur Radio Antenna Bill into Law

DARPA Moves Ahead on Long-Range 100 Gbps Wireless Links

Cuba Approves 1st Public Wi-Fi Hub in Havana (wow, even more of a People's Paradise now)

Pentagon Wants Unhackable Drone Helicopters by 2018

Cambridge Consultants Looks for 100 Designers after Funding Boost

Scientists Pursue Super-Fast Material

Blackberry Unveils New High-Security Tablet

Telco Chiefs Ramp up Pressure over Cost of Metadata Retention

Hertz Puts Cameras in Rental Cars

U.S. Economic Data Have Been the World's Most Disappointing


Manufacturers Struggle to Find Trained Tech People (no prob - they're flooding across the border)

Wireless Network Problem Incidence Increases as Texting and Web Use Grows

Vendors Fielding End-to-End IoT Support

​Join the Engineer in June for a Celebration of UK Engineering

5G Challenges Ahead, Experts Say

Air Force Continues to Track Debris from Unexplained Exploded Satellite (Global Warming did it)

Gamers Targeted by Ransomware Virus


Cambridge Consultants Reveal World’s 1st All-Digital Radio Transmitter

NASA Launches 4 Spacecraft to Solve Magnetic Mystery

Apple's Researchkit Could Be Gold Mine for Hackers

Particle Jets Reveal the Secrets of Most Exotic State of Matter

Mexico Launches Shared Mobile Network Tender


CIA Aided Program to Spy on U.S. Cellphones (used 'dirtboxes')

NXP to Focus on All CMOS Radar Future

Silk Could Be New 'Green' Material for Next-Generation Batteries

LTE-U Forum Explores Technical Possibilities of LTE in Unlicensed Spectrum

One Fractal Quantifies Another

Army Puts Tech-Centric Weapons and Surveillance Tools to the Test

Reducing Low-Frequency Noise in AlInN/GaN HEMTs

Quick-Turn PCB Shop Review Project: Elecrow

Fastest Snap-Shot Yet for Observations of Superconductivity

Understand LTE-A Release 12 Transmitter Architecture

Dollar Surge Poses Policy Dilemma for Fed


Ericsson to Slash 2,200 Jobs in Sweden as Part of Cost-Cutting Measures

FCC Enforcement Bureau Field Resources Poised to Shrink

China Mobile Launches 4G Roaming in 71 Countries and Regions

Scientist-Radio Amateur Named to Receive Prestigious Award

Connected Car Market $190B by 2020

NXP Unveils Connected Car with NFC and Payments

NASA to Investigate Magnetic Explosions

Patches Released for Freak Flaw by Microsoft and Apple

Android Phones Soon to Use a Smaller, Simpler USB Connector

Process Builds Better Semiconductors, Improves Electronic Devices

Wikimedia Foundation Sues NSA over Surveillance

Electrons in Slow Motion


Startup Lights New Way to Wireless Charging

Armed Robber Caught After Boasting About Planned Stick-up on Facebook

New Angle on X-ray Measurements

Smartphone Problems Leading to Customer Frustration and Churn

Glasses-Free 3D Display Made with Tiny Spherical Lenses

Smartphones Will Soon Learn to Recognize Faces and More

Apple Watch Gets Mixed Reactions from IT Analysts

Laser Weapons Technology Keeps Getting Better

Squeezing out New Science from Material Interfaces

Neighbors and Fans Are Curious About Apple's Massive New HQ (1.5 million tons of concrete is very un-green, but they're forgiven by fellow hypocrites)

Millennials Lack Trust in Advertising

Quantum Sensor's Advantages Survive Entanglement Breakdown


Price Range for Apple Smart Watch: $349 to >$10,000

French Chip Tech Centre Offers 3D Silicon to Universities

4G to Cover More Than 3/4 of Latin American Population by 2020

EU's 5G Vision Gets Clearer, Still Fragmented

Ultrathin Polymer Insulators Key to Low-Power Soft Electronics

Danish Astronaut Among Latest Group of Space-Bound Radio Amateurs

Android 5.1 Arrives with HD Calling and Safeguards for Stolen Phones

Viral Video Documentary About Pollution in China - Banned by the Government (then check to see where all your stuff was made)

How to Land a Job as an Engineering Intern or Co-op

Facebook Post Criticizing Employer Lands Florida Man in Abu Dhabi Prison

25 Robots Set to Compete in Ambitious Contest This Summer

Anti-American Sentiment in Russia Now More Intense Than During Soviet Era (so much for the stupid red "Reset" button)


Millions at Risk from 'Freak' Encryption Bug

Comments Due by April 6 on 76-81 GHz Radar Sharing Proposals

Android Captured Tiny 11% Share of Global Smartphone Profit in Q4 2014

Air Force Looking to Weaponized Ultrashort Pulse Lasers

Wireless Gaining Momentum in Remote Monitoring

Smartphone, Samsung in Trouble

Confederation of British Industry Warns of Poor Science Teaching in Primary Schools


Skysilicon Releases China's First GaN Power Transistor on 8-inch Substrate

ESA Experts Assess Risk from Exploded USAF Satellite

Simulations Provide New Insight into Emerging Nanoelectronic Device

Einstein Put to the Test - Again

Breakthrough in Nonlinear Optics Research


Scientists Find Link Between Flame Retardants and Obesity (they blame your electronics Smiley Eyes Rolling - RF Cafe)

Location-Based Ambient Intelligence Is Next Big Leap in Consumer Applications

5G Researchers Seek Spectrum

Hackers Threaten Phone in Your Pocket

Pizza Hut Could Let Customers Order and Pay for Pizza from Their Cars (coffee & pizza news always worth posting)

Buckybomb Shows Potential Power of Nanoscale Explosives

EU Data Roaming and Net Neutrality Plans Attacked

Unlicensed Bands Used to Meet Mobile Data Demand

Peer-to-Peer Wireless Is Increasing Competition Worldwide

Energy-Generating Cloth Could Replace Batteries in Wearable Devices

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft Prepares for Ceres Rendezvous

Oracle Releases JDK 8, Update 40


U.S. Amateur Radio Numbers Reach an All-Time High

China and U.S. Clash over Software Backdoor Proposals

2D Material Beats Graphene (dethroned already?)

Intel and Qualcomm Want 60 GHz Spectrum for 3 Gbit/s Wi-Fi

Target Cutting Thousands of Jobs in U.S.

Facebook Explains When and Why It Peeps at Your Account (this might spook you a bit)

Connected Home Growth Hindered by Inaccessibility, Conflicting Standards

Smog Blankets China Once More (compliments of all your China-made stuff)

Outdated Encryption Keys Leave Phones Vulnerable to Hackers

First-Ever Quantum Device That Detects and Corrects Its Own Errors

Pennies Reveal New Insights on Nature of Randomness

Demand for Linux Skills Growing Faster Than Talent Pool


Qualcomm Demos 3D Fingerprint Technology for Mobile Phones

Safety Worries Lead Airlines to Ban Li-Ion Battery Shipments

Geneva Auto Show Worries About Silicon Valley

U.S. Needs a Mars Colony, Buzz Aldrin Tells Senators (Disney's Buzz Lightyear named after him)

ARRL 2015 Field Day Gear, Supplies Now Available

The Slow Death of Hardware Design

Woman Reunited with Stolen iPhone When Idiot Thief Posted Selfie on Her Facebook Page

Prepare for 'The End of College' as You Know It

Blackberry Unveils 'Leap' with No Physical Keyboard

Supreme Court Backs Trade Group’s Challenge to Internet Sales Tax Law

WordPress to Remain Most Attacked Platform

California Homes Raided in Investigation into Chinese ‘Birth Tourism’ (...while CA invites Illegal anchor babies from Mexico & SA - racism?)


Air Force Weather Satellite Explodes in Orbit (since when do those things just explode? global warming caused it?)

Boeing’s First Two All-Electric Satellites Ready for Launch

Ikea Turns Furniture into Wireless Phone Chargers

Isis threatens Twitter Employees over Blocked Accounts (no prob - they're just the JV team)

Counterfeit Components Continue to Slam Electronics Industry

Western European Mobile Phone Market Shows Clear Signs of Saturation

First Ever Photograph of Light as a Particle and a Wave

Photographs of Lowest Lifeforms Obtained (I expected images of politicians)

Millions Share New Chinese Character

Google Allocates $ for Hackers Finding Security Flaws in Chrome

Telcos Demand 'Level-Playing Field' with Apps Giants

Foreign Workers Fill Hundreds of Sacramento-Area IT Jobs


RIP Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock of Star Trek (has he returned to the Genesis planet?)

Vandalism in Arizona Shut Down Internet, Cellphone, Telephone Service Across State

Huawei and LG Unveil Traditional Round Smartwatches

Internet's Regulatory Future Will Bring Near-Endless Litigation (legislation by lawyers for lawyers - job security)

Hi-Speed Transistors from Liquid Processing

Awesome 3D Electronic Sculptures

Meet Samsung's Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 Edge


SMAP Observatory Unfurls Large Science Antenna Structure

Top-Precision Optical Atomic Clock Starts Ticking

Semiconductor Unit Shipments to Exceed 1T Devices in 2017

Ericsson Sues Apple for Patent Infringement

Open Source vs. Proprietary Firms on the IoT Battleground