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Tech Headline News Archive - December 2016

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Breaking Defense Best of 2016: China Rising

2016 Extended by 1 Leap Second

Google Tweaks Algorithm to Bury 'Non-Authoritative Information'

Setting the Record Straight on Radio Listening


Internet Use in Class Tied to LOWER Test Scores

Smartphone-Obsessed Finns Rank Tops in Screen Time

200 More Indian Railway Stations to Get Wi-Fi in 2017

Experts Hope Trump Makes Cybersecurity an Early Priority


Panasonic to Invest >$¼Billion in Tesla's Buffalo, NY, Solar Cell Plant

WH: Robots May Take ½ Our Jobs - Embrace It (Illegals & H1Bs to take other ½)

How the Smartphone Became so Smart

China Reveals Plans for Space Domination in the 2020s


Could Engineers Be Accused of Killing Jobs?

ESD Alliance Reports EDA Industry Revenue Increase for Q3 2016

Enhanced Rad-Hard MOSFETs for Mission-Critical Space Applications

Ring in the New Year with ARRL Straight Key Night


Nokia Sues Apple for Infringing Patents, Back on War Footing

German Radio Amateurs Gain Access to 60 Meter Band

Mark Zuckerberg's Online AI Bullying Harms Band (he'll get a pass, though)


India Overtakes Britain as the World's 6th-Largest Economy

AT&T Launches Service to Help Users Block Unwanted Calls

Chips Execs See Maturing Industry

FEMA to Conduct Interoperability Exercise Using 60 Meters

Wind Farms Can Be Deadly for Birds of Prey


Brexit Not All Bad, Says UK Manufacturing Market

Europe's Global Satellite Navigation System Goes Live

Alliance to Showcase Successful Demonstration of ZigBee Certified Products on Thread Networks

North American Semi Equipment Industry Posts November Book-to-Bill of 0.96


Fuzzy 5G Trials Aren't Helping Anybody

MACOM Final Order of Preliminary Injunction Against Infineon

Atlas 5 Rocket Launches High Speed Internet Satellite

Flame Retardant Heat-Shrink Tubing for Fire-Proofing Cabling

Strong, Lightweight Titanium Edging onto Steel & Aluminum's Turf


Ofcom Slams UK's Poor Geographic 4G Coverage

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to Step Down in January (good riddance)

Europe to Rethink 10/100/20 Chip Project

Semiconductor Equipment Sales Forecast: $40B

Freedom 251: Launch of India's Cheapest Smartphone


Qualcomm Falters at Top of Fabless Ranking

China Enters Top Chip Equipment Spenders

China Steals U.S. Underwater Drone from U.S. Navy (like Iran stole air drone - this ends 1/20/2017)

Working for Engineering's Future

India Unveils World's Largest Solar Power Plant


Santa Says North America Q Count Needs to Improve

UK Government 'Must Take Action' on 5G

Russian Researchers Make Next Step to Quantum Computing

Chinese, Turkish Amateur Radio Satellites Near Launch Dates

Commemorative Special Event Reenacts 1921 Amateur Radio Transatlantic Reception


Microsemi Adds Extensive Line of MMICs

FCC Sets $25,000 Fine for California FM Radio Pirates

1,000,000,000 Accounts Affected by Yahoo Hack

New Diamond Cuts Through Ultra-Hard Materials

With LinkedIn, Microsoft Looks to Avoid Past Acquisition Busts


Nokia and Vodafone Take to the Clouds in Italy

Congress Wants to Reform Copyright Office

India to See 65% Rise in Mobile Frauds in 2017

UK Confirms €1.4B of Spending in ESA Projects

Demand for 600 MHz Weak As Incentive Auction Plods Along


Microsoft Finally Links up with LinkedIn

Self-Healing Transistors for Chipscale Starships

Lawmakers Urge Rejection of Lattice Semi Takeover

Multinational Effort Halts Malware Avalanche

Science Answers 'Why Is Glass Invisible?'


Nominate Someone Exceptional for the 2017 Engineer of the Year Award

ARRL Transitioning to New Digital Publishing Platform

Ericsson Gearing up to Demo 5G at CES Show

Bluetooth 5 Signals 2nd-Generation Beacons

Ericsson Loses Macro 2G/3G/LTE Crown to Huawei


China Holds Mantle of Asia's Technology, Science Power

ARRL Transatlantic Reception Anniversary Special Event Set for December 11

3D-Printed Magnets for Tailor-Made Magnetic Fields

5G in Asia: Seizing the 1st-Mover Advantage

John Glenn - First American to Orbit Earth - Dead at Age 95

'Original Seven' Mercury Astronauts Now Gone


Pulsed RF Power Device Markets to Exceed $250M by 2021

MMTC Wants to Decommission AM Band (a ploy to shut down OTA Talk Radio)

Reply to MMTC Wanting AM Band Decommissioned

Ofcom Says 'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is' to Fibre Moaners

New Material Could Lead to Erasable and Rewriteable Optical Chips


Radio Australia Shortwave Broadcasts Go Dark on January 31

Are iPhones Now Exploding?

Pentagon Buried Report Exposing $125B in Waste (10E6 office jobs - $200k/admin. Drain the swamp!)

FCC Penalty for Unlicensed Amateur Making False Distress Call

Verizon Sells 24 Data Centres to Equinix for $3.6B


Another Unauthorized Radio Operation Fined

Brexit Effect 'Not Really Hurting Us,' Says Distributor

Deciphering Electronic Properties of Materials May Change Transistors

As Batteries Keep Catching Fire, U.S. Safety Agency Prepares for Change

Controlled Electron Pulses


Samsung Electronics Considers Split as Investor Pressure Builds

UK Snoopers Law Creates Security Nightmare

130,000 U.S. Navy Sailors Hacked

Black Polycrystalline Diamond Transistors with High Breakdown

Sedentary Lifestyle May Impair Academic Performance


Tech Volunteers Heed the Call

UK Radio Amateur Receives Sir Arthur Clarke Award

2017 Defense Bill Heads to Vote

$5 PoisonTap Tool Easily Breaks into Locked PCs

USAF Expands Computer Chip Nanoelectronics


Almost 1/2 the World Will Be Online by End of 2016 (only half?)

Graphene-Based Photodetector Aimed at IoT, Wearable Devices

'Dramatic Leap' for China's Space Program

German Telekom Hacked to Block Internet to 900k

China's Secretive Space Program Threatens NASA's Dominance

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