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Electronics & Tech Headline News Archive - January 2021

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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• DoD Probes National Security Threats of Quantum Computing

• U.S. Army Exploring mmWaves to Strengthen Communications

• U.K. Regulators Set 5G Spectrum Auction for March

• Scaling the IoT in 2021

• Alibaba's Jack Ma Finally Emerges - Somewhere


• FCC Must Redefine Broadband Speeds

• Alphabet Shuts down Loon and Its Balloons

• HawkEye 360 Deploys Cluster of RF Sensing Satellites

• Laser Link Could Provide Test of Einstein's Theory

• Microsoft Patent Would Let Us Chat with the Departed (a truly spooky insight into what is culled from your social media presence)


• Qualcomm's Smartphone Chip Share in China Plummets (acquire the tech then ditch)

• Jessica Rosenworcel Named Acting Chair of FCC

• AT&T Scores Fastest 5G Network

• Contest University to Host Propagation Summit

• Metamaterial Offers Reprogrammable Properties


• Automotive Production Stalled by Semiconductor Shortages

• Germany to Boost Chip Manufacturing in Wake of Auto IC Shortages

• European Operators Sign MoU and Commit to Open RAN

• Japan's Fugaku Supercomputer Tackling World's Biggest Problems

• Optical Data Transmission Speed Increased by at Least 10,000x


• Sweden Completes 5G Spectrum Auction in One Day

• Supreme Court Hears Media Ownership Arguments

• FCC Issues Multiple Citations for Unlawful Marketing of RF Devices

• Swedish 5G Auction Completes Despite Huawei Opposition

• Rocket Lab Launches Communications Satellite for OHB


• Fierce Competition May See LG Drop Smartphone Business

• Says 92% of Companies Don't Trust Their Supply Chain Data

• FCC Submits Report to Congress on Pirate Radio Enforcement (shiver me timbers)

• Wi-Fi-Based System for Collaborative Robotics

• Telia Gets Most Spectrum in £200M Swedish 5G Auction


• Statement on Satellite Constellations by German Astronomical Society

• European Operators form OpenRAN Cabal

• FCC 1st Phase C-Band Auction Tops $80B (yet they need $35 for a Ham license)

• Wi-Fi Alliance Launches Certification for 6E Devices

• Overcharged Customers Seek £600M Reimbursement from BT


• FCC Moving on Unique 2.5 GHz Auction, License Areas

• DARPA Opens Door to Producing "Unimaginable" Designs for DoD

• Highly Efficient Supercapacitor Could Rival Batteries

• T-Mobile Seeks Access to More 2.5 GHz Spectrum

• Secrets of Tempest's Ground-breaking Radar Revealed


• FCC Reminds Hams Not to Use Radios in Crimes at Inauguration (amazingly audacious)

• CBRS Alliance Broadens Spectrum-Sharing Scope

• 2021 5G and Wireless Predictions Affected by Wuhan Virus

• U.S. Labor Market Losing Speed as Wuhan Flu Spirals out of Control

• NBN Claims World Record for Long-Range 5G mmWave Transmission


• U.S. DoD Accelerates 5G Development

• Manufacturing's Rebound is Complete: PMI Index Hits 60.7%

• Samsung Revs Beamforming for Automotive mmWave 5G Tech

• Mini-Circuits Awarded Patent for Low-Cost mmWave LTCC Packaging

• Japan Eyes Punishment for Breaking Wuhan Virus Rules ("experts" not observing social distancing - see pic)


• FCC Rejects Calls to Delay Indoor Location Accuracy Improvements

• LiDAR Market Growing at 34% CAGR to $2.9B in 2025

• Nanosheet-Based Electronics Could Be One Drop Away

• Efficient Generation of High-Dimensional Quantum Teleportation (beam me up)

• Critical Role of High-Tech R&D in the Wuhan Flu Era


• Onshoring Defense Microelectronics Production (that'll be rescinded soon)

• Space Force Joins U.S. Intelligence Community

• China to Begin Construction of Space Station This Year

• T-Mobile Raises $3B to Fund Massive U.S. Spectrum Spending

• Can Sodium-Ion Batteries Replace Trusty [but fire-prone] Lithium-Ion?


•  SmallSat Launch Providers Readying for 1st Missions of 2021

• LG Teases Phone with Rollable Screen

• 2021 AM Rally Set for 1st Weekend in February

• Package Theft Jumps 7% in 2020

• DARPA Seeks Compact, Deployable Electron Accelerator


• New Amateur VLF Transatlantic Record Set

• Starlink Approved to Provide Space-Based Broadband to UK

• Best U.S. Mobile Internet Connectivity in Northeast

• Qualcomm's Snapdragon 480 SoC to Bring 5G to Low-Cost Phones

• Chinese Mission Returned Nearly 4 Pounds of Lunar Samples


• Some Electronics Components Remain Scarce Going into 2021

• FCC Implements New Penalties Under PIRATE Act

• U.S. Led Space Launches in 2020

• More Precise Distance Measurement for GPS

• South Korea's 5G Mobile Base Reaches Almost 11M Subscribers


• Smartphone Production Falls Record 11% in 2020

• China Fights for Chip Independence

• EU Pushes for "Right to Repair" for Products

• Navy Seeks Radar Systems and Advanced Weapons to Army USV Fleet

• Alibaba's Jack Ma "Embracing Supervision" per CCP 


• FCC's Pai Circulates Draft NPRM on 12 GHz Band

• ARRL Comments in Orbital Debris Mitigation Proceeding

• Japan Explores Quantum Cryptography to Make Stock Trading Secure

• November Semi Sales up 7% YoY

• Material Found to Block Electromagnetic Waves


• NYSE Defies Executive Order to Delist Chinese Firms

• Huawei out of Top 6 Smartphone Suppliers

• Army Shares Details on New EW Units

• ARRL Seeks Nominations for 6 Awards

• FAA Rules Clear Delivery Drones for Takeoff (a lawyer's dream)


• Some Electronics Components Remain Scarce Going into 2021

• China Regulator Says NYSE Delistings Are Political w/Limited Impact

• Stretching Diamond for Next-Gen Microelectronics

• Vodafone Germany's 5G Network Reaches 16M People

• FCC to Require Email Address on Ham License Applications


• Laptops & Desktop Sales See Renaissance

• Four Key 5G Spectrum Auctions to Watch in 2021

• Apple Patents Dynamically Changing Keyboard

• 4 Ways Physics Will Challenge Your Reality

• Counterfeit Parts and Materials Symposium 2021


• FCC Reduces Proposed Amateur Radio Application Fee to $35 (from $50)

• LED Revenue Fell 10% in 2020

• Australia Offers 5G mmWave Spectrum Licenses to 15 Operators

• New Atomic Clock Keeps More Precise Time

• Lasting Immunity After Mild or Asymptomatic COVID-19 Infection (the forbidden Science)

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