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Copper Mountain Technologies Adds 4 Port Planar 808/1 to Full Size VNA Line

 Copper Mountain Technologies logo

-- Low Cost, High Performance 4-Port VNA Expands Options
   for Quality Test within a Budget

October 30, 2013 

Copper Mountain Technologies releases the new Planar 808/1 vector network analyzer, adding to its full size VNA line. CMT makes high performance PC-driven VNAs at an affordable price point without sacrificing metrological quality.
Planar 808/1 is a four port VNA which operates with an external PC, opening a new range of possibilities for users who need highly accurate multiport instrumentation for lab, production, or field use. At just 19 pounds, Planar 808/1 is a more mobile and transportable solution than a traditional bench top unit. This lab quality VNA offers an extensive feature set, multiple data saving options, and is fully programmable for incorporation in automated applications.
Copper Mountain Technologies Adds 4 Port Planar 808/1 to Full Size VNA Line - RF CafeExtensive Feature Set

Planar 808/1 characterizes S-parameters in a wide variety of presentation formats. In addition to the traditional frequency domain measurements of S-parameters, its extensive feature set includes time domain with gating, embedding and de-embedding, and frequency offset mode for mixer/converter testing.  Balanced measurements are a unique capability of the Planar 808/1; users can evaluate devices with balanced ports like differential amplifiers or transformers.

Planar 808/1 can fit into applications needing automation – it is fully programmable by SCPI commands in many programming settings, including C++, Visual Basic, and LabView. COM/DCOM automation allows the remote control and exchange data with the user software, allowing seamless integration with any ATE station.
Data Saving and Security

The software of the Planar 808/1 allows state, calibration and measurement data to be saved on the external PC and quickly uploaded into secondary programs for post-processing. USB data transfer eliminates multiple points of data transfer, simplifying the workflow and saving users valuable VNA time. Storing VNA data on an external PC reduces the need for purging in secure environments, or it simply makes it easy to share the device between multiple users in any environment.
  • Frequency range: 100 kHz to 8 GHz
  • Measured parameters: S11…S44
  • Operates on an external PC
  • >150 dB dynamic range
  • Up to 500,001 measurement points
  • Measurement time per point: 100 µs
  • High price-performance ratio
  • Easily transported between work stations
  • Time domain with gating, and fixture simulation standard
  • 19.8 lbs
  • 12.8 x 16.3 x 3.8 in (324 x 415 x 96 mm)
Engineers have chosen CMT analyzers for their small footprint and high accuracy; each instrument in the group has been reviewed and verified as a serious piece of test equipment with lab-grade performance.
The release of Planar 808/1 comes on the heels of a line expansion of VNA solutions from Copper Mountain Technologies, which includes a new 14 GHz reflectometer, a 4.8 GHz compact VNA, and a 75 Ohm compact VNA. For more product information, please visit www.coppermountaintech.com.

[borders/inc-300x250.htm]About Copper Mountain Technologies

It's amazing how often "that's how we've always done it" becomes an excuse for making things far more difficult than they need to be. Take test and measurement technology, for example. An engineer working for a satellite radio company needs to test his equipment on-site at a repeater tower to make sure it's broadcasting correctly. A team of product engineers want to make sure that each and every change they make results in a working product. A small company needs to make sure that their investment in test and measurement technology will serve them for years to come. These people represent the average user of vector network analyzers, but the status quo hasn't exactly been kind to any of them. When most think about VNAs, they imagine huge machines built around old computers at a high cost. Machines that are so heavy, they're all but impossible to lug around from repeater to repeater. Equipment that's so pricey, it means entire teams have to bottleneck their workflow with shared machines, or smaller operations have to sacrifice quality for affordability. To the engineers of Copper Mountain Technologies, these VNAs seem less like solutions and more like part of the problem. Instead of doing things the way they've been done for decades, we choose instead to think about test and measurement differently.


Copper Mountain Technologies
3905 Vincennes Road, Suite 105
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: +1.317.222.5400
Fax: +1.317.222.5219
General Inquiries hello@coppermountaintech.com
Technical Support & Servicing support@coppermountaintech.com
Sales & Distribution sales@coppermountaintech.com

Posted  October 31, 2013

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