Human-Centered Information Fusion
RF Cafe Quiz #28

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Note: Some material based on books have quoted passages.

RF Cafe Featured Book - Human-Centered Information FusionThis quiz is based on the information presented in Human-Centered Information Fusion, by David L. Hall and John M. Jordan. Published by Artech House.

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1.  What is human-centered information fusion?

a)  The inclusion of human sensory data in the processing of situational awareness

     and decision-making

b)  A nuclear power generation process powered by human deuterium atoms

c)  Wearable sensors to assist human navigation

d)  A stylish term for being egotistical

2.  How many model levels are there in the JDL (Joint Director of Laboratories) model?

a)  3

b)  4

c)  5

d)  6

3. What is a "soft sensor?"

a)  A fingertip, cheek, or toe

b)  A processor that handles many inputs at once for decision making

c)  Sensing software

d)  Flexible sensing devices

4.  What is the "human landscape?"

a)  Environmental (physical and emotional) entities generated by human action and interaction

b)  A cross-section of the human population

c)  Human populations that have been designed for a purpose

d)  Political divisions

5.  What is the term given by the authors to the realm of human sensory input

a)  Humsen

b)  Biosensory

c)  Anthroposensory

d)  H-space

6.  Which of these objects serve as sensors for the "Global Neighborhood Watch?"

a)  Cellphone traffic

b)  Facebook postings

c)  Human experience

d)  All the above

7.  What is data visualization?

a)  The manner in which data is perceived

b)  Looking at data while having it verbally explained

c)  Presenting data in non-traditional manner to accentuate important results

d)  A traditional x-y or pie chart

8.  What is sonification?

a)  Influencing the population through audio broadcasts

b)  Using properties of sound as a sensor input

c)  Filtering out sound data

d)  Amplifying sound sensor input to saturate a data set

9.  What does IPB stand for?

a)  Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

b)  Interspersed Probabilistic Bonafides

c)  Intentional Personal Boycotting

d)  Idiomatic Predeterminate Buffering

10.  Where was the term "mega-collaboration" first applied?

a)  From online game playing

b)  To describe comprehensive Internet activity

c)  Borrowed from a popular state lottery name

d)  In a mathematical thesis citing factors using 10^6 or more input points

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