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Ulano Masking Films Ad
December 27, 1965 Electronics Magazine Article

December 27, 1965 Electronics

December 27, 1965 Electronics Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics, published 1930 - 1988. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Raise your hand if you're old enough to remember doing printed circuit board (PCB) layout using Rubylith tape. My hand is up. Back in the early 1980s, I did prototype PCB designs in an engineering development lab at Westinghouse Electric's Oceanic Division (Annapolis, Maryland). Most of it was for analog and RF substrates that would be photographically reduced in size for use with bare integrated circuit (IC) die and surface mount passive components (Rs, Ls, and Cs), upon which I would later epoxy-mount those components and wire-bond everything using 1−mil gold wire. However, there were projects where full-size leaded components were used on a through-hole PCB that used not only the Rubylith tapes but also sheets with special electronics shapes for solder pads around the holes for components leads, ground and power planes, board-edge connectors, turrets, etc. Computer-aided PCB layout was in its infancy at the time, and the proprietary software used for commercial operations ran on a mainframe. I do remember, though, sometime around 1985 using some really clunky PCB layout software on an IBM XT, but never actually produced a board from it. I don't remember the name of the software.

Ulano Masking Films Ad

Ulano Masking Films, December 27, 1965 Electronics Magazine - RF CafeUlano European Technical Center for Graphic Arts

Ulano's technical center in Switzerland is headed by the very capable Mr. Henri Kunz. He is qualified by his many years of experience in the Screen Process and Graphic Arts fields. Demonstrations and technical seminars are held in many languages throughout the year. Complete laboratory facilities have been installed to provide demonstrations of the complete Ulano line. Large stocks of all famous Ulano films are available for immediate delivery to all parts of the world.

You are invited to contact Mr. Henri Kunz at Ulano A.G., Untere, Heslibachstrasse No. 22, Kusnacht 8700, Switzerland, Telephone 905959. It is our pleasure to serve you.

Do You Use Screen Processing in the Production of complex Printed Circuitry?

Two New Presensitized Films to Speed Production - Lower Costs

Hi-Fi Red

Heavy-Duty Industry Proved

Presensitized photo film used by many leading electronic firms for clean, sharp, tough, durable, almost indestructible screens of unmatched quality. Adheres tightly to wire, silk, nylon and dacron.


Presensitized Foto Film

0.002 Polyester support guarantees good register. Does not require a dark room. Very good resolution - suitable for halftones. Excellent adhesion to silk, nylon, dacron and metal mesh. Tough, strong emulsion - good for machine printing and long runs.

J. Ulano & Company, Inc.

610 Dean Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 11238, U.S.A.

Cable address: "UlanoFilm"

In Europe: ULANOA.G., Untere, Heslibachstrasse No. 22 Kusnacht, Zurlch, Switzerland

Write today on your letterhead for free Special Sample Kit 5248

Here's How...

Lithographers, Engravers, Artists, Screen Processors All Use These Famous Masking Films to Separate Color, Eliminate Opaquing, Prepare Dropouts, Save Time, Reduce Job Costs

Cut a piece of the desired film large enough to cover area to be masked. Tape it down firmly at the top with dull-side up.

With sharp blade, outline the areas to be masked. Do not cut through the backing sheet. The Ulano Swivel Knife does the job quickly, easily.

Now carefully peel off the film. Your art work is now separated with the "second color" on a clear Mylar overlay ready for camera and in perfect register.

Rubylith™ • Amberlith™

Hand Cut Masking Films for the Graphic arts

Ulano Rubylith... a revolutionary knife cut red film is laminated to a stable transparent plastic backing sheet. The red film is "light safe" so that when contacted to a sensitized emulsion and exposed to a suitable light source, light passes through the cut-out portions only ... not through the red film. • The mylar* backing is absolutely stable ... insures perfect register. • Special effects such as crayon tones, paste ups, benday sheets, and opaquing are easily combined with versatile Ulano Rubylith. *T.M. Dupont Polyester Film

Ulano Amberlith ... a companion to Rubylith serves as a color separation medium used as the master on camera copy board to secure negatives or positives.

Available in Rolls and Sheets

ulano 610 Dean St., Brooklyn,  N. Y. 11238

New York • Chicago • Zurich

Write today on your letterhead for free Special Sample Kit 5348



Posted December 18, 2018

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