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New TV Colorgrams
March 1963 Radio-Electronics

March 1963 Radio-Electronics

March 1963 Radio-Electronics Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio-Electronics, published 1930-1988. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Since first beginning in 1946, Howard W. Sams PhotoFacts were the de facto standard for technical documentation on radio, television, phonograph, magnetic tape machines, and other forms of electronic entertainment. Other companies such as Colorgrams, a division of TV Development Corporation, introduced competitive products which appear to be of high quality, but Sams' documentation packages ruled the repair shop roost. A sample of a TV Colorgram datasheet can be seen in this two-page spread in a 1963 issue of Radio-Electronics magazine. A few Colorgrams packages can be found occasionally on eBay, but the number pales in comparison to Sams FotoFacts. Although nowhere near as comprehensive as the commercially published documentation packages, the electronics trade magazines often published at least schematics and parts lists of various products. At the time, manufacturers only made that information available to authorized dealers and service shops.

New TV Colorgrams

New TV Colorgrams, March 1963 Radio-Electronics - RF CafeNew TV Colorgrams - amazing color-coded system pinpoints hard-to-find components, conductors

• Individual Colorgram Charts highlight specific TV receiver functions

• Rapid Repair Manual

• Color-Keyed master Schematic

• all based on original TV manufacturers' data

Complete colorgrams Service-Pak only $1.95

Designed By Leading Authorities

Paul B. Zbar, head of electronic dept. Voorhees Technical Institute, and Robert Cornell, former technical editor of Electronic Technician Magazine.

Colorgram Charts (see sample on left hand page) are the key to a remarkable new method designed to help you isolate TV receiver difficulties in less time and with less effort than has ever before been possible. The Colorgram system simplifies the use of any repair procedure you normally use.

Each Colorgram Chart Shows Separate Circuit Sections

Each Colorgram Chart is clearly color-coded to show signal-flow and continuity as distinctly as the color-marked route on a road map. Each Colorgram Chart shows test points and voltages. The entire ground conductor is shown in its own distinctive color throughout all the Colorgram Charts. Every component in the circuit is clearly identified, and its relationship to other components made readily recognizable.

There is a Colorgram Chart (like the sample shown) for each of these TV receiver functions: IF, Video, Audio, Vertical and Horizontal, (showing sync and sweep circuits), B+ distribution and AGC circuitry.

Colorgrams Isolate Trouble Areas

Each Colorgram Chart enables you to color-shoot with little or no reference to schematic or manual. If you have a video problem, refer to the Video Colorgram Chart - audio problem, the Audio Colorgram. The circuit is conveniently color-coded, localized and isolated. Even when a signal leaves the board and then returns, components and signal path are clearly indicated. You can concentrate on that small portion of the set most likely to be the cause of trouble. There's no time wasted working back and forth between schematic and set looking for test points -wading thru superfluous information-identifying components incorrectly.

Speed Printed Circuit Servicing

Where receivers use printed circuits, each Colorgram Chart represents the actual signal conductor pattern of the specific PC board, exactly as you see it in the set. Color-coding helps you easily concentrate on the signal flow of interest. And each component is clearly located and identified.

Color-Keyed Master Schematic Identifies Colorgram Chart Areas

Easy-to-read schematic, provides an overall view of the receiver circuit. Shows the Tuner, IF, Video, Audio, Vertical and Horizontal sections, color-keyed to the colors used in individual Colorgram Charts. Also includes test points, waveforms, voltage, resistance, capacitance, practical alignment data, etc.

Rapid-Repair manual Contains Practical Service Data

This effective guide to the use of the Colorgram System contains original manufacturer's service notes, special instructions, circuit modifications, parts list and parts numbers. Includes Pictorial Tube and Component Location Charts, Tube Failure Guide.

Colorgrams can help you with your TV repair problems - Act Today!

Now Available

TV Colorgram Service Paks For:

• RCA • General Electric • Motorola • Admiral • Emerson • Philco • Westinghouse • Magnavox. Other popular makes and circuits to be announced soon.

get the Colorgram story use this coupon


Division of TV Development Corp.

469 Jerico Turnpike

Mineola, New York

Dept. RE-3 Please send me:

(  ) Free cross-referenced Colorgram catalog.

(  ) Name of nearest Colorgram distributors

Name _______________________________________

(please print)

Company ________________________________________________________________________

City ____________________________________ Zone _____ State ______________________

Please fill in this information. My occupation is:

(  ) TV technician (  ) Engineer (  ) Hobbyist (  ) Other ___________ (please specify)



Posted May 9, 2023

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