Grayburne TV-IF Signal Boosters
April 1952 Radio-Electronics

April 1952 Radio-Electronics

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Add-on devices like this "TV-IF Signal Booster" began appearing in all sorts of magazines back in the early 1950s as television sets became more and more of a household fixture, and people were beginning to assume the now well-establish couch potato domestic class. According to this advertisement by Grayburne Corporation, "experience proves a 20% average boost in overall signal is all that's needed to give satisfactory reception." Since their signal booster plugs into the IF path, it is probably safe to assume the gain refers to voltage and not power. A 20% gain in voltage is 10 * log (1.2) = 0.79 dB, which is not much. Most likely the vast majority of TV installations would benefit much more from fine tuning of the antenna and transmission cable system, but to be fair, this devices targets indoor installations where the antenna is rabbit ears that came installed on the set. In that case, relocating the television to another place in the room and fiddling with the rabbit ears would also likely result in as much or more of an improvement as the booster. I remember as a kid discovering that adjusting not just the positions of the elements but also the lengths would often provide a much improved picture, and that was before I knew anything about electronics.

See my "Decibel Tutorial: dB and dBm vs. Gain and Milliwatts."

Grayburne Boosters Ad

Grayburne Boosters, April 1952 Radio-Electronics - RF CafeLets Talk Sense about Boosters


Grayburne means Quality Electronic Components

TV-IF Signal Booster


20% AVERAGE Boost in

"Weak Station" Areas.

$9.95 list, plus extra tube required.

You don't use a 5 ton truck to haul 10 light bulbs! The same basic logic applies to TV boosters, too. In many "weak station" areas, in sets forced to use only indoor antennas, in RF-boosted sets still needing more gain - experience proves a 20% average boost in overall signal is all that's needed to give satisfactory reception.

Model TSB-1 does exactly that - and everything expected of an added stage of TV-IF-at low cost, to complete customer satisfaction, at a handsome profit for you. It's well-designed and wired up in Adaptor form for easy installation. Only one wire to connect.

• Amplifies Signal Over 20% On All Channels

• Increases picture Brightness

• Eliminates or Minimizes "Snow"

• Has All Advantages of Broad Band Boosters

• Eliminates Separate Tuning for Each Channel

• No Switches or External Connections

• Simple, Permanent, Easy Installation Inside Cabinet

• Equals Performance of Many Higher-Priced Boosters

Specifications: 4" high, excluding tube. Min. Diam., bottom, 7/8". Max. Diam., top, 1 3/8". Silver-plated contact pins. Draws only 0.3 amp. additional filament current from set's filament transformer. Individually boxed with complete instructions.

See the Grayburne TV-IF Booster at your favorite distributor today. Write now for complete catalog.

Grayburne Corporation, 103 Lafayette St., New York 13, N. Y.



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