Where Do the Scientists Belong?
February 19, 1949 - The Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Evening Post
February 19, 1949

February 19, 1949 The Saturday Evening Post Cover - Airplanes and Rockets[Table of Contents]

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Here is a good quiz that tests your knowledge of classifications of science fields. It appeared in a 1949 edition of The Saturday Evening Post magazine. Even if you do not particularly know the relationships, you should be able to get most if not all twelve correct with a combination of surety, recognition of word roots, and a process of elimination. I managed to guess 10 out of the 12. Good luck. BTW, I bestowed the clown colors on the distinguished professors' duds.

Where Do the Scientists Belong?

Where Do the Scientists Belong?, February 19, 1949, The Saturday Evening Post - RF CafeNot long ago the American Association for the Advancement of Science celebrated its centenary. And thereby hangs a quiz. From a small beginning, the association has grown into an organization of more than 200 scientific societies grouped in fifteen sections, according to their interests. The Mammalogists, for instance, belong naturally in the Zoological Sciences Section, and the Plant Physiologists in the Botanical Section. Twelve other member societies of the A.A.A.S. are listed in the left-hand column below, and in the other column, but in scrambled order, are the sections to which they belong. Have you advanced your scientific knowledge to the point where you can assign each society to its proper section?

(answers at bottom)

1. American Ceramic Society

2. American Library Association

3. American Meteorological Society

4. American Society of Agronomy

5. Associacao Quimica do Brasil

6. Association for Symbolic Logic

7. Econometric Society

8. Gerontological Society

9. Linguistic Society of America

10. Meteoritical Society

11. Mineralogical Society of America

12. Society for Research in Child

a. Agriculture

b. Anthropology

c. Astronomy

d. Chemistry

e. Engineering

f. General Science Societies

g. Geology and Geography

h. Mathematics

i. Medical Sciences

j. Physics

k. Psychology

l. Social and Economic Sciences


1 e,   2 f,   3 j,   4 a,   5 d,   6 h,   7 l,   8 i,   9 b,   10 c,   11 g,   12 k



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