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Electrical & Mechanical Assembly Hardware
Bolts, Bushings, Casters, Drawer Slides, Handles,
Heat Sinks, Hoses, Knobs, Latches, Nuts, Screws, Spacers,
Springs, Standoffs, Tubing, Washers
Manufacturers & Services

Electrical & mechanical hardware covers a pretty broad swath, but since RF Cafe is primarily an electronics and electrical themed website, there are no individual pages for bolts, bushings, casters, drawer slides, handles, hoses, knobs, latches, nuts, screws, spacers, springs, standoffs, tubing, and washers. It certainly would not be difficult to fill individual pages, most companies that make nuts also make bolts and screws and washers and other types of hardware. That would produce a lot of redundancy.

Aavid Thermal Technologies | 603-224-9988 | Concord, NH

Heat sinks including copper and aluminum board level heat sinks, heat sinks for BGA and CPU devices, extrusion profiles, liquid cold plates, heat pipes, heat sink interface materials, thermal analysis, thermal design expertise, and manufacturing cost optimization.

Abbatron | 814-724-6440 | Meadville PA

Premier supplier of electronic components, hardware, test accessories, RF connectors, and cable assemblies, high performance audio connectors and cable assemblies.

Accurate Screw Machine | 888-208-2008 | Fairfield, NJ

Bushings, captive screws & assemblies, ferrules, handles, hex screws, locking fasteners, nuts, panel screw retainers, spacers, springs, standard & set screws, standoffs & adapters, studs, thumb screws, tools, washers.

Accuride | 562-903-0200 | Santa Fe Springs, CA

Network hardware/enclosures, manufactured/lab casework.

ACE Controls | 800-521-3320 | Farmington, MI

Bumpers, shock absorbers, gas springs, velocity and feed controllers, rotary dampers.

Ace Wire Spring & Form | 412-458-4830 | McKees Rocks, PA

Industry leading precision manufacturer of compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, specialty springs, and wire forms. Free engineering design services available.

ADI Treatments |44 (0) 121 525 0303 | West Bromwich, England

Experts in Austempered Ductile Iron manufacturing, castings and uses. Advisers on all aspects of engineering with Austempered Ductile Iron including: alloy selection, foundry practice, dimensional stability and machining.

Advanced Metal Etching | 260-894-4189 | Ligonier, IN

Precision metal piece parts using the photo chemical machining process.

Aerospace Composite Products | 800-811-2009 | Livermore, CA

Carbon laminates, fabricated products, core materials, carbon, fiberglass, Kevlar® reinforcements, tubes and rods, vacuum bagging, epoxy resin systems.

Alliance Plastics | 800-832-8677 | Erie, PA

Manufacturer and distributor of protection and finishing components including general protection, caps, plugs, masking products, electrical products, cable ties and clips, fasteners, pipe and flange protection, finishing components, tube inserts & caps, handles & knobs, bumpers, feet & glides.

American Fastener | 800-466-9780 | Gibsonia, PA

Anchors, bolts, driving accessories, hardware products, hex keys (Allen) long & short arm, inserts, metric fasteners, nuts, pins, rivets, screws, spacers/standoffs, studs, threaded rod, washers, wire goods.

APM Hexseal | 800-517-9085 | Englewood, NJ

Switch & potentiometer boots, circuit breaker boots, colorizing lamp filters, self sealing fasteners & washers, custom elastomeric molding.

APW | 800-927-4377 | Minneapolis, MN

Supports OEM in the design, manufacture & integration of electronic products on a global basis, provides branded products & subsystems in the areas of: electronic cabinets, racks and frames, security camera housings & mounts, backplanes, systems packaging, subracks/card cages, front panel assemblies, card guides, air conditioners, heat exchangers, fans, & brushless DC motors.

Atlantic Precision Spring | 888-277-9713 | Bristol, CT

Springs and clip made for all industries, ISO certified, producing flat springs, metal stampings, electrical contacts,& wire forms.

Bauer Springs | 412-787-7930 | Pittsburgh, PA

Precision disc springs, ball bearing disc springs, fastener bellevilles, wave springs, spring clips, vanes, roters & housing, fine blanking, disc spring materials.

Beswick Engineering | 800-354-5014 | Greenland, NH

Miniature fittings, valves, disconnects, plugs, pressure regulators/gauges, shock absorbers, tubing, clamps, tools.

Bird Precision | 800-454-7369 | Waltham, MA

Micro-drilled inserts, fittings, and filter components. Offers a high-value solution in nozzle, restrictor and orifice applications.

Bolt Depot | 866-337-9888 | Hingham, MA

Nuts, bolts and washers of all sizes and sorts for wood, metal, and plastic. Flat, round, hex, Phillips, Allen, straight slot, set screws, SAE and metric. Flange, carriage, drywall, stove, lag, hex, machine, socket.

Breco Flex | 888-463-1400 | Eatontown, NJ

Polyurethane timing belts, pulleys, idlers, clamps, tensioners, belt backings, accessories.

Caplugs | 1-888-CAPLUGS | Buffalo, NY

Dip molded vinyl & injection molded cap plugs, off-the-shelf & custom, caps, tubing, & other protective enclosures.

Carlyle Johnson Machine Company | 888-629-4867 | Bolton, CT

Electric, pneumatic and hydraulic clutches, brakes, torque limiters and power take-off packages.

Century Spring | 800-237-5225 | Bristol, CT

Compression, extension and torsion springs, wireforms, stampings, four-slide products, and a variety of metal components.

CGI | 775-882-3422 | Carson City, NV

Inline, right angle, custom gearheads, offset gearmotors, precision components.

Columbia Engineered Rubber | 800-227-3539 | Dayton, OH

Rubber and related products including custom molded rubber components to customer design & specifications, standard & custom o-rings & seals, and rubber to metal bonded components.

Conex India | +91-22-43449300 | Mumbai , India

Non-ferrous metal components and wiring accessories including brass, bonze, stainless steel, & copper electrical connections, decorative knobs & finials, nuts, bolts, & washers, clamps, keys, ferrules, pipe & hose fittings.

Cool Innovations | 905-760-1992 | Concord, Ontario, Canada

Mini copper pin heat sinks - more than 2x the efficiency of aluminum.

Creavey Seal | 570-587-4588 | Olyphant, PA

Encapsulated and pressure-activated O-rings.

Da/Pro Rubber | 918-258-9386 | Tulsa, OK

Precision molded rubber products - diaphragms, electrical connector inserts, one-way valves, rubber-to-metal and rubber-to-plastic parts, clean room molding & more.

Davies Molding | 800-554-9208 | Carol Stream, IL

Knobs, handles, cases, plastic handles, plastic knobs, plastic cases, pointer knobs, star knobs.

Elyria Spring & Stamping | 800-390-2493 | Elyria, OH

With over 60 years of field experience, combined with the latest equipment, a modern facility, and ongoing training for our people, we are able to custom manufacture the highest quality precision metal stampings, custom springs including compression springs, torsion springs and extension springs, stamped washers, and wire forms available today.

Fastener Specialty | 972-988-0064 | Grand Prairie, TX

Nut ring mounting brackets for all military and commercial cylindrical connectors and other Aerospace/Industrial mounting needs.

Fourslide Spring and Stamping | 860-583-1688 | Bristol, CT

Spring and wire products for all industries including Fourslide-produced flat springs, stampings, contacts, wire forms and ribbon forms.

General Devices | 800-626-9484 | Indianapolis, IN

Telescoping slides including ball bearing, solid bearing, roller Bearing & bottom mount models, commercial and military grade cabinets and enclosures, hardware and accessories, sheet metal fabrication services.

Globe Electronic Hardware | 800-221-1505 | Woodside, NY

Standoffs, spacers, captive panel screws, retainers, handles, ferrules, much more.

Grainger | 800-GRAINGER

Nuts, bolts and washers of all sizes and sorts for wood, metal, and plastic. Flat, round, hex, Phillips, Allen, straight slot, set screws, SAE and metric. Flange, carriage, drywall, stove, lag, hex, machine,

Guden Hardware | 800-344-6437 | Ronkonkoma, NY

Handles, hinges, latches, gas springs & dampers, pulls, leg leveling glides, lid supports.

Home Depot | 800-446-3337

Nuts, bolts and washers of all sizes and sorts for wood, metal, and plastic. Flat, round, hex, Phillips, Allen, straight slot, set screws, SAE and metric. Flange, carriage, drywall, stove, lag, hex, machine,

HyTech Spring and Machine | 269-685-1768 | Plainwell, MI

Custom springs, wire-forms, stampings and precision machined parts, precision machining of parts made from a variety of metallic and non-metallic materials including plastics & foams, consultation, design, and prototypes for new inventions and designs.

Igus | 800-521-2747 | East Providence, RI

E-Chain® Cable carriers and Chainflex® cables, iglide® polymer bearings, DryLin® linear bearings and slides and igubal® all-polymer rod ends.

Industrial Gas Springs | 888-427-7744 | West Chester, PA

Compression springs, locking gas springs and tension gas springs, available in standard materials and stainless steel.

Intech | 201-767-8066 | Closter, NJ

Gears, rollers & cam followers, pulleys & sprockets.

International Gas Springs | 800-214-7034 | Crest Hill, IL

Manufacturer of compression, tension, adjustable, locking, (flexible & rigid), stainless steel and aluminum gas springs.

InterNet | 800-328-8456 | Minneapolis, MN

Plastic netting and precision metal mesh products.

Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Company

708-449-7050 | Berkeley, IL

Roll formed products to hundreds of industries including roll formed metal parts for furniture, partitions, displays, racks & storage, filters, refrigeration and too many others to list. Custom roll forming in all metals. Inline prepunch and post fabricating capabilities. Maintain large stock of open dies.

Keystone Electronics | 800-221-5510 | Astoria, NY

Screw & spade terminals, test points, handles, fuse holders, battery holders, audio connectors, spacers, standoffs.

Lauren Manufacturing | 800-683-0676 | New Philadelphia, OH

High-tech molded and extruded polymer seals & gaskets, coatings and caulks.

Lee Spring | 800-426-0272 | Brooklyn, NY

Full line of extension & torsion springs, metric sizes, die springs, Belleville washers.

Long-Lok Fasteners | 800-566-4565 | Cincinnati, OH

Self-locking & self-sealing fasteners.

Lowe's | 800-445-6937

Nuts, bolts and washers of all sizes and sorts for wood, metal, and plastic. Flat, round, hex, Phillips, Allen, straight slot, set screws, SAE and metric. Flange, carriage, drywall, stove, lag, hex, machine,

Lyn-Tron | 800-423-2734 | Spokane, WA

Spacers, standoffs, captive panel screws, chassis fasteners, plastic hardware, thumb screws, connector hardware.

McMaster-Carr | 330-995-5500 | Cleveland, OH

Nuts, bolts and washers of all sizes and sorts for wood, metal, and plastic. Flat, round, hex, Phillips, Allen, straight slot, set screws, SAE and metric. Flange, carriage, drywall, stove, lag, hex, machine, socket.

NewAge Industries | 800-506-3924 | Southampton, PA

Manufacturer and fabricator of flexible tubing and hose and a private-label reseller of fittings and clamps.

Optimum Spring Solutions | 910-795-4890 | St. Johns, FL

We specialize in compression, extension and torsion springs with small wire diameters.

Original Engineered Products | 888-566-2637 | Wheeling, IL

Plastic knobs, leg levelers, & specialty metal components.

PennEngineering Fastening Technologies | 800-342-5736 | Danboro, PA

Press-in fasteners, D-Zus, thumbscrews, cable/wire, connector mounting hardware.

PIC Design | 800-243-6125 | Middlebury, CT

Positioning tables, linear slides, lead screws, modular framing elements, gears, racks, shafts, bearings, precision hardware & kits, clamps, clutches, brakes, couplings, timing belts, pulleys & precision tools.

Plasti-Coat | 203-755-3741 | Watertown, CT

Molded caps, covers, handles, grips, boots, closures & sleeves in custom shapes and all colors, coating & molding services, pad printing, silk screening, hot stamping, decorating, piercing, slitting, assembly, packaging.

Precision Paper Tube | 847-537-4250 | Wheeling, IL

Dielectric tubing, bobbins, insulating forms and molded parts for the electrical-electronic industries.

Precision Tube | 215-699-5801 | North Wales, PA

Non ferrous, cold drawn, seamless tubing. Metal tube and pipes range in outside diameters from .010 to 2.500 inches and wall thickness of .003 to .250 inches. Alloys include copper (CDA 101, 102, 122); brass (CDA 230, 260, 330, 332, 443); bronze (CDA 220, 510); cupro - nickel (CDA 706, 715); nickel silver (CDA 7641); aluminum (1100, 2024, 3003, 5052, 6061, 6063).

RAF Hardware | 203-888-2133 | Seymour, CT

Standoffs, spacers, jack screws, thumb screws, captive screws, fixed & folding handles, nonmetallic & metallic washers & screws.

RB Royal | 920-921-1550 | Fond du Lac, WI

Hose and tube assemblies and precision turned products for OEM manufacturers and distributors.

Sealeze | 800-787-7325 | Richmond, VA

Industrial strip brush products, weatherseal products.

Selco Products | 800-257-3526 | Anaheim, CA

Knobs, thermal products, panel instruments, temperature protection and control products.

ServoMeter | 973-785-4630 | Cedar Grove, NJ

Miniature metal bellows, flexible shaft couplings, spring contacts, electroforms.

Sherex Industries | 716-681-6250 | Lancaster, NY

Sealing plugs, brass inserts, blind riveting nuts, SAE port plugs.

Sidehill Copper Works | 814-451-0400 | Erie, PA

Specializes in the design and manufacturing of high current, low voltage, open DC busbar systems and fabricated components for heavy industrial electrical applications.

Small Parts | 800-220-4242 | Miami Lakes, FL

Meets the needs of organizations who require small quantities of special parts to produce sample items or prototypes, hard-to-find quality engineering components, materials, & tools.

Smalley Steel Ring | 847-719-5900 | Lake Zurich, IL

Retaining rings, wave springs.

Spirol | 860-774-8571 | Danielson, CT

Coiled, slotted, solid spring pins, bushings, alignment dowels, spacers/stand-offs, compression limiters, inserts for plastics, shims & thin spacers, milled brass nuts, installation equipment & systems, vibratory feed systems.

Steuby Manufacturing | 800-633-0605 | Ballwin, MO

Steuby Manufacturing has been at the industry forefront with the implementation of new ideas and the creation of new products including machine tools, consumer products, machine products, and pneumatic valves. Production machining - screw machines, CNC machining.

Stimpson | 631-472-2000 | Bayport, NY

Connectors, eyelets, grommets, washers, hole plugs, vents, clamps, terminals, corners, ferrules.

Tamperproof Screws | 516-931-1616 | Hicksville, NY

Security screws, security fasteners, spanners, tamper-proof screws.

TWP | 510-548-4434 | Berkeley, CA

Copper Wire Mesh for RFI Shielding, High Transparency stainless steel mesh for shielded windows.

Wurth Electronics Midcom

605-886-4385 | Watertown, SD

+49 79 42 945 - 0 | Waldenburg, Germany

Custom and power magnetics, EMC components, common mode chokes, capacitors, transformers, RF inductors, heat sinks, printed circuits boards, terminal blocks, automotive magnetic components, electronic displays, LEDs, control units, and keypads. Surface mount and through-hole packages available. Free samples of catalog items are available on request.

Wind Hardware & Engineering | 800-946-3267 | Danbury, CT

Camlocks, handles, fasteners, desk & cabinet hardware, luggage & case hardware, drawer slides, hinges, ID hardware, padlocks, paddle latches.

W. M. Berg | 800-232-BERG | Rockaway, NY

Chain drives, gears, Spacely's Sprockets, Cogswell's Cogs.

Yardley Products | 800-457-0154 | Yardley, PA

Molded-in, pressed-in, threaded-in, thermal, and ultrasonic vibration inserts.

DC-70 GHz RF Cables - RF Cafe
Copper Mountain Technologies (VNA) - RF Cafe
Windfreak Technologies Frequency Synthesizers - RF Cafe
Amplifier Solutions Corporation (ASC) - RF Cafe

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