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Antique Radio Repair & Restoration

A mix of antique radio equipment collections, societies, and restoration products and services are collected here. Finding technicians with the skill to repair old radios can be a daunting task. I cannot personally attest to the competency of these folks, so it's up to you to determine whether you trust any of them with your "baby." Please report back with your success - or lack thereof.

Please visit the "Radio & Electronics Restoration Projects" page to see what RF Cafe visitors are doing.

Alabama Historical Radio Society

Calendar of events.

Antique Radio Club of Illinois

A nationwide family of over 500 people dedicated to the preservation of antique radios and related items. We have bi-monthly meetings and regularly draw collectors and enthusiasts from all over the Midwest.

Antique Radio Restoration & Repair | Pomfret Center, CT

We specialize in restoring family heirlooms, grandma's and grandpa's old radio, mom's and dad's special set, and the radios you loved as a child.

Antique Electronic Supply | 480-820-5411 | Tempe, AZ

Antique Electronic Supply is your source with the largest supply of new old stock and current production vacuum tubes in the world. We also have an enormous supply of parts, supplies and literature for your vacuum tube equipment.

Antique Wireless Association | Bloomfield, NY

The Antique Wireless Association is an organization of some 4,000 members linked by a common interest in the history of electrical and electronic communications. AWA members come from all walks of life and our ranks include teenagers, octogenarians, and beyond in both directions. At one of our meets, you might find yourself shaking hands with a retired broadcast executive or military electronics specialist, an engineer in a high-tech electronics firm, or an eager young man looking for advice on restoring his first radio.

Art's Antique Radios | 630-739-1060 | Bolingbrook, IL

Referral source and reference for repairs, books and parts.

Boat Anchor Manual Archive (BAMA) | Amnerst, VA | Kenneth Grimm / K4XL | qrz.com/callsign/K4XL

BAMA was originally intended to be a site for the exchange of ham radio manuals for tube (valve) type gear. All of the other stuff was added because K4XL didn't know how to say "No." The manuals in this archive are available to all who enjoy working on and restoring old tube type amateur radio equipment and short wave receivers. This is a totally free cooperative service to the BoatAnchor community. It is made possible by the generous folks who take the time and make the effort to scan and upload their manuals to the BAMA site.

Camden Antique Radio Service | Sharpsburg, GA

We have been performing antique radio repairs and restorations since 1995, professionally and for friends, family and ourselves. If you have spent some time looking at other antique radio repair and restoration sites, you have noticed that our service rates are very affordable. The reason for our low rates is that we are in the antique radio repair and restoration business for fun, not profit. We simply love old radios and love repairing and restoring them even more. We also enjoy using restored vintage test equipment for our antique radio repairs and restorations.

Crosley Antique Radio Page | crosleyradios.com

This site is intended to aid anyone interested in restoring or collecting antique Crosley radios. For the purposes of this site, antique Crosley radios are defined as those manufactured during or before October 1956.

Dan Goluba | 847-497-4871 | McHenry, IL

Tube radio repairs only.

Dave's Antique Radio & TV Restorations | tubesandtransistorsandmore.com | Liverpool, NY

I restore Antique Radios, Antique Automotive Radios, Antique TVs, and Antique Musical Instrument Amplifiers (guitar amps). Generally speaking, I think of antique electronics as containing electron tubes, also known as valves. An antique type collectable is also defined as being over 25 years old. So an antique radio can contain transistors, which started to appear as early as 1954. Except for the picture tube, many TVs were fully transistorized by the early 1970s. Many people prefer the sound of tubes to transistors in an amplifier. They give a richer warmer sound. So tubes are still being used today in guitar and high end audio amplifiers.

Everything Radio | everythingradio.com | Binghamton, NY

The Antique Radio Repair Center at For Your Listening Pleasure has been providing quality antique radio repair and restorations for well over 20 years. We repair every brand of vintage radio from very rare and priceless antique units right down to the popular and sentimental units. Whether it's a Zenith, RCA, Philco, Admiral, Crosley, Silvertone, Airline, Stromberg Carlson, Arvin, Westinghouse or even GE. To us every antique is priceless, regardless of size, shape, or brand. Using our extensive radio schematic library our trained technicians can repair virtually any old, vintage or antique receiver made from the early 1900's to the late 1970's. Your radio can be repaired and restored back into operation. We also repair foreign radios as well, Blaupunkt, Telefunken, Saba, Norelco, Loewe/Lorenz, and Grundig. Let us breathe new life into your radio.

Find A Tube | findatube.com | 440-647-3908 | Wellington, OH 44090

One of the largest tube specialists also offering schematics for television, radio, hi-fi and auto radios as well as parts, coils, flybacks and yokes for many older televisions and a limited supply of early solid-state TV modules and HV triplers.

Firelands Vintage Radios | firelandsradios.comvSandusky, OH

I collect, repair, refinish, restore, and sell tabletop, tombstone, and cathedral, antique radios from the 1930's through the 1950's.

I remember "watching" a large console radio as a kid—listening to Fibber McGee and Molly, Jack Benny, Burns & Allen, Tom Mix, and many more. Gone is the Golden Age of Radio, but many of the old radios are still here thanks to dedicated individuals who rescue, collect, repair and restore these gems of the past.

I am partial to Philco's. My father worked at the Sandusky, Ohio plant from 1950 until it closed in 1963. I worked there in the summer of 1961. I am a 1966 graduate of Valprariso Technical Institute with a diploma in Electronic Technology.

Grand Canyon Tube Radio | grandcanyontuberadio.com | Williams, AZ

Old Antique Vintage Tube or Transistor Radios/ Radio Repair and Restoration/8 Track Players/Turntables/Record Players/Record Changers Reel-To-Reel Tape Recorders/Musical Instruments/Tube Amps/ Amplifiers Tube Audio Equipment/ HI FI Speakers/Phonograph Needles. Buy-Sell-Repair-Restoration

Great Northern Antiques | gn4radios.com | Minneapolis, MN

Welcome to Great Northern Antiques! We have hundreds of vintage radios in stock for sale. Stop by our store, or call us for specific wants. We also stock hundreds of vintage radio reproduction manuals, brochures and parts. Check out our Items for Sale page.Johns Vintage Radio | johnsvintageradio.com | Lake Hiawatha, NJ

Vintage Radio provides quality antique radio repair and restoration of vacuum tube radios made during the 1930's through the 1950's. In addition to antique tube radios, we are equipped to repair most vintage transistor radios, receivers and amplifiers made during the 1960's and 70's. To learn more about my antique radio repair and restoration services, visit my Repair and Restoration pages for details.

JustRadios | justradios.com | 416-502-9128 | Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Specializes in high voltage capacitors and resistors for tube radios. Carries a complete line of electrolytic, film, silver mica, ceramic disc, safety capacitors and capacitor kits. Also carries carbon composition, metal oxide, metal film, carbon film, power resistors and resistor kits. Schematics and service data for tube radios also available.

Nostalgia Air | nostalgiaair.org

Online antique and vintage radio references, FREE online schematics, manuals, tube data, references and more! Dedicated to the preservation, conservation and dissemination of antique and vintage electronics technical information.

Paul's Tube Radio Restoration Website | ppinyot.com

Paul's Tube Radio Restorations bring life back old vintage radios. Each radio is meticulously restored (not repaired). Enjoy unparalleled classic beauty and years of reliable vacuum tube sound and operation.

Phil's Old Radios | antiqueradio.org

One of the world's first websites for antique radios, launched in 1995. Here you can view a large gallery of vintage radios, TVs, and related items, and read many restoration articles explaining how I restored them. Our information area has a host of resources for radio lovers: book and magazine recommendations, sources for parts and supplies, and links to related websites. Don't miss our Beginner's area, which gives you the basics of finding, evaluating, and trying out vintage sets. In Features, you'll find special articles, including chronicles of radio adventures and other tasty bits.

Radiola Guy | radiolaguy.com/index.html

Portland, OR

Dedicated to those interested in early radio and television as a hobby, or who just want to take a nostalgia trip to the "golden age" of radio and television (1920s to 1950s). I offer items for sale, information, and a virtual museum all related to early radio and television.

Retro Radio Repair | jmpalm.home.mindspring.com | Lilburn, GA

Retro Radio Repair now offers custom-made reproduction clear plastic dial covers for vintage radios. Click here to see our current list of available dial covers and links to available photos. If the dial cover you need is on the inventory list, simply click the Add to Cart button above and type the desired make and model number in the Dial Cover Make/Model text box (e.g. Zenith 6D525). If you need more dial covers, you can add them to the cart and enter a different model in the text box. If you don't have PayPal, you can send a check or money order to me at the address above. You should also be able to pay with a credit card at PayPal checkout if you don't have a PayPal account.

Sams PHOTOFACT | samswebsite.com/photofacts.html

PHOTOFACT® is recognized as the world's best and most accurate service documentation available today. For over 55 years, Sams has used, and continues to use, a process called "reverse engineering" to create Photofact. Reverse Engineering is a process in which the equipment is disassembled and each component and circuit is checked and documented. Each Sams schematic is drawn accurately in a consistent, standardized format which makes it easy to use and simple to understand. Sams offers PHOTOFACT service data in the traditional paper version or now in the new electronic version called E:fact® which only contains the basic information of schematic, parts list, and placement chart to enable a timely repair.

TaymanElectrical.com | taymanelectrical.com | Sarasota, FL

Repair and restoration of vintage auto radios. Lately several customers have called with concerns about turnaround for stereo conversions. Many have been told to expect two, three, or even four months. Yet even as a leading dealer with a heavy workload, we have consistently been able to turn most radios around within a 1-2 week period, while maintaining a very high standard. If you have questions or concerns about turnaround, please contact us.

The Philco Repair Bench | philcorepairbench.com

This website is dedicated to antique Philco radios from the 1928 through 1947 time period.

The Radio Attic | radioattic.com | Jemison, AL

Gallery of old radios, radios for sale, restoration resources.

The Speaker Shop | thespeakershop.com | North Lima, OH

There are many options to consider when purchasing your next audio/video system. Receiving thorough, honest, and trustworthy advice on these options, and which are right for you, is crucial to making a sound investment.

Since 1973, The Speaker Shop has established itself as the most trusted authority for home and professional audio/video, custom home theater, and whole house systems in the area.

This is our business, our only business, and a dedication to providing the best products, knowledge, and service is our passion.

The Old Radio Fixer-Upper Guy | theoldradiofixerupperguy.com

Have you ever purchased an antique, collectable Bakelite radio and received it in the mail packed loose in a recycled cardboard box - in twenty three pieces?

I've been an old tube radio collector for going on twenty five years, and I know I've smashed a few, and received more than a few smashed in that time. I used to trash the case and be thankful to salvage the knobs, dial glass and tubes..... until the Crosley incident.....

It was a D25..... one of Crosley's most stylish and memorable Bakelite table radios, and it was mine. Alas, this happened a long time ago...before the three hundred dollars-for-one-on- Ebay era...

UK Vintage radio Repair & Restoration | vintage-radio.com

Buying sets, spares, data, tools and test equipment. Buying sets Buying spares and information Dating sets Tools & test gear Workshop. Testing and repairing your valve radio. Disassembly Initial checks and tests Applying power for the first time Further electrical work and repairs.

Vintage Electronics | vintage-electronics.com | Fallston, MD

Purveyor of restorable collectible radio and audio to the Collector/Restorer internationally since 1980. Also Tubes, Sams & Used Parts.

Vintage Radio | johnsvintageradio.com | Lake Hiawatha, NJ

Vintage Radio provides quality antique radio repair and restoration of vacuum tube radios made during the 1930's through the 1950's. In addition to antique tube radios, we are equipped to repair most vintage transistor radios, receivers and amplifiers made during the 1960's and 70's. To learn more about my antique radio repair and restoration services, visit my Repair and Restoration pages for details.

Alltubetesters | alltubetesters.com | 310-323-3281 | Torrance, CA

Vintage Radio, TV, and Electronic Repair. I specialize in Tube Tester Repair, Calibration, Upgrades, and refurbishing. I also provide technical assistance by email or phone in helping you repair your tube testers. 35 years experience in servicing and calibrating all makes and models of tube testers!

Crane Aerospace Electronics Microwave Solutions: Space Qualified Passive Products
Innovative Power Products Passive RF Products - RF Cafe

Rigol DHO1000 Oscilloscope - RF Cafe

Innovative Power Products Passive RF Products - RF Cafe