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San Francisco Circuits Computing PCB Manufacturing & Assembly - RF CafeFebruary 14, 2022 - San Mateo, CA - Technology shows no signs of stopping - from laptops and smartphones to crypto-mining and deep learning servers - and San Francisco Circuits (SFC) is thrilled to contribute advanced PCB manufacturing and assembly services to this rapidly growing industry.

San Francisco Circuits has launched the second industry focus page, centered on PCB fabrication for high-performance computing.

Printed circuit technology has seen similar advancements to help propel this industry forward, with high density SMD components, micro and buried vias, adhering to ever-evolving IPC standards. Your PCB fabrication and assembly partner needs to stay on top of board technology trends and meet industry standards for the highest level of computing possible.

SFC not only understands IPC standards for the computing industry, but we meet them, stay ahead of the curve with trends, use best practices, and adhere to many standards for different uses within the computing industry. For example, all computing devices are tested by IPC-TM-650 standards, which provides rules for evaluating PCBs in many categories.

Examine method IPC-TM-650 provides how to test a board's propensity for surface electrochemical migration. This test determines the resistance to current flow over a PCB substrate surface.

Read more on PCB Manufacturing & Assembly for Advanced Computing at San Francisco Circuits’ website.


About San Francisco Circuits

San Francisco Circuits is a provider of PCB fabrication and assembly, has a dedicated team specializing in simple and complex PCB fabrication and assembly technologies. They can produce elaborate and high-quality PCBs in a number of custom and common layouts. From basic to intricate PCBs–their engineers will meet your PCB fabrication & assembly needs. The company provides a rare balance between technical expertise and competitive pricing. And they not only provide high-quality products but also high-quality customer service at the same time. San Francisco Circuits has been voted by National Television as the "world's greatest in PCBs" and has demonstrated experience as a power player in PCB fabrication and assembly.

If you are looking to discuss PCB projects of any size or scope, feel free to reach out to them via our website (see below).



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Posted February 17, 2022