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Press Release & Product Announcement Archive: 2020 (#1)

Press Releases on RF Cafe

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One SDR Software Defined Radio Resources

One SDR Software Defined Radio Resources - RF CafeSam wrote from his One SDR website to request I post a note about the resources he is providing on Software Defined Radios. It is in its start-up phase and already has many articles introducing the concepts of SDR. Topics include low noise amplifiers, filters, bias tees, and how to shop for equipment. Says Sam, "I hope to demystify RF technology and make it more accessible to the growing community of SDR enthusiasts." The amateur radio community is adopting SDR in a major way in order to make existence in the crowded electromagnetic environment more successful.

Take to the Air with Dependable Avionics Testing

Axiom Test Equipment Blog – Take to the Air with Dependable Avionics Testing - RF CafeAxiom Test Equipment, an electronic test equipment rentals and sales company headquartered in North County San Diego, has published a blog post entitled "Take to the Air with Dependable Avionics Testing," explaining how to source the right electronic load for your next project. "Avionics systems assist pilots in providing safe flights on commercial, industrial, and military aircraft. Failures in those systems usually leads to catastrophe, stressing the importance of proper testing of avionics systems and their components. As avionics systems become more automated and autonomous, they become more complex in their software and hardware. Suitable test equipment must keep pace with the functionality needed to 'exercise' avionic systems and subsystems under real-world conditions, so that designers can fully understand the behavior of those systems, installers and maintainers know their performance levels, and pilots...

Atenlab R-Series CATR OTA Measurement Systems

Atenlab R-Series CATR OTA Measurement Systems - RF CafeAtenlab Corporation's R-Series of Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) Over-the-Air (OTA) Measurement Systems facilitate testing in the 1.7 to 110 GHz electromagnetic spectrum in the convenience of a self-contained anechoic enclosure. Type R2, designed for testing in the 18-110 GHz range, is the smallest, lightest, and very mobile type self-contained cabinet enclosure that easily fit in a typical laboratory or office-size room. MIMO, antenna near-field measurement, EMI, EMS, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, and other modern wireless standards are easily tested. The R6 model is an agile design suitable for 6 GHz 100 GHz measurements. It is extremely flexible and adaptable for a wide range of applications...

i-tech Specialty Inductors

Inductive Technologies - RF Cafei-tech (Inductive Technologies) manufactures many types of inductors and transformers used apart from our typical RF and microwave applications, but might be needed for ancillary functions that include motion control, sensing, power line conditioning, and beam steering. Toroidal and pot core inductors, flyback transformers, drum core power inductors, primary transformers, surface mount toroids and power inductors, common mode chokes, and current sense transformers. These are the components you see sprinkled around the semiconductor parts of the circuits inside printers, phones (real phones, not cellphones), garage door openers, HVAC systems, etc.

ConductRF Performance Flexible RF Cable Assemblies

ConductRF Performance Flexible RF Cable Assemblies - RF CafeConductRF LSA series of Low Loss, Performance flexible RF Cable Assemblies, provide microwave system designers with a versatile solution for most applications. Here we offer customers a solution for 0.086" diameter cable that facilitates greater flexibility and handling or, 0.141" diameter that exploits the same great performance but with almost half the loss. Connector options include SMA, Type-N, TNC & SMP that provide excellent VSWR between DC and 18GHz, also solutions for MCX & SMB are available in a wide array of configurations. These assemblies are built using our own double shielded, FEP jacketed cable, that was developed specifically for performance solutions. With shielding effectiveness exceeding 90 dB through 18 GHz...

Electro-Photonics Intros 6-18 GHz Power Divider

Electro-Photonics Intros 6 - 18 GHz Power Divider - RF CafeElectro-Photonics, a market leader in RF and microwave components, has released a new thin film, surface-mount technology (SMT) power divider/combiner. The EP2D-1200R-M-001 delivers exceptional performance in a compact size due to the use of a high dielectric material, total thin film process, and integrated resistors. Its 6-18 GHz bandwidth, low insertion loss, high isolation, and low phase unbalance is perfect for use in intermodulation measurements, signal distribution for antenna arrays, and beam forming. Package size measures 0.185 x 0.160 x 0.020 inch (4.7 mm by 4.06 mm by 0.51 mm).

Cyberwarfare: An Introduction to Information Age Conflict

Cyberwarfare: An Introduction to Information Age Conflict (Artech House) - RF CafeArtech House today announced the publication Cyberwarfare: An Introduction to Information Age Conflict, by Isaac R. Porche, III. Conflict in cyberspace is becoming more prevalent in all public and private sectors and is of concern on many levels. As a result, knowledge of the topic is becoming essential across most disciplines. This book reviews and explains the technologies that underlie offensive and defensive cyber operations, which are practiced by a range of cyber actors including state actors, criminal enterprises, activists, and individuals. It explains the processes and technologies that enable the full spectrum of cyber operations. Readers will learn how to use basic tools for cyber security and pen-testing, and also be able to quantitatively assess cyber risk...

VidaRF Adds 2-18 GHz Power Divider Series

VidaRF Adds 2-18 GHz Power Divider / Combiner Series - RF CafeVidaRF, a manufacturer of high performance RF and microwave high performance circulators, isolators, couplers, power dividers, and other passive components, has expanded it line of broadband RF power dividers / combiners with low VSWR and insertion loss and high port-to-port isolation to cover 2 to 18 GHz for all wireless applications from cellular through 5G mm-wave with SMA connectors. The Model VPD-20180AX series offers 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 32-, and 64-way splits. Operating temperature is & −55°C to −85°C. Sealed and Painted to meet IP65 standards.

ConductRF Phased Matched RF Cables - RF Cafe
vidaRF Cables, Connectors & Adapters - RF Cafe
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