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Frequency  ‹―›  Wavelength Calculator

Here is a simple JavaScript routing that converts between frequency and wavelength. Wavelength and frequency are related by the following formula:

Equation Frequency Units Wavelength Units
c = λ * ν * √εr, where  c = speed of light
            λ = wavelength
                ν = frequency
            εr = relative permittivity
G = GHz
M = MHz
k = kHz
H = Hz
k = kilometer
m = meter
cm = centimeter
mm = mm
nmi = nautical mile
mi = statute mile
yd = yard
ft = foot
in = inch
mil = 1000ths of an inch

Relative Dielectric Constant

Disclaimer: This calculator has been tested and is believed to be accurate to 6 significant figures. User assumes all risks for its use.

A table of calculated values can be found here: Frequency - Wavelength Conversion Table

Here are some familiar objects and their equivalent wavelength-related frequencies in air:

Hummer H2 (189.8 in) wavelength = 62.2 MHz - RF Cafe
Hummer H2 (189.8 in) = 62.2 MHz


Golden Gate Bridge (6,450 ft) wavelength = 153 kHz - RF Cafe
Golden Gate Bridge (6,450 ft) = 153 kHz


Earth Equatorial Diameter (7,926 mi) wavelength = 23.5 Hz - RF Cafe
Earth Equatorial Diameter (7,926 mi) = 23.5 Hz

0402 Surface Mount Capacitor (0.040 in) wavelength = 295 GHz - RF Cafe
0402 Surface Mount Capacitor (0.040 in) = 295 GHz


Ticonderoga #2 Wooden Pencil (7.5'') wavelength = 1.57 GHz -RF Cafe
Ticonderoga #2 Wooden Pencil (7.5") = 1.57 GHz


Meter Stick (1 m) wavelength = 300 MHz - RF Cafe
Meter Stick (1 m) = 300 MHz


Boeing 747-400 (231'10'') wavelength = 4.24 MHz - RF Cafe
Boeing 747-400 (231'10") = 4.24 MHz


Channel Tunnel, 'Chunnel' (37 km) wavelength = 8.10 kHz -RF Cafe
Channel Tunnel, "Chunnel" (37 km) = 8.10 kHz

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