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Frequency - Wavelength Conversion Table

Frequency - Wavelength Conversion Table - RF CafeHere is a handy table of frequency values with their equivalent wavelengths in free space (vacuum), calculated to 4 significant figures. The permittivity of free space is ε= 8.854187817 × 10−12 F m−1 and the permeability is µ0 = 4π × 10−7 N/A2

An online calculator can be found here: Frequency ‹―› Wavelength Calculator



FrequencyWavelength1/2 Wavelength1/4 Wavelength
1 kHz186.3 mi299.8 km93.14 mi149.9 km46.57 mi74.95 km
2 kHz93.14 mi149.9 km46.57 mi74.95 km23.29 mi37.47 km
5 kHz37.26 mi59.96 km18.63 mi29.98 km9.315 mi14.99 km
10 kHz18.63 mi29.98 km9.315 mi14.99 km4.658 mi7.496 km
20 kHz9.314 mi14.99 km4.657 mi7.495 km2.329 mi3.747 km
50 kHz3.726 mi5.996 km1.863 mi2.998 km0.9315 mi1.499 km
100 kHz1.863 mi2.998 km0.9315 mi1.499 km0.4658 mi0.7496 km
200 kHz4918 ft1499 m2459 ft749.5 m1230 ft374.8 m
500 kHz1967 ft599.5 m983.5 ft299.8 m491.8 ft149.9 m
1 MHz983.6 ft299.8 m491.8 ft149.9 m245.9 ft74.95 m
2 MHz491.8 ft149.9 m245.9 ft74.95 m123.0 ft37.48 m
5 MHz196.7 ft59.95 m98.35 ft29.98 m49.18 ft14.99 m
10 MHz98.36 ft29.98 m49.18 ft14.99 m24.59 ft7.495 m
20 MHz49.18 ft14.99 m24.59 ft7.495 m12.295 ft3.748 m
50 MHz19.67 ft5.995 m9.835 ft2.998 m4.9175 ft1.499 m
100 MHz9.836 ft2.998 m4.918 ft1.499 m2.459 ft0.7495 m
200 MHz4.918 ft1.499 m2.459 ft0.7495 m1.230 ft0.3748 m
500 MHz1.967 ft0.5995 m0.9835 ft0.2998 m0.4918 ft0.1499 m
1 GHz11.80 in29.97 cm5.9 in14.99 cm2.95 in7.493 cm
2 GHz5.901 in14.99 cm2.951 in7.494 cm1.475 in3.747 cm
5 GHz2.361 in5.997 cm1.181 in2.998 cm0.5903 in1.499 cm
10 GHz1.180 in2.997 cm0.59 in1.499 cm0.295 in0.7493 cm
20 GHz0.5901 in1.499 cm0.2951 in0.7494 cm0.1475 in0.3747 cm
50 GHz0.2361 in0.5997 cm0.1181 in0.2998 cm0.05903 in0.1499 cm
100 GHz0.1180 in0.2997 cm0.059 in0.1499 cm0.0295 in0.07493 cm
200 GHz0.05901 in0.1499 cm0.02951 in0.07494 cm0.01475 in0.03747 cm
500 GHz0.02361 in0.05997 cm0.01181 in0.02998 cm0.005903 in0.01499 cm
1 THz0.0118 in0.02997 cm0.005900 in0.01499 cm0.002950 in0.007493 cm



October 25, 2016

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