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A/D Converter Calculations for RF Applications

These equations predict the RF electrical performance of Analog-to-Digital Converters. Since A/D converters are often the last stage in a receiver chain, it is extremely useful to be able to predict the contribution for noise figure, jitter, dynamic range, etc., since those values are needed for a complete cascade analysis. Be sure to note units both for the input parameters and for the equations, or you will end up with really bad results.

An A/D Converter Calculator is included in RF Cafe Calculator Workbook for FREE.

A/D input full-scale power equation   A/D input full-scale power
Variable Definition
VFS Full-scale peak input voltage
Jitter Aperture jitter time
"q" Levels Number of "q" levels
FAnalog Sampled analog input signal frequency
PFS Full-scale input power
P1q Power of one "q" level
DR Dynamic range
VFS Full scale input voltage
V1q Input voltage at one "q" levels
Vnq Input voltage at "n" quantization ("q") levels
# of bits Total number of bits
PJitter Power in aperture jitter
SNR Signal-to-noise ratio

Note: Thanks to John P. for pointing out jitter power equation discrepancy that omitted the input resistance.


Power of one "q" level equation  Power of one "q" level
Dynamic range equation  Dynamic range
A/D input full-scale rms voltage equation  A/D input full-scale rms voltage
One “q” level at peak voltage equation  One “q” level at peak voltage
One “q” level at peak voltage in rms equation  Same as above, in rms
Voltage level at “n” quantization (“q”) levels equation  Voltage level at “n” quantization (“q”) levels
Voltage level at “n” quantization (“q”) levels in rms equation  Same as above, in rms
Power of “n” quantization (“q”) levels equation  Power of “n” quantization (“q”) levels
Input dynamic range for “N” bits equation  Input dynamic range for “N” bits
Jitter power equation  Jitter power
Signal-to-noise ratio equation  Signal-to-noise ratio

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