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Electronic Numbers Puzzle
May 1961 Radio-Electronics

May 1961 Radio-Electronics

May 1961 Radio-Electronics Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio-Electronics, published 1930-1988. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

"Cruciverbalist" is the faux-Latin word (crux|cross + verbum|word) concocted for those who like to work crossword puzzles. It began appearing in the late 1970s. Accordingly, I propose "crucinumerist" (crux|cross + numerus|number); remember that you heard it here first (couldn't find it anywhere on the Internet). This "Electronic Numbers Puzzle," by frequent puzzle and quiz creator John Comstock, was published in the May 1961 issue of Radio-Electronics magazine. Old-timers like yours truly will probably have an easier time working it because some of the clues have to do with over-the-air broadcast television and vacuum tubes. However, if you get stuck, just look up the answer on the WWW (World Wide Web, for those too young to recognize it ... <20). Bona fortuna ("good luck," in Latin).

Electronic Numbers Puzzle

Electronic Numbers Puzzle, May 1961 Radio-Electronics - RF CafeBy John A. Comstock

Like to work with numbers? Here is a puzzle that is built around some of the numbers often used in radio and television. Many of them are already familiar to you. Others you will have to work out, using pure logic and, in some cases, simple math and an electronics formula.

If you find crossword puzzles entertaining, you'll enjoy every minute of this puzzle. It's something new - fun to do - educational, too!

(Answers below)


1. In monochrome TV, the horizontal scanning frequency.

4. The frequency (in kc) received by a superheterodyne receiver with a 456-kc if and the local oscillator operating at 1056 kc.

5. The voltage drop across a resistance of 65 ohms when current flow through the resistance is 1 ampere.

6 A common 3-phase power voltage.

8. The wavelength in meters of a 3-mc signal.

9. The decimal by which milliamperes must be multiplied to convert to amperes.

10. The total number of lines in one frame of monochrome television.

12. The lower limit of TV channel 2 in megacycles.

14. A common intermediate frequency often used in AM superheterodyne receivers.

16. In rpm, a fast record-player speed.

17. One of the slower record-player speeds in rpm.

19. The vhf TV channel that extends from 204 to 210 mc.

20. 500 micromicrofarads converted to microfarads.

21. 950,000 watts expressed in kilowatts.

22. TV aspect ratio.

24. The year Marconi invented the first wireless telegraph.

25. The approximate number of degrees plate current flows in a class-B amplifier.

28. The frequency in kilocycles of a 429-meter signal.

30. The value of a resistance when voltage drop is 160 volts; current flow, 2 amperes.

31. The upper limit in megacycles of the vhf spectrum band.

33. The second harmonic of 376 kilocycles.

35. The power dissipated in a resistance when voltage drop equals 46 volts; current flow 1 ampere.

37. The value of a resistor color-coded brown, green and orange.

40. The year official television broad-casts began in New York.


1. The year Fleming invented the diode vacuum-tube detector.

2. The lower limit in megacycles of TV channel 5.

3. In kilocycles, the original lower limit of the commercial AM broadcast band.

4. The field-frequency rate of television.

6. The voltage drop across an ac circuit when impedance is 107 ohms; current flow, 2 amperes.

7. In color TV, the color burst frequency in megacycles.

8. The horizontal scanning frequency used In color television.

11. The frequency in the Citizens band assigned exclusively to the radio control of model planes, garage-door openers, etc.

13. The watt-hour power consumption of a 75-watt portable TV operated for a total of 2 hours.

15. The heater voltage of a vacuum tube such as the 50L6, 50C5, etc.

18. The output in meters of a transmitter operating at 30 kilocycles.

19. The peak voltage output of a power supply which has an effective voltage output of 141.

23. The common impedance in ohms of TV ribbon type twin-lead.

24. A common high-voltage half-wave rectifier often found in TV sets.

26. The lower limit of the FM broadcast band expressed in megacycles.

27. The capacitive reactance of a 0.5-μf capacitor at a frequency of 60 cycles.

28. The factor by which the peak value of an alternating current or voltage must be multiplied to find the effective value.

29. 12 milliamperes of current ex-pressed in amperes.

32. The number of zeros represented by the letter K used in resistor values.

34. The mid-frequency of TV channel 2.

35. The total resistance in ohms of two resistors (one 27 ohms, the other, 22 ohms) connected in series.

36. The heater voltage of a 6BQ6.

38. The total capacitance of two 25-Jlf capacitors connected in parallel.

39. 0.00004 ampere expressed in milliamperes.


2023 Crosswords Archive

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A cruciverbalist is a person who is skilled at creating or solving crossword puzzles. The term is a combination of "cruci-" from "crucifix," meaning cross, and "verbalist" from "verbal," indicating a person who deals with words. cruciverbalists are often responsible for designing crossword puzzles, and they possess a deep knowledge of wordplay, vocabulary, and the techniques used in constructing and solving crosswords. They aim to make puzzles that are both challenging and enjoyable for crossword enthusiasts.

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Answer to Electronics Numbers Puzzle on Page 68

Electronic Numbers Puzzle Solution, May 1961 Radio-Electronics - RF Cafe



Posted August 3, 2023

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