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Vendor Product Logos: P -> Z

0 -> E F -> O P -> Z
Pacific Monolithics Picosecond Pulse Labs
Panasonic Planar Filter
Panavise Planar Monolithics
P&B PMC-Sierra
Panduit Positronic
Parallax Power-One
Parker RF Powerwave
Paladin Tools Precision Electronic Components
Parlex Precision Monolithics
Pascall Premier Devices
Pasternak Preo
Performance Semiconductor Primarion Primarion
Pericom Semiconductor Prolific Technologies
PhaseLink Laboratories Princeton Technology
   Philips Protek Devices
Phoenix Contact Pulizzi Engineering
Photonic Detectors Pulsar Microwave
Q-Bit Quality Semiconductor Quality Semiconductor
Q-par Angus Quantum Research
Quadravox Quarton
Qualcomm   QLogic QuickLogic
Rabbit Semiconductor RF Amplifiers
Radiall RF Design
Ramtron RF Industries
Raychem RF Micro Devices
Rayming RF Power Exchange
Raytheon RF Solutions Ltd. UK
RCA Solid State RF Solutions
  Realtek Richco
Rectron Rectron Rikei
Red Lion Controls RLC
Remec Rockwell
Rendition Rohm
Renesas Technology Renesas Technology Rosenberger
S3 Siliconix Siliconix
   Sage Sage Labs Silicon Wave
Saifun Semiconductors Saifun Semiconductors SMC SMC
Sames Pty Ltd. Simtek
Samsung Singatron
Samsung Electronics    Sipex Sipex
Samsung Semiconductor Sirenza
Samtec SiRF SiliconRF
   Sanken Sanken Electric Siward
      Sanyo Global Sanyo Skyworks
SaRonix Solid State Scientific
Scenix Scenix Sony
Schaevitz Sensors Space Electronics Space Electronics
Schott Corp Specialists Microwave Solutions
Seagate Technology SpecTek
SEEQ Technology Spectrum Control
Seiko Epson Spinner
Semflex Sprague Goodman
Sensory SRC Devices
SenSym ICT Staco Energy
Serpac Standard Microsystems
Sescosem Stanley
SGS Steinel
SGS-Ates ST Microelectronics
Sharp Steward
Shindengen Shindengen Stewart Connector
Sierra Semiconductor Storm
Siemens Sumida
SigmaTel Summit  Microelectronics Summit Microelectronics
Signal Processing Technologies Signal Processing Technologies Sunbrite
Signetics Sunmoon Micro Sunmoon Micro
SiGe Sunon
SiLabs Sunplus Sunplus
Silicon Integrated Systems Susumu Co
Siliconix SV Microwave
Silicon Laboratories Silicon Laboratories, SiLabs Swanstrom Tools
Silicon Magic Switchcraft
Silicon Storage Technology Synergy Semiconductor Synergy Semiconductor
Silicon Systems Synergy Microwave
Siliconians Siliconians Synertek
Tadiran Torex Semiconductor
Taiwan Semiconductor Taiwan Semiconductor Toshiba
Taiyo Yuden Toyocom (Epson)
Talema TPI
Tamura Trident
   TDK Semiconductor TDK    TriQuint Semiconductor Trilithic
Teccor Electronics Trimble
Tekmos Tekmos Tripath Technology
Telcom Semiconductor Tripp-Lite
Teledyne TriQuint Semiconductor
Telefunken Triscend Triscend
Telegartner Trompeter
Teltone Teltone TRU
Temex Tseng Labs
Texas Instruments Tundra
Thermometrics Twin Industries
Thomson-CSF Turbo IC Turbo IC
Toko Tyco
Ubicom Ubicom Unitrode
µBlox USAR Systems    USAR Systems USAR Systems
Unigen Unigen US Lasers
  United Microelectronics Utron Technology
United Technologies Microelectronics Center (UTMC) United Technologies    
V3 Semiconductor V-Finity
Vadem Via Technologies
Vanguard International Semiconductor Vitelic
Vantis    Vishay
Varitronix VLSI Technology
VEB Halbleiterwerk Frankfurt/ Oder (HFO) (former GDR) Volgen
Vector Electronics Volterra Volterra
Vectron VTC VTC
Waferscale Integration (WSI) Waferscale Integration (WSI)    Western Digital Western Digital
Wakefield Engineering Wickmann
Watkins Johnson Wieland
Waveline Wiha
Weco Winbond Electronics
Weidmuller Wing Shing Wing Shing
Weinschel Wintec Industries
Weitek Wolfsom Microelectronics Wolfsom Microelectronics
Weltrend Weltrend World Magnetics
Xcelite    Xemics Xemics
Xecom     Xicor
Xeltek Xilinx
Yageo    Yamaha
Zarlink Semiconductor ZMD (Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden) ZMD (Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden)
   Zetex Semiconductors Zetex Zoran
Zhengxin Microelectronics Zhengxin Microelectronics Z-World

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