How to Target Website for Your Google AdSense Banner Ads

Google AdSense - it makes good sense - RF CafeOne aspect of advertising on the RF Cafe website I have not covered is using Google AdSense. The reason is that I never took the time to explore how - or even whether it is possible - to target a specific website for displaying your banner ads. A couple display opportunities have always been provided for Google Ads to display, but the vast majority of advertising on RF Cafe is done via private advertisers. That is, companies deal with me directly and I handle inserting their banner ads into the html page code that randomly selects and displays them.

My advertising scheme is what the industry refers to as a "Tenancy Campaign," (see details) whereby a flat price per month is paid regardless of number of impressions or clicks. It is the simplest format and has seemed to work well for many companies. With nearly 4 million pageviews per year for, the average impression rate per banner ad is about 220,000 per year (in six locations on each page, with >17,000 pages). That's pretty good exposure for $300 per month.

Some companies have expressed an interest in being able to manage their advertising accounts themselves a la the Google AdSense program. At some point I will likely switch over to an all Google advertising scheme, so I have have been researching the options available to advertisers - particularly the ability to specifically target for Google Ads. Yes, it is possible to do that.

As you might expect, finding the exact information on the Google AdSense website is a bit difficult. The short video included above does a good job summarizing exactly how to implement the "Ad Targeting" option, then "Placements," and then add "Websites." Just enter    . There are other settings to optimize your advertising campaign with keywords (both included and excluded), pricing, scheduling, statistical data collection and reporting, etc.

If you are currently using Google AdSense, then please consider this method, and if you are not using AdSense, now would be a good time to look into it. I have had reports from some companies that experience great results using AdSense (not just on RF Cafe). Thanks for your support!



Posted September 4, 2023