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Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

December 18, 2011

2011 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzles

Visit the Crossword Express website - RF CafeTake a well-deserved break and try your hand at some of these goodies. Every word in the RF Cafe crossword puzzles is specifically related to engineering, mathematics, and science. There are no generic backfill words like many other puzzles give you, so you'll never see a clue asking for the name of a movie star or a mountain on the Russia-China border.

All of these crossword puzzles were created using the fabulous Crossword Express (now called "Magnum Opus") software.

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A cruciverbalist is a person who is skilled at creating or solving crossword puzzles. The term is a combination of "cruci-" from "crucifix," meaning cross, and "verbalist" from "verbal," indicating a person who deals with words. cruciverbalists are often responsible for designing crossword puzzles, and they possess a deep knowledge of wordplay, vocabulary, and the techniques used in constructing and solving crosswords. They aim to make puzzles that are both challenging and enjoyable for crossword enthusiasts.





















































Reproduction of this puzzle without the express permission of RF Cafe is prohibited.



Engineering Crossword Puzzle, 12-18-2011 - RF Cafe

1. Enter data using the keyboard

4. Electronic component package type (abbr.)

6. Force required to impart an acceleration of one centimeter per second per second to a mass of one gram

9. Award offered by ARRL for contacting and confirming 100 or more different countries (abbr.)

11. Plug-in for computer bus

14. Chemical symbol for rhodium

16. Chemical symbol for copper

18. Chemical symbol for silicon

19. Chemical symbol for radon

20. Mate to a pin

22. Web's most popular RF site (2 ltrs. + 1 wd.)

24. European equivalent to the U.L.

25. Crystal filter type (abbr.)

27. Chemical symbol for tantalum

28. Printed Wiring Board (abbr.)

31. Below ELF

32. Type of logic gate

35. Things in a bill of material

37. Increase in elapsed time before a signal begins

39. One component of a complex number (abbr.)

40. Last stage in a transmitter (abbr.)

41. 30 kHz to 300 kHz

43. Chemical symbol for ruthenium

44. Test equipment (abbr.)

47. Min-to-max voltage of a waveform (abbr.)

49. End-to-end joint

51. Computer character set (abbr.)

54. Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying

56. Ratio of circumference to diameter

57. Coefficient of temperature (abbr.)

58. Chemical symbol for thallium

59. Multifunctional silicon devices (abbr.)

60. Chemical symbol for neon

62. Infrared (abbr.)

63. Unit of time (abbr.)

64. Chemical symbol for rubidium

66. Its chemical symbol is O

70. A listing of the conditions of the Earth's magnetic field as measured at Boulder, CO

73. Chemical symbol for plutonium

74. Lowest operational frequency of a waveguide (pl.)

77. Filter type that blocks frequencies below and above a specified band (abbr.)

78. Chemical symbol for argon

79. Stock symbol for Lockheed Martin

80. Constellation : The lion

81. Akin to an EE, CE, AE, etc.

82. Chemical symbol for nickel

83. Unit of apparent power (abbr.)

84. Opposite of I.D.

85. Method of sending high-speed digital signals on electric distribution wires, a Ham's nemesis (abbr.)

87. Ham award meaning Worked All Zones

89. Chemical symbol for thulium

91. One component of a complex number (abbr.)

92. Generate a periodic signal

95. BS__ - the degree held by many RF Cafe visitors

96. Chemical symbol for bromine

97. Semiconductor lamps

98. Circuit path with very high or infinite impedance

99. Chemical symbol for radium

100. Network department (abbr.)

102. Chemical symbol for europium

104. The "O" in VCO (pl.)

105. Greek letter used for wavelength (pl.)

111. Destroy a metal via chemical reaction

116. One of four lines used in ferrite core memories

117. Positive electrode

118. Precision landing system (abbr.)

119. Design for Manufacturability (abbr.)

2. Chemical symbol for palladium

3. Goes beyond published limits

4. Chemical symbol for scandium

5. Type of current

6. Changed in value due to instability

7. Yard (abbr.)

8. Ham's code for "Shall I send more slowly?"

10. Trim a piece of Kapton tape to length

12. Automatic Send-Receive (abbr.)

13. Ham's code for "Entire net stand by."

15. Chemical symbol for holmium

17. Impenetrable physical barrier

19. Part of this website's title

21. Unit of frequency (archaic, abbr.)

23. Chemical symbol for calcium

25. Solid state power amplifier (abbr.)

26. DXing term used when validity of DX station is in doubt

28. Ratio of circumference to diameter

29. Weight (abbr.)

30. Digital transmission figure of merit (abbr.)

32. Arithmetic Logic Unit (abbr.)

33. 1e-6 mA

34. Chemical symbol for dysprosium

36. Transitioning from solid to liquid phase

38. The second-lowest region of the ionosphere found approximately 60 to 70 miles above Earth (1 ltr. + 1 wd, hyph.)

40. The reactive element in catalytic converters

42. Switch type with gauranteed default position

44. Chemical symbol for terbium

45. Chemical symbol for europium

46. Amateur radio abbreviation for the Oceania region (abbr.)

47. Unit of time (abbr.)

48. Max or min voltage of a waveform (abbr.)

50. Test point (abbr.)

52. Special diode type that can be switched (abbr.)

53. International Telecommunications Union

55. Unit of frequency (archaic, abbr.)

60. Chemical symbol for nobelium

61. Device that increase the frequency band of a receiver

64. Receiver/transmitter that listens for a transmission and re-transmits it

65. Armored cable type

67. First man to orbit the earth - ____ Gagarin

68. Occlusion of one heavenly body by another

69. Chemical symbol for polonium

71. Prevent the direct physical transfer of signals from one point to another

72. Logarithmic unit of voltage

75. Logic family (abbr.)

76. ___-back transformer

84. Probable location of an element's electron

85. Threaded fasteners

86. Display type

87. Wireless application protocol (abbr.)

88. Diode type used as a voltage regulator

90. Use a DMM or o-scope

93. Network department (abbr.)

94. Local Oscillator (abbr.)

100. Galilean moon

101. Chemical symbol for chlorine

103. Unit of time (abbr.)

106. Degree of IC sophistication (abbr.)

107. 10 decibels

108. The system than converts common website names to IP addresses (abbr.)

109. Chemical symbol for arsenic

110. Chemical symbol for selenium

111. Chemical symbol for calcium

112. Switch position

113. Unit of length equal to 5.5 yards

114. Radio Direction Finding (abbr.)

115. Original Equipment Manufacturer (abbr.)

See solution below

Engineering Crossword Puzzle Solution, 12-18-2011 - RF Cafe

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