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'Speed of Light' Scientist Resigns over Mistake

The Solution to the Wireless Spectrum Shortage: More Wires

A Giant Undersea Cable Makes the Internet a Split-Second Faster

Eurocopter Approves RFID System for Its Aircraft

Foxconn to Reduce Overtime at Apple Factories and Raise Wages (as predicted, maybe mfg. in U.S. will be option again soon)

New Law Raises Funding Hopes For Startups, Worries over Fraud

FCC Releases 2010 International Traffic Data Report

Cable Surpasses Telcos in the Broadband Subscriber Race

Microprocessors from Pencil Lead

DARPA Seeks Breakthroughs in Computer Vision

Clocking an Accelerating Universe

3d-Gen IP Mesh Radio Networking for Controlling Unmanned Vehicles Introduced by Cobham

Multiple Groups Claim to Create First Atom-Thick Silicon Sheets

Nokia and Apple squabbles Delay Sim Card Ruling

Half of U.S. Households Own at Least One Apple Product (I only have a iPod because I won it)

Smartphone Shipments Will Eclipse All Other Handset Shipments Combined by 2016

4G LTE Technology: 10 Things Businesses Should Consider

Verizon Plans Wireless Video Service

Spy Satellite Launch Delayed on Delta Upper-Stage Issue

Canada Ups Retirement Age in Bid to Balance Budget (why not just print more worthless $$$ like U.S., eh?)


Winners and Losers in the Fiscal 2013 Defense Budget

Nokia Says It Will Block Apple's Nano-SIM Proposals if Approved by ETSI

Physicists Find Patterns in New State of Matter

Can the Laws of Physics Change?

Graphene Ready for Commercialization

Free Wireless Broadband for the Masses

Discovery of a New Kind of Neutrino Transformation

Supercomputing the Difference Between Matter and Antimatter

NTIA: No Objection to Additional Data Modes on 60 Meters

Researchers Develop Magnetic Cloak Using Standard Materials

Amazon Founder Wants to Recover Apollo 11 Engines from Dark Depths of Atlantic (that would be cool!)

Global Market for Wireless Sensor Devices to Reach $4.7B in 2016

Time Capsule's Century-Old Light Bulbs Still Work

Leading Government Space Programs Under Strong Budget Pressure

Leading Auction Experts to Advise FCC on Incentive Auctions

New Zealand Regulator Investigating 4G Claims for Apple's IPad

Faster Than 50M Laptops -- the Race to Go Exascale

Hydrogen Storage Could Be Key to Germany's Energy Plans

Milky Way Image Reveals Detail of a Billion Stars

Apple’s Tim Cook Visits Foxconn IPhone Plant in China (they cleared bodies from the suicide nets beforehand)


Scam Alert: 1 kg Gold Bars Filled with Tungsten

NYC-Area Agency Warns Air Travelers to Obey Cellphone Restrictions or Face Fines

Copper-Based Materials Show Strange Spin States

U.S. Faces Off with China over Rare Earths

To Keep Customers, Brick-and-Mortar Stores Look to Smartphones

Mobile Industry Lost over $58B in 2011 Due to Inadequate Billing Systems

EU to Cap Mobile Roaming Charges for Travelers

Researchers Discover a New Path for Light Through Metal

Nokia Launches China Smartphone

A Different Kind of 'Invisibility Cloak' Can Serve as Heat Shield

Movement Aims to Decentralize the Internet

New Radar Technology to Boost Accuracy, Save Lives

London NFC Hackathon Winners Get Funding

Magnetic Fields Add to Pulsed Fusion Power Toolkit

Crowdfunding Bill Backed by U.S. House of Representatives

Transparent, Flexible '3-D' Memory Chips Next Big Thing in Small Memory Devices

Apple to Drop 4G Claim from iPad Adverts in Australia

Verizon Envisions 4G Wireless in Just About Anything

Robots May Put Music Tuners Out of Work

Chocolate Eaters Tend to Be Skinnier (more "settled science" reversed)


Woman Suing Apple for Walking into Glass at Retail Store

Luxembourg Issues Stamp to Celebrate 75 Years of Amateur Radio (looks really nice)

European Defence Industry Nearing Crisis

Commercial Satcom Remains Vital to Military

Solar Storm Dumps Gigawatts into Earth's Upper Atmosphere

Copyright Licensing System 'Needs to Be Streamlined'

Australian Regulator to Seek Orders Against Apple for IPad 4G Claims

Scientists Investigate Mystery of Telephone Cord Buckles

NASA Launches 5-Rocket Science Extravaganza at Last

IEEE-USA Presents $5,000 in Student Awards to Undergraduates from Three Universities

Engineers Set Their Sights on Asteroid Deflection

Military Still Adjusting to New Technology

4G? No, It’s More Like 4Gee!

Most of World Interconnected Through E-mail, Social Media

RIM to Offer Developers BlackBerry 10 Prototype

How Cellulose Could Make Fibers As Strong As Steel

Battery Maker A123 Faces a Fight for Survival

Voyager 1 Leaving Solar System

The Mystery of the Nanoscale Crop Circles

Brown Liquor and Solar Cells to Provide Sustainable Electricity


Report Predicts Investment in UK Engineering Firms from Asia

Finding the Perfect Startup Match (interesting)

Europe Changes Tone on Telecommunications Initiatives

Phone Customers Ditch Their Carriers Faster Than Ever

New 'Thermal' Approach to Invisibility Cloaking Hides Heat to Enhance Technology

Hall Effect Magnetic Field Sensors for High Temperatures and Harmful Radiation Environments

Tough Times in the U.S.-China iPad Smuggling Game

Google Gains from Rapid Adoption of Smartphones and Tablets

FujiFilm Adds NFC to Photo Printing Kiosks

Qualcomm Soars 40% to Leap 3 Slots in IC Rankings

What's Behind the Army's First Purchase of Radios Vetted by the NIE

New Physical Attraction Between Ions in Quantum Plasmas

Microsoft Claims to Take Down Zeus

RIM Waves off Amazon Interest

Physicists Search for New Physics in Primordial Quantum Fluctuations

Surprising New Kind of Proton Transfer

Red Micro Wire Encapsulates Wire Bonding in Glass

Novel Electronics Could Speed Adoption of Solar Power

Spoofing Flaw Discovered in Safari Mobile Browser

Google Ordered to Change Autocomplete Function in Japan


Lawrence Livermore's National Ignition Facility Achieves Record Laser Energy in Pursuit of Fusion Ignition

DOD Must Fix Glitches in Satellite Programs

Europe's ATV Space Freighter Launches

Google Plans to Spy on Background Noise in Your Phone Calls to Tailor Ads

India Bans Its Airlines from Paying EU Carbon Tax


Study Considers Impact of Demand for Rare Earth Metals

Cylinder Hides Contents and Makes Them Invisible to Magnetic Fields

Microsoft Applies for NFC "Tap and Do" Trademark

Renewable Battery Cathode Formed from Waste

Siemens Extends Lead in European Patent Ranking

Pattern Master Wins Million-Dollar Mathematics Prize

Foreign Spies 'Penetrate' U.S. Military Networks

LTE Phone Shipments to Jump 10x in 2012

U.S. Wants Cyber Weapons That Zap Enemy Defenses

1,900 Jobs Axed at T-Mobile USA

Researchers Seek to Advance Thin-Film Electronic Devices

Facebook Taps IBM for 750 Patents to Help Beat Back Legal Claims

Tracking High-Speed Internet in Your Neighborhood (interesting map)

The Future of Mobile

Canadian Advertisers Promote Contest via NFC, QR

Lull in Semi Equipment Spending in 2012

Giant Telescope Project Begins with a Bang

The 5 Worst Smartphone Injustices -- and How to Fight Them

FedEx Global Economic View Darker, Shares Drop

Think Drilling Doesn't Affect Gas Prices? Venezuela: 19¢/gal, Saudi Arabia: 48¢/gal, U.S.: $3.90/gal


Copper Pipes Stolen in Latest Rash of Vandalism to Hit N.J. Churches

Avoiding Electrolyte Failure in Nanoscale Lithium Batteries

Military Seeks Super-Cheap Satellites for On-Demand, Eyes in the Sky

FCC: Advanced Wireless Service in the 2 GHz Band Proceeding

BAE Systems Wins $34M DARPA MFRF Contract

European Smartphone Users Accessing News Websites Surges 74% over Past Year

Red Wine, Tartaric Acid and the Secret of Superconductivity

Liquid-Like Materials May Pave Way for New Thermoelectric Devices

ITT Exelis Gets GPS III Satellite Payload Deal

2012 National Hurricane Conference to Feature Amateur Radio Activities

Spring Greenery Sprouts in the Sky

NASA: Experimental Payloads Selected for Commercial Suborbital Flights

New technique Lets Scientists Peer Within Nanoparticles, See Atomic Structure in 3-D

Quantum Plasmons Demonstrated in Atomic-Scale Nanoparticles

SpaceX, NASA Readies for April 30 Launch to ISS

Comba Telecom Sues to Revoke Antenna Patents Held by CommScope

Why Comcast Won't Become a Wireless Carrier

NSA, Google Deal Target of Determined FOIA Request

Nokia Siemens Networks Halves Number of Jobs it Will Cut in Finland to 630

Microsoft's Windows 8 Could Spike PC Market


Albert Einstein's Complete Archives to Be Posted Online

Speed of Single-Molecule Measurements Greatly Increased

Bill Meant to Help Start-Ups Hits Roadblocks in the Senate

Researchers Engineer Molecular Magnets to Act As Long-Lived Qubits

Why Parents Should Educate Their Kids About Tech

Lower Limit for Battery Miniaturization Discovered

NASA: We Have Uncovered the Secrets of the Supernova

U.S. Levies Low Tariffs on China Solar Panels (great idea! that'll guarantee more bankrupt U.S. Stimulus-funded companies)

Einstein Was a Good Student, New Online Archive Suggests

Flexible, Paper-Based Supercapacitor Could Improve Performance of Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Electric Car Revolution Faces Increasing Headwinds

Better Days Ahead for Semis, Says IHS

Looking at Quantum Gravity in a Mirror

Connecticut Advances RFID License Plate Legislation

The Ten Fastest Growing Products in 2012

'Super-Connected Cities' and Video Games Tax Credits

People with Lots of Facebook Friends More Likely to Be Narcissists (who'd have guessed?)

Proposed Laws Would Forbid Employers from Asking For Job Seekers' Social Media Passwords

FBI Still Struggling with Supreme Court's GPS Ruling

IRS "SWAT Team" to Share Info with Police (pity the fool that doesn't comply)


Vernal Equinox Happens in the Northern Hemisphere

Composite Semiconductors Could Boost Safety of X-Yays

FCC Takes Further Action to Implement the Local Community Radio Act

First RF Power Operation Report for AlGaN Barrier HEMT on Diamond

Use of ‘Conflict Minerals’ Gets More Scrutiny from U.S.

Cellphone Research Suggests Fetal Risk (keep cellphones away from baby mice!)

Integrated Design Changes Military Connectors

Windows Phone Sales Overtake Symbian in Great Britain

Nuclear Fusion Simulation Shows High-Gain Energy Output

Why Seeing Around Corners May Become Next 'Superpower'

NI Cofounders Recognized for Lifetime Achievement

Researchers Show the Way Forward for Improving Organic and Molecular Electronic Devices

NASA Repairs Saturn-Surfing Spacecraft

Half of U.S Commuters Would Use Their Mobile Phone for Transit Payments

Russia May Sink Satellite Salvage Plan for Antarctic Internet Connection

Iron Nanospheres Turn Plants into Plastics

Finalists Unveiled for 6th Annual RFID Journal Awards

Android Ads Could Attack, Study Warns

Etisalat First to Be Awarded Afghanistan 3G License

Microsoft Builds a Browser for Your Past


Researchers Band Together to Force Science Journals to Open Access (notice how these people rarely give away anything of their own?)

Mysterious Objects at the Edge of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

New Wireless Technology Transforms the Remote

Kenya Plans 'Silicon Savannah' to Build on Tech Growth

UK the "Most Internet-Based Major Economy" (so who's the most net-based minor economy?)

Researchers Develop bBlueprint for Nuclear Clock Accurate over Billions of Years

Program on Public Radio About Apple Was Fabricated

'Infinity Computer' Calculates Area of Sierpinski Carpet Exactly (I had 30 yds of Sierpinski carpet installed last month, oh, wait...)

Chip Startup Funding Up 237% in February

Motorola Sues Patent Firm

Delicate Rescue Saves Stranded $1.7B U.S. Satellite

Apple to Pay Dividend and Buy Back Shares

M/A-COM Tech Prices IPO at $19 Per Share to Raise over $105M

NASA Delays Launch of Probe Built to Hunt Black Holes (massive problems ;-)

Is It Too Late for Space Reform?

In Crosswords, It’s Man Over Machine, for Now (see RF Cafe crosswords)

U.S. Newspapers Post Deeper Ad Losses (print is so 20th century)

China Halts 10 More Airbus Orders

Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness (why bypass Congress yet again? see Socialism)


Cold Atoms Simulate Graphene

Time in Space is Bad For the Brain

India Expects $7.95B from Sale of Telecom Bandwidth Next Fiscal Year

NSA Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center in Utah

Not So Fast: More Evidence Neutrinos Aren’t Defying Einstein


Internet Providers to Start Policing the Web July 12 (♫ Be careful little eyes what you see… ♫)

Graphene Supercapacitor Holds Promise for Portable Electronics

U.S. Mobile Backhaul Demand to Grow Nearly 10x by 2016

Straintronics: Engineers Create Piezoelectric Graphene

Single Oxide Makes P and N-Type Thin Films

PayPal to Enable Credit Card Payments Through Smartphones

Neutrinos Clocked at Light Speed in New Icarus Test

New Type of Exotic Electrons Created

Introducing Dotsies: The Space-Saving Font (sort of a pixel-based Morse code or Braille)

Mid-East Nations Team on Particle Accelerator

Graphene Battery Demonstrated to Power an LED

Sprint Nextel Scraps $9 Billion Network Sharing Deal with LightSquared

Close-Shave Asteroid Set to Return Next Year

Watt-Level QCL Emission at 3.3μm Without Antimony

WiGig/802.11ad-Enabled PC Device Shipments to Approach 15M in 2015

Romanian Regulator to Hold Radio Spectrum Auction Later This Year

Test Jump from 71,581 Feet Sets up Daredevil's Outer-Space Plunge

First Commercial Spaceship to Launch to Space Station April 30

FBI Wants Warrant to Unlock Gang-Banger's Android Phone

Cost of Living Soars Due to Oil/Gas Prices (more money to terrorist-supporting countries)


APSCo Announces Strong Demand for Engineering Skills

U.S. Marines Forced to Disarm During Sec. of Def. Speech in Afghanistan (freaking coward)

EC and Wireless Operators on Collision Course

Molecular Graphene Heralds New Era of 'Designer Electrons'

First Digital Message Sent Using Neutrinos

Researchers Claim Lens Could Aid Wireless Power Transfer

Samsung Loses Bid to Ban iPhone, iPad Sales in Netherlands

3D-Nanoprinting Speed Record Set by Vienna University

New Satellite Capabilities Target UAV Needs

Have Online Comment Sections Become 'A Joke'? (answer: yes)

NASA Selects Next Class of Student Ambassadors

T-Mobile USA Calls for Interoperability Across All 700 MHz LTE Networks

New Evidence to Solve the Mystery of the 'Eclipse Wind'

Radio Glitch Delays 5-Rocket Launch to Edge of Space

India's Spy Satellite to Be Launched in April

Smartphone Battery Life Has Become a Significant Drain on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Military Seeks Satellites to Watch out for Soldiers

10 St. Patrick`s Day iPhone Apps for the Irish in You

Ex-Google Employee Says Google+ Has Ruined the Company

Glenn Beck's Blossoming Empire (world's first & only Internet-only TV)


Irrational Exuberance on Pi Day

Pi Master’s Storied Recall

Pentagon Considers On-Demand Disposable Satellites

Barrier to Faster Graphene Devices Identified and Suppressed

Diamond-Based Materials Brighten the Future of Electronics

AT&T Loses Court Case Over Throttling Mobile Download Speeds

DOD Should Rethink Satellite Bandwidth Policies

Chipmakers Seek Industry-Wide RFID Tag Serialization Schema

Japanese and Korean Carriers to Launch Cross-Border NFC Coupons

Laser Erasers Gently Remove Ink from Paper

Silicon Oscillator Matches Quartz in Phones

Artificially Structured Metamaterials May Boost Wireless Power Transfer

GaN Microelectronics Development Expanding

New iPad Hungry for More Spectrum

The ARRL Homebrew Challenge III Winner

Boeing Hydrogen-Powered UAV Completes Taxi Test

NASA to Light up East Coast with Rocket Barrage (stand by, UFO & end-of-world reports at 11)

Apple Ordered to Hand Over Documents to FTC in Google Probe

Solar Storm Goes Easy on Earth — But More Are Sure to Come

After 244 Years, Encyclopedia Britannica Stops the Presses


Fabrication Process May Enable Creation of Invisible Materials

Turning the Homeless into 4G Hotspots (exploitation?)

IEEE Membership Tops 415,000

DoD Demonstrates Nonlethal, Directed-Energy Prototypes

UK May Get 4G Network in 2012

III-V Semiconductors Could Boost Production CMOS

Twitter Lost Nearly $100M in 2010 and Early 2011

LMR Systems Will Remain for a Decade, Even with National Emergency Broadband Net Plans

Satellite Operations Face Evolving Threats and Obstacles

U.S. Backhaul Demand Forecast to Grow >9x in the Next 4 Years

Startup Aims to Cut the Cost of Solar Cells in Half

NFC Application Revenues to Reach $10.6B in 2012

Venus, Jupiter in Night Sky Dance (have you seen my Jupiter pic?)

Semiconductor Spending to Reach $316B in 2012

Science Fair Finalists Go Public

Nokia to Exit Mobile Money Business

Quantum Strategy Offers Game-Winning Advantages, Even Without Entanglement

Apple Now Biggest Company in History (where are the OWS'ers?)

DARPA Director Said Ready to Join Google

Southern Exposure for Auroral Lights (very cool)


LinkedIn Is a Hacker's Dream Tool

Swedish Spin-Off Offers Graphene-on-SiC

Fake Apple iPhones Seized in China

Sequester Could Paralyze Pentagon, CNO Says

Symantec's Lost Cellphone Study Confirms the Worst in People

2013 Budget Targets Space Capability Resilience

Strong Grip: Unexpected Interaction Between Organic Semiconductors

O2 to Provide Free Wi-Fi in 1,600 UK Restaurants and Pubs

Air Force Researchers Ask Industry to Develop NexGen Space-Based MWIR Detector Arrays

NFC Application Revenues to Reach $10.6B in 2012

Smartphones Should Know Their Place at Work

Fiber Laser Points to Woven 3-D Displays

Electronics Suppliers Revel in Raspberry Pi Demand

Laser-Sculpting the Next Generation of Metamaterials

The Top-10 Selling Phones for February 2012

iPhone Fails to Gain China Share as Samsung Lead Triples

Two More Flares Add to a String of Fireworks from the Sun

Touch of Gold Improves Nanoparticle Fuel-Cell Reactions

5 Facts About China's New Stealth Plane


Iron Dome Foils 90% of Missiles (SDI, aka Star Wars, technology, anti-science types said could not be done)

Proposed Nuclear Clock May Keep Time with the Universe

iPad Preorders Sell Out, Demand 'Off the Charts'

Smartphones Account for 96% of S. Korea Handset Revenues

Physicist Suggests Einstein Could Have Beaten Bohr in Famous Thought Experiment (my genius can beat up your genius)


DST Begins March 11 in U.S. & Canada, March 25 in EU, April 1 in Australia

$100,000 Electric Car Flunks Consumer Reports Track Test (I would gladly take a e-car as a gift)

GM: We're not pulling plug on Chevy Volt (why would they? taxpayers subsidizing it)

Fed-Subsidized Green Lightbulb Carries Costly Price Tag (only $50)

Ofcom Calls for Coordinated Policy on Broadband Spectrum

Solar Storm Not Nearly As Bad As It Could Have Been

Vodafone Spain to Cut Wages in Exchange for Job Security Guarantee

Geotagged Facebook Posts Put Soldiers' Lives at Risk

BT Extends White Space Trial to Cornwall

Lockheed Martin Space Fence Prototype Radar Begins Tracking Objects

Big Political $$$ on the Way for Radio Broadcasters

Analyst: Printed Electronics Is a $9B Opportunity

Court Ruling Forces FBI to Deactivate GPS to Track Suspects

More Regulatory Hurdles for Verizon Wireless' $4B Radio Spectrum Deal

Toshiba Announces New Printer That Uses Erasable Toner

Billions Blown Away on Wind Power, per British Study

Doubts Hang over EU's Sentinel Radar Mission

NFC Payment Market to Triple by 2015

Holy Semiconductors! IBM Reveals 1Tbps Holey Optical Chip

Pink Slime for Your Kids' School Lunches ("it's not what the typical person would consider meat')


Largest Solar CME Since 2006 to Hit Earth Tonight

Communication Technologies Could Now Be 1,000x Faster

Start Thinking About 5G Wireless

GaN Power Market to Rise to $10M in 2012

Einstein's "Spooky Action At a Distance" Paradox Older Than Thought

Exotic Material Shows Promise as Flexible, Transparent Electrode

USPTO and Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) Highlight Progress in Bilateral Cooperation

Discovery of New Kind of Neutrino Transformation

Researchers Create Functional Oxide Thin Films for Electronics

Lose a Memory, Use Energy

ZTE 4th Globally in Smartphone Patent Applications

The Higgs Boson: Have Scientists Found the Mystery Particle?

Publishers Warned on eBook Prices

Proposed Nuclear Clock May Keep Time with the Universe

TriQuint Semiconductor Opens International Headquarters in Singapore

Nanowire Trees Could Deliver Hydrogen Fuel on Mass Scale

India's Regulator Consults on Forthcoming Spectrum Auction

ASA Mars Orbiter Catches Twister in Action

Brazil Overtakes UK to Become World's 6th-Largest Economy (flashback: U.S. bans deep water oil rigs in Gulf, sends $2B to Brazil)

Dempsey: Military Contracting Costs Must Shrink


People Phoning Police to Report Stolen Phones Were Using the Phone They Claimed Was Stolen

Rise of 'Nomophobia': More People Fear Loss of Mobile Contact

Functional Oxide Thin Films Create New Field of Oxide Electronics

Telefónica Launches UK Investment Fund for Tech Start-Ups

NSTP Provides Funding to Drive British Innovation in Cubesats

Tiny Transmitters Could Help Avert Data Throttling

Active Sunspot Region 1429 Produces Solar Flares, Coronal Mass Ejections

Elusive Higgs Boson May Nearly Be Cornered

U.S. Elections to Aid Chip Sales in 2012

Global Semiconductor Sales Down 2.7% in January

Anonymous in Disarray After Major Crackdown Snares Leaders

FBI Won't Cut off Your Internet for Another 4 Months

Scientists Revolutionize Electron Microscope

Nokia Siemens Networks Sells Proprietary Fixed-Wireless Broadband Business

Flying Through a Geomagnetic Storm

Galileo Will Be Used for Emergency Management

150' Diameter Asteroid Won't Hit Earth in 2013: NASA (it will come within 1.5 Earth diameters, though - yow!)

How Many U.S. Jobs Does Apple Really Create?

TV Takes on Patent Trolls

China Says Some Foreign Firms Exploit Workers


DARPA Seeks Mapping of RF Spectrum for Deployed Troops

Qualcomm to Buy Back $4B of its Own Shares

Eavesdropping Antennas Can Steal Your Smart Phone's Secrets

Computer Simulations Suggest Graphynes May Be Even More Useful Than Graphene

Deutsche Telekom Claims Record Data Transfer Record

The Origin of Organic Magnets

Nanoglue Could Be Used to Fabricate Computer Chips

Enter the 7th Annual ARRL Photo Contest!

Indian Mobile Subscriber Base Neared 904M at the End of Jan 2012

Yahoo 'Likely' To Fire Thousands

NASA to Auction Satellite Software Patent Lots

Flying Resonators rRaise Solar Efficiency

Verizon Launches Wireless Broadband for Homes

Intel Sees More than 10% Sales Boost in Germany

Nokia Siemens Networks to Outsource Some R&D Work to Tieto

LED's Efficiency Exceeds 100%

NASA Downplays Risk of Asteroid Strike in 2040

Why I'm Learning to Code (the writer, that is)

Space Weather: Explosions on Venus

Bin Laden Not Buried at Sea - Shipped to CIA in U.S.


Asteroid DA14 to Threaten Earth in 2013 ( says don't worry, be happy)

Infinite Number of Wireless Channels Possible in Fixed Bandwidth

Days Are Numbered for Unlimited Mobile Data Plans

Engineering the Next Generation of STEM

LEGO Launches Spacecraft Model Chosen by Fans

New 60 Meter Privileges Now in Effect

Radiation Sensor Can Uncover Materials in Less Than a Second

Top U.S. Retailers to Develop Their Own NFC Mobile Wallet

MEMS Gyro Sales to Outpace Accelerometers

NASA Leads Effort to Upgrade GPS Satellite Location Systems

Why We've Got the Cosmological Constant All Wrong

Private Rocket Passes Big Test for Space Station Launch

Poison Text Messages and Malicious Mobile Apps on the Rise

Raytheon to Build EW and Radar Systems for Navy Fighter-Bombers

A Traffic Jam of Quantum Particles

LAMIS - A Green Chemistry Alternative for Remote-Controlled Laser Spectroscopy

Hackers Had 'Full Functional Control' of NASA Computers

Apple Passes 25 Billionth Mobile App Download

Invisibility Cloaks Could Hide Ships from Waves

Massive Fireball Witnessed over the UK by Countless Observers


News Alert! Volt Production on Hold for 5 Weeks (nobody wants Gov't Motors e-car)

Fed-Up Rider Jams Cell Phones on SEPTA Buses

National Inventors Hall of Fame Announces 2012 Inductees

Telecoms Operators Take Trash Talk to New Level at Mobile World Congress 2012

Mars at Opposition Now


A Big Jump in Battery Capacity

'Twisted' Waves Could Boost Capacity of Wi-Fi and TV

UK Scientists Develop Optimum Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters (oh, the irony - see today's Smorgasbord)

Could Hackers Seize Control of Your Car?

DOD to Plan for Possible Deep Spending Cuts

Maxim Makes Move into 4G Small Cell Market

Multilayer Organics for High-Frequency Applications

Nanofiber Breakthrough Holds Promise for Medicine and Microprocessors

Multifunction Active Sensor Radar Flight Tests Commence

Car Spotted with "I Love Nokia" As a License Plate

Solved: The Mystery of the Nanoscale Crop Circles (nanoscale aliens?)

Advanced Microwave Imager for Upcoming Mission Sent to NASA

Raytheon Receives New Electronic Warfare Contract from DARPA

Hydrogen Takes a New Form

Chinese Hackers Took over NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab

Parents Failing to Educate Children About Smartphone Security Issues

U.S. Works to Regain Supercomputer Lead

Japan Invents Speech-Jamming Gun That Silences People Mid-Sentence (who wouldn't want one of these at a restaurant?)

Crude Oil Hits $110/bbl

One Month to Go Until We Have the World's Highest Corporate Tax Rate


Exotic New Matter Expected in Ultracold Atoms

Semi Industry Closing Down Transparency

JCDecaux Converts British Town to NFC Advertising

Wearable Fabric Could Power Your iPhone

Senators Clash over Deeper Defense Cuts

How a Web Link Can Take Control of Your Phone

European Science Cloud Launched to Aid Search for Higgs Boson

Mysterious Electron Acceleration Explained

Secret Codes Ready to Take Quantum Leap in Space

Half of Organizations Lose Data Through Mobile Devices

Smartphones Have Led, and Desktops Will Follow

On the Path to 1 Terabit-per-Second Networks

Defense Department Wants More Control over the Internet

Bluetooth Is Not Just for Headsets

Manufacturers Doubt UK Has Specific Industrial Strategy

Google Privacy Changes 'In Breach of EU Law'

Japan's EAccess Loses Out on Radio Spectrum Allocation

Stolen NASA Laptop Had Space Station Control Codes

Bernanke Warns Lawmakers U.S. Headed for 'Massive Fiscal Cliff' (he has helped precipitate it)

CBS News: Real Inflation Rate is 8%