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Engineering Art - RF Cafe Cool PicAre you tired of looking at pictures in your workplace that were picked by interior designers for corporate environments? You know the ones I'm referring to: the neo-cubist multidimensional scenes with trapezoid-headed one-eyed people, and rainbow-colored whatever-they-are images that look like a car drove over a group of paint cans at high speed and splattered a nearby canvas. Occasionally a pastoral scene of a meadow with children running hand-in-hand through the wind-blown grass manages to squeak in. Personally, I prefer looking at engraved walnut patent plaques outside engineers' offices to that other "art." There is an alternative. A quick Web search turned up a number of sources for a more reasonable and profession-appropriate alternative. Fine Art America offers a large collection of Engineering Artwork that covers pretty much the entire spectrum of fields (not grass-covered) as subjects. From vintage contraptions like a wood and brass transit, to modern marvels like the James Webb Space Telescope, to conceptual paintings for manned Mars missions, you are sure to find something to replace the atrocity in the lab or break room. The good thing about Fine Art America is that prices are very reasonable even for framed canvas prints; I didn't see anything for more than about $120 for the 12x16" versions. Larger and smaller sizes are available as well. Sure, you could make pictures like these yourself, but will you? All the images have links directly to the Fine Arts America website, but I've also placed links to in case you want to buy them there and toss a few buck my way (much appreciated).

Tesla Artwork - RF Cafe
Tesla Artwork
James Webb Space Telescope Artwork - RF Cafe
James Webb Space Telescope Artwork
Toys Technician Artwork - RF Cafe
Toys Technician Artwork

Thomas Edison Artwork - RF Cafe
Thomas Edison Artwork
Space Wars Artwork - RF Cafe
Space Wars Artwork
Satellite Tracking Antenna Artwork - RF Cafe
Satellite Tracking Antenna Artwork
Manned Mars Mission Artwork - RF Cafe
Manned Mars Mission Artwork
Samuel Morse Artwork - RF Cafe
Samuel Morse Artwork
Sikorsky Helicopter Patent Artwork - RF Cafe
Sikorsky Helicopter Patent Artwork
Wood & Brass Transit Artwork - RF Cafe
Wood & Brass Transit Artwork
Robotic Arm Artwork - RF Cafe
Robotic Arm Artwork
Control Panels of Detroit Edison Artwork - RF Cafe
Control Panels of Detroit Edison Artwork
Horn Reflector at Bell Labs - RF Cafe
Horn Reflector at Bell Labs
Samuel F.B. Morse Artwork - RF Cafe
Samuel F.B. Morse Artwork
Solar Sail Artwork - RF Cafe
Solar Sail Artwork
Irving Langmuir Artwork - RF Cafe
Irving Langmuir Artwork

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These images have been chosen for their uniqueness. Subject matter ranges from historic events, to really cool phenomena in science and engineering, to relevant place, to ingenious contraptions, to interesting products (which now has its own dedicated Featured Product category).

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Posted March 6, 2012