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National Schools Radio Home Training
October 1942 Popular Mechanics

October 1942 Popular Mechanics
October 1942 Popular Mechanics - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early mechanics and electronics. See articles from Popular Mechanics, published continuously since 1902. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

In the original radio broadcast version of "A Christmas Story," author and New York City's WOR station talk show personality Jean Shepherd mentions* how during the Great Depression, desperate men fell victim to the magazine ads promising fortunes to be made repairing radios**. Some, of course, actually succeeded, but doing so was difficult without substantial financial resources to fund test equipment, inventory, transportation, a workshop, etc., to get started. Two things electronics servicemen had in their favor at the time this National Schools Radio Home Training ad appeared in the October 1942 issue of Popular Electronics magazine was that many service-age men were going off to fight the Axis forces (or were planning to go), and that new radio production had ceased in order to dedicate resources to the war effort***, so replacing a broken radio with a new one was not an option. The copy appeals to both the man aspiring to run his own business and the man planning to apply his knowledge and services to the military.

* Duel in the Snow, or, Red Ryder Nails The Cleveland Street Kid," from "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash."

** See National Radio Institute, RCA Institutes Home Training Ad, Cleveland Institute of Electronics, Coyne Electrical School, National Radio Institute.

*** War Production Board from the War Powers Act

National Schools Radio Home Training Ad

National Schools Radio Home Training, October 1942 Popular Mechanics - RF CafeMaster All Branches of Radio

Now, as never before, the urgent need for Trained Radio Men has created a tremendous shortage. Manpower is being mobilized for duty on the Technical Front: Radio Engineers, Service men and operators, Experts in shops, in laboratories and countless, undreamed-of other applications are on the "Must Have" list. The war has stimulated demand in both Civilian and military fields. Regardless of whether you remain a civilian or enter Military Service. National Radio Training will qualify you for a real future, a good pay job, responsibility and marvelous opportunity for advancement.

Learn at Home

Now you can learn At Home in your spare time. National's Victory training plan speeds up your progress right from the start, yet omits absolutely nothing vital to your preparation.

Fascinating Way to Learn Radio

Eliminating dry text books, National's plan of rapid Home Training actually brings you the proved Shop-Studio-Field service methods that are followed in National's resident training shops. This training is simplified so that you can easily grasp Radio step by step in a way that grows in its fascination every day. No previous experience needed. When you complete this Course you are prepared for a good radio Job at excellent pay or may establish your own radio business. Bear in mind that with the war-time curtailment of radio sets there is a huge increase in service work in homes. Radio manufacturing plants also need trained technicians to help produce over two billion dollars worth of military radio equipment. Factories are installing elaborate sound systems. Electronics is growing by leaps and bounds. Defense radio installations are without limit. All sound systems and innumerable defense hook-ups require Trained men. Prepare yourself for these job opportunities. Enroll and Train by National's easy-to-grasp home method.

National Graduates Win Good Jobs

Radio Lab. Specialist "I got a job with International Telephone & Radio Co. Am working in their laboratory developing new Radio equipment, ultra-high frequency receivers and transmitters. It's a good straight salary job."

Douglas Nelsen,

Jamaica. N. Y.

U. S. Civil Service

"Am now employed by Civil Service as Junior Aircraft Radio-Electrician at McClelland Field. There are several other National Schools graduates employed by this Dept."

Milton H. Ross,

No. Sacramento, Calif.

National Training Helps

"Promoted to Instructor in Circuit Analysis at U. S. Army Air Corps here at Scott Field. Your Course has helped me very much and am sure it is responsible for my success."

Leland Gillum,

Scott Field, Illinois.

Men Wanted:

Ages - 16 to 50

In Radio, age is not a factor. Training is the main requirement.

More than 37,000 Graduates

Be a Radio Technician with Preparation for Civilian or U. S. Govt. Service

Draft age men: Train Before Entering Service

Tested Home Training

By Proved Shop-Field Method

For 37 years National Schools has trained ambitious men for Top Pay trades. Squarely behind your Home Training are the modern, completely-equipped Training Shops of National Schools where we develop and prove every Shop Method Assignment sent to you. Every phase of your training is personally supervised by an established Faculty of practical, experienced instructors and engineers. They have developed progressive methods of training you in your own home, based on actual shop practice. Unique training facilities give you Home Training based on Resident School Shop principles - methods not available from any other source, to our knowledge. You'll be amazed when you receive our Complimentary Lesson and full details.

Keep Present Job While Learning

Regardless of previous education or age, you can Train for Radio. Continue your present job. Earn while you learn. If subject to Military Service, all the more important that you get pre-training.

Military Service

Prepare for Radio Service in Army and Navy. In U. S. Gov't. service you install, operate and maintain most technical equipment such as secret ultra-high frequency apparatus to locate airplanes. Get promotion in rank and increased pay almost from the start.

Special Offer

So that you can demonstrate to yourself the ease and rapidity of learning Radio at home, National Schools will present to you one Complimentary Lesson free, accompanied by Opportunity Book of Facts and Details about all branches of Radio. Use the Coupon. Mail it today!

Qualify for These Jobs

Radio Expert



Indus. Electronics

Studio Technician

Gov't. Service


National Schools

Home Training Headquarters

Los Angeles


Established 1905

Free Lesson & Opportunity Book

Use This Coupon

Mail Opportunity Coupon for Quick Action

(Mail in envelope or past on penny postal)

National Schools, Dept. 10-M

4000 So. Figueroa, Los Angeles, Calif.

Mail me Free, without obligation, one lesson and Opportunity Book, with full details about how I can become a Radio Technician.

Name ____________________________________________________ Age ______________

Address ___________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________ State _____________________________



Posted March 5, 2024

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