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National Radio Institute (NRI)
December 1954 Radio News

December 1954 Radio & TV News
December 1954 Radio & Television News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio & Television News, published 1919-1959. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Learn-at-Home correspondence courses for a career in electronics maintenance and repair was a big deal throughout most of the last century. Similar training was offered by many other trades, such as automobile / aircraft engine repair, plumbing, HVAC, electrical wiring / control / motors, small appliance repair, watch / clock repair, etc. Many moons ago (c.1985) I took an electronics course from National Radio Institute. It included a few pieces of test equipment which required building and aligning, including a digital multimeter, signal generator, and a 10 MHz bandwidth oscilloscope. I still have many of the electronic components - lights, inductors, switches, transistors, ICs, diodes, capacitors, solderless breadboard, terminal strips - that came with it for experimentation. This particular course in the December 1954 issue of Radio News magazine offered instruction in television repair - a relatively new field in the day.

See also National Radio Institute advertisement, December 1954 Radio News; Mathematics in Radio in July 1932 Radio News; Measuring Inductance and Capacity, June 1931 Radio-Craft; Mathematics in Radio, March 1933 Radio News; Radio Frequencies and Their Allocation, June | July 1940 National Radio News; Your Radio Training and the Defense Program, December 1940 | January 1941 National Radio News; International Correspondence Schools August 1937 Popular Mechanics; Coyne Electrical School, June 1931 Radio-Craft; A Guide to Home Study Education in Electronics, September 1972 Popular Electronics, Cleveland Institute of Electronics, September 1967 Popular Electronics.

National Radio Institute Ad

National Radio Institute, December 1954 Radio News - RF CafeLearn to Service TV Sets - Any Make or Model - Quickly

New All Practice Method trains you at home to become a Professional TV Serviceman

You learn the time saving techniques, methods used by top TV Servicemen

This is 100% learn-by-doing, practical training, NRI supplies all necessary equipment, all tubes, including a 17-inch picture tube; and comprehensive manual covering a thoroughly planned program of practice. You learn how experts diagnose TV receiver defects quickly. You easily learn the causes of defects - audio and video - and how to fix them accurately.

You get actual experience aligning TV receivers, isolating complaints from scope patterns, eliminating interference, using germanium crystals to rectify the TV picture signal, adjusting the ion trap and hundreds of other valuable Professional techniques.

17" Picture Tube, Components for a TV Receiver, Scope, Signal Generator, HF Probe - all included in introductory price under $200 - Easy Terms

If you want to go places in TV servicing, you will act quickly to find out what you get, what you practice, what you learn and how NRI's new course in Professional Television Servicing will help you advance through better technical knowledge and training. See pictures of equipment supplied, read what you practice in book offered free to ambitious men with some knowledge of Radio or TV fundamentals. Find out about this All Practice Professional TV Servicing Course now.

UHF and Color Create Growing Opportunities

To cash in on the present UHF and the coming Color TV boom you'll need the kind of knowledge and experience NRI's Course gives. You'll get practice installing front-end channel selector strips in modern UHF-VHF receivers. You learn UHF servicing problems and their solution. Mail the coupon now. Discover how NRI's new course in Professional Television Servicing meets the needs of the man who wants to get ahead in TV Servicing.

Not for Beginners

If you have some knowledge of Radio-TV fundamentals, or have had some Radio Shop experience or some Radio school training, this course is for you. Mail coupon today.

Coupon Brings Important Book Free

Get this book and judge for yourself how this course will further your ambition to reach the top in TV Servicing or help to build a more secure business of your own in TV. Many of tomorrow's top TV Servicemen ... men who can service any make, any model, UHF, VHF or Color TV ... will be graduates of this training. Mail the upon now. There is no obligation.

National Radio Institute

Dept. 4NET, 16th and U Sts., N.W.

Washington 9, D.C.

Please send my Free copy of "How to Reach the Top in TV Servicing." I understand no salesman will call.

Name __________________________________________ Age ____

Address _________________________________________________

City _________________________ Zone __________ State _______________________



Posted October 20, 2022

Cafe Press
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