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RF Cafe Engineering Crossword Puzzle w/Weekly Headlines

June 10, 2018

At least 10 clues with an asterisk (*) in this technology-themed crossword puzzle are pulled from this past week's (6/4 - 6/8) "Tech Industry Headlines" column on the RF Cafe homepage. For the sake of all the avid cruciverbalists amongst us, each week I create a new technology-themed crossword puzzle using only words from my custom-created related to engineering, science, mathematics, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc. You will never find among the words names of politicians, mountain ranges, exotic foods or plants, movie stars, or anything of the sort. You might, however, see someone or something in the exclusion list who or that is directly related to this puzzle's theme, such as Hedy Lamar or the Bikini Atoll, respectively. Enjoy!

cruciverbalist: [noun]  cruci- ("cross") +‎ verbal ("words") +‎ -ist ("agent, person") -- A person who constructs crosswords.

Reproduction of this puzzle without the express permission of RF Cafe is prohibited.

acr. = acronym, abbr. = abbreviation, pl. = plural, wds. = words

RF Cafe Engineering Crossword Puzzle w/Weekly Headlines June 10, 2018

1. _____ factor, the peak-to-average waveform value

5. Weight of an element (2 wds.)

11. File menu option (pl.)

15. Chemical symbol for einsteinium

16. South Africa Gets 100 kHz ____ at 5 MHz *

17. Chemical symbol for nobelium

18. Network department (abbr.)

19. ____ Foundation Announces 2 New Scholarships (abbr.) *

20. Chemical symbol for radium

21. Chemical symbol for calcium

22. Type of current

24. Stock symbol for Dell Computer

25. Decimeter (abbr.)

26. Network department (abbr.)

28. Ham's code for "Take over as net control station."

30. Equalizer (abbr.)

31. Filter type that blocks frequencies below and above a specified band (abbr.)

32. ___ Denies Petition Preventing Interference from Digital Repeaters to Analog Repeaters (abbr.) *

33. Chemical symbol for palladium

35. 10E1 numerical prefix

36. The __ ____: A Potential Life Saver in Troubled Times (1 abbr. + 1 wd.) *

37. BS__ - the degree held by many RF Cafe visitors

38. Chemical symbol for thallium

39. Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor

41. Transportation accident investigation agency (abbr.)

44. Prefix meaning ground or earth

46. 10 decibels

47. Radio term for indicating the end of a transmission segment

49. International Trade Wars Threaten to Spark a 5G ____ ____ (2 wds.) *

52. 10E-1 numerical prefix

53. Popular graphics program

54. 1E6 nanoseconds

55. Radio-Electronics-Television Manufacturer's Association

56. Unit of energy (pl.)

59. South Korean Carriers to Submit Offers for 5G ________ Next Week *

60. Dimension, with units

63. Electronic component package type (abbr.)

64. Workplace safety group (abbr.)

66. Miniature threaded RF connector (pl.)

69. Logic family (abbr.)

70. Unit of time (abbr.)

71. Chemical symbol for erbium

72. Extremely high strength fiber used in explosion-proof enclosures & bullet-proof vests

75. Logarithmic ratio (abbr.)

77. 10e18 amperes (abbr.)

78. International Microwave Symposium (abbr.)

79. Chemical symbol for xenon

81. Unit of length (abbr.)

82. The computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey

84. Last stage in a transmitter (abbr.)

85. Greek letter used for frequency

86. A disk operation

87. European equivalent to the U.L.

88. Local Oscillator (abbr.)

89. Home state of Los Alamos lab (abbr.)

91. International Amateur Radio Union (abbr.)

93. Unit of length (abbr.)

94. Galilean moon

96. Airfoil shapers

98. Type of current flow (abbr.)

99. Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (abbr.)

100. ____ ______ at Record High as FAANGs and BATTS Bite (2 wds.) *

101. Eagles Guitarist Joe _____, WB6ACU, Promotes Amateur Radio *

1. Sophisticated _________ ______ Found Near White House (2 wds.) *

2. Type of flip-flop

3. 2 GHz to 4 GHz

4. Chemical symbol for tantalum

5. Summers

6. Switch position

7. Short for modulator/demodulator

8. 1/1000 prefix

9. PC follower

10. Measure a waveform at regular intervals

11. Chemical symbol for strontium

12. Dilbert's female co-worker

13. Chemical symbol for erbium

14. Commercial _________ ______ Service to Grow Strongly Through 2024 (2 wds.) *

21. "Calling any amateur radio station"

23. "Calling any amateur radio station"

25. Logarithmic ratio (abbr.)

27. Chemical symbol for scandium

29. Gallium nitride chemical symbol

32. Finite Element Analysis (abbr.)

34. Logarithmic unit of voltage (abbr.)

38. Temporary Engineering Change document (abbr.)

40. Test equipment (abbr.)

42. Ringed doughnut shape of many inductor cores

43. Strong, lightweight wood

44. Min______ and Max_____, in a Karnaugh map

45. Radio-Electronics-Television Manufacturer's Association

46. Chemical symbol for beryllium

48. Effective frontal area presented to a microwave interrogation system (abbr.)

50. Miniature RF connector

51. Readability, Signal, and Tone (QoS report type)

52. 10E1 numerical prefix (pl.)

57. Common average used for sinewaves (abbr.)

58. Chemical symbol for gadolinium

61. Network department (abbr.)

62. ___ Signs Preliminary Agreement with U.S. to Overturn Ban (abbr.) *

64. Type of logic gate (pl.)

65. 6-sided mate to a bolt (2 wds.)

67. Hungary Regains Access to 60 ______ *

68. Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

71. Computer messaging service

73. Long-Soaring Smartphone Market Heading to _____ *

74. Relating to sound

76. Strong, lightweight wood

78. Internet protocol (abbr.)

80. Chemical symbol for europium

81. A BPF specification (abbr.)

83. Local Oscillator (abbr.)

90. Unit of length (abbr.)

92. Chemical symbol for arsenic

93. A BPF specification (abbr.)

95. Amateur radio abbreviation for the Oceania region (abbr.)

97. Bandwidth (abbr.)

98. Chemical symbol for arsenic

See solution below


2018 Crosswords Archive

Visit the Crossword Express website - RF CafeTake a well-deserved break and try your hand at some of these goodies. Every word in the RF Cafe crossword puzzles is specifically related to engineering, mathematics, and science. There are no generic backfill words like many other puzzles give you, so you'll never see a clue asking for the name of a movie star or a mountain on the Russia-China border.

All of these crossword puzzles were created using the fabulous Crossword Express (now called "Magnum Opus") software.

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A cruciverbalist is a person who is skilled at creating or solving crossword puzzles. The term is a combination of "cruci-" from "crucifix," meaning cross, and "verbalist" from "verbal," indicating a person who deals with words. cruciverbalists are often responsible for designing crossword puzzles, and they possess a deep knowledge of wordplay, vocabulary, and the techniques used in constructing and solving crosswords. They aim to make puzzles that are both challenging and enjoyable for crossword enthusiasts.

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RF Cafe Engineering Crossword Solution w/Weekly Headlines June 10, 2018

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