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Howard W. Sams and Co., Inc. Photofact Ad
May 1956 Radio & Television News

May 1956 Radio & Television News
May 1956 Radio & Television News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio & Television News, published 1919-1959. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Having recently struggled a little with re-stringing the dial cord on a vintage Realistic (Radio Shack) Patrolman-50 Radio, it really became apparent why the Sams Photofact Folders were of such value to electronics servicemen. Unlike the tangled mess of dial cord shown in the ad, I had the advantage of being able to carefully open the chassis and photograph the routing and wrapping of the broken dial cord around pulleys and shafts. Even so, a lack of experience required some trial and error to get the tensioning correct. No doubt many unqualified radio owners attempted to fix their own broken dial cords prior to breaking down and committing to spending a few bucks to have a pro do it correctly. The tight quarters in my portable radio had me using tweezers to do some of the routing, unlike the dial cord path for my 1941 Crosley 03CB console style radio which was easily accessed once the chassis was removed from the cabinet. I would have gladly paid for a Sams Photofact Folder for my Crosley 03CB if one was available, but alas one was not.

Here are a few PhotoFact ads from vintage electronics magazine: Sams PhotoFact 5/56,  Sams PhotoFact 11/62,  Sams PhotoFact 4/48,  Sams PhotoFact 3/58,  Sams PhotoFact May '48,  Sams PhotoFact 8/46, TV Colorgrams

Howard W. Sams and Co., Inc. Photofact Ad

Howard W. Sams and Co., Inc. Photofact, May 1956 Radio & Television News - RF CafeHow long would it take you to solve this service problem?


Note the photo: The dial cord obviously needs repairing

It might be possible to replace or re-string the dial cord without a diagram, but why waste valuable time trying to figure out the correct way? With a Photofact Folder by your side, you save time. Here's why:

In just seconds, you refer to the Dial Cord Stringing Diagram in your Photofact Folder. It shows the one right way to re-string the cord. You don't waste time puzzling over why the dial pointer moves the wrong way, why the gang doesn't turn, why there's jamming or skipping. You solve this nuisance service problem in a few minutes with Photofact's help. It's just one of the important time-saving features found in Photofact - the world's finest service data.

What's your service problem?

These Exclusive Photofact Feature* Help you Solve any Problem Faster, Easier, Better - Help You Earn More

Photofact gives you complete coverage on over 20,000 TV, Radio, Amplifier, Tuner and Changer models. And Photofact is a current service - keeps you right up with late model production-brings you these exclusive features:

Full Schematic Coverage

1. Famous "Standard Notation" uniform symbols are used in every schematic. Diagrams are clear, large, easy to read and handle.

2. Wave forms and voltages are shown right on the schematic for fast analysis.

3. Transformer lead color-coding and winding resistances appear right on the schematic.

4. Schematics are keyed to parts lists and to parts on chassis photos.

Full Photographic Coverage

5. Exclusive photo coverage of all chassis views is provided for each model; all parts are numbered and keyed to the schematic and parts lists for quicker parts identification and location.

Alignment Instructions

6. Complete, detailed alignment data is standard and uniformly presented in all Folders. Alignment frequencies are shown on radio photos adjacent to adjustment number - adjustments are keyed to schematic and photos.

Tube Placement Charts

7. Top and bottom views are shown. Top view is positioned as seen from back of cabinet. Blank pin or locating key on each tube is shown. Charts include fuse location for quick service reference.

Tube Failure Check Charts

8.Shows common trouble symptoms and tubes generally responsible for such troubles. Series filament strings are schematically presented for quick reference.

Complete Parts Lists

9. Detailed parts list is given for each model. Proper replacement parts are listed (with installation notes where required). All parts are keyed to chassis photos and schematics for quick reference.

Field Service Notes

10. Each Folder includes time-saving tips for servicing in the customer's home. Gives valuable hints for quick access to pertinent adjustments, safety glass removal, special advice covering the specific chassis, etc.

With Photofact by your side, you solve your service problems in just minutes ... you service more sets and earn more daily

Money Back Guarantee!

Got a tough repair? Try this - at Howard W. Sams' own risk: see your Parts Distributor and buy the proper Photofact Folder Set covering the receiver. Then use It on the actual repair. If Photofact doesn't save you time, doesn't make the job easier and more profitable for you, Howard W. Sams wants you to return the complete Folder Set direct to him and he'll refund your purchase price promptly. Get The Proof For Yourself - Try Photofact Now!


Send for Sams' Index to Photofact Folders - your guide to virtually any receiver model ever to come into your shop; helps you locate the proper Photofact Folder you need to solve any service problem on any model. You'll want this valuable reference guide. Send coupon now.

*These are only a few of the 32 features found exclusively in Photofact - the world's finest service data

Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc.

2203 E. 46th St., Indianapolis 5, Ind.

__ Send Free Index to Photofact Folders

__ I am a Service Technician

Name ___________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________

City _________________________ Zone __ State ___________



Posted February 14, 2019

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