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Rohde & Schwarz EMI Debugging and Analysis

Rohde & Schwarz EMI Debugging and Analysis - RF CafeRhode & Schwarz now has a website area dedicated to electromagnetic interference (EMI) debugging and analysis. "EMI debugging in the design phase will help keep product development on schedule Detecting, analyzing, and correcting causes of electromagnetic interference (EMI) early in the development process is the surest way to successfully pass an EMI compliance test and the best way to avoid redesigns, delays, and added costs late in a project. EMI debugging for unwanted emissions can start as soon as a circuit is live. Rohde & Schwarz supply multipurpose equipment including oscilloscopes with leading FFT functions, advanced trigger possibilities and very low input noise, and spectrum analyzers..."

Anatech Electronics February 2021 Product Update

Anatech Electronics February 2021 Product Update - RF CafeAnatech Electronics offers the industry's largest portfolio of high-performance standard and customized RF and microwave filters and filter-related products for military, commercial, aerospace and defense, and industrial applications up to 40 GHz. The AB829B1038 is an 829 MHz High Performance LTE Band Cavity Band Pass Filter. It features a very sharp transition between the passband and the rejection frequencies, an attenuation of 40 dB minimum 1.5 MHz away from the band edges. The AE2075-5125DB5458 is a 1650-2500 MHz/4400-5950 MHz Duplexer. Isolation between the bands is greater than 70 dB. Custom RF power directional coupler designs can be designed and produced when a standard cannot be found...

ConductRF Ready Made "Plug-In" RF Cables for D38999 and VITA67

ConductRF Ready Made "Plug-In" RF Cables for D38999 and VITA67 - RF CafeWe know, many times you want to just buy your RF assemblies to plug in to your Circular D38999 Connector or your VITA67 module. Well know ConductRF offers multiple solutions for both styles of Multi-Port connector all available on short lead times based on our on hand materials stock. D38999 integrates BMA, SMPM & SMPS Connectors, also other #8, #12 & #16 Coax Contact solutions. VITA67.1/2 uses SMPM solutions, but the new VITA67.3 also offers SMPS and NanoRF to support your coax requirements. These are 100% factory tested to exacting VSWR and Loss standards because, We know, Results Count!

Intro to LabVIEW FPGA for RF, Radar, and EW Apps

Introduction to LabVIEW FPGA for RF, Radar, and Electronic Warfare Applications (Artech House) - RF CafeArtech House today announced the publication Introduction to LabVIEW FPGA for RF, Radar, and Electronic Warfare Applications by Terry Stratoudakis. Real-time testing and simulation of open- and closed-loop radio frequency (RF) systems for signal generation, signal analysis and digital signal processing require deterministic, low-latency, high-throughput capabilities afforded by user reconfigurable field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). This comprehensive book introduces LabVIEW FPGA, provides best practices for multi-FPGA solutions, and guidance for developing high-throughput, low-latency FPGA based RF systems. It provides real-time testing and simulation of open- and closed-loop RF systems for signal generation, signal analysis, and digital signal processing that require deterministic, low-latency, high-throughput capabilities presented by user reconfigurable FPGAs. Written by a recognized expert with a wealth of real-world experience in the field...

BNC Webinar: Are You Ready for Quantum Computing?

BNC Webinar: Are You Ready for Quantum Computing? (Free Admission) - RF CafeBerkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC - like the connector) will be conducting a free webinar on Thursday, February 25th, entitled "Quantum Computing." To most people, including me, quantum computing is still a mysterious technology. Its concepts of multiple simultaneous logic states makes the fuzzy logic craze of the 1980s look sharply focused. Photos of quantum computers built by IBM*, Microsoft, and Google look like science fiction chandeliers where you expect to see the rejuvenated brains of Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, or Isaac Newton soaking in a bubbling bath of formaldehyde with wires sticking out of them. A short paper entitled, "Are You Ready for Quantum Computing" can be accessed on the BNC website. Berkeley Nucleonics produces a number of instrumentation items used by quantum computing researchers...

EW 105: Space Electronic Warfare

EW 105: Space Electronic WarfareArtech House today announced the publication of EW 105: Space Electronic Warfare by David L. Adamy. The fifth book in the bestselling Artech House EW 100 series explores electronic warfare (EW) in space. Practical problems – including intercept and jamming of hostile signals transmitted from the Earth's surface and the vulnerability of satellite links to attack from the Earth's surface are discussed. Spherical trigonometry is covered to provide the background necessary to understand the scope of satellite problems. Orbit mechanics, specifically the way the Earth and its satellites revolve around one another, is also explained. The basics of radio propagation and how it applies to communications Electronic Warfare are demonstrated. Satellite links and link vulnerability are discussed. New Release Price: $96

PCBONLINE Blog: PCB Creation with AutoDesk Eagle

PCBONLINE Blog: PCB Creation With AutoDesk Eagle | Step-by-Step Tutorial - RF Cafe"PCBONLINE, a custom advanced circuit board manufacturer, has recently published an AutoDesk Eagle tutorial. The step-by-step guide demonstrates how to create a PCB using the software. First, it explains the program control panel, the schematic window, and the board window. Then the tutorial tells how to create a new project, add parts, add connections between parts, name and label the nets, provide parts with value, check the electrical rules, and route the board. If you're new to PCB design or use AutoDesk Eagle, this comprehensive guide should be beneficial. When you're done with PCB creation, you can have circuit boards made by PCBONLINE, which checks your Gerber and BOM carefully and provides free tech support..."

Exodus Advanced Communications Intros 700-6000 MHz, 100 W SSPA

Exodus Advanced Communications Intros 700-6000 MHz, 100 W SSPA - RF CafeExodus Advanced Communications' broadband AMP2070C Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) is designed for broadband EMI-Lab, Communications, and Electronic Warfare (EW) applications. Its Class A/AB linear design accommodates all modulations & industry standards. It covers 700 MHz – 6.0 GHz, produces 100 W Minimum, 50 W P1dB, with a minimum 50 dB Gain. The AMP2070C exhibits excellent gain flatness, optional monitoring parameters for forward / reflected power, voltage, current & temperature sensing for superb reliability and ruggedness. Integrated in our compact 3U chassis weighing <25 kg. Rack-mountable with dimensions of 430 mm x 133 mm x 560 mm...

ConductRF Connectors and Coaxial Cables Available from Digi-Key

ConductRF Connectors and Coaxial Cables Available Individually from Digi-Key - RF CafeBuild Your own Assemblies using ConductRF high performance RF connectors and coaxial cables. Raw components and cable now available for the first time, with solutions up to 50 GHz. ConductRF high performance RF connectors and coaxial cable are now available from Digi-Key for customers to self customize their own constructions. Our industry standards are great solutions for a wide range of applications that require extra performance, as we know, Results Count!

Seeed Discount on Nordic Bluetooth Module

Seeed Studio Offers Discount on Nordic Bluetooth Module - RF CafeBluetooth modules have always been popular and fundamental to the field of IoT. As a keen advocate of IoT, Seeed understand the importance of Bluetooth and realize the potential benefits that can be passed onto the Seeed Fusion users. MDBT50Q-1MV2 is a popular Bluetooth module suitable for applications not limited to LE audio, professional lighting, connected wearables and more complex IoT applications. To assist developers, especially in these financially troubling times, Seeed Fusion have added MDBT50Q-1MV2 to the Seeed OPL at a special discounted rate only available to Seeed Fusion PCBA users. As well as the cost savings, by stocking the module in the Seeed OPL...

Anatech Electronics January 2021 Newsletter

Anatech Electronics January 2021 Newsletter - RF CafeSam Benzacar of Anatech Electronics, an RF and microwave filter company, has published his January newsletter that features his short op-ed entitled "In a Digital World, Analog Filters Stand Their Ground." It points out that with few exceptions, even the most sophisticated digital RF systems require some form of analog filter at the input (receiver) or output (transmitter). Power levels and aliasing components of sampled systems keep digital (software) filters from being used universally. That bodes well for the world's analog filter companies, including Anatech. Sam also presents some relevant industry news items as well...

Spectrum's "Generator & Digitizer in One Box" Gets 8 New Variants

Spectrum's "Generator & Digitizer in One Box" Gets 8 New High-Speed Variants - RF CafeSpectrum Instrumentation extends its range of hybridNETBOX products with the addition of eight high-performance models. The hybridNETBOX is an innovative instrumentation platform that combines a multi-channel arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) and a digitizer in a single portable unit. With their unique capability for simultaneous signal generation and acquisition, these powerful tools are perfect for applications involving stimulus-response or closed-loop type testing. In total, 14 different hybridNETBOX models are available now, with 2+2, 4+4 or 8+8 matched channels and possible speeds from 40 MS/s to 1.25 GS/s. The new models offer a choice of two or four AWG channels...

TechnoTronix Electronics Manufacturing Services Listing Added

TechnoTronix Electronics Manufacturing Services - RF CafeKen G. recently wrote to request that his company, TechnoTronix Electronics Manufacturing Services, be added to the following Vendor pages on RF Cafe: Contract Manufacturing, Electronic Assembly, Product Design & Development, and Substrate & PCB Fabrication & Assembly. Says Ken: "TechnoTronix has been active for the past 40 years in making the best printed circuit board assembly. We are an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 & AS9100 Rev. D certified PCB Assembly company who fulfills all your PCB needs in minimum time. We use the latest technologies like Plated Thru-Hole (PTH) and Two-Surface Mount (TSM) and find smart ways to provide the best printed circuit board assembly services in California."

Skyworks High-Efficiency, PAs for 4G LTE and 5G NR

Skyworks Family of High-Efficiency, Power Amplifiers for 4G LTE and 5G NR Applications - RF CafeSkyworks is pleased to introduce a complete family of high-efficiency power amplifiers (PAs) designed for the stringent requirements of enterprise small cell radios, including 4G LTE and 5G NR. These devices offer wide instantaneous bandwidth with high gain and are fully input/output matched. Active biasing circuitry is integrated to compensate for PA performance over temperature, voltage, and process variations. With a compact 5 x 5 mm package, the SKY663xx-11 family of PAs is ideal for 5G systems operating from 2.3 to 5 GHz...

White Paper: Cadence Software for 5G/6G Design Challenges

 White Paper Showcases Capabilities in Cadence Software for 5G/6G Design Challenges - RF CafeEnhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) services in 5G/6G communications systems will extend the current mobile experience by providing massive connectivity to the internet with extreme capacity, coverage, reliability, and ultra-low latency. A new "5G NR Design for eMBB" white paper showcases the unique system and circuit capabilities in Cadence® software that overcome eMBB design challenges. A 28 GHz receiver integrated circuit (IC) and phased-array reference design is presented in which the capabilities of AWR Design Environment®, Virtuoso® RF Solution, EMX® Planar 3D Solver, and Allegro® PCB Designer software were combined to develop the RFIC receiver, package, and board with embedded antenna array...

Withwave Intros 2.92 mm to SMPM Adapter Series (DC to 40 GHz)

Withwave Intros 2.92 mm to SMPM Adapter Series (DC to 40 GHz) - RF CafeWithwave's precision 2.92 mm to SMPM mm Adapter Series are designed based on precision microwave interconnection technologies. These adapter series are manufactured to precise microwave specifications and constructed with male and female gender on both side. The precision microwave connector interfaces ensure an excellent microwave performance up to 40 GHz. VSWR is 1.2:1 (max), M-M, M-F, F-F, F-M interface combinations, passivated stainless steel body. Useful in laboratory and productions test setups, prototyping, and production interconnections...

Axiom Blog: Welcome the New Year by Upgrading Your Test Gear

Axiom Blog: Welcome the New Year by Upgrading Your Test Gear - RF CafeAxiom Test Equipment, an electronic test equipment rental and sales company has published a new blog post entitled "Welcome the New Year by Upgrading Test Gear," that tells you how to determine when it's time to upgrade your test equipment. Learn about the different opportunities and think about what requirements you have coming up in order to recognize the right time and equipment to upgrade. Test instrument upgrades provide opportunities for improvement: to make up for what is missing in an instrument or test setup, be it measurement speed, accuracy, bandwidth, sensitivity, resolution, even more measurement channels. Other times, equipment becomes obsolete and prompts an upgrade to newer equipment that is still supported by the manufacturer or gives you increased performance...

Triad RF Systems Ends 2020 with Record Results

Triad RF Systems Ends 2020 with Record Results - RF CafeTriad is pleased to announce that it continued to outperform revenue projections in the second half of 2020. The year's record-high revenue and orders were driven by the company's rapidly growing reputation as a premier supplier of feature-rich, ultra-efficient radios, RF/microwave bi-directional amplifiers, custom multi-functional amplifier systems, CubeSat frequency converters and amplifiers and wideband amplification for EW and counter UAS systems. Triad delivered some of the highest data-rates and longest-range ISR wireless links available for Unmanned Land, Sea, and Air Systems this year. Triad achieved several financial and operational goals in 2020 and positioned itself for future growth with the introduction of its new line of amplified radios, investment in operations, and the addition of key team members...

Skyworks & ASUS Launch World's 1st Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi 6E Router

Skyworks Partners with ASUS to Launch World's First Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi 6E Extended Band Router - RF CafeSkyworks Solutions, an innovator of high-performance analog semiconductors connecting people, places and things, today announced that its high-performance Wi-Fi 6E front-end modules are featured on the world's first ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6E gaming router from ASUS. Utilizing the FCC's newly allocated 6~7 GHz extended band to double the capacity of traditional Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi 6E standard enables faster connectivity and supports an increased number of connected users meeting the unprecedented demand for increased video conferencing, online gaming, streaming TV, AR/VR, home security cameras and online exercise apps. An established leader in the networking market, ASUS is the first to deliver the increased and wider bandwidth 160 MHz channels of Wi-Fi 6E with its ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 gaming router. A report from ABI Research1 expects 1.4 billion Wi-Fi 6E chipset shipments by 2025, while also noting that the addition of the 6 GHz band is coming at a critical time as home Wi-Fi communications...

Empower RF Systems Intros Rugged L-Band Satcom Uplink SSPA

Empower RF Systems Intros Rugged L-Band SSPA for Satcom Uplink - RF CafeEmpower RF Systems' tactical up-armored Model 2224 is a compact SSPA operating from 1 to 2 GHz, delivering 150 Watts CW output. The amplifier includes a fast Tx/Rx switch and is designed for rugged outdoor and tactical deployment of data com links. The all-weather heavy duty NEMA 4 enclosure houses a complete amplifier system using our Next Generation architecture so all the local and remote control, monitoring, protections and user remote GUI are identical to our COTS rack systems. The 2224 comes complete with internal directional coupler, internal forward and reverse power sampling and an easy to use remote web GUI. In depth health monitoring can be viewed remotely and pushed out via the Ethernet port...

CMT Webinar: Materials Measurement at 5G Frequencies

Copper Mountain Technologies Master Class Webinar: Materials Measurement at 5G Frequencies - RF CafeOn Wednesday, January 20th at 2:00 PM EST (GMT -5:00), Copper Mountain Technologies will present another of its VNA Master Class Webinar series entitled "Materials Measurement at 5G Frequencies." This webinar will demonstrate the use of free-space spot probes to characterize materials at 20 to 40 GHz, of interest to new 5G millimeter wave frequencies. A table-top measurement system using CMT's S5243 VNA will be used to determine transmission and/or reflection of materials. From these measurements, the webinar will discuss the calculation of dielectric properties of measured materials. The agenda consists of free space measurement description, example measurements & dielectric calculation and a Q&A session at the end...

Qorvo Unleashes Full 6 GHz Performance with New Wi-Fi 6E FEMs

Qorvo® Unleashes Full 6 GHz Performance with New Wi-Fi 6E FEMs - RF CafeQorvo, a leading provider of innovative solutions that connect and power the world, today introduced two Wi-Fi 6E front end modules (FEMs) designed to maximize throughput and range in high-bandwidth applications such as 8K video streaming, online gaming and virtual reality. Wi-Fi 6E is an extension of Wi-Fi 6 that operates in the recently opened 6 GHz frequency band, in addition to the traditional 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Wi-Fi 6E triples Wi-Fi capacity with contiguous spectrum to accommodate 7 additional 160 MHz-wide channels or 14 additional 80 MHz channels. Qorvo's Wi-Fi 6E FEMs unleash the full potential of this new spectrum, delivering leading linearity performance and maximizing throughput and capacity at peak permissible indoor power levels. The Qorvo QPF4656 and QPF4632 deliver robust and rugged performance with world-class energy...

Webinar: Designing PCBs 5x Faster Despite the Pandemic

Designing PCBs 5x Faster Despite the Pandemic - RF Cafe"Join our webinar on January 20th, to learn how Kinetic Vision uses Altium's platform to enable a connected and frictionless PCB design experience, increasing their productivity x5 even in the midst of Covid. For over 30 years, Kinetic Vision has provided technology solutions to over 50 of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world. Hear about how their embedded development team needed a better design and collaboration solution to satisfy the increasing needs of their demanding clients and how Altium helped solve their toughest issues. Altium Designer is their tool of choice when it comes to designing PCBs, as it provides the most connected PCB design experience - removing the common points of friction that occur throughout a typical design flow. With the Covid situation, using Altium's platform became even more essential as it enabled seamless remote working..."

Guerrilla RF GRF5508/10 ¼W PAs w/Ultimate in Native Linearity

Guerrilla RF GRF5508/10 ¼W Power Amplifiers Deliver the Ultimate in Native Linearity - RF CafeGuerrilla RF introduces the GRF5508 and GRF5510, two of ten new ¼ W linear power amplifiers being released as part of the company's expansion into the cellular market. These new InGaP HBT amplifiers were designed specifically for 5G/4G wireless infrastructure applications requiring exceptional native linearity over temperature extremes of -40°C to 85°C. Spanning frequency ranges of 800-900 MHz and 880-960 MHz respectively, the GRF5508 and GRF5510 are tuned to operate within the n5, n8, n18, n20 and n26 5G new radio (NR) bands. The devices can deliver 24 dBm of linear power over the entire -40°C to 85°C temperature...

Withwave End Launch 1.0 mm Connector for DC - 110 GHz

Withwave End Launch 1.0 mm Connector (Narrow Block) for DC to 110 GHz - RF CafeWithwave's new End Launch 1.0 mm (Narrow Block) coaxial connectors are specially designed for well used high frequency substrates to minimize electromagnetic effects including impedance discontinuities from coaxial to GCPWG (Grounded Coplanar Waveguide) and Top Ground Microstrip structure. The types of connectors are 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm, 1.85 mm & 1.0 mm. Applications include RFIC Chip set evaluation boards, high data rate ASIC and SoC evaluation module test, and substrate characterization.  We solve your performance and cost problems.

Qorvo Industry-Leading LNAs for 5G Base Station Deployments

Qorvo® Introduces Industry-Leading Low Noise Figure LNAs Enabling 5G Base Station Deployments - RF CafeQorvo, a leading provider of innovative RF solutions that connect the world, today introduced a family of high-performance low noise amplifiers (LNAs) tailored for base station infrastructure deployments including 5G massive MIMO (m-MIMO). Qorvo's newest family of LNAs combines the lowest noise figure in the industry - 0.3 dB achieved at 2 GHz - with unmatched reliability and scalability in a very compact footprint. The flagship QPL9547 LNA utilizes Qorvo's latest generation enhancement-mode pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor (pHEMT) process to provide market-leading noise figure and improved receiver sensitivity for cellular base stations. This LNA is internally matched and is available...

Werbel Microwave Intros 20 dB Coupler for 2 to 18 GHz

Werbel Microwave Intros 20 dB Coupler for 2 to 18 GHz - RF CafeWerbel Microwave, a designer and manufacturer of RF and microwave power couplers, dividers, terminations, and DAS equipment, introduces directional coupler model C-1182-20, a high performance wideband directional coupler that covers 2 to 18 GHz with 20 dB coupling and a typical flatness of ±0.45 dB. It has excellent return loss and low insertion loss. Usually in stock, but check website or call for availability. Werbel Microwave's catalog of directional couplers and power splitters / combiners are high performance at an affordable price point. Our original design, USA made.

Teledyne e2v HiRel Adds High Power GaN HEMTs to 650 V Family

Teledyne e2v HiRel Unveils Two High Power GaN HEMTs to Its 650 V Family - RF CafeTeledyne e2v HiRel is adding two new, ruggedized GaN power HEMTs (High Electron Mobility Transistors) to its industry-leading, 650-volt, high-power family of products based on GaN Systems technology. The two new high-power HEMTs, TDG650E30B and TDG650E15B, deliver lower current performance of 30- and 15-amp respectively, while the original 650 V introduced last year, the TDG650E60, delivers 60 A. These 650 V GaN HEMTs are the highest voltage GaN power devices available on the market for demanding high-reliability military, avionics, and space applications. They are an ideal fit for applications like power supply, motor control, and half bridge topologies...

A 360 Degree View of IoT Technologies

A 360 Degree View of IoT Technologies (Artech House) - RF CafeArtech House announces the publication of A 360 Degree View of IoT Technologies, by John Soldatos. This exciting book explores the past, present and future of IoT, presenting the most prominent technologies that comprise IoT applications, including cloud computing, edge computing, embedded computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain and cybersecurity. A comprehensive description of the full range of the building blocks that comprise emerging IoT systems and applications is provided, while illustrating the evolution of IoT systems from the legacy small scale sensor systems and wireless sensor networks, to today's large scale IoT deployments that comprise millions of connected devices in the cloud and smart objects with (semi)autonomous behavior... New Release price discount to $104 is available for a short time.

Amplifier Solutions Corporation (ASC) - RF Cafe
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Innovative Power Products Passive RF Products - RF Cafe

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