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1929 - 1941 National Radio News

Aug/Sep 1941 National Radio News

August/September 1941 National Radio News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]  These articles are scanned and OCRed from old editions of the National Radio News magazine. Here is a list of the National Radio News articles I have already posted. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.

National Radio Schools published a monthly (sometimes bimonthly) magazine titled National Radio News. The later editions usually had an electronics themed comic panel that addressed contemporary topics. Earlier editions usually featured student-drawn comics that were primarily propaganda to promote the school more so than humor. It sort of reminds me of the way the Amway faithful were in the 1960s through 1990s - most losing money while cheering on the very few multimillionaire 'Diamonds.' Actually, such devotion and company/cause spirit was common in the early part of the 20th century as men desperately sought to secure their places in the American capitalist dream.


These politicians feel like big shots - RF Cafe

"Every mike except one is dead, but we find it's
good business to make these politicians feel like big shots!"
(June/July 1940, Page 30)

The Metro Family, March 1930 - RF Cafe

The Metro Family
(March 1930, Page 14)

Another student-drawn comic - RF Cafe

Another student-drawn comic.
Drawn for the "News" by Student Allen of Wayzata, Minn.
(December 1929, Page 5)

Student made radio contact with Admiral Byrd - RF Cafe

Student made radio contact with Admiral Byrd.
(March 1929, Page 12)

I want a gadget that will turn off the radio next door - RF Cafe

"I want a gadget that will turn off the radio next door!"
(August/September 1941, Page 9)

In the Old Days, May 1930 - RF Cafe

In the Old Days
(May 1930, Page 12)

Get students to pay their tuition bills - RF Cafe

Comic trying to get students to pay their tuition bills.
(February 1930, Page 15)

Student comics - RF Cafe

Student comics.
Contributed by Student H.B. Allen of Wayzata, Minn.
Jack, like all other N.R.I. men, knows what it takes
to reach the top in Radio - sound, thorough technical
training and stick-to-it-iveness.
I'll stake my faith on Jack - J.A. Dowie.
(November 1929, Page 5)



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