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Press Release & Product Announcement Archive: 2020 (#5)

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PCBONLINE Blog: What's Going on in Testing the PCB Assembly?

PCBONLINE Blog: What's Going on in Testing the Printed Circuit Board Assembly? - RF CafePCBONLINE, a one-stop custom PCB/PCBA manufacturer for prototypes, has posted a blog that answers the question, "What's going on in testing the printed circuit board assembly?" Unlike most PCB assemblers, the advanced PCB manufacturer PCBONLINE can process functional tests before delivery so that our clients don't have to test on their own. PCBA testing at PCBONLINE includes the Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) test during the assembly process, functional test, and thermal aging test after the assembly. During the AOI and functional test, if the PCBA is good, the computer screen will display OK. Otherwise, it will display NG (no good), and all test process data can be recorded. The aging test consists of powering on the PCBA to let it work for some time depending...

Withwave Compact N-type Calibration Kit (DC to 8 GHz)

Withwave Compact N-type Calibration Kit (DC to 8 GHz) - RF CafeWithwave's New Compact N-Type Calibration Kit offers excellent performance characteristics that is specially designed for fine-tuning in production environments and quality testing facilities using N-type connectors from DC to 8 GHz. This Calibration Kit includes all needed calibration standard (Open, Short, Load) in one unit. It is the best solution available for ease of use in VNA calibration, especially in the field. Return loss (Load): <-42 dB for DC to 6 GHz, <-38 dB for 6 to 8 GHz...

Exodus Advanced Communications Intros 80-1000 MHz, 1100 W SSPA

Exodus Advanced Communications Intros 80-1000 MHz, 1100 W SSPA - RF CafeExodus Advanced Communications' AMP2071A-LC, 80 to 1000 MHz, 750 Watts with our Quiet-Cool Technology Exodus AMP2071A-LC is a powerhouse in a compact chassis! Covering 80-1000 MHz, produces >750 W minimum, >1100 W nominal power, P1dB >500 W minimum. Excellent gain flatness with a minimum power gain of 58 dB. Included are amplifier monitoring parameters for forward / reflected power, VSWR, as well as voltage, current & temperature sensing for optimum reliability & ruggedness. Nominal weight is <40 kg, and dimensions of 19"W x 22"L x 8.75"H. Features Class A/AB linear LDMOS design Instantaneous ultra-wide bandwidth Rack mounted system Designed for broadband EMI/RFI, Lab, Communications and EW applications Suitable for all single channel modulation standards Built-in protection circuits...

2020: The Year that Was...

Anatech Electronics December 2020 Newsletter - RF CafeSam Benzacar of Anatech Electronics, an RF and microwave filter company, has published his December newsletter that features his short op-ed entitled "2020: The Year that Was... ," in which Sam assess how he well did in predicting various key industry trends at the end of last year. You can read his piece to see how he scored, but I do want to note a specific point. One of Sam's predictions pertained to the availability of broadband service in rural areas. The Wuhan Flu epidemic that caused most schools to implement a remote classroom environment exposed how deficient the system still is, even though we thought the issue had been pretty much resolved (goodness knows we've spent enough tax money to address it). Also included in the newsletter are a few pertinent industry headlines. Stand by for Sam's end-of-year predictions for 2021...

Conduct RF Phase & Temperature Stable Cables December 2020

Conduct RF Phase & Temperature Stable Cables December 2020 - RF CafeConductRF, a manufacturer of precision RF coaxial cable assemblies and connectors, announces the availability of Phase Stable / Temperature Stable solutions for both commercial and laboratory precision RF applications. 50 ppm phase accuracy with temperature phase matching capabilities, low loss and high power options, broad connector choices. Manufacturing capabilities include solutions built at our ITAR registered facility in Methuen, Massachusetts, as well as partner facilities in the U.S. and around the world. ConductRF offers cost effective equivalent and improved RF solutions to all major interconnect manufacturers, specializing in phase stability over temperature...

Skyworks High-Power FEM for Automotive V2V and V2X Apps

Skyworks High-Power Front-end Module for Automotive V2V and V2X Applications - RF CafeSkyworks is pleased to introduce the SKYA21043, a highly-integrated, 5 GHz front-end module (FEM) incorporating a 5 GHz single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) transmit/receive (T/R) switch, a 5 GHz high-gain low-noise amplifier (LNA) with bypass, and a 5 GHz power amplifier (PA) intended for high-power 802.11p applications and systems. Qualified to AEC-Q104 (Grade 2), the SKYA21043 meets rugged reliability requirements for automotive applications including vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) covering smart antennas, compensators, and roadside units for automotive infrastructure, backhaul and cellular...

Copper Mountain Technologies 2-Port VNA Calibration Video

Copper Mountain Technologies 2-Port VNA Calibration Video - RF CafeCopper Mountain Technologies (CMT), a leading developer of innovative RF test and measurement solutions for engineers all over the world, has produced a video demonstrating how to properly perform a 2-port calibration on a vector network analyzer (VNA). Virtually interact with CMT's software to complete a simulated calibration of a 2-port VNA. Note that the series of dashes and spaces along the video progress bar indicate where the action stops between steps to allow you time to replicate the action. You will need to click on the start arrow each time to resume action...

VNA Master Class: Effective Use of VNA "Channels" for Efficient Measurement and Analysis

VNA Master Class: Effective Use of VNA "Channels" for Efficient Measurement and Analysis - RF CafeCopper Mountain Technologies (CMT), a leading developer of innovative RF test and measurement solutions for engineers all over the world, will present a free webinar entitled "Effective Use of VNA 'Channels' for Efficient Measurement and Analysis." Tune in on Tuesday, December 15th, at 11:00 AM EST. The webinar is free, and you can dial in for interactive participation. CMT Senior RF Design Engineer Brian Walker will be your host as he describes how "Channels" on a VNA are a very effective way of making a series of complex measurements simultaneously. Often it is important to visualize a number of different operational parameters of a circuit while performing tuning or during production test. In this short webinar Brian demonstrates how one might effectively use two or more channels to make useful measurements. The full agenda includes allocating traces vs. allocating channels, setting up multiple channels, calibration...

Modelithics & Piconics Provide 3D Models for Conical Inductors up to 67 GHz

Modelithics® and Piconics Partner to Provide New 3D Models for Conical Inductors Validated through 67 GHz! - RF CafePiconics and Modelithics, are pleased to announce the availability of 3D models for the CC20T44K240G5-C and CC25T47K240G5-C conical inductors from Piconics. Both models are included in the latest version, v20.8, of the Modelithics COMPLETE+3D Library for Ansys® HFSS™. The new models are validated through multi-substrate S-parameter measurements. Both are validated through 67 GHz, making them well suited for extremely broadband applications. The CC20T44K240G5-C and CC25T47K240G5-C conical inductors have inductance values of 0.170 and 0.250 μH, respectively. In addition, the CC20T44K240G5-C is rated for a maximum current of 325 mA, while the CC25T47K240G5-C has a maximum current rating of 230 mA. Potential use cases for the conical inductors include bias...

Aegis AC-DC Power Supply with Alignment to SOSA™ Technical Standard

Aegis Power Systems AC-DC Power Supply with Alignment to SOSA™ Technical Standard - RF CafeAegis Power Systems announces the new VPX1PH3UC310-SA, a single-phase 85-264 Vac input to 28 Vdc output power supply module with 310 watts and EMI filtering. This rugged slide-in power supply has been developed in alignment with the Sensor Open Systems Architecture™ (SOSA) technical standard for use in interoperable systems for sensor management. Using the latest in switching power technology, this product achieves high efficiency AC-DC conversion with .99 power factor correction in a conduction cooled module with +12 V and +3.3V AUX outputs in alignment with the SOSATM technical standards. Users with increasing battlefield demands for C5ISR and embedded computing equipment can make use of advanced power converter features such as built-in EMI filtering, alignment keys for using multiple units in one chassis, I2C monitoring and IPMC redundancy, and wide operating temperature range...

Linx Technologies Launches White Bronze N Connectors

Linx Technologies Launches White Bronze N Connectors - RF CafeLinx Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of antennas and connectors, is pleased to introduce a series of white bronze N-type RF connectors. Linx N connectors excel in a wide range of applications including Internet of Things (IoT), cellular IoT (LTE-M/Cat-M1 and NB-IoT), cellular LTE, LPWA, industrial, automotive, aerospace, and military applications. The new Linx N connectors are available in a variety of styles, including surface mount, PCB mount, and cable-crimp mount. Linx is also offering N to N and SMA to N adapters, providing flexibility in design and integration through a range of solution options. The N connector series from Linx...

Axiom Blog: Equipment for an Electrical Engineer's Wish List

Axiom Blog: Equipment for an Electrical Engineer's Wish List - RF CafeAxiom Test Equipment, an electronic test equipment rental and sales company has published a new blog post entitled "Equipment for an Electrical Engineer's Wish List" that informs people who are looking to buy test equipment for an electrical engineer. Learn how you could give the gift of test equipment in a cost-effective manner and add to your favorite electrical engineer's test bench for 2021. No matter what is on their wish list, Axiom Test Equipment offers a variety of test equipment to meets their specific needs. Keeping costs reasonable is possible by either renting equipment for a short-term project or by purchasing quality used equipment at a fraction of the full price...

ConductRF RF Connectors & Cables at DigiKey

ConductRF RF Connectors & Cables at DigiKey - RF CafeNow available for direct purchase from DigiKey - ConductRF's Precision RF Cables & Connectors with performance up to 70 GHz! When a standard commercial product won't support your needs, ConductRF goes in to another gear with its Precision RF Coaxial Connector support. We offer a broad range of options including 2.4 mm, 2.92 mm, 3.5 mm as well as precision SMA, Type-N, TNC and SMP solutions for many higher performance cables from the industries leading manufacturers like Times Microwave, Harbour Industries, Insulated Wire, Semflex and more. Often with Precision RF Coaxial solutions, everything comes down to the RF performance...

Gowanda Launches More Broadband Conicals

Gowanda Launches More Broadband Conicals - RF CafeGowanda Electronics, a designer and manufacturer of precision electronic components for broadband radio frequency and power applications, announces the introduction of a new broadband microwave RF conical inductor series - C070 - available in Surface Mount (C070SM) and Flying Lead (C070FL) configurations to enhance utility for the electronic design community. Gowanda's new C070 series was developed to address market needs and industry trends calling for ever-increasing performance from broadband conical components. It was designed for use in communication applications for bias T's (filter signals, remove noise), broadband chip manufacturing, communication platforms, high frequency, microwave circuitry...

Teledyne Defense Electronics Launches "Virtual Trade Show"

Teledyne Defense Electronics Launches "Virtual Trade Show" - RF CafeTeledyne Defense Electronics (TDE) this week unveiled a new interactive Virtual Trade Show online as a vehicle to promote key product lines and capabilities to customers in a permanent, ongoing manner. Once customers enter the Virtual Trade Show (VTS) they begin an immersive online experience, the perception of being physically present in a non-physical world. That experience includes a 360º panorama view that surrounds the VTS user, enabling customers to "look" left, right, up, down, and move freely from one area on the VTS floor to another navigating by a laptop mouse. This multi-media experience showcases the flagship offerings of TDE's 15 business units, each of whom have their own booth...

Withwave High Performance Cable Assemblies to 110 GHz

Withwave High Performance Cable Assemblies to 110 GHz - RF CafeWithwave's W6 Series are complete line of high performance flexible microwave cable assemblies. Specially, W601 Series have low density PTFE structure to achieve velocity propagation of 80%. These series have excellent RF performance up to 110 GHz with 1.0 mm Connectors. Features include silver-plated copper  center conductor, low density PTFE dielectric, silver-plated copper outer conductors, and an FEP jacket. Please contact Withwave for your project's needs.

Countermeasures for Aerial Drones

Countermeasures for Aerial Drones (Artech House) - RF CafeArtech House today announced the publication of Countermeasures for Aerial Drones by Garik Markarian and Andrew Staniforth. This comprehensive resource explains the development of UAVs, drone threats, counter-UAV systems, and strategies to handle UAVs, focusing on the practical aspects of counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems and technologies. Theory, technical and operational practice with insights from industry and policing are covered, and the full rogue drone threat landscape and counter-drone technologies and systems is explored. The book provides insight into counter-drone strategy, developing effective counter-drone strategies and measures, as well as counter-drone programs and the regulatory frameworks governing the use of drones. An New Release price of $111 is being offered for a limited time...

Modelithics Releases the COMPLETE+3D Library™ v20.8 for Ansys® HFSS™

Modelithics® Releases the COMPLETE+3D Library™ v20.8 for Ansys® HFSS™ - RF CafeModelithics, is pleased to announce the release of version 20.8 of the COMPLETE+3D Library for use with Ansys HFSS. The library contains over 325 highly scalable Microwave Global Models™ for capacitor, inductor, and resistor families from many popular vendors, plus a collection of nearly 300 Modelithics' 3D geometry models for inductors, capacitors, filters, packages and connectors. This library now represents a total of 22,000 individual components with circuit and/or 3D EM models. Version 20.8 adds nine new part value-, pad-, and substrate scalable models and over eighty new full wave 3D electromagnetic models. New scalable circuit models include new models for AVX's MP01...

Triad RF Systems' Stephen Barthelmes Interview by everythingRF

Triad RF Systems' Stephen Barthelmes Interview by everythingRF - RF CafeStephen Barthelmes of Triad RF Systems talks amplified radios, Doherty techniques, SDR, and UAVs with everythingRF. We talk about everything from amplified radios and Doherty techniques to software defined radio (SDR) systems and UAVs in an interview with everythingRF this week. everythingRF: Can you give us a brief history about Triad RF? Stephen Barthelmes: Triad RF was established in 2010 when the idea for the company began. In 2013, Dave, Dean and I got together to begin the development of RF products that were underserved by the market. By bringing the decades of knowledge that we had accumulated together, we implemented solid processes in sales, design and manufacturing that produced products that were cutting edge in performance and cost. We also understood the market pressures for increasing RF power to enhance data transmission while simultaneously improving overall efficiency. We stepped up to that challenge by creating some of the most linear and efficient amplifiers in the market...

Anatech Electronics November 2020 Newsletter

Anatech Electronics November 2020 Newsletter - RF CafeSam Benzacar of Anatech Electronics, an RF and microwave filter company, has published his November newsletter that features his short op-ed entitled "Do You Think 5G is Challenging? Meet 6G!," which delves into what can be expected based on current planning. "Like its predecessor, 6G is more than simply an upgrade in data rates and capacity, as it will attempt to deliver downstream data rates up to 1 Tbye/s and operate at frequencies in the so-called sub terahertz region, just below where lightwave frequencies begin. It will make extensive use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable applications that 5G presumably will not have been addressed in the next decade." . Also included in the newsletter are a few industry headlines...

ConductRF Hand Formable RF Cables at DigiKey

ConductRF Hand Formable RF Cables at DigiKey - RF CafeConductRF hand-formable RF coaxial cables are available off the shelf from DigiKey. ConductRF FM series of Hand Formable RF cable assemblies provides system designers with a versatile solution that allows RF cables to be physically routed and set in to position during installation. Standard lengths and connector types feature performance up to 18 GHz. Low loss, tinned braided cable of 0.086" diameter with shielding of >100 dB. 100% factory tested for VSWR & insertion loss. RoHS & Reach compliant. Ideal for internal module linking and great for RF Testing. When compared to traditional semi-rigid options, these cables can provide increased installation flexibility at a substantially lower cost. Made in the USA!

Triad RF Intros Bi-Directional SSPA for CW/FM and QAM Signals

Triad RF Systems Intros Bi-Directional SSPA for CW/FM and QAM Signals - RF CafeTriad RF Systems has announced the development of a dual, bi-directional amplifier that supports 2X2 MIMO radio applications. Model TTRM2005D is a solid-state-power amplifier (SSPA) that operates at a frequency of 2,200-2,500 MHz. It is designed for military and commercial use and supports a variety of signal types, from simple CW/FM signals to complex, highly modulated carriers such as 64 and 256QAM. The technical features of each channel on this dual bi-directional amplifier includes a transmit signal gain of 25 dB, a receive signal gain of 12 dB, a receive signal noise figure of 2.5 dB, and ~20 W BPSK power x2 (40 W off total RF power). Supply voltage is an ultra-wide 12-30 VDC...

PCBA Manufacturing Process Video

PCBONLINE Blog: The PCBA Manufacturing Process Video - RF CafePCBONLINE, a one-stop custom PCB/PCBA manufacturer for prototypes, small-batch, and massive production, has a short video showing their PCBA manufacturing process. It begins with the solder paste application using an SMT component attachment pad stencil, shows the pick-and-place operation (always a mesmerizing things to watch), progresses to the temperature profiled reflow oven and if needed for through-hole components a wave soldering step, then goes to machine vision and human inspection, and finally an electrical test is performed. Any necessary rework is performed by a trained technician. For many electronics product manufacturers, PCB assembly is necessary and vital to their products. PCBONLINE, a one-stop PCB/PCBA manufacturer since 1999...

Lectrix to Host "Engineering the Conversation" Online Conference

Lectrix to Host Engineering the Conversation Online Conference - RF CafeElectronics industry sales and marketing expert Lectrix is hosting "Engineering the Conversation" on December 8 & 9, 2020. Engineering the Conversation is a free, 2-day online conference for professionals managing sales and marketing in the B2B electronics industry. "So much has changed on the sales and marketing side of the industry in the last 9 to 10 months, that there is a lot to be said and learned from each other," said Graham Kilshaw, CEO of Lectrix. "This virtual conference is a community event for the electronics industry; it allows attendees to interact and network with speakers and each other to exchange the latest ideas and solutions on how to respond to the pandemic..."

Sky5® Front-End Module for Mid- and High-Band 3G, 4G, and 5G Mobile Apps

Skyworks Sky5® Front-End Module for Mid- and High-Band 3G, 4G, and 5G Mobile Applications - RF CafeSkyworks is pleased to introduce the SKY58085-11, a Mid- and High Band Front-End Module (FEM) supports 3G / 4G / 5G mobile devices and operates efficiently in 3G / 4G / 5G modes. The module has separate 3G / 4G / 5G PA blocks operating in the mid- and high bands, a silicon controller containing the MIPI® RFFE® interface, RF band switches, MB and HB antenna switches, bi-directional couplers, and integrated filters for Bands 1, 2, 3, 7, 34, 39, 40 and 41. RF I/O ports are internally matched to 50 ohms to minimize the need for external components. Extremely low leakage current maximizes device standby time. IC die and passive components are mounted on a multi-layer laminate substrate. The 62-pad LGA assembly, encapsulated...

Withwave Intros 2.4 mm to 3.5 mm Adapter Series

Withwave Precision 2.4 to 3.5 mm Adapter Series - RF CafeWithwave's Precision 2.4 mm to 3.5 mm Adapter Series are designed based on precision microwave interconnection technologies. These adapters are manufactured to precise microwave specifications and constructed with either male or female gender sides. The precision microwave connector interfaces ensure an excellent microwave performance up to 34 GHz. Impedance: 50 Ω, VSWR: 1.25:1 (max) to 34 GHz, Body: Stainless steel (passivated), Center Contact: Gold-plated brass...

Axiom Test Equipment - RF Cafe
Crane Aerospace Electronics Microwave Solutions: Space Qualified Passive Products

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