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Indianapolis, Indiana, March 25, 2021 - Copper Mountain Technologies has published the 2021 schedule for its Master Class Webinar series. Copper Mountain Technologies' VNA Master Class Webinar Series, hosted by Design Engineering Manager Brian Walker, features high-level technical content regarding various aspects of VNA use. This series combines valuable RF theory with relevant measurement demonstrations to provide a complete understanding of complex topics. Viewer submitted questions are answered throughout each webinar. There is no cost for attendance.

Sessions in the Master Class Series

  • Important VNA Performance Parameters
  • Making mmWave Measurements with a VNA
  • Full 1-Port VNA Calibration Math with Python Code
  • Time Domain Measurement and Time Domain Gating
  • Full 2-Port VNA Calibration Math Explained
  • Materials Measurement at 5G Frequencies with Compass Technology Group
  • Effective Use of VNA "Channels" for Efficient Measurement and Analysis
  • VNA Calibration, Kits, Error Terms and Calculation

Brian Walker is the senior RF Engineer at Copper Mountain Technologies where he helps customers to resolve technical issues and works to develop new solutions for applications of VNAs in test and measurement. Previously, he was the Manager of RF design at Bird Electronics, where he managed a team of RF Designers and designed new and innovative products. Prior to that he worked for Motorola Component Products Group and was responsible for the design of ceramic comb-line filters for communications devices. Brian graduated from the University of New Mexico, has 40 years of RF Design experience, and has authored 3 U.S. Patents.


About Copper Mountain Technologies

Copper Mountain Technologies develops innovative RF test and measurement solutions for engineers all over the world. It is based in Indianapolis with sales offices in Singapore, London, and Miami. The company pioneered metrology-grade USB VNAs in 2011 and continues to push for innovation and change in the industry, offering a broad range of USB vector network analyzers, calibration kits, and accessories for 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm impedance from 9 kHz to 110 GHz. The VNAs use software for Windows® or Linux® operating system on an external computer, PC, or tablet. CMT VNAs are used by engineers in defense, automotive, materials measurement, medical, broadcasting, telecommunications and other industries. All CMT VNAs include application and automation support, and years of our engineering expertise at your disposal.


Contact Info

Copper Mountain Technologies

631 East New York Street

Indianapolis, IN  46202 | USA

Phone: 1-317-222-5400




Posted March 26, 2021