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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2008

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

High Frequency Electronics | Microwave Journal | Microwaves & RF | Microwave Product Digest | Test & Measurement World

High Frequency Electronics


A High Efficiency Doherty Amplifier with Digital Predistortion for WiMAX (p.18)

Simon Wood, Ray Pengelly, and Jim Crescenzi

Simulating and Designing a PLL Frequency Synthesizer for GSM Communications (p.36)

Samir Kameche, Mohammed Feham, and Mohamed Kameche

Design Notes for Laminates and Other Substrate Materials (p.48)

Gary Breed


A Wide Dynamic Range Playback System for Radar Signals

David Friedman and Paul Hiller

Evolution of Broadband Signal Measurement and Analysis

Dennis Handlon

A Satellite Telemetry Transmitting System with Pre-Modulation Filtering

D.V. Ramana, R. Jolie, V.S. Rao, and S. Pal

An Introduction to Defected Ground Structures in Microstrip Circuits

Gary Breed

Trends in Test & Measurement: New Test Requirements, New Technologies

Jitter and Phase Noise Relationships


Cut Part Count and Increase Dynamic Range in the Hybrid Coupled Attenuator

Chin-Leong Lim

Beamforming Boosts the Range and Capacity of WiMAX Networks

Paul Sergeant and Tong Swan Pang

A Review of the Major Types of RF & Microwave Coaxial Connectors


High-Efficiency Power Amplifiers: Turning the Pages of Forgotten History

Andrei Grebennikov

A Wide Dynamic Range Radar Digitizer

Ed Crean and Paul Hiller

Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer - Part 5: Advanced Techniques

Alexander Chenakin

EDA Tool Options for Advanced High Speed and Wireless Design

Gary Breed


RF MEMS: Maturing Technology is Getting Ready for Prime Time

Kamaljeet Singh and K. Nagachenchiah

BAW Flip-Chip Switched Filter Bank Delivers Dramatic Form Factor Reduction

Steven Mahon, Joshua Zepess, and Mark Andrews

Best Practices for Making Accurate WiMAX Channel-Power Measurements

David Huynh and Bob Nelson

Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer - Part 4: Improving Performance

Alexander Chenakin

High Speed Digital Design Benefits from Recent EDA Tool Developments

Gary Breed


Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer - Part 3: From Sketch to Product

Alexander Chenakin

Determining CW Power Rating of Coaxial Components

Andrew Weirback

Software Enhances the Design and Analysis of Tunable Circuits

Dale D. Henkes, ACS

Manufacturers' Efforts Simplify Power Measurement for Specific Standards

Gary Breed


Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer - Part 2: Component Selection

Alexander Chenakin

Wireless Receiver Design Emphasizes Direct Conversion

IP2 and IP3 Design Considerations for a Direct Conversion I/Q Receiver

Doug Stuetzle

A Constant Mismatch Analysis of Power RF Transistors Using EDA Tools

John Pritiskutch and Craig Rotay

A Review of Common Line-Section Directional Couplers

Gary Breed


Non-Linear Simulation of RFIC Amplifier Reference Design Boards (p.20)

Hetvi Patel, Thomas Weller, Rick Connick and Lawrence Dunleavy

A High Dynamic Range Receiver for the Radar Open System Architecture (p.28)

Frank Cannata

Spectral Distortion in High Data Rate Remote Sensing Satellite Links (p.44)

V. Sambasiva Rao and Surendra Pal

Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer - Part 1: Getting Started (p.58)

Alexander Chenakin


A 300 W Power Amplifier for the 88 to 108 MHz FM Broadcast Band

Antonio Eguizabal

Characterization of RF Transmission Lines on Ion-Implanted CMOS Wafers

Kamaljeet Singh, Surendra Pal, and Deepak Bhatnagar

Low Cost Meets High Value in a Synthesized Signal Generator

Richard Houlihan

Spatial Combining of Multiple Microwave Noise Radiators

Jiri Polivka

A Review of the Performance Capabilities of Antenna Arrays

Gary Breed


Power Combiners, Impedance Transformers and Directional Couplers: Part IV

Andrei Grebennikov

Applying System-in-Package Technology to 16-bit Digital Receiver Design

Todd Nelson

Design and Development of Microwave Filters on Metallized ABS Plastic

Jagdish Shivhare

Improving the Bandwidth of Simple Matching Networks

Gary Breed


A Practical Approach to a Compact, Wide-Band SMT Directional Coupler

Robert Torsiello and Kham Sanvoravong

Frequently Asked Questions About Noise

Ed Garcia, NoiseWave

Terahertz (THz) Technology: An Introduction and Research Update

Power Combiners, Impedance Transformers and Directional Couplers: Part III

Andrei Grebennikov

Key Design Factors for Power and Ground Connections

Gary Breed


Predicting Probable Cavity Resonance with a 3D EM Tool

Yeap Yean Wei, Frank Demming-Janssen, and Linus Lau Ngie Ung

Power Combiners, Impedance Transformers and Directional Couplers: Part II

Andrei Grebennikov

Top Down Design: An Introduction for New Engineers

Gary Breed


Microwave Journal


Towards the Validation of a Commercial Hyperthermia Treatment Planning System

Zhen Li, P.F. Maccarini, O.A. Arabe, V. Stakhursky, W.T. Joines, P.R. Stauffer, M. Vogel, and D. Crawford

Then: Symposium On The Biological Effects And Health Implications Of Microwave Radiation

Dr. John M. Osepchuk

Microwave Power Amplifier Fundamentals

Carlos Fuentes

Advances in High-Performance Ceramic Antennas for Small-Form-Factor, Multi-Technology Devices

Laurent Desclos

LDMOS Transistors in Power Microwave Applications

Steven Theeuwen

Integer-N PLL Local Oscillator for Satellite Telecomm and Receiver

Puneet Kumar Pandey

Wideband Dual Top Loading Monopole Antenna

Yong-Woong Jang and Sang-Woo Lee

Link Budget Calculation for UHF RFID Systems

Hyungoo Yoon and Byung-Jun Jang


Then: Microwave Filter Design Techniques

Essad Tahan

Advances in Microwave Filter Design Techniques

Jorge A. Ruiz-Cruz, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid; Chi Wang

Concepts of Orthogonal Frequency Domain Modulation

Dave Whipple

White Paper: PMTL™, A New High Speed Transmission Line Technology

Jamal S. Izadian

Tutorial: VCO Design Explained, Lesson 2

Joseph Andrews

Metamaterial-based Compact Multilayer Filter with Skew-symmetric Feeds

Yongzhong Zhu, Dan Li, Yongjun Xie and Rui Yang

IMODEL: A Novel Tool for High-performance Inductor Selection

A. Goñi, J. del Pino, O. Medina, S.L. Khemchandani and A. Hernández

Circuit Simulation of Dual-mode Waveguide Cavity FiltersAlex Lapidus

New Tunable Technology for Mobile-TV Antennas

Tero Ranta and Rodd Novak


Then: Present State Of Art In High Power Traveling-wave Tubes

Ervin J. Nalos

Traveling Wave Tubes: Modern Devices and Contemporary Applications

Brian Coaker and Tony Challis

Novel Compact Monopole Antenna with a Parasitic Plate for WLAN Applications

Wen-Shan Chen, Ho-Yu Lin

Application Note: Designing GaAs Power Amplifiers for Femtocells

Joe Cozzarelli

VCO Design Lesson1

Joseph Andrews

Upfront RF Planning Speeds System-level Analysis

Joel Kirchman, AWR

A Compact CPW-fed Rectangle-trapezoid-rectangle Shaped Monopole Antenna for Ultra-wideband Systems

Wen-Shan Chen and Kai-Cheng Yang

Low Frequency 3-D Electromagnetic Analysis of Anechoic Chamber Performance

Mark Winebrand and John Aubin

Wideband 400 W Pulsed Power GaN Amplifier

M.J. Poulton, K. Krishnamurthy, J. Martin, B. Landberg, R. Vetury and D. Aichele, RF Micro Devices

An Approach for Determining MOSFET Small-signal Circuit Model Parameters

Qian Wang, Cheng Yuan, Yasen Huang, and Jianjun Gao

Transceiver Duplexer Design Considerations

Leo G. Maloratsky


Microwaves in Europe: Historical Milestones and Industry Update, Part I

Richard Mumford

Secure Multi-access Channel Using UWB For Next Generation RFID Systems

Widad Ismail, JS Mandeep, Mohammed Saeed Jawad

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

Mark Elo

Wireless Signals As You've Never Seen Them

Dr. Don Metzger, Constant Wave

A Low Profile CPW and Microstrip-fed Half Circle Planar UWB Antenna

Yong-Woong Jang, Sang-Woo Lee, Jeong-Hye Kwon

Retrospective: Antenna Hardware at Allerton

R.C. Hansen

Retrospective: What's in a Good Paper?

Joseph F. White

Constant Efficiency Achievement With Switched Gain Stage And Drain Supply Adjustment For A UHF Power Amplifier

Kumar Narendra & Sangaran Pragash, Lokesh Anand, M.F. Ain & S.I.S. Hassan

Antenna Passive Repeaters For Indoor Recovery of Microwave Cellular Signals

Hristo D. Hristov, Walter Grote and Rodolfo Feick

An Innovative And Integrated Approach to III-V Circuit Design

Y. Yang, P. Zampardi, M. Fredriksson, J. Xu, S Chen, G. Zhang and J. Sifri


Then: Millimeters The New Radio Frontier

Archie W. Straiton & Charles W. Tolbert

50 Years of Millimeter-Waves: A Journey of Development

Wolfgang Menzel

Occupied Bandwidth Measurement of Multi-FA CDMA Signal at Remote Site

Sang-Tae Kim, Jong-Soo Lim, Kyoung-Rok Cho

A Low Cost Wafer Scale Package Technology for mm-wave Applications

Kohei Fujii and Henrik Morkner

LTE ARQ and Re-segmentation

Dan Aubertin

Retrospective: A New Philosophy for Mil-Specs on Microwave Components

Leo Gumina


Historical Highlights of Microwaves

Randy Rhea

Theoretical Analysis on Attenuation of the 5 GHz Miniaturized GaAs MMIC Bandpass Filter

In-ho Kang, Xuguang Wang, Young Yun, and Hongchao Zhang

Buying A Signal Analyzer

Mark Elo

Flex Your Backhaul Network with Adaptive Coding & Modulation

Aviv Ronai, Ron Nadiv and Tsachi Rosenhouse

Twenty Three Years: The Acceptance of Maxwell's Theory

James C. Rautio


A Ku-band 4-bit Compact Octave Bandwidth GaAs MMIC Phase Shifter

Inder J. Bahl and Mark Dayton, Tyco Electronics, M/A-COM Products

Then: A Helical Phase Shifter For VHF

Paul A. Crandell & Fredrick J. Dominick

Self-Cancellation of Third-Order Modulation Products

Cecil Deisch

Analysis and Design of a Linearly Tapered Slot

Ved Vyas Dwivedi MIEEE, Y.P. Kosta MIEEE, Shweta Srivastava, H.B. Pandya

Optimization of a C Band Pulse Altimeter

Robab Kazemi, R. Ali Sadeghzadeh, and Reza Fatemi Mofrad

Applying the Slow-wave Effect in the Design of a Compact Antenna

I. Tseng Tang, Ding-Bing Lin, and Tzu-Hao Lu

Additive (Residual) Phase Noise Measurement of Amplifiers, Frequency Dividers and Frequency Multipliers

Jason Breitbarth and Joe Koebel


Triquint White Paper: Gallium Nitride Applications

Tony Balistreri

Software-defined Radio: The Next Wave in RF Test Instrumentation?

Michael Millhaem

A Modified Wilkinson Power Divider With Harmonic Suppression Characteristic

S C Bera, R V Singh and V K Garg

Improving Multi-carrier PA Efficiency Using Envelope Tracking

Gerard Wimpenny

Liquid Crystal Polymer: Enabling Next Generation Conformal and Multilayer Electronics

Nickolas Kingsley, Auriga Measurement Systems

The Battle Between HF and UHF RFID

F. Mohd-Yasin, M.K. Khaw, F. Choong, and M.B.I. Reaz

A Harmonic and Size Reduced Ring Hybrid Using Hairpin-type LUCs

Hong-Seop Lee and Hee-Yong Hwang

Harmonic Load Pull with High Gamma Tuners

Gary Simpson

Analysis and Design of a Compact Multi-band Antenna for Wireless Communications Applications

Abdelnasser A. Eldek

Software-defined Radio Transmitters for Advanced Wireless and Satellite Communications Systems

Fadhel M. Ghannouchi

An Improved BSIM4 Model for 0.13 μm RF CMOS Using a Simple Lossy Substrate Extraction Method

Chien-Cheng Wei, Hsien-Chin Chiu and Wu-Shiung Feng


Then: Similarity Considerations for Varactor Multipliers

Dr. A. Uhlir, Jr.

A Novel Three-dimensional CP-FDTD Thin Slot Algorithm for Shielding Analysis

Xu Li, Ji-hui Yu, Quan-di Wang and Yong-ming Li

Phase Diversity and Optimal I/Q Signal Combining Methods on a UHF RFID Reader's Receiver

Byung-Jun Jang

Microwave Point-to-Point Systems in 4G Wireless Networks and Beyond

Harvey Lehpamer

A Dual-band-rejected Design for a Cross Semielliptic Monopole Antenna

Wen-Shan Chen, Chi-Huang Lin and Mao-Kai Hsu

Phase Noise: Theory versus Practicality

John Esterline

A Novel N-way Distributed Doherty Amplifier with Improved Efficiency at High PAR Signals

Kyoung-Joon Cho, Wan-Jong Kim, Ji-Yeon Kim, Jong-Heon Kim, and Shawn P. Stapleton

A High Efficiency and Gain Doherty Amplifier for Wireless Mobile Base Stations

X.Q. Chen, Y.C. Guo and X.W. Shi

A Self-offset Phase-locked Loop

Bogdan Sadowski

A Broadband Class-E Parallel-circuit VHF Power Amplifier with High Harmonic Suppression

Kumar Narendra, Sangaran Pragash, Chacko Prakash, Lokesh Anand, M.F. Ain and S.I.S. Hassan


Then: Parametric Diode Q Measurements

Richard I. Harrison

Measuring S-parameters: The First 50 Years

David Vye

Recent Advances in Fresnel Zone Plate Antenna Technology

S. M. StoutGrandy and J.S. Wight

Performance Analysis of OFDM

S.S. Riaz Ahamed

Design of a Miniaturized Quarter-Circular-Slot UWB Antenna

Joon-Won Jang and Hee-Yong Hwang

Design of a Four Feeding Microstrip Patch Antenna

M.F. Ain, J.S. Mandeep, C.T. Chin, S.I.S. Hassan M.A.Othman and B.M. Nawang

Determining Radiated Performance of Mobile WiMAX Devices

Michael D. Foegelle

Residual Phase Noise Measurements of the Input Section in a Receiver

Uros Mavric and Brian Chase

A Microstrip-Fed Monopole Antenna for WLAN USB Applications

Wen-Shan Chen and Kuang-Yuan Ku

Effect of Resistivity Variations on the Performance of Lossy Micro-machined Resonators

Kamaljeet Singh and K. Nagachenchaiah

A High Linearity and Efficiency UHF RF Power Amplifier with Cartesian Feedback for Digital Modulation

K. Narendra, M.F. Ain, J.S. Mandeep and S.I.S. Hassan

A Highly Integrated HBT Down-converter MMIC Employing Optimally Designed Spiral Inductor Filters

Young Yun, In-Ho Kang and Ji-Won Jung

A Distributed Trans-impedance Amplifier Using InGaP/InGaAs Enhancement-mode PHEMT Technology

Chia-Song Wu, Hsing-Chung Liu, Hsien-Chin Chiu and Wei-Hsien Lee


An Enabling New 3D Architecture for Microwave Components and Systems

Zoya Popovic, Sébastien Rondineau, Dejan Filipovic, David Sherrer, Chris Nicholas, Jean-Marc Rollin and Ken Vanhille

Design of a Microwave Group Delay Time Adjuster and Its Application to a Feedforward Power Amplifier

Heungjae Choi, Yongchae Jeong, J.S. Kenney, and Chul Dong Kim

High Efficiency Broadband Power Amplifiers

F.J. Ortega-Gonzalez, J.M. Pardo-Martin, A. Gimeno-Martin and C.B. Peces

Design of a CPW-fed Printed Antenna for Ultra-wideband Applications

Wen-Shan Chen and Kai-Cheng Yang, Southern Taiwan University

A 5 GHz RFIC Single Chip Solution in GaInP/GaAs HBT Technology

Chin-Chun Meng and Tzung-Han Wu

Extracting a Nonlinear Electro-thermal Model for a GaN HFET

Andrew Edwards, Bernard Geller and Isik C. Kizilyalli

Design, Development and Fabrication of Post-coupled Band pass Waveguide Filter @ 11.2GHz for Radiometer


CMOS AGC Design Strategies

Louis Fan Fei, Garmin International

Application Note: Parallel Capacitance in High Power RF Resistors

Florida RF Labs/EMC Technology

White Paper: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

Mark Elo

White Paper: WiMAX Backhaul - No Longer Takes a Back Seat

Aviv Ronai


Now: Phased-array Radars: Past, Astounding Breakthroughs and Future Trends (January 2008)

Eli Brookner

Then: Array Radars: A Survey of Their Potential And Their Limitations (May 1962)

J. L. Allen

Design of Waveguide Bandpass Filter in the X-Frequency Band

Gaëtan Prigent, Nathalie Raveu, Olivier Pigaglio, and Henri Baudrand

The Design of A Dual Ultra-Wide Bandpass Filter Using L-Shaped Step Impedance Resonators

Chu-Yu Chen, Li-Mei Tu

A Low Cost Method for GSM Mobile Synchronization to Base

Jaleh Komaili, Darioush Agahi, and Masoud Kahrizi

A Multi-band Inserted Yagi-type Arrayed-slots PIFA Antenna Using a Large Offset Rectangular L-shaped Feed

Yong-Woong Jang and Sang Woo Lee

A Dual-mode Sensor Solution for Safe Helicopter Landing and Flight Assistance

Yan Christian Venot and Peter Kielhorn

Design Enablement for RF and Microwave IC Design: Part II

Juan Cordovez, James Victory, Samir Chaudhry, Volker Blaschke, Zhixin Yan, Robert Milkovits, Ivan Ban and Marco Racanelli

Electromagnetic Simulation of Mobile Phone Antenna Performance

Omid Sotoudeh, and Tilmann Wittig

Powerful New Formulas for Input Impedance of Antennas and Arrays

Jeremy K. Raines


Microwaves & RF


Equalize RF Amplifiers With Bandpass Filters

Wei Hong, Wei Kang, Lei Zhang, and Jian Yi Zhou

Test Radio Receivers With Recorded Signals

Dominique Fortin and David A. Hall

UWB Antenna Assists Ground-Penetrating Radar Boon-Kuan Chung and Thian-Po Lee


Tester Exercises MIMO Receivers

Wilkie Yu

Perform Fast Optimization Of Tapered WG Transformers

Zelman Harbater

UWB GPR Receiver Detects Waterpipe Leaks

Anastasios Garetsos, Dr. Anastasios Salis, Michael Sofras, and Dr. Yorgos E. Stratakos

Antenna Tuning Approach Aids Cellular Handsets

Rodd Novak and Tero Ranta


Measure The Range Of Sensor Networks

R.A. Abd-Alhameed, K.V. Horoshenkov, Y.F. Hu, C.H. See, and D. Zhou

Analyze Interference In Compact Wireless Designs

Don LaFontaine

Setting Strategies For Transmission Lines

Leo G. Maloratsky

Two-Stage LDMOS RFIC Drives WiMAX

Cedric Cassan and Guillermo Rafael-Valdivia


Design A Scanning RSSI Receiver For WiMAX Measurements

Zhengbo Jiang, Guyan Liu, Jin Liu, Ling Tian, and Guangqi Yang

Achieving Amplitude Accuracy In Modern Spectrum Analyzers

Joe Gorin

Setting Strategies for Transmission Lines

Leo G. Maloratsky

Uneven DGS Cells Construct Compact LPF

Xiao Qun Chen, Xiao Wei Shi, Xin Huai Wang, Lin Xia Wang, and Li Hong Weng


Use Pulse I-V Testing To Characterize RF Devices

Pete Hulbert

Digital Predistortion Linearizes Broadband PAs, Part 2

Hardik Gandhi

Design An X-Band Vivaldi Antenna, Part 2

Dr. J.S. Mandeep and Mr. Nicholas

Analyze Antenna Approaches for LTE Wireless Systems

Morey Rumney and Janine Whitacre


Design An X-Band Vivaldi Antenna

Dr. J.S. Mandeep and Mr. Nicholas

Digital Predistortion Linearizes Broadband PAs

Hardik Gandhi

Examine The Effects Of Phase Noise On RFID Range

Dr. Byung-Jun Jang and Dr. Hyun-Goo Yoon

Planar Resonators Arm Tunable Oscillators

Ajay Kumar Poddar and Ulrich L. Rohde


Coupled Stubs Support Microstrip Bandbass Filter

N. Nagachenchaiah, Kamaljeet Singh

Making Advanced Radar Measurements

Darren McCarthy

Planar Resonators Arm Tunable Oscillators

Ajay Kumar Poddar. Ulrich L. Rohde

Multibeam Antenna Serves Broadband Wireless Comms

Jasmin Desai, Dr. John Howard


Eliminate Fixture Effects On Device Measurements

David Ballo and John Barfuss

Large-Signal Approach Yields Low-Noise VHF/UHF Oscillators

Ajay Kumar Poddar and Ulrich L. Rohde

Multilayer Microstrip Forms Tunable Bandstop Filters

Yamina Bekri, Nasreddine Ben Ahmed, Nadia Benabdallah, and Salima Seghier

Reviewing GNSS Basics For Software Engineers

Malcolm Lomer

Modular Approach Provides Fast And Easy Prototyping

Jenny Jiayan Shen


EM Simulator Models Acoustic/Electric Designs

Marco Farina

Large-Signal Approach Yields Low-Noise VHF/UHF Oscillators

Ajay Kumar Poddar and Ulrich L. Rohde

Cut Loss In Low-Voltage, Wideband PIN Attenuators

Chin-Leong Lim


Design An Integrated Oscillator/Antenna

R.A. Abd-Alhameed, P.S. Excell, A. Ghorbani, N.J. McEwan, C.H. See, and D. Zhou

12-Port VNA Characterizes Crosstalk On High-Speed Lines

Harry Momjian

Analyze EM Parameters Of Slotted Tube Couplers

Yamina Bekri , Nasreddine Ben Ahmed, Nadia Benabdallah, Abdelhafid Lallam


RF Power Calibration Aids Wireless Transmitters

Eamon Nash

GaN Devices Arm Distributed Amplifier

Anthony Pavio and Chenggang Xie

Assemble High-Power Attenuator Systems

Dave Distler, Coaxial Dynamics


Power Meters Make Connections Via USB

Craig Allardice and Tony Lymer

Tracking Advances In Probing Mixed-Mode RF Circuitry

Larry Dangremond

Configure An RF ATE System

Denis Gable

Determine Twisted-Line Characteristic Impedance

Antonio Alves Ferreira, Jr., Wilton Ney Do Amaral Pereira, and Jose Antonio Junstino Ribeiro


Microwave Product Digest


Benefits of an All-Digital IF in Spectrum/Signal Analyzers

Dipti Chheda

Conducting Physical Layer Measurements on LTE Base Station

Transmitters By Lynne Patterson

Advancements in Chip Scale Packaging for Low Profile, High Dynamic Range Mobile Device Design Needs

Khanhtran Phan, Al Ward, Julie Kessler, Alice Borda, Titus Wandinger and Henrik Morkner

Manufacturing Communications Technology Products in India

Petra Ebner and Arno Kolk

Select the Right RF Power Sensor for Your Application

Richard R. Hawkins, President, LadyBug Technologies

CMOS-on-Sapphire RF Switches Enable Multi-Band Cellular Handsets

Dylan J. Kelly

I/Q Modulation Generator has 528 MHz Bandwidth for UWB Tests

Justin Stallings


LINC2 Synthesis, Optimization and Yield Analysis – Three Key Components for Successful First Pass Circuit Design (Part 1 of 2)

Dale D. Henkes, ACS

True EM-Circuit Co-Simulation with Genesys-Momentum Integration

Rick Carter

RF Power Amplifiers Must Meet Demands of Mobile Wireless Broadband Services

Glenn Eswein

Effectively Designing a WiMAX Receiver Chain Using Low Noise Amplifiers with an Integrated Bypass Switch

Asrul Sani Abdullah and Tan Chew Ean

High-Frequency PCB Co-Design Solution Obsoletes File Translation

Michael C. Heimlich and Per Viklund

True Transient 3D EM/Circuit Co-Simulation Using CST STUDIO SUITE

Adrian Scott and Vratislav Sokol

GaN-on-Si RF Power Transistors Combine High Performance and Affordability

Ray Crampton

Considerations in Power Amplifier Package Design

Jerry L. Carter


Finally – The Spatial Frontier!

Scott Behan

Wireless LAN, WiFi and WiMAX Antennas

European Antennas

New Silicon Microwave Power Transistor Simplifies RF Design

Brian Battaglia, Phuong Le, and Mike Watts

Very Low Jitter (25 fs) Clock Fan-outs for Driving GHz ADCs

Dr. Kevin R. Nary

Understanding Gate Lag and How it Differs From Switching Speed

Andrew Freeston

Antenna Selection for Wireless Communication Systems

Kimmo Koskiniemi


com·mu·ni·ca·tion (kuh-myoo-ni-key-shuhn) [noun]

Jan Whitacre

Test Instruments Step Up Performance to Meet Today's Demanding Defense and Aerospace Applications

Steve Thomas

Excellent Quality, Performance and Value: Hittite Introduces an Affordable Signal Generator

Richard Houlihan

TDR-Based Antenna Measurements Allow Fast, Accurate and Cost-Effective Testing of Millimeter-Wave Patch Antennas

Chris Scholz and Haiying Huang

Accelerating Wireless Device Development with Network Emulation

Rajive Bagrodia


LINC2 Software Enhances the Design and Analysis of VCOs and Other Tunable RF and Microwave Circuits

Dale D. Henkes, ACS

AWR Design Environment Version 2008 Boasts More Than 100 Enhancements


Using External LNAs to Improve GPS Signal Performance in Mobile Handsets

John Allan

WiMAX Moving Fast Toward Deployment

Barry Manz

Converters Extend Network Analyzer Range as High as 325 GHz

Yassen Mikhailov


New RF Passive Discrete and Integrated Technologies Combining Ultra-Stable Performance and Smallest Size

Chris Reynolds

50-V LDMOS Portfolio Expands To Ease Transition to Digital Broadcasting

Barry Manz

Useful Wireless Test System Architectures Using Programmable Step Attenuators

Brett Chermansky, Chief Engineer, JFW Industries

Why Directional Couplers Are Better for High Power Measurements vs. Attenuators

MECA Electronics

Remotely-tunable Notch and Bandpass Filters for Evaluating System Performance

Sam Johnson

GaN and GaAs High Power Process Research Leads to Advances for Military Applications

Anthony Balistreri and Mark Andrews


Overcoming Noise Figure Measurement Challenges in Fixtured, On-Wafer and ATE Environments

David Ballo

Trends in Military Communication Systems

Chris Heavens

System Level Simulation Helps Validate Wireless Transceiver Design

Joel Kirshman

Isolator and Circulator Basics

MECA Electronics

A Fundamental and Technical Review of Radomes

Lance Griffiths

Military Radome Performance and Verification Testing

Thomas B. Darling

What It Takes to Make High Efficiency Ka-Band Amplifiers

Damian McCann, Dr. Simon Mahon, Anna Dadello, Dr. Alex Bessemoulin, Dr. Jim Harvey, and Peter Evans

Multifunction Subsystems Employ Advanced MIC Techniques

Narda Microwave-East

A dual-channel, DSP-based FM arbitrary waveform generator By NARDA Microwave-EAST

A New Level of Integration in RF Components

Mike Press and Mark Moffat, RFMD®

Satellite Simulator Speeds Training and Troubleshooting

Rick Walsh

Telemetry Antennas with Integrated Electronics

Tom Goodwin


Long Term Evolution (LTE): a New Air Interface for Wireless Access

Jan Whitacre

Standards-based Waveform Creation Software Allows for Fast, Accurate and Cost-effective Testing of Wireless Technologies

Lynne Patterson

Accurate High RF Power Measurement

Jin Yu and Henry Szczurko

Improve System Integration and Performance with a New Family of Variable Gain Amplifiers (VGA)

Richard Houlihan

A Small Form Factor 3-9 GHz Synthesizer Module for Use in Synthetic Instrumentation Applications

Alexander Chenakin and Suresh Ojha


Importance of Mismatch Tolerance for Amplifiers Used in Susceptibility Testing

Pat Malloy, Sr. Applications Engineer and Jason Smith

Pierce-Gate Crystal Oscillator, an Introduction

Ramon Cerda

High Frequency Low Phase Noise TCXO

Sergio San Pedro

Package Diversity

A Microwave Tuner in a VME-based Open Architecture, with Phase Coherent Multi-channel Operation

Tyco Electronics


Selecting Switches for High-Power Testing Applications

Kim-Yen Ang and Yee-Ping Teoh

Complex Antenna System Design

Jim DeLap, Dane Thompson, Ph.D., and Nick Hirth

EDGE Power Amplifier Distortion Measurements in a Large Signal Polar Modulation (LSPM) System

David Zhao and Jason Zhou

Industry Migration to 3G Multimode Puts Premium on Handset's Front-End Module Design

Nick Cheng, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


10G Linear TIA in Long-Reach Multi-Mode Applications

Lian Zhao and Ariel Nachum

Comparison of High Power Amplifier Technologies: TWTAs vs SSPAs

Howard Hausman

Passive Components, Switches Combine High Performance, Fast Availability

Narda Microwave-East

Breakthrough in Conformal Self-Shielding of Electronic Packages

Scott Morris and Milind Shah

Considerations when Selecting COTS WLAN Products for Military Systems

Dean Handrinos, Stealth Microwave

Advanced Transmit/Receive Module Solutions Supported by Highly Integrated X-Band Chip Set

Douglas A. Bajgot


RF Design


Evaluating and Selecting a Synthetic Test Environment

Francesco Lupinetti

Space-grade DC-DC Converter Revolutionizes Low-power RF Design

Tiva Bussarakons

Taking Advantage of New Choices in Embedded Graphical Processor Units

Mark Snyder


Using Ripple Injection Supply for Testing Oscillator PSRR

Mike F. Wacker

Understanding State of The Art in ADCs

Brad Brannon

Mixing RF, Digital and Analog circuits on the Same PCBC

Per Viklund and John Isaac

Conformally Applied Technology Delivers Breakthrough in RF Shielding

Ulrik Riis Madsen and Carsten Hinrichsen


Dynamic Spectrum Access Moves to the Forefront

Salvador D'Itri and Mark McHenry

MIMO: The Next Revolution in Wireless Data communications

Babak Daneshrad

Protecting the Key is the Key to Secure Communications

Dave Locke


Medical Info-communications Signals an Era of Body Area Networking

Ashok Bindra

Standardizing Transceiver APIs for Software Defined and Cognitive Radio

Eric Nicollet and Lee Pucker

The Challenges of Moving to MIMO Systems

Mark Elo

Simplifying RF Front-end Design in Multiband Handsets

Duncan Pilgrim

Bluetooth Seattle Broadens the User Experience Through a Transparent Mix of Technologies

Mark E. Hazen


Test & Measurement World


Testing E-OTD

Darcy Smith

Test Ideas: Produce AC Test Signals

Tiger Zhou and Robert Dobkin 

Diagnosis-driven Yield Analysis

Dave Macemon

 Tune and Test DDR Memory

Andrew Fish

 RoHS Standards Present Moving Target

Steve Scheiber

ESD Tests Generate Different Results

Martin Rowe

Testing Inverters for Backlighting

Martin Rowe 


Test Ideas: Isolate Your Clock Source

Daniele Danieli

Digital Signal Compression in Mixed-signal ATE

Daniel Rosenthal

Troubleshoot Intermittent Signals

Mike Lauterbach


RF Modules Pose Tough Test Challenges

Rick Nelson

Test Ideas: Serial Port Controls ADC

Yury Magda

Cooperation to Compliance With SFP+

Martin Rowe

Thermocouples Often Described Incorrectly

Martin Rowe


Magnetic Measurement Tools Attract Attention

Paul Rako

Test Ideas: DPGA Conditions Signals With Negative Time Constant

W. Stephen Woodward


A Wireless Mess

Martin Rowe

Need for EMC Testing Benefits Spectrum-Analyzer Market

Juan Rosales

CT Brings Clarity, Precision to PCB Inspection

Ann R. Thryft

Dynamic Range Unraveled

Satish Dhanasekaran and Darrin Russell

Sync Sine Waves Over Three Decades

Alfredo H. Saab and Tina Alikahi

Optimize a Digitizer's Analog Signal Path

Martin Rowe


Science vs. Technology

Rick Nelson

Do You Want Data or Results?

Jon Titus

STC to Help Test Keep Pace with Design

Rick Nelson


Improve Thermal Cycling Time

Martin Rowe

Protocol Stack Testing for LTE

Christina Geßner

Design Tradeoffs in Data Acquisition

Martin Rowe

MEMS Create 3-D Inspection Challenges

Jon Titus

When Power Supplies Don't Meet Specs

Martin Rowe

Where to Put AOI?

Steve Scheiber

Inject Voltage Pulses and Troubleshoot

Martin Rowe


Genetic Algorithm Solves Thermistor Problem

Rick Nelson

Test methodologies for high-speed serial designs

Rick Nelson


MIMO Challenges Existing ATE

Keith Schaub

Design for Dust

David Lohbeck

As SOCs Grow, Instruments Move On-chip

Ron Wilson

Iridescent Future Ahead for the Oscilloscope Market

Vijay Mathew


Protection at Full Power

Martin Rowe

Nonsignaling Technique Improves RF Test

Henry Gropp

Oscilloscopes Aid Embedded Designs

Rick Nelson

Take Lens MTF into Account

Jon Titus

Extending PXI

Richard A. Quinnell


Accelerate and Simplify Serial Data Testing

Martin Rowe

DFT, ATE Drive Yield Improvement

Ajay Khoche, Verigy, and Wu Yang

PCs Change Quickly; Test Setups Don't

Martin Rowe

Oscilloscope Probe Hints

Rick Nelson

Machine-vision Focus Shifts With Application

Rick Nelson

Sometimes, a Voltmeter is all You Need

Brad Thompson

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