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RF Cafe began life in 1996 as "RF Tools" in an AOL screen name web space totaling 2 MB. Its primary purpose was to provide me with ready access to commonly needed formulas and reference material while performing my work as an RF system and circuit design engineer. The World Wide Web (Internet) was largely an unknown entity at the time and bandwidth was a scarce commodity. Dial-up modems blazed along at 14.4 kbps while typing up your telephone line, and a nice lady's voice announced "You've Got Mail" when a new message arrived...

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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2018

RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive 2018 - RF CafeIf you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

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Electronic Design


PCI Express Clock Generators, Buffers Prepare for Next Generation
John Blyler

Twin DFT and Mission-Critical Safety Apps for Pre-Silicon Design Verification
Lauro Rizzatti

Living without Halogens and Phthalates: The Why's and How's
Roger Franz

11 Myths About the DDS Standard
Bert Farabaugh

High-Density Applications Demand Precision Analog Devices in Tiny Packages
Paul Pickering

Securing Safety: Infrastructure on Alert
Anura Fernando

"Printed Circuits" May Soon Become Truly Printed
Bill Schweber

Program a PIC Processor In-Circuit Using a 3.3-V Supply
David Conrad

Tester Assesses Automotive Radome mmWave Transparency
Bill Schweber


Silicon-on-Insulator Electro-Optics Yields Advanced Random Number Generator
Bill Schweber

Digital Temperature Sensors - Always a Hot Area
Bill Schweber

Overcome Challenges in Embedded Optical Interconnect Design
Gerald Persaud, David Rolston

Why Special Care is Needed When Fuel-Gauging LiFeP04 Batteries
Georgy Zerkalov, Jason Wortham, and Bakul Damle

GaN Power Transistors: Master Strokes on a Power-Supply Canvas
Paul Pickering

Designing a Discontinuous-Conduction-Mode Flyback Transformer
Craig Lombard


11 Myths About Custom Silicon
Edel Griffith

Detect IGBT Module Defects in Acoustic 3D
Tom Adams

Industry 4.0 Finds New Synergies with a Combination of Diverse Technologies
Paul Pickering

Conquering Underwater-Communication Challenges with Electro-optics, Radar
Bill Schweber

Myths About Formal Verification
Tom Anderson

An Illuminating Look at LED Driving
Lou Frenzel

IoT Displays: Striking the Right Balance Between Functionality and Power
HD Lee

Security in Manufacturing: Closing the Backdoor in IoT Products
Josh Norem

The Rapid Rise of Computer Vision
Badru Agarwala

What's the Difference Between Physical HALT and Virtual Simulation?
Craig Armenti

The Chronicles of GND (Part 3): Push Me, Pull Me - When Supply Currents Go Rogue
Kendall Castor-Perry


Graphene and Gold Merge to Deliver Superior Photodetector
Bill Schweber

Capacitive Touch Switches: The Ideal Mix of Interface, Algorithm, and Connectivity
Bill Schweber

Voltage Reference Bests Zener Diode as Low-Current Bias Source
Robert Hanrahan

Analog: Still Alive and Well
Barry Manz

How to Measure Current, Power for Improved System Monitoring
Lou Frenzel

What's the Difference Between Sound and Unsound Static Analysis?
Claire Dross, Boris Yakobowski

How to Measure Current, Power for Improved System Monitoring
Lou Frenzel

Novel Techniques, Materials Cut Battery-Recharge Cycle Time
Bill Schweber

Power-Supply Design: How Hard Could It Be?
Lou Frenzel


Testing Power Supplies: Small Issues Have Big Effect on Results
Frederik Dostal

MRAM Makes a Move into the Embedded Space
William Wong

Following Rules Might be Better than Machine Learning
William Wong

Why Automotive ECUs Need a High-Performance POL Converter
Nazzareno Rossetti

A Closer Look at the Common Emitter Amplifier and Emitter Follower
Cabe Atwell

Regulator Review: Wring the Best Performance Out of Your LDO
Paul Pickering

A Faster, More Cost-Effective Way to Model High-Performance Motors
John Wanjiku

Will Moore's and Metcalfe's Laws Doom the IoT to the Dotcom Fate?
John Blyler


Selecting Film or Electrolytic Capacitors for Power-Conversion Circuits
Rudy Ramos

Precision Op Amps Yield High-Accuracy Circuits
Lou Frenzel

Power Modules Shrink to Meet Space-Constrained App Demands
Barry Manz

The Expanding Role of Sensors in "Smart" HVAC Systems
Barry Manz

What's the Difference Between Version-Control Systems for Software and Hardware?
Dmitry Vavilkin, Dmitry Zhgenti

MCU Metamorphosis - Adding Analog Circuits On-Chip
Bill Schweber

IoT Sensor Micros Need to Sip Power
William Wong

Fixture vs. Charger Design Tradeoffs when Charging Li-ion Cells
Bob Zollo

These Smart Walls Can't Talk, But They Definitely Can See
Lou Frenzel

Designing for Peak Power in Mobile Electronic Devices
Kevin Murphy

High-Voltage Solutions Take Over HEV/EV Designs
Lou Frenzel


Generate a High-Frequency Magnetic Field Using this Resonant Technique
KC Yang

Digitally Controlled Current Limiter Safely Charges Large Capacitor Banks
Ilija Uzelac

4 1/2 Practical Uses for a Diode
Daniel Bogdanoff

What's All This Rail-to-Rail Amplifier Stuff, Anyhow?
Paul Rako

GaN Devices Power the Next Generation of LiDAR Systems
Paul Pickering

Choosing the Right Automotive Sensor for Throttle Control
Bonnie Baker

Inkjet-Printed Graphene Plus Laser Yields Washable Electronics
Bill Schweber

1,000,001 Things to Do with an Op Amp
Lou Frenzel


Materials Advance May Puncture Silicon-Optical Barrier
Bill Schweber

Low EMI/EMC Emission Switching Converter Eases ADAS Designs
Tony Armstrong

What's the Difference Between Ethernet and Time-Sensitive Networking?
Volker E. Goller

What's the Better Battery for Your Portables - Li Ion or Li Poly?
Danny Rockett

Electronics Still Thrives as a Hobby
Lou Frenzel

How to Create Automatic Direction Control for RS-485 Interfaces
Ward Brown


Graphene Propelled These 4 Power-Related Advances
Cabe Atwell

Cables Be Gone: Wireless Charging Charges On
Lou Frenzel

Combine Pattern Matching with DFM to Optimize Layouts
Sherif Hany

Boost the Run-Time of Portable Electronics with a One-Two Punch
Bo Xu, Eric Pittana, and Nazzareno Rossetti

The Human Touch: Stretchable Electronic Skin Can "Feel"
Bill Schweber

What's All This Reference Stuff, Anyhow?
Paul Rako

Relay-Based ON/OFF Flip-Flop Remembers State During Power Failure

The Future of High-Reliability Electronics
Richard F. Zarr

The Active Clamp Flyback Converter: A Design Whose Time Has Come
Paul Pickering

The Evolution of the Instrumentation Amplifier
Greg Davis


Installing Open-Frame and U-Channel AC-DC Power Supplies
Gary Bocock

Domestic Digitalization: Wireless in Home Applications (Part 2)
Saranjit Gupta

Here Comes the Solid-State RF Energy Evolution
Mark Murphy

What's the Difference Between DC-DC Conversion Topologies?
Bonnie Baker


Li-Fi Brings New Life to Industrial Data Transmission
Dr. Alexander Noack

Ultrasound for IoT Wakeup vs. RF: Lower Power, Smaller Size
Bill Schweber

Dipping in the Hardware Emulation Archives
Lauro Rizzatti

Why Are NVDIMMs Suddenly Hot?
Jim Handy

Testing and Optimizing Efficiency in the Smart Grid
Andrew Cifala  

Domestic Digitalization: Wireless in Home Appliances (Part 1)
Saranjit Gupta

Embedded Programming in the Large
William Wong

Matched JFETs Improve Photodiode Amplifier
Paul Rako

New Standard Redefines VPX Slots
William Wong

Count on Design Software for Millimeter-Wave Automotive Radar and Antenna System Development, Part 2
Dr. Milton Lien, David Vye

What's All This Prototype PCB Stuff, Anyhow?
Paul Rako


Go "Beyond the Shelf" to Find the Right Connector for Your Custom Design
Nemanja Jokanovic

IR-Triggered MEMS Switch Requires Zero Power When Dormant
Bill Schweber

Omni-chassis: An Evolutionary Step in Robotics
William G. Lovell

Count on Design Software for Millimeter-Wave Automotive Radar and Antenna System Development, Part 1
Dr. Milton Lien and David Vye

High Bandwidth Memory: The Great Awakening of AI
Tien Shiah

High Frequency Electronics


What's Next: Exploring Four Innovations' Impact on Radar Technology
National Instruments


Navigating LNA Microwave Integrated Circuits
Peter McNeil


New Phased-Array Antenna Design Tools for MIMO/Beam-Steering Applications
David Vye


A 1:8 Unequal Power Splitter
G. T. Watkins


Concept of Memory in RF Power Amplifiers
Boris Aleiner


USB Power Sensors for Statistical Pulse Measurements
Orwill Hawkins

Compact PA Solution Using Novel GaN Process and Specialized Software


A Non-Linear Analysis of the Saturated MOSFET
Dr. Alfred Grayzel

The Future of High Frequency Resistive Components Is in CVD Diamond
Firooz Faili, Julian Anaya Calvo, Thomas Obeloer and Daniel Twitchen


How to Synthesize and Build a Custom HDTV Antenna
Derek Linden

When Choosing Test Equipment, Don't Forget the Interface
Paul Pickering


Sensitivity and PSRR Enhancement of RF Amplifiers
Michael Hopkins

Affordable Solutions for Testing 28 GHz 5G Devices with Your 6 GHz Lab Instrumentation
Jose Garcia and Miroslav Karas


Advantages of the Doherty Amplifier Configuration
Boris Aleiner

Passives Assist the Very Active
Tom Perkins

Gunn Oscillators:A Reintroduction
Yonghui Shu

Simulated or Measured Performance for Simple Antennas?
Yonghui Shu


An Anomalous Coupling Mode Supports Wide-Band RF Pulses in a High-Q, Narrow-Band Resonator (p. 22)
Lewis Carroll

MIL-STD-1553B: The Past and Future Data Bus (p.28)
Mark Hearn

Let's Warm Things Up (p.34)
Tom Perkins


LoRa Networks Enabling Industrial IoT Applications
Mark Miller

MIMO and Beam-Steering Modeling in NI AWR Design Environment Supports 5G
Dr. Gent Paparisto and Dr. John Dunn

Microwave Journal


Reinventing Radar: The Power of 4D Sensing
Avik Santra, Ismail Nasr and Julie Kim

Evaluating PCB Plated Through Holes For 5G Applications
John Coonrod

Navigating the 5G NR Standards
Sheri DeTomasi


Breaking Through the Cost Barrier for Phased Arrays
Doug Carlson

Designing Ultra-Wideband Small Form Factor RF Signal Recorders
Chris Tojeira

200 W High Efficiency 1.8 to 2.7 GHz GaN HEMT Doherty Amplifiers for Cellular
James Wong, Andrei Grebennikov and Naoki Watanabe

A Ka-Band Low Phase Noise VCO Implemented in 1 μm GaAs HBT Technology
Jincan Zhang, Bo Liu, Leiming Zhang, Jinchan Wang, Qing Hua, Yuming Zhang, Hongliang Lu and Yimen Zhang

Network Synthesis Wizard Automates Interactive Matching-Circuit Design
David Vye


SAW/BAW New Market Entrants Offer New Approaches
Dave Aichele

Optoelectronic Oscillators: Recent and Emerging Trends
Afshin S. Daryoush, Ajay Poddar, Tianchi Sun, and Ulrich L. Rohde

5G Brings New RF Challenges for Handsets
Ben Thomas

A Field-Effect Transistor That Avoids Pinch-Off
Alfred Grayzel

L-Band Microstrip Lowpass Filter with Small Size and Excellent Harmonic Suppression
Amirhossein Ghaderi and Saeed Roshani


Colosseum: A Battleground for AI Let Loose on the RF Spectrum
Ashish Chaudhari, David Squires, and Paul Tilghman

Linearity Improved Doherty Power Amplifier Using Ferroelectric Ceramics
Shiwei Zhao, Yuehang Xu, and Zhenfeng Yin

Push-Push Oscillators Operating at G-Band Using InP DHBT Technology
Wang Xi, Muhammad Asif, Tong Zhihang, Jin Zhi, and Su Yongbo, Zhao Hua, Ding Wuchang and Ding Peng

Measuring Differential Noise Figure
Jon Martens


A High Linearity Doherty Power Amplifier Using Tunable Loaded Capacitor CMRC
Shiwei Zhao and Xiaosen Dai

Spatial Multiplexing for 5G Wireless Communications
Honglei Chen and Rick Gentile

Why Vpeak is the Most Critical Aperture Tuner Parameter
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Design Platforms Maximize Performance and Reduce Time-to-Market
Patrick Hindle

Design of an Ultra-Wideband Combline "Brick Wall" Filter
Morten Hagensen, Kristian Lotz, Kim Vienberg, and Jesper Trier

New Symbolically Defined Model for InP Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors
Yuhua Qi, Zhao Shen, and Rulong He


Ultra-Cool GaN on Diamond Power Amplifiers for SATCOM
Felix Ejeckam, Ty Mitchell, Kris Kong and Paul Saunier

Aluminum-Diamond Metal-Matrix Heat Spreaders for GaN Devices
Kevin Loutfy

Diamond-Silver Composite Packaging for GaN Space Applications
Richard Mumford

Designing A Broadband, Highly Efficient, GaN RF Power Amplifier
J. Brunning and R. Rayit

Overcoming the Challenges of mmWave, On-Wafer Load-Pull Measurements for 5G
Richard Hilton and Steve Dudkiewicz


RF GaN on Si Meets CMOS Manufacturing
Tim Boles and Ferdinando Iucolano

Advanced GaAs Integration for Single Chip mmWave Front-Ends
David Danzillio

Design of Broadband High Efficiency Power Amplifiers Based on Series Continuous Modes
Qirong Li, Songbai He, Zhijiang Dai and Weimin Shi

A Compact Microstrip Lowpass Filter with Harmonic Suppression
Chun-Ping Ge, Yong-Qin Liu, and Yan Dou

UWB 16-Way Hybrid Coaxial/Ring Cavity Power Divider with Low Insertion Loss
Yu Zhu, Kaijun Song, Shunyong Hu and Yong Fan

Advanced GaAs Integration for Single Chip mmWave Front-Ends
David Danzillio

A 20 GHz Low Phase Noise Push-Push VCO in InGaP GaAs HBT Technology
Jincan Zhang, Bo Liu, Leiming Zhang Ligong Sun, Yuming Zhang, Hongliang Lu and Yimen Zhang

Metamaterial-Based Planar Compact MIMO Antenna with Low Mutual Coupling
Jie Li, Jia-Bei Zhao, Jia-Jun Liang, Lin-Lin Zhong and Jing-Song

Precise Frequency Sources Meeting the 5G Holdover Time Interval Error Requirement
A. Kotyukov, Y. Ivanov and A. Nikonov

5G Update: Standards Emerge, Accelerating 5G Deployment


Design of a Single Chip Front-End Module for 28 GHz 5G
Stuart Glynn, Robert Smith, Liam Devlin, Andy Dearn and Graham Pearson

Ultra-Low Phase Noise Oscillators with Attosecond Jitter
Andreas Gronefeld

Design of Highly Linear FET Resistive Mixers
Matthew S. Clements, Steve E. Avery, and Richard Barber


The Future of Automotive Radar Testing
Matt Spexarth

Combining MMIC Reflectionless Filters to Create UWB Bandpass Filters
Radha Setty, Brandon Kaplan, Matt Morgan, and Tod Boyd

Time Domain Channel Compensation Suitable for Wideband Digital Predistortion
Bin Song, Songbai He, Jun Peng, and Wenman Zou

Two-Layer Stacked Microstrip Cylindrical Conformal Antenna Array With Cross Snowflake Fractal Patches
Lei Xin, Kaiyuan Cao and Xiaoqing Yang


5G Fixed Wireless Access Array and RF Front-End Trade-Offs
Bror Peterson and David Schnaufer

All-Silicon Active Antennas for High Performance 5G/SATCOM Terminals
David W. Corman

Microstrip Defected Ground Structures Without Radiation Loss Using Multilayer PCB Technology
John Coonrod


Evaluating 77 to 79 GHz Automotive Radar Radome Emblems
Steffen Heuel, Tobias Köppel and Sherif Ahmed

Antenna Technologies for the Future
Pat Hindle

Progress and Challenges of Test Technologies for 5G
Zhengbo Jiang, Wei Hong, Nianzu Zhang and Chao Yu, and Tianze Su

Meeting High-Power and High Frequency Challenges with Adhesives and Potting Compounds
Venkat Nandivada and Rohit Ramnath

Microwaves & RF


Algorithms to Antenna: Increasing Angular Resolution Using MIMO Radar
Rick Gentile

A Brief Tutorial on Microstrip Antennas (Part 2)
Kenneth V. Puglia


Take the Guesswork out of Discrete Circuit Design
Chris DeMartino

Algorithms to Antenna: Waveforms for 5G, 802.11ax, and NB-IoT
Rick Gentile

Overcome Challenges in Embedded Optical Interconnect Design
Gerald Persaud, David Rolston

Designing Cavity Filters for the 5G Network
Jiyoun Munn

A Brief Tutorial on Microstrip Antennas (Part 1)
Kenneth V. Puglia

Circuit Materials Secure Automotive Safety Systems
Joey Keller


Dissecting a 5G 28-GHz Phased-Array Transmit Chain
Jack Sifri

A Selected History of Receiver Innovations Over the Last 100 Years (Part 2)
Brad Brannon

Algorithms to Antenna: Modeling Polarization in Radar and Wireless Systems
Rick Gentile

Assemble Antennas with 3D Printing
Glenn Robb


Realizing 5G Sub-6-GHz Massive MIMO Using GaN
David Schnaufer, Bror Peterson

Algorithms to Antenna: Synthesizing an Antenna Array with Optimization Techniques
Rick Gentile

5G Hype vs. Reality: Overcome These Challenges to Achieve "Real" 5G Deployment
Arun Mulpur

Radar Technology Beams Toward the Next Frontier
Chris DeMartino


Perform Cost-Effective Antenna Radiation Measurements
Miroslav Joler

Block EMI/RFI with Shields and Filters
Jack Browne

Power Dividers: Basic Tools Designers Can't Live Without
Steven Pong

Planar UWB Antenna Includes Two Notches
Ahmed A. Ibrahim and Mohamed M. Boghdady

The Wheatstone Bridge: How Does It Impact VNA Measurements?
Brian Walker


Evolving 5G Landscape Creates New RF Challenges
Ben Thomas, Scott Vasquez

Algorithms to Antenna: Visualize Antenna-Array and SINR Patterns on a Map
Rick Gentile

Building a Zero-Order BPF with CRLH Transmission Lines
Mahmoud A. Abdalla, Ashraf Y. Hassan, Ahmed A. Ibrahim

Metamaterials Mold Multiband Resonator
Ahmed F. Daw, Marian N. Adly, Mahmoud A. Abdalla


Brushing Up on Network Analyzer Fundamentals
Chris DeMartino

Algorithms to Antenna: Reducing Signal Distortions - PA Characterization with DPD
Rick Gentile

A Primer on Pulsed Measurements
Chris DeMartino

Develop Repeatable RF Measurement Methods
Kamaljeet Singh and A.V. Nirmal


Overcome Message Collisions in Satellite Automatic ID Systems
Swetha G M 1, Hemavathy K, S. Natarajan

Wireless Bandpass Filters Build on Metamaterials
Ahmed A. Ibrahim, Mahmoud A. Abdalla, and Adel B. Abdel-Rahman

Algorithms to Antenna: Massive-MIMO Hybrid Beamforming
Rick Gentile

Transparentize Connections for 5G and WiGig Testing
Bill Rosas

Fast Numerical Analysis of Scattering and Radar Cross Section
Jiyoun Munn

Noise Can Tell Much About Material
Jiri Polivka


What's the Difference Between OCXOs and TCXOs?
Rob Rutkowski

Millimeter-Wave Automotive Radar Testing Must be Flexible
Jeff Harris

Tackle the Intricacies of 5G
Chris DeMartino

5 Steps to Antenna Matching Using a Portable PC-Based VNA
Dylan Stinson

What Role Will Millimeter Waves Play in 5G Wireless Systems?
Jack Browne

SIW Filter Doubles as Balun to mmWave Frequencies
Dr. Bouchra Rahali

Are There Too Many Short-Range Wireless Standards?
Lou Frenzel


Why Plastic-Packaged MMIC PAs May be Essential for 5G MIMO Base Stations
Stephan Maroldt and Mariano Ercoli

Algorithms to Antenna: Understanding Subarray Tradeoffs in Large Antenna Arrays
Rick Gentile

CRLH TLs and SIRs Lead to the Incredibly Shrinking Antenna
Mahmoud A. Abdalla, Sameer Kumar Sharma, and Zhirun Hu

Handling the Heat: Materials Make the Difference
Jack Browne

Dive into EM/Circuit Co-Simulation of a T/R Front-End Module and Actively-Scanned Array, Part 1
John Dunn


How Low (in Frequency) Can You Go?
Lou Frenzel

Using Conductive Printed 3D Plastic Parts to Sense Motion
Bill Schweber

Comparing Narrowband and Wideband Channels
Jack Browne

Rotman Lens' Electronic Beam Steering Aims At 5G Signals
Mike Gleaves


Tiny Microstrip Antenna Covers WLAN, LTE, and WiMAX
Ahmed Boutejdar, Mohammad A. Salamin, Soumia El Hani

Understanding 5G and IoT RF Systems with Off-the-Shelf Components
How-Siang Yap

Wireless Technology: The Existential Necessity of Life
Lou Frenzel

Algorithms to Antenna: Achieve System Performance Goals with Less Hardware
Rick Gentile

Count on Design Software for Millimeter-Wave Automotive Radar and Antenna System Development, Part 1
Dr. Milton Lien and David Vye

RF/Microwave Technology Helping Power EVs and HEVs
Jack Browne

Taking Steps to Boost Power Amp Efficiency
Jack Browne

Microwave Product Digest


Signal Analysis Tools for 5G NR Must be Efficient and Flexible
Anritsu Company

Advantages of Pseudo-Omni Antennas for Densification/Internet of Things Applications
Brian L. Wixon


Which Wireless Technologies will Power the SMART Grid?
Colin Newman

PCB Import Wizard in NI AWR Software Accelerates EM Verification of Complex Board Structures
AWR Group, NI

GaN Power Amplifiers Serving Satellite Industry on Multiple Levels

Addressing Phase Noise in Direct Downconverters and Radar Systems with New LPNA MMICs
Custom MMIC

Fast and Efficient RF Amplifier Design Using LINC2 Automated Circuit Synthesis
Dale D. Henkes, ACS  


Multiband Radios for Next-Generation Wireless Base Stations
John Oates

Small Loop Antenna Matching for Minimum Sensitivity
Jaakko Juntunen


Hybrid & Electric Vehicle DC/DC Converter Design and Test Challenges
Mike Hawes

MMIC Die Testing Made Easy with Ultra-Wideband 0 dB Attenuator (Thru-line) Dice
Radha Setty

New Differential Noise Figure Measurement Approach Addresses High-Frequency, High-Bandwidth Applications
Anritsu Company


Powerful Efficient GaN Solid-State Power Amplifiers
Heidi Thelander

GaN's Role in 5G
Fairview Microwave

Prismatic 3V Supercapacitors Enhance Performance with Wearables, Sensors, Coin Cells and Energy Harvesters
Pierre Mars


RF Converters Enable Efficient Multiband Radios for Next-Generation Wireless Base Stations
John Oates

Filters and the Problem of RF Pollution
Steven Pong


Design of 1 kW GaN Solid-State Power Amplifier at 2.45 GHz
Avtar Virdee and Bal Virdee

The Design of Multi-Chip SMT Front-End Modules for mm-Wave 5G Applications
Graham Pearson, Liam Devlin and Mike Geen

Power Supply Management of GaN MMIC Power Amplifiers for Pulsed Radar
David Bennett and Richard DiAngelo


Gunn Diode Waveguide Oscillators

Pierce-Gate Crystal Oscillator, a Revisit
Ramon M. Cerda


Ultra-Wideband, Low-Loss Couplers for Cable TV and Broadband Access Systems (DOCSIS® 3.1)

Connectors Keep Pace with Millimeter-Wave Advances
Dan Birch

X-band: GaAs vs GaN Efficiency Tradeoffs
Grant Wilcox


Methods of Suppressing PIM in Multicarrier Systems
Steve Ellis

Improved DAC Phase Noise Measurements Enable Ultra Low Phase Noise DDS Applications
Peter Delos and Jarret Liner

Rapid Model-Based Evaluation Board Success for a 160W L-Band GaN PA
Rached Hajji, Kim Tran, Larry Dunleavy, and Laura Levesque


A Low Loss, Remote Radar Target Simulator (LRTS)
Joe Mazzochette

Wideband Frequency Modulation Applications and Techniques
Dr. Ronen Holtzman

Highly Integrated RF and Digital Architectures: Challenges, Benefits and Acceptance
Lorne Graves

Test & Measurement World


The Connector is Often the EMI Problem
Eric Bogatin

5G Buildout Will be More Involved Than We've Been Led to Believe
Brian Santo


Voltage Transfer: Give Me Low Output Impedance
Bob Witte

Circuit and Component Models: Get Them Right
Charles Hymowitz


Power Transfer and Phase Basics
Bob Witte

5G Moves Forward, One Topology at a Time
James Kimery


VNAs Measure More than Components
Martin Rowe

Measure Phase Difference with an Oscilloscope
Arthur Pini

Beam Steering: One of 5G's Components
Bill Schweber


EMI Emissions Testing: Peak, Quasi-Peak, and Average Measurements
Dorine Gurney

Measuring Powerful Laser Output Takes a Forceful Approach
Bill Schweber

WCCA: Lack of Rigor Will Cost You
Charles Hymowitz

Making Impedance Measurements in SPICE
John Dunn


Hypnotizing Test engineers with Figures of Dubious Merit
Ransom Stephens

Will 5G be reliable?
James Kimery

Why Worst-Case Circuit Analysis is Challenging to Perform
Charles Hymowitz


Evaluation of Measurement Techniques for High Speed GaN Transistors
Suvankar Biswas, David Reusch, and Michael de Rooij

The Case of the Oscillating Oven
Gerald Gusdorf

Solder-Wick Trick Characterizes Bypass Caps
Istvan Novak


Five Unintended Benefits of 5G
Larry Desjardin

Construct a 56 Gbaud PAM4 Signal Source
Jeb Binkley and Alexander Katsman

The Emergence of 112G PAM4 for Cloud Data Centers
Steve Taranovich

How is a Light Source's Spectrum Measured?
Yoelit Hiebert

FemtoAmp Offers Extreme Gain Range & Isolation
Stephen Woodward

Is 5 nm Testing the Same or Different?
Robert Ruiz

Thermal Study Exposes PSU Improvements
Michael Dunn


MIMO and Beamforming: Papers Tell the Story
Martin Rowe

How to Relate Eye-Mask Tests to BER
Ransom Stephens

Trigger an Oscilloscope, Get a Stable Display
Arthur Pini

Analyze Post-Equalization ISI with Pulse Response
Ransom Stephens


TDECQ Measurements Replace Mask Testing in PAM4 Optical Signals
Kan Tan and Prashanth Thota

Wi-Fi Testing: More Than Compliance
Martin Rowe

Video Killed the Energy Star: Why 5G Must Use Less Power
Larry Desjardin

High-Speed Digital: 112 is the New 56
Martin Rowe

Spectrum Analyzer Provides Swept and Real-Time Measurements
Martin Rowe


How to Avoid Measurement Mistakes
Martin Rowe

Reveal Die-Level Signals with Two-Pronged Attack
Chang Fei Yee

Trend and Track: Two Useful Oscilloscope Diagnostic Tools
Arthur Pini

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