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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2011

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

High Frequency Electronics | Microwave Journal | Microwaves & RF | Microwave Product Digest | Test & Measurement World

High Frequency Electronics


A High Bandwidth Class G Current-Mode Amplifier for Envelope Modulators (p.20)

G.T. Watkins

ISM Radio Bands: Will the Concept Work in the Future? (p.26)

Tom Perkins

Using Protocol Aware Tools to Simplify Program Development for RF SOC Test (p.32)

Ronald Burke

Avoiding Pitfalls When Selecting MIMO Antennas (p.38)

Jerry C. Posluszny

MIMO: An Overview (p.46)


Evaluating X-Parameter*, P2D and S2D Models for Characterizing Nonlinear Behavior in Active Devices (p.16)

Jiang Liu and Hugo Morales, Lawrence P. Dunleavy, and Loren Betts

Deciphering Digitizer Specs for Wireless Apps (p.30)

GaGe Applied Technologies

Inductors at UHF: EM Simulation Guides Vector Network Analyzer Measurements (p.40)

John B. Call


Implementing Modulation Functions in Microwave Frequency Synthesizers (p.20)

Alexander Chenakin, Phase Matrix, Inc.

Circuit Envelope Simulation: A Powerful Resource for 4G Power Amplifier Design (p.36)

Josh Moore, AWR Corporation

Probe Testing of Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging (p.52)

John Whittaker

RF/Microwave Connectors on Printed Circuit Boards (p.60)

Gary Breed


Power Amplifier and Front End Module Requirements for IEEE 802.11n Applications

David Guo, RFMD

Extending Design and Simulation with User Defined Equations and Variables

Dale Henkes, ACS

Reducing EMI and Improving Signal Integrity Using Spread Spectrum Clocking

Jeffrey Batchelor and Jimmy Ma

Notes on the Design and Fabrication of Custom RFICs and MMICs

Gary Breed


Design and Optimization of Lumped Element Hybrid Couplers

Ashok Srinivas Vijayaraghavan and Lawrence Dunleavy

Factors to Consider for High Performance Coaxial Cables

Gary Breed

Design Requirements for Integrated Microwave Avionics Receivers

Leo G. Maloratsky

More Notes from History

Gary Breed


Understanding Dielectric Constant for Microwave PCB Materials

John Coonrod and Allen F. Horn III

Design Study of a High Efficiency LDMOS RF Amplifier

Mouqun Dong

Key Technologies Used in Today's High Frequency Power Devices

Gary Breed


Linear Power Amplifier Uses Mirror Predistortion

Khalet Fayed, Amin Ezzeddine, and Ho Huang

The Small-Signal Frequency Response of Ferrites

Nic Hamilton

Basic Electromagnetics Made True and Clear with Concrete Mathematics

W. Scott Bennett

Sensitivity of an Optical Receiver


Mutliband Monopole Antenna for Wireless Communication (p.20)

H. Hassan and A-K. Hamid

An Outphasing Transmitter Using Class-E PAs and Asymmetric Combining: Part 2 (p.34)

Ramon Beltran, RF Micro Devices; Frederick H. Raab, and Arturo Velazquez

Load Network Design Technique for Class F and Inverse Class FPAs (p.58)

Andrei Grebenikov

The Basics of Probe Measurements on Wafers and Other Substrates (p.78)

Gary Breed


An Outphasing Transmitter Using Class-E PAs and Asymmetric Combining: Part 1

Ramon Beltran, RF Micro Devices, Frederick, H. Raab, and Arturo Velazquez

Using a Microwave System Analyzer to Measure Satellite End-to-End Group Delay

Graham Stevens

Designing at Frequencies Below 100 MHz

Gary Breed

Online Archives of Past Articles in High Frequency Electronics


Automating the Screening of Microphonic Defects in Automotive Radio Receivers

Chin-leong Lim

Using Modified Microstrip Lines to Improve Circuit Performance

Leo G. Maloratsky

Design Resources to Help Achieve EMC Compliance

Gary Breed

Clarifications on Mixer Math


Control Interfaces for RF and Microwave Frequency Synthesizers

Alexander Chenakin, Phase Matrix, Inc.

High-Frequency Algorithmic Advances in EM Tools for Signal Integrity - Part 2

John Dunn

A One-Half Square Inch UMTS Base Station Receiver Module

Douglas Stuetzle and Todd Nelson

Performance Expectations for Reduced-Size Antennas

Gary Breed


High-Frequency Algorithmic Advances in EM Tools for Signal Integrity - Part 1

John Dunn

Notes on Design and Deployment of Wireless Infrastructure Systems

The Mathematics of Mixers: Basic Principles

Gary Breed

Design of Input Matching Networks for Class-E RF Power Amplifiers

Firas Mohammed Ali Al-Raie

A Magnetic Field Response Sensor for Measurement of Liquid Levels


Microwave Journal


Wideband Voltage Variable Attenuator with Fewer Components

Chin Leong Lim

Compact Dual-mode, Dual-band, Microstrip Filter with Multiple Transmission Zeros

C.L. Wei, B.F. Jia, Z.J. Zhu and M.C. Tang


Design and Fabrication of Monolithic High Quality Factor RF-Solenoids Using Dielectric Structure

Reza Kamali-Sarvestani and John D. Williams

Improved Thermal Management of Microwave PCBs Using Advanced Circuit Materials

John Coonrod

A Compact Microstrip Diplexer Using Composite Right-/Left-Handed Transmission Line with Enhanced Harmonic Suppression

He-Xiu Xu, Guang-Ming Wang, Jian-Gang Liang and Tian-Peng Li


High Efficiency L-Band GaN Power Amplifier

S. Aich, J. Dhar, S.K. Garg, B.V. Bakori and R.K. Arora

Direct Measurement-Based Modeling of Ultra-Low Resistance Passive Components

M.D. Brunsman

Design of V-Band Millimeter-Wave CMOS Low Noise Amplifier

Hsin-Chih Kuo, Chu-Yun Yang and Huey-Ru Chuang

High Tuning Sensitivity Dielectric Resonator Oscillator From Optimization of Dielectric Resonator TE01 Mode

Amir Effendy Muhammad-Afifi, Widad Ismail, and Jit Singh Mandeep

Broadband Bandstop Filter Using Periodic Fractal Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures

J.M. Huang, H.Z. Zhu, H. Guo, and K. Han


Adaptive Mode-Coupled Harmonically Tuned High-Q Ultra Low Phase Noise Sources

Ulrich L. Rohde and Ajay K. Poddar

A New Generation of High Frequency SiGe HBTs

Bernd Heinemann and Alexander Fox

New Bandstop Filter Using Simple Defected Microstrip Structure

Jian-Kang Xiao, Wen-Jun Zhu, and Jeffrey S. Fu

Loaded Annular Ring Slot Microstrip Antenna for Wideband and Multi-band Operation

A.T. Mobashsher, M.T. Islam and N. Misran

Determination of Transmission Zeros of Self-Equalized Cross-Coupled Resonator Bandpass Filters

Rui Wang and Jun Xu

A Repetitive Sampling Receiver for Pulsed Time Domain Load-Pull

Jad Faraj, Simon Mathias, Jean-Pierre Teyssier, Johannes Benedikt, and Michael Casbon


G/T for a Satellite-Terrestrial Handset with Internal and External Antennas

X. Zhao, T. Haarakangas, J. Katajisto, M. Niemi, P. Myllylä, J. Inget and J. Alasalmi

Design of a Fifth-Order Analog Predistorter for Base Station HPA of Cellular Mobile Systems

X.L. Sun, S.W. Cheung and T.I. Yuk

Compact CPW-Fed UWB Antenna with a Notched Band Characteristic

Cheng-yuan Liu, Ying-song Li, Tao Jang, and Xiao-dong Yang


Accounting for Dynamic Behavior in FET Device Models

Graham Rile

Programming a Network Analyzer for Third-Order Intercept Point Measurement

Zhaolong Li, Xuping Zhang, Ke Wu, and Xiaoping Chen

Analysis of 3G Noise to GPS in 3G Handsets

T. AlSharabati and Y. Chen


Impact of Materials on Microwave Cable Performance

Paul Pino

RF SOI Solutions as a Platform for Wireless Front-End Applications

R. Wolf, A. Joseph, P. Rabbeniand J. Dunn

Trends in Multi-Functional MMIC Design

Anthony Sweeney

New Generation High Linearity Navigation Front-End Devices Covering GPS and GLONASS

Daniel Kehrer and Deepak Bachu

Measurement Tips and Techniques: Know the Weakest Link in Your RF Network Analysis

David Broadbent


Methods for Characterizing the Dielectric Constant of Microwave PCB Laminates

John Coonrod

Analytical Design of an Inverse Class F Power Amplifier for Linear Amplification

Yingjie Xu, Jingqi Wang and Xiaowei Zhu

Design of a Metamaterial Bandpass Filter Using the ZOR of a Modified Circular Mushroom Structure

Geonho Jang and Sungtek Kahng

A HEMT Large-Signal Model with Improved Transconductance and Gate Capacitance Peaking Characteristics

Lin-Sheng Liu

Design of a Wide Stopband Bandpass Filter with Source-Load Coupling

Zhong Yin Xiao, Shan Gao, De Chen Ma and Liang Liang Xiang

Fast Calculation of Transimpedance Gain and Equivalent Input Noise Current Density for High-Speed Optical Preamplifier Design

Jianjun Gao

Multipaction Discharge in Coaxial Components

Rudy Fuks


Reconfigurable GaAs MMIC Power Amplifier Design Methodology Using a Tunable Interstage Network

Regina Gani, Grant A. Ellis, and Teoh Chin Soon

Linearity Looms Large for Next Generation RF Systems

Srikanth Sridharan

An Analog Approach to Power Amplifier Predistortion

Frederic Roger

Battling Phase Noise at RF and Microwave Frequencies

John Hansen


Narrowband Vector Intermodulation Measurements

Kokulathasan Thalayasingam and Holger Heuermann

Improved UHF Nonlinear Measurements Using Active Load Pull

Darren McCarthy

A Multiband Bandstop Filter Using a Single Ring Resonator for a Wireless Access Communication System

Yanwei Wang, Jianyi Zhou and Wei Hong

A Wideband Millimeter-Wave Coaxial to Rectangular Waveguide Transition Structure

Yan Zhou

Tackling the Mixed-Signal Testing Challenges of SDR

Greg Jue and Brad Frieden


Multilayer Technology Enables Miniaturization of Integrated Multi-Function Modules

Ronen Holtzman

Vector-Receiver Load Pull Measurements

Steve Dudkiewicz

Setting New Noise Performance Benchmarks Using Wideband Low-Noise, High-Linearity LNAs

Chin-Leong Lim

Cross Correlation in Phase Noise Analysis

Jason Breitbarth

RF Power Detector Simultaneously Delivers rms and Envelope Outputs

Analog Devices


New RF Metrics for the Smartphone-Centered World

Ben Thomas and Jackie Johnson, RFMD

MEMS Tuner Modules Could Solve Handset Reception Problems

Patrick Hindle

Highly Integrated Ka-Band TX Front-End Module with an 8×8 Antenna Array

W. Simon, J. Kassner, O. Litschke, H. Fischer and S. Holzwarth

Hybrid Finite Element: Boundary Integral Technique for Efficient Simulation of Radiation and Scattering

John Silvestro, Kezhong Zhao and Arien Sligar

UHF RFID Printed Dipole Antenna with CPS Matching and Inductively Coupled Feed

Nenad PopoviĆ and Ivana RadnoviĆ

A Miniature Lumped-Element LTCC Bandpass Filter with Finite Transmission Zeros for Bluetooth Applications

Yong Zhang and Dafu Lu

Microwaves & RF


Simple Predistorter Polishes PA Performance

Design Tunable Filters Using Feedback

Taghi Moghimi Kandelousy

Matching DFDs to Target Applications

Kevin Burns


Digital VGAs Boost Base-Station Performance

Christopher Stephens

Process uW Signals with High-Speed Logic

Kenneth V. Puglia

When is a Square Wave Truly Square?

Philip Arnold

CMOS LNA Supports Many Receiver Standards

Three-Way Divider Channels WiMAX


VVA Extends BW and Dynamic Range

Chin-Leong Lim

CMOS LNA Boosts 64 GHz

PIFAs Suit Mobile Wireless Applications

Making MIMO Receivers Smaller


Fabricate an 8.35-GHz Frequency Synthesizer

A. Attaran, H. Ameri, and M. Moghavvemi

Satellite Connects Cyclone Warning System

P.K. Jain, N. Neelakantan, and V.S. Hedge

DMS Structures Stop Bandpass Filter Harmonics

Huan-Huan Xie, Yong-Chang Jiao, Bing Wang, and Fu-Shun Zhang

Mixers, Detectors Serve mm-Wave Bands

Jiri Polivka

Analyze DE-MZMs with Multicarrier RF Inputs

Muhammad Taher Abuelma'atti


Sidebands Are Not Necessary

Harold R. Walker

Stub-Loaded Resonators Tune Dual-Band BPF

Optimize a Waveguide Mode Converter

Synthesize Distributed Element Filter Designs


Enhancing Analysis of Spurious Emissions

Joe Gorin

LNA Lowers Noise, Raises OIP3 at 3.5 GHz

Chin-Leong Lim

Microstrip Slotline Yields Tiny Divider

SIW Arms Compact Dual-Mode Filter/a>


How VCO Tuning BW Affects Phase Noise

Eoin Carey

Suppress Patch Antenna Harmonics

UWB BPF Features Dual Notched Bands

Dual-Band Antenna Handles WLAN/WiMAX



Unconventional PLLs Simplify Difficult Designs

James A. Crawford

Adaptive Modulation Boosts Link Throughput

Design an LNA for 38-GHz Radios

Thermal Design Begins at the Circuit Board

John Coonrod


Select a VCO or YIG for a PLL Synthesizer?

Alexander Chenakin

Designing Compact V/W-Band Gunn Sources

Saabra Deen

Fractal Microstrip Antenna Aids Wideband Applications

Abolfazl Azari

Body-Biased VCO Tunes 12 to 16 GHz


Amplifier System Powers Whole-Body MRI Scans

Daniel P. Myer

DGS and Multilayer Methods Make LPF

A. Batmanov

MMR Helps Tune UWB Bandpass Filter

DGS Lowpass Filters Extend Wide Stopbands

Transmission Lines Withstand Vibration

Steve Huettner


Extend Active RFID with a ZigBee Network

Prevent PCB Problems in ISM-Band Designs

Martin Stoehr

Coupling Quiets Quadrature Oscillator



Relay Extends WiMAX Service

K. Voudouris, Dr. Nikos Athanasopolous, P. Triakas, D. Manor, and A. Mor

SP10T Switch Routes 2G/3G/4G Signals

Nuttapong Srirattana

Conformal Network Feeds Compact Helical Antenna

Yuannan Mo, Zhenya Lei, Tingwei Xu, Dan Xi, and Peige Ren

Make Quick Work of Impedance Measurements

Alberto Bagnasco


Microwave Product Digest


Choosing the Right RF Switches for Smart Mobile Device Applications

Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Low Cost, Highly Flexible Scalar Network Analyzer

Sook Hua Wong

Connecting RF and Protocol Measurements for Troubleshooting and Optimizing Wireless Links

Ben Zarlingo

Analyzing Embedded Systems with Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

Dr. Wolfgang Herbordt


Using the LINC2 Visual System Architect to Determine the System Spurious-Free Dynamic Range (SFDR)

Applied Computational Sciences

Powerful New Signal Generator Sweeps from 10 MHz to 70 GHz Wideband Coverage and Excellent Phase Noise Serves Multiple Applications

Hittite Microwave Corporation

LDMOS Transistor Delivers Highest Performance in UHF Broadcast Transmitters

Freescale Semiconductor

Tackling Thermal Issues in Microwave PCBs

Rogers Corporation

Making Designs More Robust Using a New Design Methodology and Powerful Tools to Resolve Yield Problems in Designs

Agilent Technologies


Radar Antennas for Modern Radar Systems

Cobham Antenna Systems

Wireless Sensor Networks: The Challenges and Opportunities

Raghu Das

Making the Right Choice in High-Linearity Power Amplifiers

Mark Schmeichel

Solutions for Radar Applications

Dave Cruickshank and Brian Hartnett, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

A New Approach to Frequency Synthesis

Vitaly Koslov and Nicholas Payne


Impact of Materials on Microwave Cable Performance

Paul Pino

Designing with Your Eyes Open

Rick Eads

A New Standard in Low Noise Signal Generation, Now with Avionics

David Asquith

Conducting Millimeter-Wave Measurements with a Signal Analyzer and External Mixer


Understanding and Specifying Ceramic Filters

Anatech Electronics

An Efficient PA for Multiple Wireless Standards Applications

Greg Durham, RFMD

Equalizers Adjust Amplitude Slopes at IF and L-Band

Christopher M. Augustine

New Manufacturing Processes Offer an LDS Antenna Option for Laptops and Tablets

Esa Kalistaja

Maintaining a Healthy Last Mile Connection for 3G/4G Networks

Rolland Zhang


Passive In–Building Networks Require Critical Component Performance

Anatech Electronics

Hittite's New Wideband PLL+VCO - The Ultimate Solution for Low Jitter and Low Spurious Requirements Meeting the Challenge of Today's Wideband Transceivers from 25 to 3000 MHz

Hittite Microwave

Aluminum Diamond Meets Cost and Technical Challenges for Removing Heat from GaN Devices Demonstrates a reduction in junction temperature of 25% in GaN HEMTs

Kevin Loutfy

RFSA2013 and RFSA2023 Broadband High Performance Voltage-Controlled Attenuators

Darrin Walraven, RFMD


Hittite Launches Next Generation HMC-T2200 Series Synthesized Signal Generator Platform

Hittite Microwave Corporation

Nardalert S3 Refines Role of Personal RF and Microwave Safety Monitors

Narda Safety Test Solutions

Wideband GaN Power Amplifiers for Software-Defined Radios


RF Power Meter Shows Greatest Signal Detail

Wireless Telecom Group


Modular Framework Speeds Bench Instrument Evolution

Marv Rozner

Tackling the Challenges of LTE-Advanced

Jan Whitacre

High CV Tantalum Capacitors - Challenges and Limitations

I. Horacek, T. Zednicek, S. Zednicek, T. Karnik, J. Petrzilek, P. Jacisko, and P. Gregorova

Hittite's 18 GHz Ultra Wideband Track-and-Hold Amplifier Enhances High Speed ADC Performance

Hittite Microwave

Compact Power Amplifier for LTE Mobile Terminals Using Coupling Variation Reduction Technique

Yang Li, Dmitri Prikhodko, Yevgeniy Tkachenko and Rick Zhu, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Cavity Filters, Duplexers Meet Demands of 700 MHz 4G Networks

Anatech Electronics

A Cost-Effective Approach to EMI, EMP and Surge Protection

Dom Lecce

High Power Filters

Manny Assurian, Ray Hashemi and Jim Assurian, Reactel, Incorporated

Current Trends in RF/Microwave Switch Matrices

Twinkle Shah

PIN Diodes for High Power T/R Switches

Rick Cory, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.



Monolithic Semiconductor Technologies for Low Cost Phased Array Radar

Timothy Boles, Douglas Carlson, and Suja Ramnath

Digital and Microwave Technologies Meet in Latest Integrated Microwave Assemblies

Narda Microwave

RFMD® Front End Modules

Antonio Espinoza, RFMD®, Inc.

A Low Cost PLL Synthesizer with Fine Frequency Resolution

Vitaly Koslov


Software Embedded Digital RF and Microwave Attenuators

Chandra Gupta and Michael J. Masterson

Tips for Making Fast, Accurate Antenna Measurements

Say Phommakesone

Modern EW Systems Require Efficient RF Power Management

Joe Hajduk

Introducing the World's First Commercialized, Triple Mode Filter for Wireless Communication Systems Applications

Min Jeon

High Power RF Lightning Protection

George M. Kauffman

Radiated Efficiency: A True Measure of Antenna Performance

Jouni Lifländer


Test & Measurement World


Jitter and Timing Analysis in the Presence of Crosstalk

Chris Loberg


Reduce the Cost of Optical Transceiver Testing

Greg LeCheminant

Evaluating Inertial Measurement Units

Raymond Chow

Logic Probe Uses Two Comparators

Vladimir Rentyuk


Math Functions Reveal Circuit Parameters

Martin Rowe

SMUs Simplify LVR Measurements

Jennifer Cheney and Qing D. Starks

Boost NVM Programming Speed

Rick Nelson

Minimize Noise in Power-Supply Measurements

John Lo Giudice

Testing 18-bit ADCs

Jim Williams and Guy Hoover

Test Sets Mimic Cells for LTE Handover Test

Rick Nelson


Charge-Pumping Measurements

Mary Anne Tupta

Speeding SOC Test

Tim Lyons

Measure Resistance and Temperature with a Sound Card

Zoltan Gingl and Peter Kocsis

Control Test Instruments with Python

Martin Rowe

Automating Network Test

Martin Rowe


Engineers Know When to Automate

Jack Browne


Log Amp Linearizes Thermistors

Martin Rowe

Build a Tester Around a Microcontroller

Martin Rowe

Debugging Low-Power Designs

Gina Bonini


So, You Want to Build an H-Bot?

Kevin C. Craig

Integrator Boosts Inductive-Probe Bandwidth

Martin Rowe

Circuit Lets You Isolate and Measure Current

Anton Mayer

Prepare Signals for Microcontroller ADCs

Sean Newton and Alec Bath


Maximize a Waveform Generator's Memory

Joan Mercadé

Measure an Optocoupler's CTR

Chee Hua How

Optimizing the SOC Test-Development Effort

Mick Tegethoff and Tom Jackson


Impedance: A Multidisciplinary Concept

Kevin C. Craig

How Do You Connect Your Oscilloscope?

Martin Rowe

VISA Tunnels Down to the Kernel

Martin Rowe

Ensuring High-Quality ICs

Colin Renfrew

Test Ideas: Condition Thermocouples Before Digitizing

Moshe Gerstenhaber and Michael O'Sullivan, Analog Devices



Testing with Less Stress

Anthony Suto

Circuit Measures Capacitance or Inductance

Jim McLucas

From the Real World to the Digital World

Kevin Craig

Bandwidth Can Limit ESD Measurements

Martin Rowe



Manage Your Measurement Errors

Jordan Dimitrov

Measure Resistance with a Microcontroller

Adolfo Mondragon

DC-70 GHz RF Cables - RF Cafe
LadyBug RF Power Sensors

RF Electronics Shapes, Stencils for Office, Visio by RF Cafe

Innovative Power Products Passive RF Products - RF Cafe