April 1969 Electronics World
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April 1969 Electronics World

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Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics World, published May 1959 - December 1971. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.


April 1969

Vol. 81, No. 4


Ionospheric-Propagation Predictions, by H. Charles Wood 27
Importance of Filters, by A. H. Seidman 37
Practical Operating Limits for Filters 44
Filters for Microwaves, by Robert Felsenheld 45
R. F. Interference Filters, by Benedict Rosen 48
Ceramic Filters, by Reg Zimmerman 53
Beads Block Noise 55
Mechanical Filters, by Donovan A. Southworth 56
UJT Monocycle Multivibrator 61


April 1969 Electronics World Table of Contents - RF Cafe



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