Terminal Radio Corp. Christmas and New Year Greeting
January 1941 QST Article

January 1941 QST

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Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from ARRL's QST, published December 1915 - present. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Other than today's QST magazine being a larger format and being printed in full color, there is not much difference fundamentally between the amount of Christmas-themed company advertisements now and half a century ago. Those from the last century were more likely to incorporate a religious message in addition to or instead of a secular message to their customers. Terminal Radio Corporation was located in midtown Manhattan. Google Maps can find West 45th Street and it can find Cortlandt Street, but they evidently no longer intersect. Many component supply companies were located in New York City because it was a primary point of import and export of manufactured goods.

Terminal Radio Corporation Christmas and New Year Greeting

Terminal Radio Corp. Christmas and New Year Greeting, January 1941 QST - RF CafeTo old friends and new, for your loyal patronage, we extend our sincere thanks. May your Christmas be joyful and your New Year prosperous.

Terminal Radio Corp.

68 West 45th Street


80 Cortlandt Street

New York City



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