"Merry Christmas" from the Staff
December 1958 Radio-Electronics Article

December 1958 Radio-Electronics

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I have always been obsessed with Christmas - from being a little kid and loving the decorations (and, of course, presents) to being a father and providing the season's festive rites for my kids, to now as an old guy. Our house still has a fresh cut Christmas tree with shiny balls (including ones with family member names written with glue and glitter) and hand-crafted figures and of course metalized icicles, lights outside along the roof line (old-fashioned incandescent, of course), decorations hanging around inside, Christmas cards from years past when people actually mailed them (we still mail a few), and other holiday memorabilia. You will not be surprised, then, to see that I post Christmas-related items found in vintage magazines whenever the opportunity presents itself. Here is yet another, and there is a list of hyperlinks at the bottom to other pages.

Also in this issue was an adaptation by Mr. Jack Darr of a famous poem titled, "The Day Before Christmas."

"Merry Christmas" from the Staff of radio-Electronics

Merry Christmas, December 1958 Radio-Electronics - RF Cafe

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