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Homepage Archive October 2013

These archive pages are provided in order to make it easier for you to find items that you remember seeing on the RF Cafe homepage. Of course probably the easiest way to find anything on the website is to use the "Search RF Cafe" box at the top of every page. About RF Cafe.

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Here is page 2 of the October 2013 homepage archive

Project Cyclone

Project Cyclone, April 1955 Popular Electronics - RF CafeIncreasing women's roles and interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) careers has been a major effort by schools in the last couple decades in an attempt to 'remove barriers,' both real and perceived, inhibiting entrance into the fields. There are still many realms of STEM that women have avoided, but computer programming and mathematics are examples their representation having seen steady increases. Dr. Frances Bauer can be seen in this 1955 Popular Science story on Project Cyclone, which reports on her role programming what was at the time one of the largest computers in the world. Her work ran the gamut between civil engineering on bridge projects to predicting missile flight paths for the military. You might recall the U.S. Navy's Grace Hopper, who is credited with coining the term "bug" for computers.

AWR Exhibits at

COMCAS and IME 2013

AWR Exhibits at COMCAS and IME 2013 - RF CafeAWR Corporation, the innovation leader in high-frequency EDA software, exhibits at COMCAS 2013 and IME 2013 in Israel and China the week of October 21, 2013.  At each show, the latest release of Microwave Office, Visual System Simulator, Analyst, AXIEM, and Analog Office for the design of MMICs, RF PCBs, RFICs, microwave modules, communication systems, radar systems, antennas and more will be showcased. Specific software demonstrations and lecture presentation include: MWO design environment, design Analyst 3D FEM EM simulation featuring a preview of V11, VSS featuring an enhanced radar library and novel radio frequency planning wizard, RFP AWR Connected to National Instruments. 

The Basics of

Digital Signal Spectra

The Basics of Digital Signal Spectra - RF CafeHere is a short primer by Daniel Chow on the basics of digital signal spectra (EDN website). It begins with the Fourier transform of a single rectangular pulse and progresses through the spectrum of a series of data pulses and of non-rectangular pulses.

Electronic Treasures of the

Sarnoff Collection: IEEE

Electronic Treasures of the Sarnoff Collection: IEEE Spectrum - RF CafeRCA and the name David Sarnoff seem to be showing up a lot lately, at least in the venues I travel for technical reading. I don't see particular dates mentioned that make this the anniversary of anything related. Ironically, this mention of the two names together adds to the phenomenon. The October 2013 edition of IEEE's Spectrum magazine has a nice spread titled, "Electronic Treasures of the David Sarnoff Collection." RCA, the Radio Corporation of America, was founded in 1919 in Princeton, New Jersey (home base of Mr. Einstein, amongst other notables). David Sarnoff, chairman of RCA, was the son of a Jewish immigrant. Although neither a scientist nor an inventor himself, Sarnoff established a record of ambition and business savvy from a young age - although he was an accomplished telegraph operator (participated in the rescue efforts of the Titanic)...

Please visit KR Electronics

in Appreciation of Support

For over 40 years KR Electronics (an RF Cafe supporter since 2009) has designed and manufactured high quality filters for the commercial and military markets. KR Electronics manufactures all filter types and individually synthesizes filters for special applications. State of the art computer synthesis, analysis and test methods are used to meet the most challenging specifications. All the standard topologies are supplied along with diplexers, linear phase, group delay equalizers, and many custom designs.

Carl and Jerry: Ham Radio

Carl and Jerry: Ham Radio, April 1955 Popular Electronics - RF CafeHere is another exciting episode of the sleuthing adventures starring Popular Electronics' tech savvy teenagers, Carl and Jerry. The Hardy Boys of electronics are the creation of author John T. Frye, who created short story adventures for many years - long enough to at one point require a major modification in their appearances to reflect more modern attire and eyewear. This particular adventure begins with Carl considering whether his ham radio hobby is more useful from its technical aspects or its social aspects.

everything RF Intros New RF &

Microwave Products at EuMW

The European Microwave Week is the largest Event for the RF & Microwave Industry in Europe. This year it is being held in Nuremberg, Germany from the 6th to the 11th of October. There are over 200 Companies that are taking part in the exhibition here. Today's newsletter lists some new products that have been announced this week at the EuMW 2013.

Electronics for Tomorrow

Electronics for Tomorrow, April 1955 Popular Electronics - RF CafeCooling devices based on the  Peltier effect were first demonstrated by French physicist Jean Charles Athanase Peltier when he noted the presence of heating or cooling at an electrified junction of two different conductors types (opposite of a thermocouple). Widespread commercial use depended on finding efficient materials that could be produced inexpensively. Music synthesizers, to be practical, needed to await the availability of miniaturized electronics like transistors and memory elements. Light amplification similarly depended on affordable sources to be anything more than a laboratory curiosity. Fortunately, by the mid 1950s such entities were becoming reality. This article reports on a few of those items.

Excel 2013 Bible

RF Cafe Featured Book

Excel 2013 Bible, by John Walkenbach. Engineers still rely pretty heavily on spreadsheets for day-to-day work. The full-featured simulators are invaluable for detailed simulations, but often are severe overkill for a quick calculation. Known as "Mr. Spreadsheet," Walkenbach shows you how to maximize the power of Excel 2013 while bringing you up to speed on the latest features. This perennial bestseller is fully updated to cover all the new features of Excel 2013, including how to navigate the user interface, take advantage of various file formats, master formulas, analyze data with PivotTables, and more.

X-Ray Inspection

X-Ray Inspection, April 1955 Popular Electronics - RF CafeX-ray inspection capability is a vital tool not just in medicine busigat in industry. During my tenure with a major cellphone power amplifier company as an RF Applications Engineer, I relied heavily on x-ray imaging for many of the teardown reports that I wrote on competitors' products. It included everything from determining metal layers in integrated circuits to deducing multi-layer ceramic PCB routing lines and distributed components to just getting a quick look inside a shielded enclosure without needing to disassemble it. A skilled x-ray technician can make a huge difference in the quality of information that can be gleaned from the images since angle, power level, and focusing takes a deft touch. My first experience with using x-rays for inspection was while doing automated test system design for production base station equipment companies. Very stringent PIM...

Notable Tech Quote

"If something cant be explained off the back of an envelope, its rubbish." - RF Cafe Notable Quote"If something cant be explained off the back of an envelope, its rubbish." - Richard Branson, Virgin CEO

Many Thanks to SigaTek

for Continued Support!

SigaTek microwave specializes in high quality, high frequency microwave communication components up to 60 GHz. As a pioneer supplier of microwave RF components, the main products include directional couplers, bias tees networks, power dividers/combiners, 3 dB hybrids 90° and 180°, microwave mixers, frequency doublers, load terminations, and coaxial connectors and adapters.

Science & Engineering

Crossword for October 13

Science & Engineering Crossword Puzzle for October 13, 2013 - RF CafeEvery Sunday I create a crossword puzzle using a word list that I personally created and added to during over a decade of making puzzles. All of the words are related to engineering, science, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, etc. There are no numbnut clues about movie stars or clothing designers.

How to Solder

How to Solder, April 1955 Popular Electronics - RF CafeProper soldering is almost as much of an art form as it is a technical skill. Having been through numerous soldering classes in my career, starting with electrical vocational courses in high school, then again in USAF technical school, and other times while working as a technician and engineer, I always exercise care in making solder joints. Proper preparation - including both tinning of mating surfaces and a means to prevent the joint members from moving during cool-down - is of utmost importance for assuring a nice, smooth, shiny joint with just the right amount of solder. Lead-free solders do not tend to produce the level of shininess as do the good old 60-40 type tin-lead solders, but you can still make a nice looking joint. This might be more information than you want to know about me, but I even strive for perfection in solder joints in copper pipes and fittings used in plumbing work. Call me a masochist, eco-villain, or worse, but...

Triad RF Systems and

DCH Systems Join Forces

Triad RF Systems and DCH Systems Join Forces - RF CafeOn May 1st, 2013, DCH Systems, EIN 20-4638136 and Triad RF Systems, Inc., EIN 27-3907731, merged into one entity with the Triad RF Systems, Inc. name surviving. Triad RF Systems is fully owned by three (3) partners: Dean Handrinos, Steve Barthelmes, and David Campbell. Triad RF Systems, was formed with the objective to solve the problem of high power amplifiers (HPAs) being the Achille's heel in most RF radios. We have solutions for integrating high performance HPAs into sophisticated RF subsystems and systems without sacrificing efficiency and linearity. Triad RF Systems serves all areas of the RF and Microwave industries including military, satellite and commercial communications.

Audio Quiz

from Popular Electronics

Audio Quiz, April 1955 Popular Electronics - RF CafeThere are a lot of audiophiles in the RF Cafe audience, so this 10-question quiz about audio topics from Popular Electronics should prove useful. It covers not just the physical aspects but also some simple electronics concepts, like decibels of gain, crossover networks, push-pull amplifiers, etc. Enjoy.

PMI Intros 1 to 40 GHz Ultra-

Wideband Low Noise Amplifier

PMI Intros 1 to 40 GHz Ultra-Wideband Low Noise Amplifier - RF CafePMI Model No. PEC-42-1G40G-20-12-292FF is a 1.0 to 40 GHz, ultra-wideband low noise amplifier that provides 42 dB of gain typically with a typical noise figure of 5.5 dB. The OP1dB is typically +22 dBm (1.0 to 18.0 GHz) and +19 dBm (18.0 to 40.0 GHz). The maximum input power rating is +17 dBm CW and the operating DC supply is 550 mA at +12 to +15 VDC. This unit is supplied in a package measuring 1.37" x 1.0" x 0.6" with 2.92 mm female connectors.

Many Thanks to Alliance Test

Equipment for Support!

Alliance Test is a trusted source providing sales, rentals and leasing of refurbished electronic test and measurement equipment to the R&D, manufacturing and quality assurance industries. We carry a full range of used test equipment from manufacturers such as Agilent, Ando, Anritsu, Fluke, HP, Keithley, Lecroy, Rohde & Schwarz, and Tektronix. Recover 30%-40% more on your idle test equipment rather than selling to a dealer.

AWR & NXP Release UWB

Doherty Amp Reference Design

AWR and NXP Release Ultra-Wideband Doherty Amplifier Reference Design and Updated RF Power Model Library - RF CafeAWR Corporation, the innovation leader in high-frequency electronic design automation (EDA), announces  that NXP Semiconductor's ultra-wideband (UWB) Doherty reference design is now AWR Microwave Office design environment ready. The updated release features NXP's BLF884P and BLF884PS transistors for ultra-wideband Doherty power amplifiers operating from 470 to 806 MHz and a 70 W DVB-T UWB LDMOS reference design using NXP's patent-pending architecture capable of operating over an ultra-wideband spectrum in the UHF broadcast spectrum.

Sherlock Ohms: Case of the

Slighted Newbie Engineer

Sherlock Ohms: Case of the Slighted Newbie Engineer - RF CafeSherlock Ohms is a regular feature of the Design News website where readers submit anecdotes from their on-the-job experiences. There has been a tendency lately in this column and, to a lesser degree, in the similar Tales from the Cube column for situations involving newer, less experienced engineers being frustrated by the domineering attitudes of some senior engineers. In contrast, I cannot recall an instance of a story where the senior engineer dumps on stupid actions of a newbie. Maybe doing so is considered bullying or akin to a guy hitting a girl. Regardless, all the stories in both columns are good for instruction...

Interface Coiled Tubing

Load Cells

Coil tubing load cells are used for measuring the insertion force of small diameter (typically 0.5 to 4.5 inch) stainless steel tubing that is inserted into the borehole / wellbore at the wellhead. A borehole is any hole drilled for the purpose of exploration or extraction of natural resources such as water, gas or oil where a well is being produced. The coil tubing (CT) is usually installed when the well, which has been drilled, is deemed ‘viable' and will produce the natural resource in a productive and economic manner. Coil tubing provides intervention allowance of vertical, horizontal, highly deviated, and live wells(1). Adding

How to Read and Understand

an Antenna Data Sheet

Linx Technologies White Paper: How to Understand an Antenna Data Sheet - RF CafeA white paper has been published by Linx Technologies titled, "How to Understand an Antenna Data Sheet." Author, Shawn Hogan, VP of Engineering, writes, "The information on an antenna data sheet is nothing short of overwhelming. It can be difficult to maneuver through to select the best antenna for your design. There are several factors to take into account when looking at an antenna data sheet including: monopole vs. dipole antennas, the electrical parameters, counterpoise, gain and radiation pattern. Our goal is to break down these features so you can use that knowledge to discover advantages and disadvantages of different antennas as they relate to your specific application..."

RCA Cunningham Radiotron Ad

RCA Cunningham Radiotron Ad, July 1934 Radio News - RF CafeHave you seen the new national advertising campaign where Freescale (formerly Motorola) is using big name celebrities to sell their cellular base station power transistors? Scarlett Johansson and Ashton Kutcher are up on a tower along with man-and-woman-on-the-tower smartphone users discussing how much better their phones work now that the service provider switched to base transceiver stations that use Freescale LDMOS RF power transistors. Of course you haven't seen the ad because it would never be produced and marketed. The very concept is ridiculous, you might say... unless you happened to see advertisements like this one for RCA's Radiotron vacuum tubes from the 1930s. In it, none other than Bing Crosby...

Advanced Test Equipment

Rentals October Newsletter

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Newsletter for October 2013  - RF CafeAdvanced Test Equipment Rentals just issued their Tech Talk newsletter for October 2013. It includes hot topics in the tech news world and highlights of new or special function test equipment they have available. Please click on the thumbnail to access the original versions.

Many Thanks to Hittite

for Continued Support

Hittite Microwave is an innovative designer and manufacturer of high performance integrated circuits, modules, subsystems & instruments for technically demanding digital, RF, microwave and millimeter wave applications covering DC to 110 GHz. The Company's standard and custom products apply analog, digital & mixed-signal semiconductor technologies used in a wide variety of wireless / wired communication and sensor applications for automotive, broadband, cellular infrastructure, fiber optics, microwave & mm-wave comms, military, test & measurement, and space markets.

Unique Solutions Supported

by Empower HPAs

Unique Solutions Supported by Empower HPAs - RF CafeLeveraging next generation hardware and software innovations that are part of Empower's "size matters" architecture, several unique configurations of these HPAs are being shipped to key customers. This particular set of HPAs build on the size, weight and power advantages already demonstrated with commercial product releases in the broad market, "size matters" product family. This recent and unique SATCOM solution delivers 2 kW P1dB (CW, digital modulated signal) in L-Band and a companion product delivers 800 W P1dB (CW, digital modulated signal) in S-Band. The 2 kW L-Band HPA is a GaN based design and housed in an amazingly small 5U chassis.

Federal Circuit Ponders

Abandoning De Novo Review

IMS ExpertServices: "Federal Circuit Ponders Abandoning De Novo Review" - RF CafeBeing involved as an Expert Witness for a court case involving product liability and/or IP ownership or infringement is a unique experience according to those who have been through it. Having competent and renowned legal representation is paramount to success, particularly if your opponent is Maggie Tamburro, JD, IMS ExpertServices - RF Cafewell equipped. IMS ExpertServices is a law firm specializing in expert witness cases. Every month or so they send me an article about specific court cases that could be of interest to RF Cafe visitors. This particular article is titled "Federal Circuit Ponders Abandoning De Novo Review." Overturning precedence is notoriously difficult since doing can have ramifications that reach way back in time and can trigger appeals to long-settled court cases. This potential for the overturning of a patent infringement case from 1998 based on how it was constructed is predicted to trigger significant consequences for past and future litigation...

Thanks Once Again to Vida RF

for Continued Support

The goal at Vida RF is to design and manufacture a reliable and cost-effective RF / Microwave Component that fits each customer's individual application. Vida RF has the capability to produce large volume as well as quick turnaround for your custom designs, and they will provide the highest standards of quality products, competitive prices, quick turnaround and exceptional customer service. RF connectors, cable assemblies, power dividers, RF adapters & terminations, fixed attenuators, dust caps, directional couplers, and i isolators & circulators are among their offerings.

Music to the Ears

of an Engineer

Music to the Ears of an Engineer - RF CafeWe technically oriented types often think of those with an  artsy-fartsy bent as ones who run for the tall grass when topics of science and/or mathematics arise. Other than engineers, scientists, financiers, etc., I would say in most cases it is justified - but not always. In the September 2013 edition of Strings magazine, an article titled, "How the Violin Altered Our View of the Universe" appeared where author Paul Stein, a violinist, educator, and member of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, evidenced a very good grasp of science and math principles. The very decision to pen such an article had to have been born of a knowledge and comfort with the aforementioned. A subtitle of, "Physicist & violinist Albert Einstein's cosmic orchestra resonates with the music of the spheres," proves familiarity of Isaac Newton's "Music of the Spheres," (Musica Universalis)...

Featured Book

The Electric Vehicle Conversion Handbook, by Mark Warner, is a guide on how to convert any gas- or diesel-powered vehicle to electric power. Includes ownership advantages, basic EV operation, subsystems, components, basic EV operation, project vehicles, and conversion kits. Motor and battery technology is advancing at amazing rates, so if you don't like the weenie look of today's production electrical vehicles and would rather try your hand at an electric conversion on a classic 1965 Mustang, then this type of resource can be invaluable.

Ponderings on Power

Measurements - RF Cafe

Ponderings on Power Measurements (Joe Cahak) - RF CafeJoe Cahak, owner of Sunshine Design Engineering Services, has submitted another fine article for posting here. Joe has many years of automated RF testing experience to leverage when writing this paper on the basics of power measurement. A power measurement is a scalar quantity and is a measure of power detected. These measurements can be made a variety of ways. Most of us are familiar with the notion that voltage (volts) multiplied by current (amps) is power (watts) and power multiplied by time is energy. At DC or low frequencies these power measurements from the current or voltage is relatively easy and not very complicated...

RF Cafe Quiz #54

Microwave Mixer Technology

RF Cafe Quiz #54: Microwave Mixer Technology and ApplicationsThis quiz is based on the information presented in Microwave Mixer Technology and Applications, by Bert Henderson and Edmar Camargo. Some of these books are available as prizes in the monthly RF Cafe Giveaway. Based on a review of over one thousand patents on mixers and frequency conversion, the authors have written a comprehensive book for mixer designers who want solid ideas for solving their own design challenges. Many of the important and most interesting patents and related circuits are discussed in the several application oriented chapters.

Notable Quote

"I have always maintained that, excepting fools, men did not differ much in intellect..." - RF Cafe Notable Quote"...I have always maintained that, excepting fools, men did not differ much in intellect, only in zeal and hard work; and I still think there is an eminently important difference." - Charles Darwin, letter citing R. Pearson (1914-1930) in The Life, Letters and Labours of Francis Galton, TodayInScience

British Radio Hoax

Traps "Pirate" Listeners

British Radio Hoax Traps "Pirate" Listeners, April 1932 Radio News - RF CafeWhen you think of radio pirate, most likely what comes to mind is a rogue, unlicensed transmitter that is re-broadcasting copyrighted material, syndicated shows, etc., on radio or television. Nowadays that would also include the Internet as a medium. Did you know that, at least decades ago, the British government (and maybe others) charged citizens a fee for listening to broadcasts on their household radios? That's right, if you wanted to listen to the BBC, you would kindly remit a fee of 10 shillings per year. Otherwise, you were apt to have government inspectors descend upon you and padlock your radio set - or collect the requisite 10 shillings on the spot. After a growing number of suspected dishonest British subjects finally exceeded the reasonable level of tolerance of the government, a clever scheme was devised to trick evil citizens into divulging their nefarious crimes...

Thanks to Rohde & Schwarz

for Their Continued Support!

Rohde & Schwarz is one of the world's leading manufacturers of test & measurement, communications and broadcasting equipment. Network analyzers, signal analyzers, spectrum analyzers, and signal generators for analog, RF, microwave, and mm-wave signals with a standards, modulations, and functions available at up to 43.5 GHz. Digital Oscilloscopes for RF, analog, mixed signal & digital integration, and software development & production up to 4 GHz BW. RF Power Meters up to 110 GHz.

Inc's 2013 Survey

of Entrepreneurs

Inc's 2013 Survey of Entrepreneurs - RF CafeMost people, according to surveys, consider starting their own businesses at some time during their working years. The risk of failure and the cost of startup are what prevent most elsewise entrepreneurs from taking the leap of faith in their own abilities. Not everyone is cut out for running a business whether it be a one-person venture or a conglomerate with a payrolls of hundreds. Knowing and heeding your own limitation in deciding to remain under the employ of another company is as virtuous and sound a reason for dismissing thoughts for self-employment as is having the knowledge and will to strike out on your own. A lot of business are started on the sideline while being employed fulltime in a regular job. Indeed, that was RF Cafe's origin. It wasn't until I had confidence that I could subsist on RF Cafe's revenue level that I left the security of the best engineering job I ever had to tend to the website full-time (at a substantial reduction in pay, I will add). Every year or so, Inc magazine does a major poll of successful entrepreneurs to find out what motivates them (2013 Inc 5000)...

Physics & Engineering

Crossword for 10-6-2013

RF Engineering Crossword Puzzle for October 6, 2013 - RF CafeEvery Sunday I create a crossword puzzle using a word list that I personally created and added to during over a decade of making puzzles. All of the words are related to engineering, science, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, etc. There are no numbnut clues about movie stars or clothing designers. Enjoy.

Many Thanks to Nortec RF

for Continued Support!

Nortec RF has more than 22 years of experience designing power combiners and dividers, directional couplers, hybrid couplers, filters, and power amplifiers. Their research and development group and engineering team constantly introduces new, top of the line products into our RF and microwave components product line.

Fairview Microwave Offers

Schottky Diode Detectors

Fairview Microwave Now Offers Schottky Diode Detectors - RF CafeFairview Microwave announces a new line of in-stock Zero Bias Schottky Diode Detectors. Diode Detectors are used to rectify an RF input signal to a proportional DC output voltage. Applications for Zero Bias Schottky Diode Detectors include precision and lab testing equipment, as well as transmitter, power and signal monitoring systems. Fairview's new line of Zero Bias Schottky Diode Detectors comes in several different connector configurations and frequencies in the 0.01 to 26.5 GHz range.


1-800-318-2596 = (1-800-F1U-CKYO) - RF CafeThat is the phone number for signing up for America's new Affordable Care Act. Do you believe it is just a coincidence that it spells out "1-800-F1U-CKYO?" I kid you not. From what information I could find, the lowest cost plan for Melanie and me is the Bronze plan, which will cost $9,481 with a $12,700 deductible (only 60% coverage after deductible is met). My current private plan through BCBS with a $7,000 deductible (90% coverage after deductible is met) is only $4,971. So, beginning in January 2014 that represents a 91% increase in cost and a $5,700 higher deductible, plus only 60% coverage after the deductible is met. I do not qualify for any subsidy. To all my fellow Americans that voted for this crap - thanks a lot!

Modern Radio Practice in

Using Graphs and Charts

Modern Radio Practice in Using Graphs and Charts - Parallel Resistors, April 1932 Radio News - RF CafeUsing charts and nomographs to solve calculations is not as common in today's world of portable high-powered computers as it was when computers used vacuum tubes or even mechanical gears. One exception might be the Smith chart, especially in the lab or field. You can plug numbers into a programmable calculator or tablet app, but having the solution presented in the form of a number gives you only that - a number. That's usually good enough, but if you are doing troubleshooting or tweaking a design, being able to see how the value got to be what it is by seeing what's around it can be very helpful. The Smith chart is a particularly good example when watching the complex impedance point move around. The more experience you have, the less you need such devices, but newbies...

JobLens™: Nokia's Augmented

Reality Job Search App

JobLens™: Nokia's Augmented Reality Job Search App - RF CafeAre you in the market for a new job as an intern, part-time, temporary, or full-time worker and are not quite sure how to go about finding out where the kind of employment you are seeking is located? Wouldn't it be nice if you could simply drive or walk around town and any place that fit the bill would be highlighted for you automatically? Nokia has an app for that, and it's called JobLens™. Using what is termed "Augmented Reality," JobLens assimilates a multitude of social networking services like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Indeed, Here Maps, Windows Live, Salary.com, Zillow, CareerOneStop, Data.uk.gov, Payscale, and other best-in-class content partners along with other location-dependent resources to pinpoint targets for investigation. It might be a little underpowered when looking for an engineering type position...

Radio Fever - Using HF Electric

Fields in Modern Medicine

Radio Fever - Using HF Electric Fields in Modern Medicine"My God, man! Drilling holes in his head isn't the answer! Now put away your butcher knives and let me save this patient before it's too late!" Those classic words were uttered by Dr. McCoy in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, after Lt. Chekov (promoted from Ensign after the TV series) sustained brain damage as a result of falling from a 'nuclear wessel' when 20th century naval surgeons were about to open his skull to relieve pressure from swelling. Looking at these images from a 1932 article on using radio waves "to produce protective fever in killing germs of a number of diseases." Update: I have been informed that shortwave diathermy is still used in modern medicine! 10 to 30 meters was a popular wavelength band at a power of about 500 watts. The patient's body part to be treated is placed between the plates to act "as a dielectric" while the liquids are heated via induced oscillations similar to how a microwave oven...

Interface – Driven to Perform

Interface – Driven to Perform - RF CafeTo succeed in automotive racing, a commitment is required... a commitment to always ask for more and to never settle for less. Continual improvement is necessary to stay ahead of your competition and win. This drive to be the best is part of Interface's DNA, from our product and service offering to the dedication of our employees. Accurate force measurement is a vital requirement of the automotive industry and in the competition arena, performance demands are pushed even higher. Interface takes great pride in being a leading solutions provider in these applications. Whether it's for NASCAR, IndyCar, or even the amateur level, engineers rely on Interface.

Phenomena Underlying Radio

Phenomena Underlying Radio, April 1932 Radio News - RF Cafe"Radio apparatus of today, including television, uses practically all of the physical phenomena capable of being controlled by science." That is the opening line of a 1932 article discussing the relatively new technology dealing with the generation AND controlling of electrical charges. Investigators were beginning to develop formulas and physical rules for the behavior of electrons - at least in accordance with the accepted Rutherford-Bohr atomic model. It wasn't until 1929 that Robert Van de Graaff invented his eponymous generator, before which scientists like Volta used an electrophorus (Latin for "electricity bearer") to generate static electrical charges for experimentation by beating a metal disc with an animal skin... 

NuWaves Receives ISO 9001

and AS9100 QMS Certifications

NuWaves Receives ISO 9001 and AS9100 Quality Management System Certifications - RF CafeNuWaves Engineering, an international RF and embedded systems solutions provider, announces it has achieved both ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 Rev C certifications for its Quality Management System by EAGLE Registrations Inc. "NuWaves is excited to join the top tier suppliers in our industry with these highly respected quality certifications," said Jeff Wells, President and CEO of NuWaves Engineering. "It's a testament to our employees and their dedication to delivering quality products and services to our customers each and every day."

Congrats to September

Book Winner Greg F. !!!

Greg F., of Ft. Collins, CO, is the September 2013 book drawing winner. Greg selected Introduction to Antenna Analysis Using EM Simulators. This book was graciously provided by Artech House.

Online Calculators

by Compliance Engineering

Compliance Engineering EMC testing and certification - RF CafeCompliance Engineering is an EMC testing and certification facility located in Knoxfield, Australia. They have a few nice online RF calculators that might be useful to you.

RF Calculator: Wavelength,

    dBm, dBuV, W, dBuV/m,

    mW/cm2, pJ/cm2, V & VSWR

Radiated Power Calculator:

    ERP, EIRP, dBuV/m, dBm & mW

Field Strength Calculator:

   V/m, dBuV/m, dBuA/m, pT,

    dBpT, Tesla, Gauss, A/m,

    mW/cm2 & W/m2

Linx Intros TM Series High

Accuracy GNSS Receiver

Linx's TM Series GNSS Receiver Module Combines Small Size and Low Power with High Accuracy - RF CafeLinx Technologies is pleased to announce its launch of the TM Series Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver modules. At a very small size of 10mm x 10mm, the TM Series GNSS receiver module is a self-contained, high-performance Global Satellite Navigation System receiver designed for navigation, asset tracking and positioning applications of all kinds. Based on the MediaTek chipset, it can simultaneously acquire and track several satellite constellations. These include the United States GPS system, Europe's GALILEO, Russia's GLONASS and Japan's QZSS.

Inrush Current Protection

Using an NTC Thermistor

Inrush Current Protection Using an NTC Thermistor - RF CafeThermistor manufacturer Ametherm has three application notes that address the problem of limiting inrush current.

How to Stop Inrush Current: Design considerations for inrush current protection of the AC current applicable to switching power supplies.

Transformer Inrush Current Protection: A convenient solution to deal with the problem of inrush current exceeding saturation current in transformers.

Thermistor Protection for a Precharge Circuit on Lithium Ion Batteries: When a battery is connected to a load with capacitive input, there is an inrush current surge as the capacitance is charging to the battery voltage.

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Planar Monolithics (PMI)Planar Monolithics Industries (PMI) has been set up to manufacture and market various MIC/MMIC components, supercomponents, and subsystems for applications in telecommunications, terrestrial, satellite, and mobile-radio communications, defense (ECM, ECCM, ESM, radars, and EW), cable-TV, navigation and marine electronics, FAA/DOT-avionics, ground based systems, and microwave landing systems.


A Personalized Phone

Phonebloks - A Modular, Upgradable, Personalized Phone - RF CafeAs of this writing, at least 863,790 people believe the concept of a modular, upgradable, personalized smartphone is a good enough idea to invest their support in it. With 28 days left to go, the Phonebloks developers are already at 95% of their crowdfunded revenue goal. As I reported a ways back, while Kickstarter was the first crowdfunding venue to receive wide publicity, there are now many such options for soliciting project startup cash. The Phonebloks team chose Thunderclap. Thunderclap is not actually a crowdfunding source but a 'crowdspeaking' scheme for gathering enthusiasts for your idea. If enough people support your project, Thunderclap will blast out a timed Facebook Post or Tweet from all your supporters, creating a wave of attention... for what it's worth. Phoneblok's concept is based on the belief that the current throw-away philosophy for electronics devices - cellphones in particular - is wasteful not just in terms of money but in terms of...

Skyworks Intros Linear PAs

for LTE and WCDMA Apps

Skyworks Introduces Linear Power Amplifiers for LTE and WCDMA Applications - RF CafeSkyworks Solutions introduces four linear power amplifiers for LTE and WCDMA applications. The fully matched surface mount SKY66001-11 (2110-2170 MHz), SKY66002-11 (1900-2025 MHz), SKY66005-11 (850-920 MHz) and SKY66008-11 (900-990 MHz) modules meet the stringent spectral linearity requirements of femtocell applications with high power-added efficiency. An integrated directional coupler eliminates the need for any external coupler.

Anatech Electronics Intros

3 New Filters & an Isolator

Anatech Electronics Intros New Filters & Isolator September 30, 2013 - RF CafeAnatech Electronics has released new designs for a 710-716 MHz / 740-746 MHz bandpass combiner, a 4.4 to 5 GHz surface mount isolator, a 769 to 775 MHz bandpass filter for Public Safety, and a 2500 to 2570/2620 to 2690 MHz cavity diplexer. All can be ordered directly through our AMCrf web store. 

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Marvelous Microwave is a professional supplier of Microwave/RF components, for WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth, GPS, DVB-T/S/C, Satellite Communication and related fields. A strong global channel and design group devoted to development and innovation to meet various changeable market needs. We strive for low cost, fast service, best prices, highest quality and "marvelous" service. Attenuators, connectors and cables, amplifiers, filters, and RF switches are among their many offerings.

Featured Book

Electronic Warfare in the Information Age, by D. Curtis Schleher. This is an advanced practitioner's guide to current concepts and threats associated with modern electronic warfare (EW). It identifies and explains the newest radar communications threats, and provides practical, "how-to" information on designing and implementing ECM and ECCM systems. The aim of the text is to help the reader develop ESM systems designed specifically to exploit the vulnerabilities of modern radar. It also identifies and evaluates ESM receiving equipment, and outlines advanced ECM methods, including monopulse deception, coherent radar jamming, and high-ERP generation.

The Internet of Things:

Building Blocks for Wireless

Wireless Building Blocks for The Internet of Things - RF CafeThe Internet of Things is a term that is appearing with much frequency these days (e.g., in this article). Akin to 3G and 4G, the definition does not seem to be very well defined; that is to say more subjective than objective. Per Wikipedia's entry: "The Internet of Things refers to uniquely identifiable objects and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure. The term "Internet of Things" was proposed by Kevin Ashton in 1999. The concept of the Internet of Things first became popular through the Auto-ID Center at MIT and related market analysts publications. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is often seen as a prerequisite for the Internet of Things. If all objects and people in daily life were equipped with identifiers, they could be managed and inventoried by computers. Besides using RFID...

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