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December 19, 2017 - Mini-Circuits announces the availability of four new devices in its lineup of RF and microwave components. Included are a precision SMA connector gauge kit, a 2.4 mm (female to female) adapter covering DC to 50 GHz for industry-leading value, a miniature lumped element lowpass filter that passes DC to 83 MHz with sharp rejection , and a tiny LTCC lowpass filter that passes DC to 8440 MHz .

Precision SMA Connector Gauge Kit

Mini-Circuits Precision SMA Connector Gauge Kit - RF CafeThe ACUDIAL-SMA series connector gauge kit is a push-on type gauge designed to measure the center contact pin and dielectric location of SMA male and female connectors per specification MIL-PRF-39012 class 2. The kit consists of a dial indicator graduated in 0.001 increments with integral female and male brushings, female and male master gauges, an instruction manual and solid wood instrument case. The gauges are self-calibrating, extremely accurate, and easy to use. All coaxial connectors in any system or test setup should be gauged before mating to ensure compliance. Gauging connectors helps avoid interference due to improper connections, ensures proper electrical performance and accurate test data, and prevents damage to connectors. The ACUDIAL-SMA gauge kit can be used for production checkout, incoming inspections, routine quality control, and general laboratory use. Mini-Circuits also offers connector gauge kits for N-Type and BNC/TNC connectors for your convenience.

Tiny LTCC Low Pass Filter Passes DC to 8440 MHz

Mini-Circuits LTCC Low Pass Filter Passes DC to 8440 MHz - RF CafeLFCN-8440+ is an LTCC low pass filter with a pass band from DC to 8440 MHz. This model provides 1.3 dB pass band insertion loss, 30 dB stop band rejection, RF input power handling up to 8W, and excellent thermal stability from -55 to 100 deg C. The filter comes housed in a tiny 1206 ceramic package with wraparound terminations, saving space in dense PCB layouts and minimizing performance variation due to parasitics. LTCC construction provides repeatable performance in a rugged, ceramic package well-suited for tough operating environments such as high-humidity, and extreme temperatures. 

Miniature Lumped Element Low Pass Filter Passes DC to 83 MHz with Sharp Rejection

Mini-Circuits Lumped Element Low Pass Filter Passes DC to 83 MHz - RF CafeULP-83+ is a surface-mount, lumped element low pass filter with a passband from DC to 83 MHz. This design provides very sharp rejection with 78% slope from the 3 dB cutoff to 20 dB rejection, and greater than 40 dB rejection from 135 to 850 MHz. It provides 1.5 dB typical insertion loss in the passband and handles RF input power up to 0.15W. The unit gives designers the advantages of excellent selectivity and high stopband rejection in a miniature form factor occupying only 0.25 x 0.25 of board space. Designed using miniature, high-Q capacitors and chip inductors, it provides high reliability, repeatable performance across production lots and consistent performance across temperatures from -40 to +85 deg C. The filter comes mounted on printed wiring laminate with Mini-Circuits' TopHat feature to maximize speed and efficiency of pick-and-place assembly.

2.4 mm-Female to 2.4 mm-Female Adapter Covers DC to 50 GHz for Industry-Leading Value

Mini-Circuits 2.4mm-Female to 2.4mm-Female Adapter - RF CafeMini-Circuits' 24F-24F+ 2.4mm-Female to 2.4mm-Female adapter expands our portfolio of products in the 40 and 50 GHz range to give you more options and more capabilities. This model provides 0.14 dB insertion loss with very flat response across the DC to 50 GHz range and 1.03:1 typical VSWR up to 50 GHz. The unit features passivated stainless steel construction and measures only 0.76 x 0.31". Mini-Circuits now offers 50 GHz 2.4mm adapters in a variety of gender configurations, all offering industry-leading performance and value. 


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About Mini-Circuits

Mini-Circuits is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of RF, IF, and microwave components and integrated modules covering the DC to 50 GHz band, for commercial, industrial, space, and military applications, including: WiMax, CATV, Cellular Wireless, RFID, Medical Equipment, Test Equipment, Receivers, Transmitters Aerospace, Mil-Spec and Satellite applications. Rapid response, innovative design, demanding quality standards, fast turnaround, value pricing, on-time delivery, and top-notch customer service have helped make Mini-Circuits an industry leader. With 27 different product lines representing thousands of off-the-shelf and custom models, Mini-Circuits offers the world's largest variety of over 10,000 signal processing products.


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Posted December 19, 2017