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RF Cafe began life in 1996 as "RF Tools" in an AOL screen name web space totaling 2 MB. Its primary purpose was to provide me with ready access to commonly needed formulas and reference material while performing my work as an RF system and circuit design engineer. The Internet was still largely an unknown entity at the time and not much was available in the form of WYSIWYG ...

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"Nonlinear equations [are] fundamental because in nature, curves abound." – Shing-Tung Yau

Today in Science History

Pentagon to Unveil New Electronic Warfare Strategy

Pentagon to Unveil New Electronic Warfare Strategy - RF Cafe"The Pentagon's soon-to-be published Electronic Warfare strategy calls for increased investment in advanced electronic warfare technology designed to defend U.S. assets and proactively use the electromagnetic spectrum to attack enemies. A key part of the calculus for this strategy will be to integrate new EW technologies with existing Army, Navy and Air Force emerging EW weapons. This includes developing EW systems such as the Navy's Next Generation Jammer, Army vehicle-mounted EW and Air Force ..."

December 6, 2016 - Meteor Turns Russian Night Sky into Day

Is Russia in the wrong place on Earth or what? Yet another massive meteor (bolide) streaked cross the Khakassia sky, but cause no damage, unlike the Chelyabinsk superbolide in 2013 that shattered windows and injured nearly 1,500 people. The world's Near Earth Objects sentinel systems never saw this one - or the other one - coming. The Chicxulub crater on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is postulated to have been caused by the impact of a 10 km diameter asteroid with an energy of 420 zettajoules. Its age of 65 million years coincides with the time dinosaurs disappeared from Earth. The next big event is overdue.

Ofcom Declines to Act in Nightmare Neighbour Next Door Ham Radio Episode

Ofcom Declines to Act in Nightmare Neighbour Next Door Ham Radio Episode - RF CafeTypical stupid news media people: "UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has declined to act on formal complaints about an October 27 episode of the Channel 5 television program Nightmare Neighbour Next Door (S05E08 not currently available). That episode focused on 75-year-old Armando Martins, M0PAM, of Kent, whose neighbors had made unsubstantiated claims that RF radiating from his 30-foot vertical antenna was detrimental to their health. The Radio Society of Great Britain  weighed in following the airing of the show. Radio amateurs across the UK also complained that the program episode was replete with false claims and pointed ..."

War Comes! - January 1942 QST

The Erie Daily Times: Pearl Harbor Attack - RF CafeThis was the front page of The Erie Daily News on the morning after the Pearl Harbor attack. The news stunned everyone. Emergency measures were implemented nationwide. Amateur radio operators had their transmission privileges curtailed immediately, similar to restrictions during WWI. Just as President Woodrow Wilson issued an executive order prohibiting unauthorized transmissions by amateurs, President Roosevelt had the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ban the radio transmissions of Hams. The fear ...

Thin-Film Transistors Provide Faster Electrical Circuits

Thin-Film Transistors Provide Faster Electrical Circuits - RF Cafe"The secret to improved electrical circuits has become something of a holy grail in recent years. As technology has evolved to be smaller and more adaptable, so too has the need for versatile electrical circuits that can bend with designs while still retaining speed and efficiency. And after many false starts and errors, it looks like scientists have finally found a way to create the speedy electrical circuits our technology so badly ..."

Should NASA's Charter for Space Exploration Include AGW?

NASA Earth Science Satellites - RF CafeNASA, DoD, and other federal government functions' budgeted monies have been diverted to AGW projects while starving legitimate needs to fulfill original charter responsibilities. For instance, the Navy is forced to buy $25/gallon biofuels for some fleet operations. The Army must build expensive 'green' electric power s sources for its installation. Meanwhile, funds to replace battle-worn components are scarce and veteran health care is notoriously atrocious. This Space Daily article touches on the potential changes to come under new executive-level administration ...

Frequency Modulation, Facsimile, & c.

Frequency Modulation, Facsimile, Sound, & Nazi Propaganda, November 1939, Radio-Craft - RF CafeEach month, Radio-Craft magazine ran a feature titled "In Review," which covered a variety of late-breaking news topics related to communications. Most of the time the focus was on wireless advances, but occasionally, as in the November 1939 issue, you would see things like a huge public address & music system installation at Union Station or a flash about Nazi control over radio broadcasts. Modern news publications follow the same template with round-up type articles. The up and coming frequency modulation (FM) scheme leads here, followed by the wonders of facsimile machines that transmit "facsy" formatted news to remote offices ...

The Gadget Apocalypse Is Upon Us

The Gadget Apocalypse Is Upon Us - RF Cafe"Remember gadgets? They were little electronic things that did stuff for you. They would play music or record videos or give you directions or let you play games on the go. They were fun. Everyone had them. Everyone wanted them. There were whole magazines and websites and even TV shows devoted to them. For 30 or 40 years, through recessions and war, through stability and revolutions, they were always there, one gadget after another, from transistor radios to ..."

Wireless Innovation Forum Releases Specs for 3.5 GHz Shared Spectrum

Wireless Innovation Forum Releases Essential Specifications for U.S. Shared Spectrum 3.5 GHz - RF Cafe"The Wireless Innovation Forum announced today member approval and public availability of its Spectrum Sharing Committee's (SSC) highly anticipated signaling protocols and procedures to be used in the U.S. 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band for the Spectrum Access System (SAS) – Citizens Radio Broadband Service Device (CBSD) and 'Spectrum Access System (SAS) – SAS' Interfaces. These standards are the first of their kind addressing the new FCC Part 96 rules for CBRS. Publication of ..."

'Photonic Water' Could Be Boon for Optoelectronic Applications

'Photonic Water' Could Be Boon for Optoelectronic Applications - RF Cafe"A two-dimensional metal oxide material called titanate nanosheets has remained pretty much off the radar of flatland materials expected to transform the worlds of electronics and optoelectronics. Its biggest claim to fame has been that it is pretty effective at cleaning up contaminants. However, it would seem that titanate nanosheets history of being overlooked in the catalogue of 2D materials may ..."

Electronic Crossword Puzzle from the May 1963 Issue of Electronics World

Electronic Crossword Puzzle, May 1963 Electronics World - RF CafeNearly every week I create and publish a crossword puzzle filled with words and clues all of which are relevant to the realms of engineering, science, mathematics, chemistry, mechanics, optics, communications, amateur radio, etc. It is rare to find a crossword puzzle that contains no 'filler' type words used just for the sake of being able to construct a puzzle. I use software that takes my custom-built dictionary of a few thousand words and definitions, and fits them to grids that I create ...

Navy Advances Aegis Radar, RF in Destroyer Overhaul

Navy Advances Aegis Radar, RF in Destroyer Overhaul - RF Cafe"The Navy is modernizing its destroyers and cruisers with Aegis technology equipped with new multi-mission signal processors, kill assessment systems, and radio frequency upgrades, service officials said. The upgrades are part of an intense effort to arm the fleet of destroyers and cruisers with modernized Aegis radar technologies to help the ships better attack adversaries and defend themselves from enemy missiles. Aegis radar, a technology now on destroyers and cruisers, provides terminal phase ballistic missile defense and an ability to knock ..."

Four More Radio Service Data Sheets Added to the RF Cafe Archive

American-Bosch Model 430T 5-Tube 3-Band Superhet. Radio Service Data Sheet, January 1936 Radio-Craft - RF CafeThere are now 156 Radio Service Data Sheets in the archive, all of which were scanned and cleaned up from issues of vintage electronics magazines like Radio-Craft, Radio & Television News, etc. Equipment manufacturers generally only made this information available to certified service shops, so the availability of these was of great value to both hobbyists and repair shop owners. American-Bosch Model 43OT, Montgomery Ward "Airline" Series 7GM, RCA Victor Model C9-4, and RCA Victor Model T5-2

Tech Industry Headlines

- Archive -

China Holds Mantle of Asia's Technology, Science Power

ARRL Transatlantic Reception Anniversary Special Event Set for December 11

3D-Printed Magnets for Tailor-Made Magnetic Fields

5G in Asia: Seizing the 1st-Mover Advantage

John Glenn - First American to Orbit Earth - Dead at Age 95

'Mercury Seven' Astronauts All Gone Now

Pulsed RF Power Device Markets to Exceed $250M by 2021

Reply to MMTC Wanting AM Band Decommissioned

Radio Australia Shortwave Broadcasts Go Dark on January 31

Canon Joins Japan's Space Race for Satellite Launches

Canon Joins Japan's Space Race for Satellite Launches - RF Cafe"Canon is helping Japan build a low-cost "mini-rocket" for future satellite launches as private companies seek to give the country's lagging space industry greater thrust. Engineers from Canon Electronics, a unit of the Japanese imaging devices maker, have joined a team led by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, that is building what stands to be the world's smallest satellite launch vehicle -- about the size of a utility pole. The company's ..."

Thanks to Saelig for Supporting RF Cafe!

Saelig Company ElectronicsCompanies like Saelig that advertise on RF Cafe are responsible for its existence. 3rd-party ads from Google and GlobalSpec provide a pretty good income, but I much prefer serving private ads because #1: I totally control the content (to make sure it is relevant) and #2: my GIF files are much smaller and serve much faster than the 3rd-party ads. Saelig sells and supports a wide range of electronic control and instrumentation equipment and components to customers ranging from Fortune 500 industrial users, military, educational institutions and hospitals to individual end-users ...

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Empower RF SystemsEmpower RF Systems is a global leader in power amplifier solutions. Products include high power RF amplifier modules, amplifier systems, and custom designed amplifiers. Empower RF Systems NextGen power amplifiers - RF CafeInvestments in both hardware and software engineering are yielding next generation products with significant size, weight, and interface functionality advantages over legacy products in the market ...

Tiny Device Pumps out 1 Electron at a Time

Tiny Device Pumps out 1 Electron at a Time - RF Cafe"Physicists should finally be able to rid themselves of the cumbersome and inaccurate definition of the ampere. That is the claim of metrologists in Germany, who have measured electrical current by counting single electrons travelling along a microscopic wire. The researchers say that their technique will allow scientists in a number of different disciplines to make better measurements of tiny currents. The move to revamp the ampere is ..."

Mac's Radio Service Shop: A.C.-D.C. Bread and Butter

Mac's Radio Service Shop: A.C.-D.C. Bread and Butter, October 1952 Radio & Television News Article - RF CafeThis installment of Mac's Radio Service Shop could stand alone as a chapter in a troubleshooting manual for vacuum tube radios. John Frye's (or a trusty consultant's) knowledge of circuit operation is abundantly clear here. Recall that Mr. Frye later authored the Carl & Jerry teenage techno-sleuth series in the next decade. A couple things stood out to me. The first is the heretofore unfamiliar phrase "play hob with," which means to cause trouble for. The second is mention of a metal tuning dial indicator needle ...

Graphene-Based Antenna Still Looking for Path to Commercialization

Graphene-Based Antenna Still Looking for Path to Commercialization - RF Cafe"Graphene is a pure conductor, just like a metal, which has led researchers to examine applications like antennas to see if graphene could serve as a replacement. Along this line of inquiry, researchers at the National Research Council Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity (CNR-ISOF) in Italy, which is part of Europe’s Graphene Flagship, have developed a graphene-based near-field communication (NFC) antenna. Unlike today's NFC antennas their devices are flexible and have greater ..."

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