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Sherlock Ohms: The Manometers Were
Getting Light in Their Chambers

Sherlock Ohms: The Manometers Were Getting Light in Their Chambers - RF CafeWhat I like most about this adventure of Sherlock Ohms is not so much the problem itself and its resolution, but the comments from readers. Opposing philosophies and attitudes are very stark, ranging from seizing an opportunity to slam management's approach to a problem to actually defending issues unalterable contractual test method compliance , etc. There is also an interesting discussion from the chemistry aspect of the dilemma. It is definitely worth a couple minutes of your time ...

Please Welcome Peregrine
Semiconductor as a New Sponsor!

Peregrine SemiconductorPeregrine Semiconductor, a Murata company, is a leading fabless provider of high-performance, radio frequency integrated circuits, or RFICs. The company's solutions leverage UltraCMOS® technology, a patented, advanced form of silicon on insulator (SOI) that enables the design, manufacture and integration of multiple RF, analog and digital functions onto a single chip. Advancing the performance of RF SOI since 1988, Peregrine today delivers the monolithic integration and superior performance necessary to solve the RF market's biggest challenges. Peregrine's initial advertising effort is promoting is employment opportunities.

Electronics Magazines
& Editors Crossword Puzzle

Engineering Magazines & Editors Crossword Puzzle for August 2, 2015 - RF CafeThis week's crossword puzzle has the theme of electronics and engineering magazines and their editors. I have to plead guilty at not knowing who the editor-in-chief (EiC) of many of the publications were. After so often reading the names of the many authors and technical editors and contributing editors, etc., getting printed every month, keeping track is difficult. You should recognize all the magazine names since they are our industry's primary publications. Apologies to Microwaves & RF magazine (Nancy K. Friedrich, EiC), and to High Frequency Electronics (Scott Spencer, EiC), for not including them in the puzzle. The fact is, though, that the more words I insert at the outset, the more difficult it is ...

Electronics-Themed Comics from
Electronics World & Popular Electronics

Electronics-Themed Comics, October 1961 Electronics World & October 1956 Popular Electronics - RF CafeHere for your Friday afternoon wind-down are these electronics-themed comics from vintage issues of Electronics World and Popular Electronics magazines. The sign on the Telco Rectifier Components president's wall is especially good. These comics make good fodder for opening your technical presentations ...

Author: Kirt Blattenberger on Google+ Author:
Kirt Blattenberger

V.L.F. Loop Antenna

V.L.F. Loop Antenna, January 1963 Electronics World - RF CafeIf you have been searching for a do-it-yourself VLF loop antenna that can be resonated from approximately 14 to 25 kHz, then look no more. This article from a 1963 edition of Electronics World presents a relatively simple to build job that reportedly provides excellent reception. At these frequencies a wavelength is measured in miles, which makes even a simple dipole antenna impractical, so the multi-turn loop is the only alternative. It is the same principle that allows the little ferrite-core antenna inside your AM radio to work so well when the shortest wavelength in the commercial AM broadcast band is nearly 600 feet ...

NuWaves Engineering Seeking
a Software Developer

NuWaves Engineering Seeks Software Developer - RF CafeThe Software Developer reports directly to the VP of Engineering, Director of Engineering, or Deputy Director of Engineering. The Software Developer works closely with the Engineering technical teams and with Program Management to design, develop, and support software solutions. The Software Developer applies sound engineering principles to the design, development, and documentation of systems, software and products. The Software Developer ensures all work carried out is in compliance with company design, quality, and process standards. Essential Functions: Develops software solutions by studying information needs; conferring with users; studying systems flow, data usage and ...

Mac's Radio Service Shop:
Safety in Servicing

Mac's Radio Service Shop: Safety in Servicing, January 1954 Radio & Television News - RF CafeIt's time to gather 'round for another story about fictional radio service shop owner Mac McGregor and his trusted sidekick technician, Barney. In this episode, an errantly wired bypass capacitor on a chassis from one of the old AC/DC radio sets caused Mac to get a 300-volt wakeup call when his hand brushed against it. After explaining the situation to Barney and apprising him of the danger it poses to an owner who unwittingly sticks his/her hand into the back of the cabinet, Mac lists a few other common dangers to watch for. Radios that ran on either AC or DC power were very common back in the early days because there were homes and businesses that had both type systems wired in to the premises - in part due to the famous battle between Thomas Edison's preferred DC electrical distribution system and Nikola Tesla's preferred AC electrical distribution system. Another reason for DC compatibility was that prior to the Rural Electrification Act of 1936, many ...

Notable Quote: David Hilbert

David Hilbert, mathematician - RF Cafe"Although infinity is needed in mathematics, it occurs nowhere in the physical universe." - David Hilbert, mathematician, quoted in Nature.

Congrats to Michael M. for Winning
the July 2015 Book Drawing !!!

Control Components Using Si, GaAs, and GaN Technolgoies (Artech House) - RF CafeMichael M., of Charlotte, NC, is the lucky winner of the July Engineering Book Drawing. Michael wisely seelcted Control Components Using Si,GaAs, and GaN Technologies, by Inder J. Bahl (Graciously provided by Artech House). Each month I randomly select one or two people from my e-mail inbox to receive a free (including shipping), brand new engineering book - usually valued well over $100. I have given away 120 books since 2008.

$5 for Best Short-Wave Kinks

$5.00 for Best Short Wave Kink, November 1935 Short Wave Craft - RF CafeHere is a handy-dandy baker's dozen worth of 'kinks,' otherwise known as tricks, shortcuts, or clever ideas, that could prove useful while working in the lab at work or in your shop at home. One suggestion is to place a sheet of tracing paper over your schematic while wiring a circuit and draw each connection as it is completed, rather than mark up the original drawing. That was definitely good for a time when making a spare copy of a magazine page or assembly instruction from a kit was not as simple a matter as it is today ...

Saelig Introduces Multiple Instrument
System MIS4 Universal Test System

Saelig Introduces Multiple Instrument System MIS4 Universal Test System - RF CafeSaelig Company has introduced the ABI Electronics' Multiple Instrument Station MIS4, an all-in-one testing tool that provides all commonly required test instruments in one compact programmable hardware module, mounted in a compact case or installed in a PC drive bay. Controlled by ABI's sophisticated SYSTEM 8 Ultimate PC software with a simple yet programmable operator interface, the MIS4 combines eight laboratory instruments: a 3-channel 350 MHz digital storage oscilloscope with sophisticated triggering options and automatic measurements; a 1.1 GHz frequency counter and three 350 MHz counters; a 14-bit dual-channel ...

Introducing the Keysight Software
Selector Mobile App

Keysight SW Selector Mobile - RF CafeKeysight offers 230+ measurement applications based on innovative algorithms and up-to-date standards-based capabilities. Use our new mobile app to easily search by application / technology or instrument, and select the perfect standalone or embedded test and measurement software for your application. Then help us make this new app better for you. Try it and tell us about your experience. We'll incorporate your feedback and suggestions into the next revision ...

Durban U. of Technology Adopts NI AWR
Software, Improves Pass Rate

Durban University of Technology Adopts NI AWR Software to Advance Academic Course Level and Improve Pass Rate - RF CafeNI (formerly AWR Corporation) announces that the South African Durban University of Technology (DUT) has adopted NI AWR Design Environment™ for its RF design course. Expecting a steep learning curve and a semester-long migration period, Prof. Stuart MacPherson was pleasantly surprised with the software's ease of use and support, enabling him to completely transition to the new tool even before the semester began. "Implementing NI AWR software in the DUT RF design curriculum has resulted in the academic level of the course being advanced and the pass rate being improved," said Prof. MacPherson, associate director at ...

Triad RF Systems Publishes
Its 1st Newsletter Edition

Triad RF Systems Publishes Its 1st Newsletter Edition - RF CafeTriad RF Systems has published its first-ever company newsletter. Two new amplifier products are highlighted, and an announcement of their planned appearance at the MILCOM 2015 trade show are among the newsworthy items. Triad RF Systems also has a LinkedIn page titled UAV Data Links that you are encouraged to join ...

Skyworks Intros High Rel DC to 8 GHz
GaAs IC SPDT Absorptive Switch

Skyworks Intros High Reliability DC to 8 GHz Hermetic GaAs IC SPDT Absorptive Switch - RF CafeThrough its Isolink subsidiary, Skyworks introduces a low-loss, high performance wideband DC to 8 GHz hermetic GaAs IC single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) absorptive switch. The ISO13286 is ideal for high reliability space, satellite, and defense applications. The device performs with 50 dB isolation at 4 GHz and low loss of 1.5 dB at 4 GHz. Testing is available to the screening requirements of MIL-PRF-38535 Class B and S, in addition to the required QCI. The ISO13286 die is produced with Skyworks' GaAs pHEMT process that has shown ...