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Today in Science History

Nokia Tries to Get Ahead of the Game on 600 MHz

Nokia Tries to Get Ahead of the Game on 600 MHz - RF Cafe"Nokia has made a jump-start on the low-band 600 MHz spectrum, through completing the first pre-standard 600 MHz LTE call using commercially-available hardware. The 600 MHz is an attractive one to the FCC and operators primarily because of the range which it offers in terms of mobile broadband. When you look at the vast expanse of the US and the number of rural communities which are currently being underserved in an increasingly digital world, the band becomes even more attractive. The problem arises in the fact this band is already being used by traditional broadcasters ..."

How to Make Custom Meters from Salvaged Parts

How to Make Custom Meters from Salvaged Parts, April 1974 Popular Electronics - RF CafeA major transition in the realm of test equipment readouts from analog to digital was occurring during the 1970s. Prior to then, what few digital displays existed used Nixie tubes, but the emergence of inexpensive LEDs, combined with equally inexpensive digital logic ICs, made the change an easy decision. D'Arsonval meter movements are prone to damage when even slightly overdriven or subject to physical impact. Analog meter movements still have their place in a few ...

Saelig Offers Vector Sigl Gen VSG6G1 Featured in YouTube Series

Saelig Offers Triarchy's Vector Signal Generator VSG6G1 Featured in YouTube Series - RF CafeTriarchy's VSG6G1 is a very cost effective USB vector signal generator. Its capabilities are comparable to the basic functions of a regular full size RF vector signal generator. VSG6G1 is miniature and portable equipment, but it has more features and functions than full size analog RF signal generators, with frequency range up to 6.2 GHz, frequency sweep, and frequency hopping using I&Q modulation with arbitrary signal ...

Behold The Big Bend - the 'Longest Building in the World'

Behold The Big Bend - the 'Longest Building in the World' - RF CafeHow long will it be before someone flies an airplane through it? "The race to build the world’s most spectacular skyscraper has reached new heights - and taken a turn in direction. Designs for 'The Big Bend', a slender tower that would transform Manhattan's skyline, have been unveiled. Described as the 'longest building in the world,' the project's concept drawings reveal a skyscraper reaching an apex then curving back down. And featuring an elevator system that can travel in curves, horizontally and in loops ..."

New Portable Radio Takes Pictures

New Portable Radio Takes Pictures, December 1947 Radio-Craft - RF CafeThis Air-King Radio-Camera Model A410 might be the world's first production camera-phone. The primary purpose for developing the unit could have been for wartime field correspondents or forward reconnaissance. I found two examples on the Internet. The one with the reddish-brown case is from the EarlyPhotography.org website; it appears to be more for personal or commercial use. The on RadioMuseum.org is an green color that would have been best for military use. A schematic is posted on the RadioMuseum.org page ...

Anokiwave Looking for a Staff RFIC Design Engineer

Anokiwave Looking for a Staff RFIC Design Engineer- RF CafeAnokiwave is a fast growing fabless semiconductor company looking for an ambitious, conscientious, and thorough Staff RFIC Design Engineer to join the Anokiwave team. You will be responsible for designing highly-integrated microwave and millimeter-wave RFICs in state of the art technologies. You will work with an incredible team of IC design and test professionals developing state of the art products for 5G, SATCOM, and A&D markets. You will learn circuit ...

RF Cafe Engineering Crossword Puzzle w/Weekly Headlines March 26, 2017

RF Cafe Engineering Crossword Puzzle w/Weekly Headlines March 26, 2017For the sake of avid cruciverbalists amongst us, each week I create a new crossword puzzle that has a theme related to engineering, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and other technical words. Clues in this puzzle with an asterisk (*) are pulled from this past week's (3/20 - 3/24) "High Tech News" column on the RF Cafe homepage (see the Headline Archives page for help). Enjoy! ...

Craftsman Tools Sold to Stanley Black & Decker

Craftsman Tools Sold to Stanley Black & Decker - RF CafeAnother chapter in American tradition has come to an end. Sears Roebuck is likely going into bankruptcy and then disappear - thanks to poor management. Fortunately, the Craftsman tool line has been sold to Stanley Black & Decker, so at least part of the legacy will live on. Most of my tools are Craftsman - motivated mostly by tradition and a desire to support American companies. Plans call for establishing new Craftsman manufacturing facilities stateside. BTW, the Sears store here in Erie closed last November. Boscov's, a Reading, PA-based department store chain ...

Fairview Microwave Releases 8-Bit, 360° Phase Shifters

Fairview Microwave Releases 8-Bit Programmable Phase Shifters with 360 Degrees of Accurate Variable Phase Shift - RF CafeFairview Microwave, a supplier of on-demand microwave and RF components, has introduced a new series of 8-bit programmable phase shifters that are adjustable over a full 360° range. These three new models can produce a discrete set of phase states of up to 256 total steps in 1.4° increments with superior accuracy and minimal phase shift error. These digitally controlled analog phase shifters cover broadband microwave and millimeter wave frequencies. They are ideal ...

Notable Quote: "I link the abbreviation LTE to the term Long Term Employment"

Mr. Andreas Roessler Notable Quote - RF CafeRF Cafe visitor Bob Davis in a recent e-mail alluded the quote, "LTE stands for Long Term Employment," which I have heard before. Based on a not-too-extensive Internet research, earliest published instance I can find is a December 2010 ECN piece by Mr. Andreas Roessler, of Rohde & Schwarz, where he states, "That's the reason why I link the abbreviation LTE to the term Long Term Employment."

U.S. Army to Take Delivery of 'World Record' Laser Weapon

U.S. Army to Take Delivery of 'World Record' Laser Weapon - RF Cafe"In testing earlier this month, the laser - which has been developed for the U.S. Army - produced a single beam of 58 kW, representing a world record for a laser of this type. Lockheed is now is preparing to ship the system the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command / Army Forces Strategic Command in Huntsville, Alabama. The system is based on combined fibre laser technology, meaning that it brings together individual lasers, generated through fibre optics, to generate a single, intense laser beam ..."

ConductRF Announces Distribution Agreement with Premier Farnell

ConductRF Announce New Global Distribution Agreement with Premier Farnell - RF CafePremier Farnell today announces a new global distribution agreement with EAM, a leading manufacturer of Precision RF & Microwave Interconnect Products. Under their ConductRF Brand, the company offers, innovative & reliable performance interconnect products operating from DC to 110 GHz. ConductRF's products are recognized for their excellent performance and cost effectiveness by engineers & technicians in numerous demanding industries including; Defense, Aerospace, Industrial, Medical Infrastructure, Instrumentation ...

Less Radiation in Inner Van Allen Belt Than Previously Believed

Less Radiation in Inner Van Allen Belt Than Previously Believed - RF cafe"The inner Van Allen belt has less radiation than previously believed, according to a recent study. Observations from NASA's Van Allen probes show the fastest, most energetic electrons in the inner radiation belt are actually much rarer and harder to find than scientists expected. This is good news for spacecraft that are orbiting in the region and can be damaged by high levels of radiation. The inner Van Allen belt has less radiation than previously believed, according to a recent study in the Journal of Geophysical Research. Observations from NASA's ..."

Anatech Electronics' March Newsletter Now Available

Anatech Electronics Newsletter for March 2017 - RF CafeAnatech Electronics, a manufacturer of RF and microwave filters, has published its February newsletter. As always, it includes both company news and some tidbits about relevant industry happenings. In it, Sam Benzacar discusses, among other topics, spectrum sharing, including the ISM bands and a DARPA program called Shared Spectrum Access for Radar and Communications (SSPARC) that has the goal of developing more advanced sharing technology so that radars and military and commercial communications systems can cooperate in near real time ...

What Wives Think About Ham Radio

What Wives Think About Ham Radio, December 1966 QST - RFCafeWhen I first as the title of this article, I thought it was going to be a comical parody on how wives (YLs) of Ham radio operators (OMs) viewed their husbands' hobby. It turned out to be a report on a nationwide survey. Many of wives of Hams were themselves licensed operators which, at the time, required Morse code proficiency in addition to radio theory and regulations. In 1966 the average cost of a Ham shack layout was about $1,000, which is equivalent to $7,518 in 2017. As with most electronics ...

VidaRF Announces RF Power Dividers

VidaRF Announces RF Power Dividers - RF CafeVidaRF offers a wide selection of 2-way through 64-way power divider/combiners, designed to cover 100 MHz to 20 GHz with average power handling of 30 watts for narrow, octave, dual and multi-octave band applications. Standard connector type: SMA female, other connectors available upon request. VidaRF is a North Carolina based company that is focused on being a solutions provider by building to customer specs and offering zero days lead time for custom parts through ...

Tech Industry Headlines

Tech Industry Headlines - RF Cafe- Archive -

Australia Couple are 1st Foreigners to Own U.S. Radio Stations

WikiLeaks Vault 7 Leak Claims CIA Bugs 'Factory Fresh' iPhones

American Tower Discloses $100M Deal, Buoying Tower Sector

Cuba Institutes New Amateur Radio Regulations

Organic Power Electronics Now a Reality

People Who Think They're 'Tech-Savvy' 18% More Likely to Be Hit by ID Theft

Apple to Start Making iPhones in India over Next 2 Months

ARRL Seeking Synergy with Maker Movement

Wireless Networks Vie for Air Time

Electrocrystallization: Breakthrough in Gold Nanoparticle Research

Electrocrystallization: Breakthrough in Gold Nanoparticle Research - RF Cafe"A research team as published a research study that demonstrates how it is possible to obtain very high quality crystals formed of gold nanoparticles. The research on gold nanoparticles is a field of both fundamental and applied importance" explains Academy Professor Kari Rissanen of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Jyväskylä. X-ray crystallography is the most powerful method for molecular-structure determination of these nanosystems, but obtaining good quality single crystals suitable for accurate X-ray ..."

IMS2017 Student Design Competition Winners to Be Gifted NI AWR Software

IMS2017 High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Student Design Competition Winners to Be Gifted NI AWR Software - RF CafeNI (formerly AWR Corporation) continues to proudly sponsor this year's 2017 IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS) thirteenth annual High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Student Design Competition (HEPA-SDC). The competition encourages student teams from around the world to design and construct a power amplifier (PA) and bring it to IMS in Honolulu, Hawaii, where industry experts will evaluate the performance of all entered PAs ...

Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications

Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications - RF CafeIn Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications, four of the field's pioneers, including Theodore S. Rappaport, Robert W. Heath, Robert C. Daniels, and James N. Murdock, draw on their vast experience to empower engineers at all levels to succeed with mmWave. They deliver fundamental, end-to-end coverage of all aspects of future mmWave wireless communications systems. The authors explain new multi-Gigabit per second products and applications, mmWave signal propagation, analog and digital circuit design, mmWave antenna designs ...

Chip Fabrication for Top Military Electronics

Chip Fabrication for Top Military Electronics - RF Cafe"U.S. military microelectronics experts are looking to GlobalFoundries U.S. 2 LLC in Hopewell Junction, N.Y., to continue providing foundry and electronic chip fabrication services for crucial U.S. military electronics systems. Officials of the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) in McClellan, Calif., announced a $99.8 million contract modification to GlobalFoundries on Friday for option year one for access to leading edge, current, and legacy microelectronics and trusted processes for the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) ..."

Anokiwave Needs a Senior Test Engineer

Anokiwave Needs a Senior Test Engineer - RF CafeAnokiwave is a fast growing fabless semiconductor company looking for an ambitious, conscientious, and thorough Senior Test Engineer to join the Anokiwave team in Billerica, MA. The ideal candidate should possess a strong working knowledge of mmW measurements, calibration methodologies, semiconductor probing, and python script language. You will play an instrumental role in the growth and excellence of Anokiwave and our commitment to satisfying our customers. The successful candidate should demonstrate proven ...

Triad RF Systems Intros 2.3 to 2.5 GHz, 25 W, Bidirectional Amplifier

Triad RF Systems Intros 2.3 to 2.5 GHz, 25 W, Bidirectional Amplifier - RF CafeThe TTRM1004-D01 LDMOS amplifier operates at a frequency range of 2300 MHz to 2500 MHz and has a power output of 25 watts, while still maintaining a compact form factor of 3.33 x 2.69 x 0.65 inches. This unit also features internal protection against over/under voltage and excessive temperature conditions, which coupled with its rugged construction, ensure fault-free operation in even the most extreme environments. This class AB LDMOS module is designed for both military ...

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