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Wood-Derived Substrate for Microwave Transistors

FCC Speedily Dismisses Petitions to Alter Amateur Service Rules

Engineers Need to Do More with Less (agree?)

Data Link Lets Even Small UAVs Serve as Secure Comm Nodes

FBI Hunts for Culprits in California Internet Backbone Attack

Substrates Change Nanoparticle Reactivity

South Korea Planning a 4th Mobile Network License

Exploring Through-Wall Presence Detection

As More Tech Start-Ups Stay Private, So Does the Money

Producing Spin-Entangled Electrons

Surveillance Court OKs NSA Phone Metadata Collection for 6 More Months (wasn't all this supposed to stop after the 2008 election?)

Graphene Flexes Its Electronic Muscles

Ericsson Layoffs Target R&D, Supply

Data Roaming Charges to End in EU Within 2 Years

Building a Better Semiconductor

10 U.S. State Engineering Facts You Probably Don't Know: New Mexico - South Carolina

Notable Tech Quote

Notable Tech Quote for June 30, 2015 - RF Cafe"There are two kinds of countries: Those that use the metric system and those that have sent men to the moon." - Anon

Linx HumDT™ Series Multi-Channel
Data Transceiver Module in 868 MHz

Linx Technologies Announces HumDT™ Series Multi-Channel Digital Data Transceiver Module in 868 MHz - RF CafeAt below $10 in volume, the Hummingbird platform is the lowest cost complete wideband transceiver with microcontroller module on the market today. The HumDT™ Series transceiver is built on this platform and is designed for data transfer. Linx is pleased to announce the addition of the HumDT™ multi-channel low cost RF modules in 868 MHz. Having a common footprint with the 900 MHz frequency agile model, designers can now serve the North American and European markets with common footprint modules, saving design time and material costs. Like its namesake, the low cost Hummingbird modules are tiny. At 11.5 mm by 14.0 mm, the HumDT™ uses advanced SOC

The Radio Month in Review

The Radio Month in Review, April 1936 Radio-Craft - RF CafeDid you know that some radio service equipment can be financed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA)? That's right, if your business needs a new tube tester or maybe an oscilloscope, Uncle Sam is there to help. That was in 1936, anyway, per this Radio-Craft news blurb. Today, of course, the FHA no longer makes loans for business equipment - the Small Business Administration (SBA) takes care of that. Nowadays the FHA restricts itself to home loans - including to illegal residents and otherwise traditionally unqualified. Also reported, among lots of other interesting stuff, is some early instances of RFI (radio frequency interference) emanating from

Please Welcome everythingRF
as a New Sponsor!

everythingRF bannereverything RF is a product discovery platform for RF & Microwave Products and Services. We list over 100,000 Products from more than 200 Companies across 200 Categories in our database and enable engineers to search for them using our customized parametric search tool. The parametric product search tool on everything RF has been designed to replace paper and PDF catalogs. It is fast, easy to use and very powerful – You can enter your specs and find products from multiple manufacturers that meet your requirement. You can then compare products, download datasheets

Author: Kirt Blattenberger on Google+ Author:
Kirt Blattenberger

The Rochelle-Salt Crystal Reproducer

The Rochelle-Salt Crystal Reproducer, July 1932 Radio-Craft - RF CafePotassium sodium tartrate (Rochelle salt) was used in commercial speakers for a while in place of electromagnetic driver coils. The relatively large mechanical deformation produced when subject to an electric field made them attractive as coil alternatives because a separate energization circuit was not required. The drawback, at least early on, was unavailability of crystals large enough to drive anything other than a headphone size speaker cone. This article tells of the time when a process was created to grow large crystals from a seed, similar to how silicon, gallium-arsenide, and other modern semiconductors are grown

Peregrine Semiconductor Ships
Industry's First True DC Switch

Peregrine Semiconductor Ships Industry's First True DC Switch - RF CafePeregrine Semiconductor Corp., founder of RF SOI (silicon on insulator) and pioneer of advanced RF solutions, announces the availability of the UltraCMOS® PE42020, the industry's first and only RF integrated switch to operate at true DC, zero Hz. This True DC RF switch features high power handling and maintains excellent RF performance and linearity from DC through 8000 MHz. A reliable alternative to problematic mechanical relays and MEMS, the PE42020 is ideal for test-and-measurement and automated-test-equipment applications. "For the first time, an integrated RF switch can operate

Orbel Board Level Shielding
Meeting Automation Challenges

Orbel Board Level Shielding Meeting Automation Challenges - RF CafeAs advanced automation continues to infiltrate industries around the world, Orbel Corporation has ensured that its board level shielding products keep pace with today's newest automation technologies. Designed as a starting point that leads to a fully custom EMI/RFI suppression solution, Orbel's extensive line of board level shields offers unlimited design flexibility for components needed for the parts and systems that contribute to automated technology. Based on an unwavering attention to detail and delivering exceptional customer service, Orbel board level shielding can also be custom-engineered

New Business Announced: Centric RF
Cable, Connectors & Components

New Business Announcement: Centric RF - RF CafeMr. Bob Hawkins would like to introduce Centric RF. "We're a start up company planning to offer from stock various RF and microwave coaxial components, including attenuators, adapters, cable assemblies, terminations, and more. Having started in June 2015, it will be a few months before we have a large selection and we're fully staffed. Currently we're in the design and procurement phase. When we finish parts for inventory we'll add them to [the website] in case they fit a customer's need; shipment will be within 24 hours until we're staffed, then it will be same day shipment. We're currently looking for vendors to partner with us." If interested please contact Bob at sales@centricrf.com

Electrifying Music: A Closer Look
at Engineering's Impact on Music

Electrifying Music: A Closer Look at Engineering's Impact on Music - RF CafeA lot of engineers, technicians, and even managers I have worked with over the years have been musicians that play in private, with small gatherings, or even as a part of for-hire bands. It is probably safe to say the opposite is not true - that many professional musicians are also accomplished technologists. Jared Cossaboom of Circa Interactive sent me a hyperlink ofthis infographic titled "Electrifying Music: A Closer Look at Engineering's Impact on Music" as created by the NJIT. I particularly like the introductory juxtapositioning of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison as representatives of AC and DC electricity, respectively

Modern Batteries

Modern Batteries, October 1963 Electronics World - RF CafeAs with most things of consumer, commercial, and industrial nature, the battery - more correctly 'cell' - science has come a long way in a relatively short time. Alessandro Volta invented the eponymous voltaic pile in 1799; it consisted of zinc and copper electrodes immersed in a sulfuric acid electrolyte, thereby being a wet cell. The first dry cell was the zinc-carbon type invented by Guiseppe Zamboni (not the guy who invented the ice rink resurfacer) in 1812. Rechargeable dry cells of the NiCad variety hit the scene in 1899. Then, it wasn't until 1991 - a century later - that Sony commercialized the Li-Ion cell (and varieties thereof) that now dominates portable electronic markets. By

PMI Intros 0 to 180° Bi-Phase
Shifter / Modulator

Planar Monolithic Industries (PMI) Intros a 0 to 180° Bi-Phase Shifter / ModulatorPMI Model No. PS-90-1020-101F-512 is a 0 to 180° bi-phase modulator / phase shifter operating over a frequency range of 1.0 to 1.12 GHz with a maximum insertion loss of 2.0 dB and VSWR better than 1.7:1. This model provides two phase states, namely 0° and 180° and is controlled via single line TTL. The phase state is switched in 30 nsec or less and can handle input power levels up to +20 dBm CW. DC voltage requirement is +5 and -12 VDC. Package measures1.0" x 1.0" x 0.5". Other frequency ranges available

Free Engineering & Science
White Papers & Magazines

Engineering & Science Magazine Subscriptions, July 2015 - RF CafeMany of these engineering magazines have websites that I visit on a daily basis in search of up-to-the-minute industry headlines. Free subscriptions are offered to qualified applicants. 'Qualified' usually means that you are currently employed in a field related to the primary theme of the magazine, and often you also need to be a decision maker for buying products represented within the pages. If you believe you meet the qualification(s) and can use a subscription to one of these publications, please sign up using the provided hyperlinks, since that way RF Cafe gets credit

Featured Book: Backscattering from
Multiscale Rough Surfaces

Backscattering from Multiscale Rough Surfaces with Application to Wind ScatterometryBackscattering from Multiscale Rough Surfaces with Application to Wind Scatterometry, by Adrian K. Fung. "This resource explains and demonstrates the backscattering properties of multiscale rough surfaces, and illustrates their application to establish the geophysical model function (GMF) needed in wind scatterometry. This book also explains how the mechanisms of backscattering change with frequency and the incident angle on a multiscale surface and how to recognize single scale versus multiscale surfaces - very useful information for those wanting to


Lasers, August 1965 Electronics World - RF CafeNot so long ago the availability and usage of lasers was restricted to laboratory and military use, but today they are ubiquitous in our world. CD, DVD, and Blu-ray players are found in nearly every home and office. Laser pointers (including the green ones being illegally targeted on aircraft), laser distance measuring devices, laser leveling and alignment tools, laser light shows, laser cutting, even laser weapons can be found in many other venues, at relatively low costs (except the weapons). Half a century ago, most lasers were fabricated from rare earth elements whose output powers were measured in a few milliwatts at most. The cost of even a low power laboratory experimental device was thousands of dollars. I can remember seeing something like a 0.5 mW helium-neon laser for hobbyists offered by Edmund Scientific back

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