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RF Cafe Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle
May 12, 2019

Since 2000, I have been creating custom engineering- and science-themed crossword puzzles for the brain-exercising benefit and pleasure of RF Cafe visitors who are fellow cruciverbalists. The jury is out on whether or not this type of mental challenge helps keep your gray matter from atrophying in old age, but it certainly helps maintain your vocabulary and cognitive skills at all ages. A database of thousands of words has been built up over the years and contains only clues and terms associated with engineering, science, physical, astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, etc. You will never find a word taxing your knowledge of a numbnut soap opera star or the name of some obscure village in the Andes mountains. You might, however, encounter the name of a movie star like Hedy Lamarr or a geographical location like Tunguska, Russia, for reasons which, if you don't already know, might surprise you.

cruciverbalist: [noun]  cruci- ("cross") +‎ verbal ("words") +‎ -ist ("agent, person") -- A person who constructs or works crosswords.

Reproduction of this puzzle without the express permission of RF Cafe is prohibited.

acr. = acronym, abbr. = abbreviation, pl. = plural, wds. = words

Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle May 12, 2019 - RF Cafe

<click for full size to print>

1. Means or path by which a radio signal travels from a transmitting station to a receiving station

8. Amateur radio operators

9. Do a total memory transfer

11. Type of logic gate (pl.)

12. L-C resonating circuits

14. Logic family (abbr.)

15. Chemical symbol for beryllium

16. Filter type that blocks frequencies in a specified band (abbr.)

18. Flash of light which occurs when an ionizing particle strikes a fluorescent screen

20. Chemical symbol for chromium

21. Unit of time (abbr.)

22. Type of data conversion device (abbr.)

25. Part of CAD

26. Logical negation operator

28. Scheduling graph type

30. Hits a component with an electrostatic discharge

31. Ability to store a charge

34. Spurious RF products created by metal joints (abbr.)

35. Automatic network analyzer (abbr.)

37. End of Life (abbr.)

39. Largest broadcaster in the UK (abbr.)

41. Miniature threaded RF connector

42. One of the Ws in WWW

43. Image file format name extension

47. Logic gate output configuration (abbr.)

49. Orbit configuration whereby satellite flies over the Earth's poles

52. International phonetic alphabet letter "G"

53. RF integrated circuit (abbr.)

55. Exponent that returns the original number

56. Term used to interrupt a conversation on a repeater to indicate that there is an emergency or urgent message

58. Using the moon as a passive reflector to establish a signal path; moonbounce (abbr.)

59. Chemical symbol for praseodymium

60. Unit of time (abbr.)

62. Antenna structure that connects directly to the feed line (2 wds.)

63. European equivalent to the U.L.

64. Chemical symbol for erbium

65. Radio frequency interference (abbr.)

68. Force required to impart an acceleration of one centimeter per second per second to a mass of one gram (pl.)

70. Airport Surveillance Radar (abbr.)

72. Digital intelligence

74. Imaging device (abbr., pl.)

75. Maximally flat filter response

1. Precision approach radar (abbr.)

2. Common average used for sinewaves (abbr.)

3. Unix, Linux or Windows (abbr.)

4. Gallium nitride chemical symbol

5. Opposite of O.D.

6. One port of an amplifier

7. Nordic Mobile Telephone

8. Change out a plug-in module while power is still applied (2 wds.)

10. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

12. Trans European Trunked RAdio

13. 2 GHz to 4 GHz

15. Low- to mid- frequency RF connector

17. Official Space Shuttle designation (abbr.)

19. Mr. Boltzmann's first name

23. 10E-1 numerical prefix

24. Study for a test just before taking it

26. Forerunner to NASA

27. Circuit path with very high or infinite impedance

29. Test point (abbr.)

30. Chemical symbol for zinc

32. Referring to atoms

33. Fraction of incident light or radiation reflected by a surface or body

34. Mate to a socket

36. Automated universal inductance tester - watch that 3rd letter, (abbr.)

37. Chemical symbol for einsteinium

38. Chemical symbol for lanthanum

39. Bandwidth (abbr.)

40. Unlicensed FCC Part 95 realm for personal and business radio use (abbr.)

44. Small representative graphic

45. Software storage unit

46. Unit of current

47. 50 Down + ____, the world's best engineering website

48. Adjust

50. __ + 47 Down, this website's title

51. Chemical symbol for lawrencium

52. "The father of rocketry"

54. Adjusts the design to accommodate tolerances

56. Gary _____, "RF Design" magazine editor (c1995)

57. Sharp bends in I-V curves

59. Common plastic insulation type (abbr.)

61. Specialized mobile radio (abbr.)

66. Facility where semiconductors are manufactured

67. International Telecommunications Union

69. Type of logic gate

70. Logic family

71. Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

73. PC follower

74. Chemical symbol for chromium

See solution below


2019 Crossword Puzzle Archive

Visit the Crossword Express website - RF CafeTake a well-deserved break and try your hand at some of these goodies. Every word in the RF Cafe crossword puzzles is specifically related to engineering, mathematics, and science. There are no generic backfill words like many other puzzles give you, so you'll never see a clue asking for the name of a movie star or a mountain on the Russia-China border.

All of these crossword puzzles were created using the fabulous Crossword Express (now called "Magnum Opus") software.

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A cruciverbalist is a person who is skilled at creating or solving crossword puzzles. The term is a combination of "cruci-" from "crucifix," meaning cross, and "verbalist" from "verbal," indicating a person who deals with words. cruciverbalists are often responsible for designing crossword puzzles, and they possess a deep knowledge of wordplay, vocabulary, and the techniques used in constructing and solving crosswords. They aim to make puzzles that are both challenging and enjoyable for crossword enthusiasts.

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Engineering & Science Crossword Solution May 12, 2019 - RF Cafe

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