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Electron Tube Crossword Puzzle
May 1959 Electronics World

May 1959 Electronics World

May 1959 Electronics World Cover - RF Cafe Table of Contents 

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics World, published May 1959 - December 1971. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

With even a modicum of familiarity with vacuum tube terminology, you will fairly easily complete the custom crossword puzzle. This Electron Tube Crossword Puzzle appeared in the May 1959 issue Electronics World, which was the first sporting the name change from Radio & TV News. If you are a hard-core crossword puzzle worker, then check out my weekly RF Cafe crossword puzzles that draws upon a custom dictionary of thousands of engineering, science, chemistry, and other technical words, along with words from current news items. Bon chance.

Electron Tube Crossword

By John A. Comstock

Those of our readers used to working with tubes will have no difficulty with this crossword puzzle that is based on tube applications and terminology. Have a try and if things get too difficult, turn to page 153 for the answer (see below, actually).

Electron Tube Crossword, May 1959 Electronics World - RF Cafe


1. Five-grid tube used in superhets.

5. In a beam ____ tube the electrons are focused to achieve greater amplification.

7. Used in gaseous electron tubes.

10. Negative potential applied to tube's control grid.

11. Every TV and scope has one (Abbr.)

13. ____ off is bias voltage at which plate current ceases to flow.

15. Male connectors attached to a tube's base.

17. Resonator associated with magnetron circuits.

21. Electrodes of a tube.

22. ____ triode (tube having two triodes housed in a single envelope).

24. British "treble."

25. Type of light-sensitive cathode.

28. Tube's plate.

30. Extended cut-off vacuum tube.

34. Tube element.

35.Three-element tube.


1. Tube's collector.

2. Grid bias voltage's polarity.

3. Transconductance (symbol).

4. Plate current (symbol).

5. An 866-A is one.

6. Tube capable of converting a.c. to d.c.

8. Letters sometimes found on a tube basing diagram.

9. Not a metal tube (Abbr.).

10. Potential and polarity applied to tube's plate and screen grid.

12. Plate resistance (symbol).

13. Letter and sign used to designate point in circuit where the positive terminal of the grid bias source is connected.

14. Unit of measurement in vacuum-tube current flow.

16. Tube in TV set which moves CRT beam from side to side or up and down.

17. It emits electrons in a tube.

18. Non-gaseous tube (Abbr.).

19. Five-electrode tube with two plates.

20. Class of amplification.

23. Found in output circuit of an electron tube.

26. Concentrated stream of electrons passing from cathode to plate in a power tube.

27. Tube with two electrodes.

29. Charge resulting from gathering of electrons near the cathode of a tube.

31. ____ inction is the plate potential at which plate current will not flow in a gaseous tube.

32. ____ uration is condition existing in tube when electron flow within tube is maximum obtainable by increasing plate voltage or cathode heat.

33. Input power to tube (Abbr.).

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Electron Tube Crossword Solution, May 1959 Electronics World - RF Cafe 



Posted July 5, 2018

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