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Name-the-Scientist Crossword Puzzle
September 1960 Electronics World

September 1960 Electronics World

September 1960 Electronics World Cover - RF Cafe  Table of Contents

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics World, published May 1959 - December 1971. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Here is another of John Comstock's crossword puzzles from a 1960s issue of Electronics World magazine. His "Name-the-Scientist" puzzle, as the title suggests, draws mostly on your knowledge of men who are very familiar to anyone who has been in the electronics game for a while. There are a few not-a-name words, but they are related to somebody's name. Mr. Comstock must have been really fond of one guy since he and his invention appear multiple times in various forms. I have to admit to missing 17 Down, but then at least recognizing the name after seeing it in the answer key.

Name-the-Scientist Puzzle

Name-the-Scientist Puzzle, September 1960 Electronics World - RF CafeBy John A. Comstock

Your association with the electronics field should include familiarity with the many famous scientists without whom radio, TV, hi-fi, and electronics would be impossible. Try your hand at working this puzzle. If you can fill in the correct names and words, you have paid small tribute to these outstanding men who have helped make life easier for all of us through electronics.


4. Inventor of superhet circuit and FM system of broadcasting.

8. Inventor of the cylinder phonograph.

9. "Gauss" is unit of _____ density.

10. First man to demonstrate electromagnetic radiation phenomenon.

12. An electronic device invented by Fleming (abbr.).

13. De Forest's early triode.

14. The relationship between current flow and magnetic flux was investigated by _____.

16. William Gilbert is closely linked with _____ (abbr.).

18. Unit of inductance bears this U.S. physicist's name.

20. Discoverer of e.m.f.

22. Well-known New England technical school. (colloq.).

23. British engineer after whom unit of power consumption was named.

25. German physicist, Kirchhoff's initials.

26. Armstrong's first name.

28. First name of the "Father of the Vacuum Tube."

29. In 1946 it was proved possible for radar to _____ the moon and be reflected back to earth.

30. X-_____ were discovered by the German physicist, Wilhelm K. Roentgen.

33. _____ Forest invented the triode by adding a grid to Fleming's diode.

34. Man famous for his contributions to sound measurement.

35. "Alva's" first and last initials.



1.    Inventor of telephone.

2.     Angstrom is noted for his contributions in measuring the wavelength of _____.

3.    The French mathematician, Jean B. J. _____ whose name is associated with wave analysis.

5.     W. C. Sabine developed a well-known formula for measurement.

6.    German physicist after whom the unit of resistance was named.

7.    The unit of flux density was named after this German mathematician.

11.    He added a third element to the diode.

15.    Inventor of the "Iconoscope."

16.   The CGS unit of magnetic flux was named after this British physicist.

17.    Scientist whose name is associated with sound range because of his investigations into this phenomenon.

19.    Japanese inventor of an antenna.

21.    French physicist after whom the unit of current flow was named.

22.    The hand that is employed for motors.

27.    _____ analysis was investigated by Fourier.

31.   First and last initials of the man who gave us the practical unit of current intensity.

32.    Unit for designating length of light waves was named for this physicist (first and last initials).


(Answers below)


Posted July 28, 2021


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Name-the-Scientist Puzzle Solution, September 1960 Electronics World - RF Cafe

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