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Electronic Crosswords
September 1965 Electronics World

September 1965 Electronics World

September 1965 Electronics World Cover - RF Cafe  Table of Contents

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics World, published May 1959 - December 1971. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

On nearly every Sunday for the past two decades, out of a personal penchant for working crossword puzzles, I have created and posted a custom crossword puzzle with a technical theme. Various kinds of magazines, including Radio News, Popular Electronics, etc., occasionally published crosswords, so when I run across them, I post them here on RF Cafe. This one appeared in a 1965 issue of Electronics World. Usually, the magazine crossword puzzles have mostly words and clues relevant to the magazine's theme, but then backfill with any word that will work. William Shippee did a pretty good job with this one with only a couple off-topic words.

Electronic Crosswords

Electronic Crosswords, September 1965 Electronics World - RF CafeBy William R. Shippee

(Answer below)



1. Five-electrode vacuum tube.

6. One of the secondary emitting electrodes in an electron multiplier tube.

10. Abbreviation indicating static forward current transfer ratio in a transistor.

11. Mechanical support for an antenna.

12. Important pipe dimension (abbr.).

13. Frequencies within hearing range (abbr.).

14. High-stability oscillator ( abbr.).

16. Center of atom (pl.).

18. Chemical symbol for nickel.

19.Motor noise in a phonograph.

22. 1000 cps (abbr.).

23. An 8-pin tube .

25. Plate voltage (on a schematic).

27. In such a manner.

28. Connection or union.

29. Popular beverage.

31. First 3-element vacuum tube.

33. Payment for the use of.

35. Unit in the metric system (abbr).

36. Prefix meaning "one".

37. Opposite of "off".

39. Abbreviation often found on tube base diagrams.

40. The plate current (on a diagram).

42. Crystalline form of carbon.

47. Form of end-fire antenna array.

48. Measurement of distance.

49. Many transformers have one or more of these.

52. Map abbreviation.

54. Type of crystal cut.

55. Many conductors tied into one bundle.

59. Constant fixed d.c. voltage applied to grid.

61. Correlative of either.

62. One (Latin).

63. Lake made by the Hoover Dam.

65. An electrically neutral particle.

66. Unit of current.


1. Hot-cathode diode gas-discharge tube.

2. In a transmitter, the ratio of dc. input power to r.f. output power.

3. Familiar chemical (abbr.).

4. Mysterious.

5. Designating voltage on the grid (abbr.).

6. Unit of force in the CGS system.

7. Portion of a picture tube around which the deflection yoke is mounted.

8. A metal stamp.

9. Type of storage cell using an alkaline electrolyte.

14. Period of years.

15. Ham talk for one who has been on the air.

17. Type of coupling (abbr.).

20. Antenna type.

21. Designation for one type of hi-fi record.

24. Decade .

26. Move swiftly.

27. Heir.

30. Voltage (abbr.).

31. Pertaining to hearing.

32. A parabolic reflector.

34. Popular version of a color picture tube, now in wide use.

38. A seven-electrode vacuum tube.

41. Type of filter network.

42. Mutual conductance.

43. Ham talk for his transmitter and receiver.

44. Fairy-like being of Persian mythology.

45. Third-person pronoun.

46. Projection on a resistor body to facilitate soldering into the circuit.

50. Unit of loudness.

51. While.

53. Drive down with a series of light blows.

56. Surface measure equal to 100 square meters (Metric system).

57. Organ of hearing.

58. Has an effect on communications in 11-year cycles.

59. South American serpent.

60. Perceive.

64. Chemically inert gaseous element (abbr.).

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Answer to puzzle

Electronic Crossword Solution, September 1965 Electronics World - RF Cafe



Posted August 31, 2022

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