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Electronic Crossword
September 1958 Radio & TV News

September 1958 Radio & TV News
September 1958 Radio & TV News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio & Television News, published 1919-1959. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

This "Electronic Crossword" appeared in the September 1958 issue of Radio & TV News magazine. Its creator, John Gill, designed specialty theme crossword puzzles for many other editions of Radio & TV News and Electronics World (see the big list at the bottom of the page). He considered this crossword to be a "fooler" because he claims to include many "unusual definitions and a number of obscure words which you will have to work around if your vocabulary of 'exotic words' is rusty." It really doesn't seem so difficult to me, and anyone used to working my custom RF Cafe Crosswords will have no problem with it.

Electronic Crossword Puzzle

By John J. Gill

This puzzle may prove to be a "fooler" as there are several unusual definitions and a number of obscure words which you will have to work around if your vocabulary of "exotic words" is rusty. Don't feel too discouraged if you don't get it the first time - the answer appears on page 166 if you want to peek!


Electronic Crossword Puzzle, September 1958 Radio & TV News - RF Cafe


1.  1/746th of 1 hp.

4.  Lower than r.f. (abbr.).

7.  1000 (abbr.).

8.  French article.

9.  Voltage on an electrolytic causes it to be ---.

11.  TV frequency band (abbr.)

13.  Used in drills.

15.  Pilot light (abbr.).

15.  Maurice isn't here (slang).

18.  Si, Jah, Oui.

19.  Borer.

20.  Chew.

21.  Tube characteristic.

22.  Spanish agreement.

23. Telemetering (abbr.).

24.  Demeanor.

26.  Oriental nurse.

28.  Insects and radio sets have one.

31.  Time gone by.

33.  Unit of work.

34.  TV band assignment.

37.  Against.

39.  Regret.

40.  German electrician.

43.  Deed_

44.  2π FL.

45.  Two (comb. form).

46.  Electronic test set.

48.  1050 (Roman style).

48.  Electric driving force.

50.  Tube book.

54.  Estados Unidos (Eng. abbr.).

55.  Gallic (abbr.).

57.  As opposed to "min."

58.  Voltage dropper (abbr.).

60.  Amplifier output stage.

61.  1/6.28fC.


2.  Twiddle the trimmers.

3.  Four (comb. form).

4.  Charged particle.

5.  Cycles per unit of time.

6.  Affords.

10.  Andrea ---.

11.  E.M.F.

12.  Resonator.

13.  "Pokes" (coll.).

14.  Mend.

17.  Third note of scale.

21.  Opposite of "max."

24.  Million (comb. form).

25.  Sloppy "no.".

27.  On a horse's neck.

29.  Type of "work" in radio.

30.  Three-element tubes.

32.  Current measure (abbr.).

35.  Leaping current.

36.  Fastener.

38.  Point of balanced frequencies.

41.  Could be a bad capacitor.

42.  A thin silk made in Caucasia.

43.  Motor winding (abbr.).

44.  Transmitter (abbr.).

46.  Light.

47.  B fiat in Tartini's system of solmization.

51.  Unit of electric current.

52.  Sleep.

53.  Used in making varnish.

54.  We.

56.  It travels at the speed of light (abbr.).

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Electronic Crossword Solution, September 1958 Radio & TV News - RF Cafe



Posted August 12, 2020

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