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Electronic Crosswords
May 1967 Electronics World

May 1967 Electronics World

May 1967 Electronics World Cover - RF Cafe  Table of Contents 

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics World, published May 1959 - December 1971. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

This crossword puzzle appeared in the May 1967 edition of Electronics World. If you happen to be an avid cruciverbalist as am I, then you might want to try a few of the RF and microwave engineering themed crosswords that I have been publishing weekly for two decades. Unlike the RF Cafe crossword puzzles which contain only words and clues related to science and engineering, these ones which appeared in various electronics magazine sometimes use a common word to fill in where needed.

Electronic Crosswords

By James R. Kimsey

Electronics Crossword Puzzle, May 1967 Electronics World - RF Cafe


1.   One of the essential components in a vacuum tube.

4.   Greek letter designating "ohm".

7.   Malt beverage.

8.   Device used to increase power, voltage, or current of a signal.

12. Familiar trio in Ohm's Law.

13. Mighty African river.

14. Move a TV camera to keep it trained on the subject.

15. The tube electrode to which the main electron stream flows.

16. The prevention of vibration by some means.

19. Mutual conductance (abbr.).

20. Part of the eye.

19. To vary the amplitude, frequency, or phase of an oscillation, usually at a signal frequency rate.

20. Mimic.

21. The male heir.

29. A term used to describe a terminal which has more electrons than normal.

30. A small spring-like clamp.

31. Plate current, in the tube manual.

32. An antenna which is an integral part of a radio or TV receiver.

39. Keyboard instrument.

40. Request.

41. Paddles.

42. de Forest.

43. Type of insulation.

44. Resistance network used in coupling two impedances.

45. Miniature receiving tube having nine pins.

48. Water-cooled tetrode capable of providing continuous operation at 50 kW or more in the u.h.f. region.


1.   Gaseous radioactive products formed by the expulsion of an alpha particle from radium, thorium X, or actinium X.

2.   Small coil used to measure a magnetic field.

3.   An element combined with oxygen.

4.   An oil used in medicine.

5.   Myself.

6.   Storage of components until their characteristics have become stable and constant.

9.   Period of time (abbr.) .

10. Guided.

11. General term applied to receivers.

12. Prefix meaning "on".

13. Moved rapidly on foot.

17. For example (abbr.) .

22. Perform.

23. World peace-keeping organiza­tion (abbr.).

24. Long-nosed metal clip.

25. Widening the volume range of an audio-frequency signal.

26. Cut of type of crystal used for r.f. transmitters between 500 kHz and 10 MHz.

27. 3.1416.

28. Happenings.

33. Massive government agency (abbr.).

34. Antenna matching device used to permit efficient coupling of trans­mitter having unbalanced output to antenna having balanced transmission line.

35. Employ.

36. General and ex-President.

37. A test.

38. Connecting wires.

40. Fish eggs.

41. Skill.

46. Type of communications system (abbr.).

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Electronics Crossword Puzzle Solution, May 1967 Electronics World - RF Cafe



Posted  February 16, 2012
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