Steinite 50-A and 102-A Radio Service Data Sheet
January 1930 Radio-Craft

January 1930 Radio-Craft

January 1930 Radio-Craft Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

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Steinite Radio 102-A ( - RF CafeJanuary 1930 was not long after Black Friday on October 29 of 1929. Buying radios was not at the top of everyone's priority list as most of the country scrambled to batten down the hatches for the economic storm on the horizon. Many top pundits thought the disaster would be short-lived, but it lasted for more than a decade. It took World War II to finally end the national malaise. The photo of the Steinite 102-A radio was found on the website. It is a fancy console (floor) model.

Steinite 50-A and 102-A Radio Service Data Sheet

On the terminal strip of this receiver are mounted: the power-cable lugs; the grid leak and condenser; the detector-plate bypass condenser; the two center-tap resistors; and the 600-ohm and 2500- ohm "C-bias" resistors.

A special input circuit is used on the Steinite receivers, for the purpose of obtaining sensitivity. The circuit acts as an autotransformer when the antenna lead is connected at the junction between L1 and C1. The purpose of R1 is to complete the D.C. path for the grid bias.

Steinite 50-A and 102-A Radio Service Data Sheet, January 1930 Radio-Craft - RF Cafe

Any hum which may develop is ordinarily trace able to the detector; particular care taken in the selection of a detector tube when first setting up the receiver will result in best operation over an extended period.



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